Cavapoo litter~Sky & Niko

Sky wasn’t very big when she went into labor on September 6th so when her second puppy arrived weighing 11.6 ounces(!) I figured that was all she had tucked in that slender stomach. But to my utter surprise the next pup was teeny tiny and only 3.6 ounces. This little one is getting round-the-clock feedings since she’s having a hard time competing with her three bigger littermates. (One 6+ ounce pup came out as the fourth and final pup).

The biggest and the littlest got some incubator/oxygen therapy at birth.

We ended up with four pups; two boys, two girls, three apricot and one blenheim.

These pups will be matched with families on our waiting list on Sunday, October 16th and go home on Sunday, November 6th. These are F1 Cavapoos from Sky (parti Poodle) and Niko (a ruby Cavalier).

one week

@ 2 weeks

“Shane”~apricot female

2# 1 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 11 oz @ 4 weeks


“Oliver”~apricot male

2# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 15 oz @ 4 weeks


“Rita”~ Blenheim female

14.9 oz @ 3 weeks

1# 6.8 oz @ 4 weeks


“Norman”~apricot male w/blaze

1# 12 oz @ 3 weeks

2# 5 oz @ 4 weeks