Cavapoo litter~Rosie & Sundae

On Wednesday, April the 12th, Rosie presented us with a beautiful blenheim litter. The proud dad is Sundae, our cream parti mini Poodle. We have six puppies; three boys and three girls. These puppies will be matched with those on our waiting list and will be ready to go home as special Father’s Day presents, Sunday, June 18th. 

Showing my age, I couldn’t help myself and had to name these six after the Brady Bunch characters. 😉

We did candid shots this week👍 pictured at seven weeks. 

Marcia @ 7 weeks ❤️CHOSEN❤️

Jan @ 7 weeks ❤️CHOSEN❤️
Cindy @ 7 weeks ❤️CHOSEN❤️Greg @ 7 weeks❤️CHOSEN❤️

Peter @ 7 weeks ❤️CHOSEN❤️Bobby @ 7 weeks❤️CHOSEN❤️