Cavapoo litter~Lucy & Noah

Lucy presented us with five gorgeous Cavapoo puppies on August 1st. These puppies will be matched with those on our waiting list and will be ready to go home on Sunday, October 8th.

We have one blenheim girl, one blenheim boy, and three dark, sable parti boys. And since our lightest sable boy came out with a cool racing stripe down his back and tail, it got me thinking. And I just had to do it; they’re all named after famous race car drivers!

All of these puppies have gone to their forever families!

3 weeks

113.PNG4 weeks

0595 weeks

0926 weeks

3237 weeks

8 weeks

0389 weeks

“Don” (Garlits)~green ribbon (dark sable parti male) *CHOSEN*

3 weeks

1094 weeks

0605 weeks

0966 weeks

3247 weeks

8 weeks

0399 weeks

“Dale” (Earnhardt)~blue ribbon (sable parti male) *CHOSEN*

3 weeks

1104 weeks

0615 weeks

0936 weeks

3257 weeks

8 weeks

0379 weeks

“Mario” (Andretti)~black ribbon (blenheim male) *CHOSEN*

3 weeks

1144 weeks

063.PNG5 weeks

0946 weeks

3267 weeks

8 weeks

0409 weeks

“Shirley” (Muldowney)~yellow ribbon (blenheim female) *CHOSEN*

3 weeks

1084 weeks

064.PNG5 weeks

0956 weeks

3277 weeks

8 weeks

0419 weeks

“Richard” (Petty)~red ribbon (very dark sable parti male) *CHOSEN*