The second class

The second week of our Community CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) class began at the local farm and feed store in town. This store is animal-friendly (although each business that we visited, the teacher got permission before we went inside).

We walked through the store, practiced pushing and carrying different things (the grocery cart, the flat cart for large items and a basket) with our dogs in tow. We practiced sit-stay and down-stay also. And usually, at this store, there are dog people who are very happy to interact with your dog.

IMG_5276 Next, we visited a local motel. They have a nice lounge/check-in area so we could practice standing at the counter to “fill out paperwork” while our dogs sat quietly next to us. They also had tables and chairs so we parked there for a few minutes while our dogs rested quietly beside us.

043047051There are lots of interesting distractions on the walls here.

Then we went outside and went upstairs to the walkway along some of the rooms. Here we practiced the “wait” then “come!”. We walked and stopped to pick up a bag (part of the test later) and headed down the stairs to the lawn area.

057This was right alongside the main road/highway that runs through town. A perfect place to practice more sit-stays and down-stays!



“But, mom, I thought you said, “stay”. I was just getting comfortable and we have to go?”

After finishing here, we crossed the highway and walked along the sidewalk in a shopping area where we were able to visit several businesses (The Chamber of Commerce, Do-It Center (hardware), the WSU extension office and one or two more.)

061065temp (3)064Then time for a group photo before class dismissed for the week. Yep, nothing like crossing the highway again to pose in the middle of the round-about by the city sign. 😉

temp (2)Then Dickens and I ended the session back at the feed store to try out the misters on this warm day.

temp (1)

Can’t wait for the next class!

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  1. ahuva hammer says:

    so glad you get to have some fun too, good for you Justice a great day out with private time with Mommy Jenn

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