Puppy Selection Process

The puppy selection process is hard to explain, but I’m going to give it a shot! There are just so many variables. If you’re on our waiting list there will be two important things you will need to have; patience and a quick response!

Puppy selection is done first from those on our waiting list.  Our waiting list is made up of those who have committed be sending a deposit and filling out our Puppy Adoption forms. The waiting list is formed by the order deposits and puppy forms come in to me. If I go through the whole waiting list and we still have puppies then they will be offered to those not on our list.

Everyone on our waiting list really needs to “like” our Facebook page and sign up for email notifications on our blog. These are the two places I will post updates on puppies and I don’t want you to miss anything!

Puppy selection can begin anytime after the puppies are born. So please check your email frequently if you are on our list. I will contact you by the email you gave me on your puppy application form. If I don’t hear back from you within 48 hours, I will go on to the next person (or if you’re on the end of the list), I will offer the remaining pup/puppies to the general public.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is not fair to the people waiting patiently (or anxiously) for their turn to pick. Or for puppies that are waiting for their forever homes!

When people contact me about a puppy they usually ask when we will have puppies available or how long they will have to wait. Like I mentioned earlier, there are so many variables. Let me give you an example. Here’s an example of a wait list:

  1. Betty-black & tan male
  2. Joe & Jane-want apricot male
  3. Sherry-wants female
  4. Fred & Marilyn-want female pup
  5. Kerry-Lyn-wants wants red/apricot
  6. Matthew & Kate-wants male red or apricot
  7. Julie-wants red or apricot
  8. Mary-wants female pup
  9. Lori- wants apricot
  10. Kristy-wants apricot
  11. Marjorie-wants female
  12. Cindy & Sam-want spring/summer puppy
  13. Priscilla-wants female tri or b/w
  14. Karen-wants spring/summer puppy
  15. Susie-wants black female

Now lets say when this wait list is building we’re waiting on two litters. The litters arrived approximately when we think they will and we end up with all boys! We’ve got a tri-color and a black & white in one litter and the second litter consisting of two all black boys and one black & tan. 😉

So I start at the top and check with each person on my list to see if they’re interested in a puppy. I post weekly pictures after the litter is born and short videos once they’re up and moving. Most people wait until around five weeks of age to chose a puppy after they’ve gotten to see several weeks of pictures and some videos.

But we see that our #1 person-Betty, wanted a black & tan male. She may not wait weeks, but let us no right away that she wants that one black & tan male. Ok, #1 is done! And we move on down the list.  I will check with each person on the list even if we don’t have what they originally requested. People do change their minds sometimes. 🙂

So #2, #3 & #4 decide to stick with their original request. But then #5 (who wanted a red/apricot) decides that they think that black & white puppy is irresistible and chose him! And so we proceed on down the list.

So what happens to those people still on the list that decided to skip on our current pups? They wait for a future litter with (hopefully) the color or gender they were waiting for.

And that is a guessing game too. We know approximately when our girls come in season (although they trick us sometimes) so we can guess when they might come in, get bred and deliver a litter. But sometimes the males and females don’t follow our plan. Or maybe we have a young adult female that is old enough to enter our breeding program, but she doesn’t want anything to do with that boy! Or that wonderful mom that has produced a litter of six before, only has two puppies. Some parents have had litters together before, so we has an idea of what colors we will get from them. But we have some young adults that we have no idea what colors we will get from them.

So you see why I say you must have patience? You and me both! 😀