Help me out!

This message is super important for those of you I have talked to about getting Rosie puppies!

As you know, Rosie’s puppies are scheduled to go home Sunday, June 10th.

Well, I just found out this morning that my future daughter-in-law is having her bridal shower that morning! You guys, I can’t miss this!

So we have three options that I can come up with.

  1. My friend and fellow dog breeder has graciously volunteered to hand-over puppies to their new families for me so I don’t have to be there. (Although this is super sweet of her, it’s not what I want to do. This is the time I get to meet each one of you,  hand over that much awaited for puppy, answer questions, go over paperwork and get the newest family picture! So this is not my favorite option).
  2. We could reschedule the delivery day to the following Sunday, June 17th (which happens to be Father’s Day.
  3. Or my favorite option if we can all agree and make it work, is to meet you all in a group at 9am at the Wyngate Hotel as planned on Sunday, June 10th. I can go over the puppy paperwork, instructions, answer questions, etc as a group. It might actually be kind of fun!

So help me out everyone 🙂 Can we make #3 happen? If we’ve talked together about you getting a Rosie puppy, please email me on the thread we’ve been using and let me know if it will work.

Thanks so much!



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4 Responses to Help me out!

  1. Andrew says:

    does this mean that puppy selection has been completed and if we weren’t contacted we didn’t make the cut? Can I ask how far down the list you made it?

    • Andrew, are you Andrew Philips? I’m sorry, but this doe not give me any i.d. like an email does :/
      If it’s you 🙂 No, we are not done with puppy matching, in fact we’ve only matched one. But so far everyone that I’ve contacted at the top part of my list has either passed or is interested in a red puppy. We still have Lucy’s blenheim’s to match once we match all the red ones. This was a great questions. I’ll do a blog post to explain more in case others have the same question 🙂 Thanks!

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