Available Poodle puppies

I have decided to keep only one of Reba’s beautiful purebred Poodle puppies. It will be one of the phantom boys, but I will not decide until they are a bit older. So, for now, we do have our two, lovely chocolately-brown puppies; one male, one female.

For those that don’t know us or our dogs; these pups were from our brown mini Poodle, Reba, and Sundae our cream parti mini male. The puppies will be CKC registered and sold as pets/companions for $1500. (Possibly available to small in-home breeders for an additional amount. )


Reba is AKC registered, 10 3/4″ and 9 lbs. She is OFA certified normal heart, patellas and eyes and has had her genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics.


Sundae is CKC registered, 14″ and 12.8 lbs. He is normal heart and patellas, OFA certified normal eyes and has had his genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics.

Puppies are ready to go March 24, and I can meet puppy adopters in Spokane that day.

Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love, attention, and stimulation. We start them on litter box training around three weeks of age, start crate training, put them through our de-worming program, start them on puppy vaccinations, plus they will have an exam and stool sample checked by our veterinarian before going home.

Puppies go home with CKC registration papers, a puppy packet of information, health sheet from our vet, health record, food sample, toys, and a homemade baby blanket.

Puppies pictured at 5 weeks.

ezy watermark_27-02-2019_08-08-46amFemale~”Delight”

ezy watermark_27-02-2019_08-08-23amMale~”Wonder”

ONE OF THESE PHANTOMS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE (I will be keeping one but deciding when they are a bit older)

ezy watermark_27-02-2019_08-07-58amMale~”Happy”

ezy watermark_27-02-2019_08-09-05amMale~”Surprise”


If you are seriously interested in a purebred miniature Poodle please fill out and submit our puppy application forms.