Progressive Pups

What is a “Progressive Pup” you ask?

A Progressive Pup is an older puppy that we have kept advancing its training (whether by request from a puppy adopter or of our own choosing).

Progressive Pups (depending on how long they stay/age); may be further in advanced in vaccinations, crate training, leash training, may be spayed/neutered, etc.

If your pup is still here after ten weeks of age it is automatically entered into our Progressive Pup program as stated on our Getting A Puppy page.

In our program, each Progressive Pup will continue to be loved and socialized! Since each puppy is different, we will introduce it to age-appropriate activities (car rides, leash training, crate training, housebreaking or continued litter box use, etc.) as we deem necessary for the individual puppy and as discussed with the new owner. *Puppies that are six months and older will be spayed/neutered (this is a separate charge). Progressive pups don’t normally stay that long, (unless it is one we have chosen to keep) as they usually go home at the latest around four months of age (too young for surgery).

Progressive Pup pricing:

Basic Puppy Package (your pup’s starting price)

Starting at 11 weeks of age, add $150 per week.

Example: Cavapoo @ 13 weeks

Basic Pkg-$1800 plus 3 weeks of training-$450(ex: leash trained, doing well with crate & potty training)=$2250 ( This might be considered an Intermediate Progressive Pup)

Example: Cavapoo @ 17 weeks

Basic Pkg-$1800 plus 7 weeks of training-$1050 (ex: leash trained, crate and mostly potty/litter box trained, riding in a car well, rabies vaccinated)=$2850 (This would be considered a Premium Progressive Pup).

Please note that a health certificate, shipping/delivery fee, micro-chipping, or any extra veterinary expenses are not included as each pup/situation is different. You may also choose to have us start your pup on NuVet supplements while he/she is here (at owner’s expense).

Deposits for Progressive Pups may run higher depending on which level of the program they are entered into. The balance remaining can be paid when you pick up your puppy.

Progressive Pups might be a good option for those:

  • not able to pick-up their pups at the regular adoption age; ie; vacation plans, moving to a new location, etc.
  • working full-time and not having anyone home to start potty training. (We do have helpful hints for this situation on our Training page.)
  • just wanting an older established pup/dog that has gotten through some of the puppy stages already.

*Progressive Pups are only entered into our program as our schedule and time allow. Please check with us first before assuming we can enroll your puppy in our program.

(Updated 5/1/18)

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