We made a bigger pen in the garden for the babies. There’s lots of room to run and play. In fact, I added the stairs/slide and the tunnel. Then later in the morning, I pulled the empty pool across the garden, put it into the play area and added just a little bit of water in the bottom.

So while I worked in the garden the puppies got to explore their big new pen. They even crawled in and out of the swimming pool. It was fun to watch them explore and play.

They garden pen has afforded a view and hearing of lots of novel things. The UPS truck arrived the other day, my brother-in-law drives in and out. Today, hubby had the noisy diesel farm truck moving around the yard and he prepared to take a tree down. So next came the chainsaw and the then the tree falling! I think the puppies wondered what why the earth shook, but I distracted them with mom and some cheese treats in their game again. So all was well!

 And mom came to visit the puppies too. I’m sure they’ll be spending a lot of time out here as there’s much to do in the garden and yard.


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  1. ALL this thought and attention is what makes Pinewood Puppies so well-socialized and calm! I sing your praises all the time! Maybe too much so because your waiting list is long!!

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