Cavapoo litter (F1b) Cami & Rumor

Cami pulled a fast one on us and delivered her very first litter while she was with us on vacation in California (thus the name theme). She woke me up early on the morning (June 1) that we were supposed to hit the road for home. Thankfully she delivered them quickly and efficiently and we were able to pack up and leave as planned, with a little extra than what we had come with.

She had four F1b Cavapoo pups with our handsome Rumor. There are two boys and two girls. The boys are dark apricot; one has more of the traditional dark apricot look and the other has the apricot with “frosting” like Spoof looked like in Sally’s litter. The girls are an apricot and a black and tan.

These puppies will be matched with families on our waiting list on Sunday, July 10th and go home with their new families on Sunday July 31st.

If you are not on our Cavapoo waiting list, please watch the blog posts for any news about “leftover” puppies. If we do not have enough interest from those on our waiting list (sometimes they are looking for a certain color, gender or time frame) we will make an announcement on July 10th and accept applications for those puppies who have not been matched with families on our waiting list. You can sign up for email notifications on the right hand side of this page under the revolving photo album so you don’t miss out on any news.


One week

Two weeks

“Joaquin”~dark apricot male (blue collar)

2# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 13 oz @ 4 weeks

“Sequoiadark apricot male (green collar)

2# 6 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 15 oz @ 4 weeks

“Sierra”~black and tan female (pink collar)

2# 6 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 15 oz @ 4 weeks

“Delta”~apricot female (purple collar)

1# 8 oz @ 3 weeks

1# 11 oz @ 3 weeks