Available Adults

We may occasionally have an adult Cavalier or Poodle that we’d like to place in a loving, responsible pet/companion home. Please contact us if you are interested in finding an adult for your family to see if/what we might have available or check the “Cavalier” or “Poodle” pages.

Thank you!

14 Responses to Available Adults

  1. Sarah Baydush says:

    We would love to add a young adult cutie to our family. It is myself, my fiancé, and our 1 year old cavachon Annie. Let me know if you have any dogs that are older than 4months that need a home!


  2. MaryAnne Katz says:

    I would love to give of your older dogs a nice, loving home!
    Your blog is awesome!!


  3. yogavikki says:

    I am looking for a young cavapoo companion. I am interested in any age close to 1 – 5 years old. Please let me know if you have one or might have one anytime soon.
    Thank you,
    Vikki Allen

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    • Hi Vikki,
      I’m sorry but I do not have any adult Cavapoos available, and don’t foresee any available in the future either. We normally just have puppies and those are matched with the people on our waiting list. Thank you for inquiring though 🙂


  4. Sally Peters says:

    My husband are retired with 4 grand children. We would love a puppy or an older female. Let us know if you have anything available. We would live a blond puppy, but would also be a GREAT to an older gal. We lost a yellow lab at 19.5 years. Missing him, but finally, after 4 years, ready for another one to love.
    Sally and Chuck


  5. My corgidor past away a few days before Thanksgiving. My two cats and I really miss having a dog in our home. We would love to welcome an adult cavalliere or poodle to join us and be part of our family.


  6. Barbara VerSteeg says:

    I have been considering a Cavalier for some time, but recently became interested in the Cavapoo breed. My wish is for a bit older female of either breed. Your story and photos have increased my desire to have a loving companion that I might also train as a therapy dog for a nursing home ministry through my church.

    Barbara VerSteeg
    September 22, 2018
    Colorado Springs, CO


    • Hi Barbara,
      I’m sorry but we don’t have any adults available. We rarely, if ever have an older Cavapoo as most are adopted as puppies from those on our waiting list. And if you’re wanting to train something as a therapy dog, your best bet it to get it as a puppy and train and socialize it for therapy work. And work with a breeder that will do some temperament testing to help you pick the right pup. Hope that helps 🙂


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