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Thank you for stopping by to learn about our Cavapoos. We do not have Cavapoo puppies “available” immediately. But feel grateful that so many people have heard about our Cavapoos and would like to adopt one.

What this means for you the potential adopter is that we do not have any puppies “sitting around”. We have a waiting list for our puppies and match those people on the list with our puppies. So if you’re interested in one of our puppies, the sooner you start the process, the sooner you have the chance of being matched with your puppy. Here’s the place to start:

Getting a Pinewood puppy…*START HERE*

****Our waiting list is currently closed and we are not accepting applications at this time. We do not have an projected reopening date either. The best way to keep up on news and announcements is to sign up for email notifications from the blog.***

We are not a puppy “factory” or big operation. It’s just my husband and I raising these adorable creatures. Our dogs are loved and taken care of and we only have a certain number of moms. Sometimes those moms have a small litter, sometimes they have a big litter. Sometimes those moms need a break.  Sometimes we match a mom and dad up for a certain future litter, and for whatever reason, they don’t “cooperate” as we plan. There is no absolute when it comes to raising dogs. They are living creatures and we can’t predict what will happen.

Our girls tend to cycle together in little “packs”. So it seems to be feast or famine around here when it comes to puppies! We’ll have few to no puppies or a bunch at once! Usually, about the time one litter is going home, another is close to being born or we’ll have two or three litters very close together.

The million dollar question that everyone has (I would too) is “How long is your waiting list” or “How long until we are matched with a puppy?”  Well, the wait time depends more on what you’re looking for in a puppy instead of the numbers on the list. It’s easier for me to give you an educated guess on how long of a wait it will be according to what you want; color/gender or if you’re open to any color/gender. Although that’s all I can give you is a guesstimate. There is never a guarantee on how long you will wait for a puppy. There are too many variables when we are dealing with living creatures (canine and human) in the process. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up on the list and then when puppies are available will pass for various reasons. So the list gets super long, but there might be a number of people that are just “sitting” on it because they had a life change, planned a vacation, moved, etc and aren’t ready for a puppy.

Now for approximate wait times…. Our most frequent request is for a red or apricot female Cavapoo. You can expect to wait from approximately one to two years for one of those girls. If you add on more specifics like “we want white on the face and chest too” or “we want a dog that will end up smaller than average size-wise”, your wait time will be on the longer end of that guesstimate because we have to wait until all those particulars “line up” and you’re far enough up the list to choose that particular pup. Red or apricot puppies with white markings are snatched up quickly!

But let’s say you apply for a puppy and you don’t care what color it is or what gender it is. You just want a Cavapoo puppy, period. You will get matched up much sooner then someone that wants the most popular color or gender. (My estimate for someone getting on the list that is open to any color, any gender is probably more like the ten month to eighteen month range). Here’s why. Let’s pretend we have a black and white male available. Lots of people will pass on him because they are wanting a girl or a tricolor, black and tan, blenheim, etc colored puppy. So black and white boy gets passed over by many people and ends up getting matched with someone much further down the list that is open to color and gender. (FYI; more people want female puppies. More on that subject here

So depending on the color/gender your wait time could be anywhere from ten (for say a black and white male) to almost two years (for a red/apricot female) or somewhere in between for other colors.

The reason why I share this is to let you know that you will need patience and most likely have to wait a while before bringing your precious pup home. We think our pups are worth the wait! 🙂

Please be aware that the Cavapoo is gaining in popularity with each passing year. If you find a breeder with an “available” puppy or a much lower priced puppy you’re most likely looking at a scam, a puppy mill, a broker (who has a fancy website but is the middle-man for puppy mill puppies) or a “backyard” breeder (no health or genetic testing). Depending on what part of the country your breeder is in the current Cavapoo pricing will be in the $2500-3800 range. These are from breeders that home-raise their puppies from health and genetic tested parents and are going the extra mile (starting crate training, litter box/potty training etc) to give you a great puppy.

Some people even ask me if I know any other reputable Cavapoo breeders that I can refer them too. And I let them know there are a few, but their wait lists are as long, if not longer than mine.

But there is lots to do in the meantime. After you have officially gotten on our waiting list (adoption forms and small application fee required); start preparing for your puppy!

  • There is lots of information on the website, especially under the “Puppy Info” heading, but check out the other headings also. There are a couple of pages of “Getting Ready For Your Puppy”. (Who doesn’t like to shop for fun puppy things?!)
  • Don’t forget to check out the information about our partner program to help train your future puppy.
  • Subscribe to our blog/website (via email) and receive any new blog post updates (this is very important so you don’t miss out on our Puppy Matching Day details and other important announcements)
  • “Like” and follow our Pinewood Kennels Facebook page (look for the apricot Cavapoo wearing sunglasses). We frequently post pictures, videos, and updates about our dogs there. Also, you can visit “posts by others” there to see past adopters bragging about their Pinewood puppies and learn what they like about them.
  • We have a YouTube channel you can watch and please subscribe too (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos)
  • You can also follow us on Instagram.
  • And lastly, feel free to email me with questions you might have.

I hope this helps get you a step closer to your Pinewood Cavapoo puppy!

(updated 9/2/21)

32 Responses to Cavapoo Availability & Wait Time

  1. Laura says:

    I am interested in two female Cavapoos.

  2. Mariliyn says:

    I would love to receive news of any cavapoo puppies you will have for sale.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thank you for your interest in our puppies! Please sign up to receive notifications from this blog (go to the home page). We will post announcements here when we have some in the works. You can also “like” our Pinewood Kennels Facebook page (look for the apricot Cavapoo wearing sunglasses). We will post updates there also. Or to guarantee a spot on our waiting list to pick a puppy, please look under “Puppy Info” here on our website for information about getting a puppy. Thanks!

  3. Misael says:

    What is the size of your cavapoos? Will you have any black ones available before Christmas?

  4. Aileen says:

    Are you planning any early summer 2016 / 2017 litters for any miniature poodle x cavalier king charles spaniels?

  5. Rebecca White says:

    Hello, I must be an idiot because I can’t find the puppy application form. I did read through all of your information and my first wish for when I get a dog was answered. You really care about your dogs and where they go. We had a standard poodle who lived to 14.5 years, and now are on our 2nd and 3rd Cavalier, all dogs adored. I’d like to try getting a cavapoo next. I’m looking for one because our 2nd Cav, Kiri, is almost 10 and getting older and our other Cav, Bernie, almost 5, is madly in love with him. When our first Cav, Ella, died, Kiri changed character completely because he grieved so hard. Bernie loves Kiri even more and we decided we need to build another relationship for her as Kiri ages. I’d like to adopt a dog next May/June/July if it’s possible. I’ll look again for the puppy application, but if I can’t find it, would you send me a link? I will find your Facebook, but definitely respond more to email. Thank you and great website.

  6. Shelli Wilcox says:

    I would love one female Cavapoo

  7. Grace says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thank for for the information above. It was a long read, but very informative. Thank you for taking the time to write (or type) that up.

    I think a lot of the questions you are being asked in the other pages would be quickly answered if they read this page!

    Cheers from Vancouver.

  8. Michelle Chiappetta says:

    Hi. Our family is interested in a red/white Fb1 male Cavapoo. We have done a lot of research and have given this a lot of thought and are hoping you might be the breeder for us. Do you have any litters coming that might be a good fit?

    • I’m sorry but we don’t have any available puppies and our waiting list is currently closed. You are welcome to sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss any news or announcements though 🙂 Thank you

  9. Mel Schroeder says:

    Hi! my family is looking for a Cavapoo in a couple months for both our family and as a companion for my newly widowed grandmother. I was wondering how long is the waiting list?

    • Mel, even if you were on my waiting list, I wouldn’t be able to match you with a puppy in a couple months. And my waiting list is closed, sorry. All reputable breeders will have a waiting list. And if you find something available in that short of time it will be from a puppy mill, a broker or it’s a scam.

  10. Jo says:


    I was wondering if you had an idea of when your cavapoo wait list to fill out an application open back up?


  11. Hello. Any updates on when you might be opening your wait-list again? Thank you!

  12. Cheryl Fraenzl says:

    Hi Pinewood Cavapoos. Pardon if this is addressed somewhere – but I don’t see it… I realize your waitlist is closed. I am not at all in a rush to get a dog but would like to move in that direction – and, in my opinion after researching, I’m pretty sure you’re the best I’ve seen so far and I’d like to work with you and your pups. However, I can’t tell the best way to learn when your waitlist opens up again? I realize we’re talking a year+ and I’m afraid I won’t remember to look at the website at the right time and continuously not be able to get on the waitlist. Is there a better way? Thank you!

    Cheryl F
    Carmel Valley, CA

    • Cheryl, you can sign up for email notifications from the blog so you don’t miss any news or announcements. Thanks!😀

      • Cheryl Fraenzl says:

        Sorry, was just heading back to this page to write, “Found it!”

        If you are just learning about the Cavapoo breed and Pinewood Cavapoos, the best way to follow what’s happening here is to hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right hand side of the front page under the revolving photo album. This will sign you up for email notifications from our blog/website so you can keep up on all the news and happenings.

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