Getting a Pinewood puppy…*START HERE*

Our Cavapoo waiting list is currently open and we are accepting new applications at this time. 


Thank you so much for stopping by to find out how to get one of our adorable Cavapoos! This is the place to start the process. It has a lot of information, but it is all important information and should be thoroughly read before proceeding with the applications.

We work from a waiting list and normally do not have puppies readily available although things have changed a bit since the lockdown a couple years ago. The wait time for a Cavapoo puppy (once you are accepted on our waiting list) can be a bit unpredictable. You might get matched quickly, say with a current litter or have to wait a several months depending on what color/gender you want or how flexible you are. (FYI, if you’re looking for a reddish/apricot female (some might call them caramel, light brown, etc.) this is our most requested color/gender).  When I give you a guesstimate it is just that a “guess”. There are so many variables (between what the dogs will do and what people on the list will do) that it could be longer, or possibly sooner. So if you decide to get on our list please be ready for a puppy anytime!

This page was created to give you information on acquiring a Pinewood Puppy. We hope this will help with the process and answer some questions also.

There are two important steps that you need to do to get on our waiting list for a puppy;

  1. Fill out the puppy application forms completely. The more information I have the better.  Please make sure to fill out Part 1 and Part 2 and submit consecutively. This is very important especially if I get multiple people applying the same day. Because there is no place for your name on Part 2 and if I get a random Part 2 a few days after you submitted Part 1 it is hard for me to  figure out who it belongs to (to make things even easier  feel free to add your name to any of the answer sections on Part 2). I will review your application and get back to you after I receive them with any questions or concerns I may have. Please be aware if you send the application on Friday or Saturday it may be Monday before I get back to you especially if it is a Puppy Delivery weekend.  But please feel free to email me if you haven’t heard back from me within a few days.
  2. After you have heard back from me and your application has been approved, please send the $200 non-refundable application fee with my instructions. (Please  make sure you are serious about your commitment to get on our list and wait for a puppy. Again the $200 application fee is non-refundable. If you change your mind or find a puppy elsewhere you forfeit this fee. You acknowledge that you understand this when you mark “YES” on the second to the last question on Page 2 of our Puppy Application.
  3. This application fee is not a deposit. But the application fee is part of the puppy’s purchase price. We do not ask for a deposit until you are matched with your puppy.

Once you are matched with a puppy, you MUST send the $500 non-refundable deposit to me within 5 days, for me to hold your puppy for you. The balance for your puppy needs to arrive here by the time puppy turns seven weeks old.

The puppy application forms may seem comprehensive, but it helps us to help you find the right puppy. We take this “job” seriously and have invested a lot into our puppies and want to make sure each one goes to an appropriate home.

Please make sure you research the breed and know what you are getting into. I’ve included a link to our info page here.

Again, please carefully consider the decision to get on our waiting list. We want serious adopters that are prepared to take on a puppy when a puppy is available! If you decide you are ready to get on our list for a puppy and then pass on several available litters our puppy price increases, you will need to pay the next price increase each time you pass.  An exception would be if you wrote on your application (“red/apricot female ONLY” ) and I’ve not had one to offer you. Prices are subject to change without notice.

And if you have life changes where it looks like you’ll have to pass several times or wait a year, it might be better to ask to be removed from the list and reapply when you are ready. That frees up our list for more people that are anxious to adopt a puppy and keeps our list moving and active! (If you have to reapply you do not have to pay the application fee again.)

Please note, that if you find a puppy elsewhere, your spot on the list is non-transferable to a friend, neighbor or relative. We don’t think it’s fair for those below you on the list. And if you do find a puppy elsewhere, Congratulations! But please have the courtesy to let us know so we can remove your name from our list and free it up for someone else.

If you have questions beforehand, please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone 509-675-4887 (No Friday night or Saturday calls please.) There is lots of information on the website pages and the FAQ page that might help with some of your questions too.

Also please read through all the pages under the “Puppy Info” heading and also the NuVet info under the Health heading. There is a lot of good information, which may answer some questions for you. If you have more after reading through the pages, feel free to contact us!

We will announce each new litters on the blog with puppy info (colors/genders) Puppy Matching date and Puppy Delivery date. Each litter will have a page on our website under the “Cavapoo” heading. Once a litter is born a litter picture and information will be added to the page. Once the puppies hit two to three weeks of age, we will post weekly picture updates until eight weeks of age and also lots of videos on our YouTube channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos). You will need to reach out with each new litter you are interested in to be put on that specific litter’s list for it’s specific puppy matching day. You may have to get on several litter lists before you are matched with your puppy. For more details please refer to the above link “Our Puppy Matching Process”. It is your fun “job” to check those albums, watch videos and start picking your favorites to be prepared for the puppy matching day of the litter/s you’re interested in.

Your puppy will be ready to go home around eight to nine weeks of age. Your puppy will have its first puppy shot, been through our de-worming program, be using a litter box, started on potty training (weather permitting), and started on crate training. Your puppy will have had a stool sample checked and a health exam done by our veterinarian. Your puppy will go home with a puppy packet of information, a birth certificate, a health record, the health exam sheet from our vet, a food sample, a NuVet sample (although we recommend you order your own supply ahead of time; see NuVet page for order info), a home-made baby blanket, toys and our on-going support once you get your puppy home.

Also please read through these linked pages if you are applying for a puppy. They are “required” reading for applicants.

Puppy Guarantee & Contract

Our Puppy Matching Process

Getting Your Puppy Home

As a courtesy, each litter has a delivery day where we meet our families in Spokane and personally hand you your puppy. It is a big process for us to get several puppies ready, leave early in the morning and drive two-plus hours to Spokane. Please plan accordingly so we can make the delivery day run smoothly for everyone.

Current Puppy Prices 

  • Cavapoos-$2700 
  • Cavaliers-tba
  • Poodles-tba 

Additional charges….

Health Certificates…. Any dog crossing the border into another state is required to have a health certificate (whether by plane or vehicle). So for those pups that are traveling out of the state of Washington to their new home (whether flying or traveling by vehicle), they will be getting health certificates at the time of their puppy exam.  You may never be asked to show this certificate to an official but we want those pups to be in compliance and have the proper paperwork should you need it to get your puppy home. And as before all our Canadian adopters are required to have a health certificate to get your puppy across the border. Washington adopters will not need a health certificate. This will be an additional $60 for those puppies that need it.

Microchipping…We can also have our vet micro-chip your pup for an additional $60. Please let us know you want this done when you are matched with your puppy.

Payment information….

Puppy application fees and deposits can be sent by personal check. (I will send you my address after your application is approved.) If you don’t have “paper”checks (I know a lot of people do everything electronically now) you can get a Cashier’s check from your bank. Puppy balance can also be paid by check (I need to have this by the time puppy is seven weeks old) or you can bring cash at pick-up.

We are trying to get away from using things like PayPal and Venmo as they are not “dog breeder friendly” apps thanks to all the puppy scammers!



(updated 5/29/23)

58 Responses to Getting a Pinewood puppy…*START HERE*

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  2. Shanalee says:

    Question, we were possibly interested in adopting an older pup? Do you think it is a good idea? Do you know of any available?

  3. Chris De Armond says:

    Please tell me about your aussieliers. I saw one while hunting for myself and my husband a new Cavalier.

    • Chris,
      We lost our female Aussie last spring, so no longer have the option of raising Aussaliers unfortunately. So sorry. We are in the search mode for another nice Aussie though, so may have more Aussaliers in the future, but it would be a while.
      Thanks for inquiring about them!

  4. Vanessa Kerr says:

    Is your current litter sold out? If I get on the waiting list now how soon should I expect a puppy?

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Our current pups will be offered to those on our waiting list first. It all depends on what those on the wait list want/choose. We might have something available from the current litters if enough people pass and want to wait. Or you may have to wait for another time; possibly summer. (Just a guess). Hope that helps. 🙂

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  6. Meryl Raksin says:

    Where are you located?

  7. Lori Fine says:


    I found your site while researching Cavapoo’s. I am so impressed with how thorough and intentional you are with your puppies– I love that! That said, our family is way out in Tennessee and it wouldn’t be feasible financially, to fly out to get a puppy. By any chance, do you know of any reputable breeders in the southeast who you would recommend to find a Cavapoo? Most of my searches have ended in “puppy mill” type places which I’d prefer not to support if I can avoid it. Do you have any guidance on where I could look? Thanks!!

    • Hi Lori,

      Sorry for my slow response, I’ve been out of state and correspondence got set aside for a few days. I’m sorry, no I don’t know any Cavapoo breeders in your area. I would just continue to look online and research those breeders that you do find. God bless with your search! 🙂

  8. Allyson Reeves says:

    We are a family a 4 and have been doing some research in king James cavilera for a few years now. We are ready to add a member to our family, was wondering when your new babies are coming and next avail liters.

  9. Jan Pignataro says:

    Can’t Find the application form?!? VERY interested !! Help!!

    • Hi Jan,
      If you look at the top bar on the website; on the right it says “Puppy Info”. Hold the arrow/curser over that and a drop down menu will appear. The first two are “Adoption form Part 1” and “Adoption form Part 2” Let me know if you need more help 🙂

  10. Sally peters says:

    I could not find an application. My husband and I would like a female Blenheim, one with a bit more color in spots would be great too. My husband is retired and I work part-time from home. We have 4 grandkids, three of which are grown, but close by. Just had a new granddaughter. Excited about her. We have a flexible timeframe. Please let me know how to go forward from here. I would have sent in an app , but as I said, I couldn’t locate it.
    Sally Peters

    • Hi Sally, If you go to the heading that says “Puppy Info” the drop down menu should show up (Like you did to get to this “Getting a Puppy page). The applications (there is a part 1 and a part 2) are the first two things on the drop down menu list. 🙂 Hope that helps

  11. Victoria Anderson says:

    how long is the wait for your cavapoos right now?

  12. LISA LACKMAN says:

    Do I wait to hear from you before Imail the $ 50.00 check

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  16. Caleb Scherer says:

    Hi are you going to continue breeding Aussaliers? We would be interested at some point. Where are you located?

  17. Audrey D Williams says:

    Is there a wait list for the Aussaliers?

  18. Sandra Bayliss says:

    We live in Hawaii and was wondering if you ship puppies. I think the Aussaliers are adorable and I haven’t been able to find a breeder locally.

  19. John Z. Rigos says:

    Hi looking for a cavapoo puppy. We live in a large apartment near Central Park and have a weekend home with a lot of land. We have 4 kids excited to have an addition to the family

    • Thank you for reaching out. We do not have available puppies. All of our puppies are matched with families that have gone through the application process and are patiently waiting on our waiting list (which is currently closed). If you’d like you can go to our website and sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements about when it reopens and we are accepting applications again please visit and hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right-hand side under the Pinewood Pups photo album.

  20. Kevin Kirschbaum says:

    When is the Aussalier waiting list going to open again???? Looking for an Aussalier puppy ASAP.

    Thank you

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  22. Sara Spence says:

    Hello, I have submitted both forms – Sara Spence. Please let me know if you need any additional information from us and let me know when I should send over the application fee.
    Thanks so much! Sara

  23. Marley Albright says:

    Any chance of the aussalier waitlist opening again? I’m looking to get a nursing school graduation puppy!

  24. TRISH Hardy says:

    We just met a couple in Del Mar Cailfornia that had gotten their darling cavipoo from you. He was turning 4 next month and was the perfect color and size. Apricot and around 18 pounds!! They spoke very highly of you so we will wait to hear when you have openings for applications. We would love a female cavipoo with the apricot or reddish color. We are within driving distance too!!❤️ I just spent two hours on your site and am very impressed! I think the mother must have been Amber.
    Will be waiting! Patiently!
    Trish Hardy

  25. The Domer’s Mark and Patti says:

    I live in the Spokane Valley and we are very interested in a female cavapoo. I would love an email letting me know when your wait list has reopened. Please send any information to Thank you in advance.

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  27. Miao Yeh says:

    Happy New Year! Isn’t it open for application today? Have been refresh the page and stayed up all night.

  28. Anna Blackman says:

    Hello, You are busy. I have the best apricot cavapoo dog now three. I would like another one to join our beautifyl family. Crush’s half brother has been with us sonce covid and my daughter will be leaving with Parker soon. Crush and Parker are insperable. They both are Apricot, came from Arkansa. I am from Seattle so you are more conveninet. I wouls love a male on the dark side but would be happy with any of them. You are doing a great job with your dogs from what I see. So blessed. Let me know when I can apply. Thank you, Anna Blackman 206-409-3745.

  29. Hans says:

    Hello! Do you think you might be open for applications again within a few months? Thank you!

  30. Grace Elliott says:

    Hi! I thought that I was on the waitlist from about a year ago, but still haven’t heard anything. Is it possible to check and see if something was missed?

  31. Julie says:

    Do you know of any other reputable cavapoo or miniature poodle breeders in WA, Idaho or Oregon

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