Let me explain

So you’re thinking about getting on the waiting list for a Cavapoo, but then you saw how long it was and you’re probably thinking, “I have to wait until they have ninety (insert current waiting list number) puppies before I can get one?!” No, that’s not the case, let me explain how it works a bit. Let’s say you get on and your #80 (just to round things off and make it easier). You will not be waiting until we produce 80 puppies (oh my!!) before you would be matched with one.
When I have puppies and  I’m matching them (let’s just throw out “10”); so say I have ten puppies and I start contacting the people at the top of my list. I might actually get into the 20’s or maybe even 30’s on my list before those ten pups are matched! Going from past experience, a huge chunk of those people will pass for various reasons; they just planned a vacation, they’re moving, they got pregnant, job change, etc or they are looking for a certain color/gender that we don’t currently have, (or they found a puppy elsewhere, so they drop off our list).  So I would keep working my way down the list until all ten of those pups were matched. Then I would remove those matched names from the list, update it, and most everyone would be moving up.
So most people end up getting a puppy sooner than they think. Now, of course, that doesn’t always happen. It’s just an educated guess when I give people a timeframe on when I think they’ll be getting a puppy. When we are dealing with many people and their various needs, wants and lives, and then we throw in living creatures, anything can happen.
I hope that helps and makes things a bit more encouraging for you. We think out puppies are worth the wait!
The one thing I can positively tell you is you will need patience through this process.
And let me just throw out a caution to everyone. (And I’m not saying this to twist your arm into adopting from us!) The Cavapoo is getting to be a very popular breed of dog. More and more people are finding out about them and searching for puppies. Which means more and more people will be breeding them. Please use caution when searching for a puppy; research the breeder, get references, search them out on the internet, etc. There are puppy mill type places, or places not doing health testing, places that don’t raise their puppies in the home or don’t do any “extras” when raising their puppies, where you can buy one a lot cheaper. And there are a lot of scams out there to get money from you with no puppy in return. Please do your research and be careful. If it looks to go to be true, it probably is!
Thanks for checking us out. 😀