Class continues

Obedience class continues for our two students; Cody and Poppy.

Cody does super good with heeling and keeping his eyes on me. In fact, when a dog heels it means to stay in the heeling position next to my left leg. Cody constantly wants to swing around when we stop (he’s supposed to sit next to my left side when I stop). He always want to keep his eyes on me which is a good thing. But he just needs to keep his body still where it’ supposed to be.

Now, the teacher is not super particular about straights sits and positions because she is trying to get us ready for the Canine Good Citizenship test which is basic manners and such, but I come for a obedience competition background so I tend to want me “perfection”. In obedience competition you would get marked down for things like a crooked sit. I have to remind myself to relax a little as we aren’t going into competition with any of these dogs. πŸ˜‰

Normally we have class at the fairgrounds. This week we worked downtown which is always a nice change. There are people walking around, cars, trucks and motorcycles  driving by and just more activity to distract the dogs and get them used to listening even in a different environment.

I walk fast and got a bit ahead πŸ˜‰Walking the dogs around the metal sculptures. Doing some fun things with the dogs too.

On Poppy’s class night I headed into town a bit early to get some shopping done. We stopped at the feed store and she went in with me.

She got some loves from one of the employees and a cookie from the one working the counter.

She walked with the grocery cart like an old pro.

She got to visit the chicks in the store.

And what do you do when you have to use the restroom and you have your dog? Take her with you! πŸ˜‰

Then we had time to visit the dog park for her to get some wiggles out before class.

There’s a courtyard downtown between two businesses where we do our most of our class.

And then we head down the sidewalk, cross the street and make a loop through downtown; doing sits, downs and stays along the way.

There’s a bear stature in the courtyard, so I tried to get her to sit long enough for a picture with it. I couldn’t get back far enough to get the whole bear because she didn’t want to sit still that long. But overall Poppy is doing really well at class. She’s curious and friendly and listens to me well. We just need to work more on “down” as she seems to have some strong springs in her legs that pop her back up too soon!

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