Cavapoo litter (F1b)~Sally & Bonus

Our only Cavapoo that is in a guardian home (my sister-in-law who is our nearest neighbor) had her first batch of puppies on April Fools Day! Proud papa is our tri-colored, miniature Poodle, Bonus. This is an F1b Cavapoo litter which will be matched with families from our waiting list.

Because of the holidays and a possible litter due around the same time we haven’t decided yet on Puppy Matching Day (possibly Friday May 6th & Sunday May 8th (Mother’s Day) or Sunday May 15th. Puppy Deliver Day may be Sunday May 29th (Memorial weekend) or Sunday, June 5th).

We have three apricots (one girl, two boys) and one black and tan girl.


@ 1 week

“Bluff”~apricot female (pink/purple collar)

1# 7 oz @ 2 weeks

1# 15 oz @ 3 weeks


“Dupe”~apricot male (gray/black collar)

1# 11 oz @ 2 weeks

2# 5 oz @ 3 weeks


“Ruse”~black and tan female (orange collar)

1# 2oz @ 2 weeks

1# 9 oz @ 3 weeks


“Spoof”~apricot male (green collar)

1# 7 oz @ 2 weeks

2# 1 oz @ 3 weeks