Unfortunately, we don’t have room to keep all of our dogs after retirement. And we don’t think it’s fair for them to be just part of the “pack” when they could be a special pet for a family.

faith1 (1)faith

We have had Faith for several years now and it is almost time for her to retire from our breeding program and find a nice couch to lounge on. Don’t worry, she’s not a complete couch potato, she actually has lots of energy left for long walks. She adores people and likes nothing better than to be right with any available person.

I would prefer she go to a home with older children or ideally no children. She has been around them, but I think her preference is adults.

Faith is a black and tan AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Birthdate 9/12/11. She stands 12 1/2″ at the shoulder and normally weighs 16-17 lbs. She was examined and certified “heart normal” by a cardiologist at WSU about ten months ago. She is micro-chipped and will be up to date on vaccinations and spayed before she leaves here. She will be ready for her retirement home later this fall. She is leash trained, crate trained, house broken (although with any dog adjusting to a new home, please be aware there may be accidents). She has always traveled in a crate during car rides, so I don’t know how she would travel loose. She does not get car sick.


  • You must have at least a five foot fenced in yard. Faith will go over a shorter fence. 
  • She absolutely CANNOT go to a home with another female dog. She is very female dominant and will fight with another female.  A neutered male should be a fine companion for her though. She hangs out with our boys here.

Faith is a lover, and absolutely loves people and wants to be right with you. She craves affection. She would be very happy to be on the couch with you or go for a long walk. She is a good eater and loves “cookies” too. She will bark sometimes when she’s outside, but I would not consider her an excessive barker. She does not carry a heavy coat, but does have the Cavalier feathering so is not hard to groom; just a weekly brushing should be sufficient. She is used to having her toenails trimmed with no issues. She’s not a big “toy” dog and would rather be petted than play fetch.

If you are interested in making Faith a part of your family, please fill out our Puppy Application forms completely and write in that you are interested in “Faith” in the “What you’re looking for in a puppy” section.

This is not a “first come, first served” type offer. I will review each application then decide which family/person/situation is the best fit for her.

Adoption fee: $600


15 Responses to Cavaliers

  1. Jill Larosa says:

    Jennifer, yes I do . How much will they be ?


  2. esther and gino says:

    Jennifer, is he from one of zoey’s litters? We would love to have him I we didn’t already have hope and Zoey!


  3. pimmaii says:

    Hi! I’m currently looking for a puppy for me and my roommate. Is this adorable cutie still available?


  4. Vicki Johnson says:

    Hello, I would love to talk to you more about Scout if you still have him. My King Charles Cavalier, Liza DoLittle, died unexpectedly in December ar 12.5 years old. Her brother Professor Henry Higgins, “Higgins” is very lonely. I have been looking for a new puppy but I am worried that it would be too much for Higgins as he turns 13 in June. I am adjusting to being a widow and work part time. Little Higgins is always on my lap or following me around but I know he would fall in love with Scout and Scout would just love Higgins. Please email me a response. Thank you. Vicki


  5. Vicki Johnson says:

    Denver Colorado


  6. Vicki Johnson says:

    No problem. I thought you were in Co


  7. Vicki Johnson says:

    Wrong Mountain Views😉 Looks like the Rockies only not as high!!

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