Visitor Info

I get asked quite frequently if we allow visitors here. The answer is possibly but there are some stipulations.

If you are just checking us out, please visit our Facebook page, past blog posts, website and YouTube channel. Those are great places to “meet” us and our dogs and learn how we do things here. Unfortunately, if we haven’t taken the time to visit by phone and correspond a bit through email and I get to know you, then we probably won’t be able to set up a visit. I have to think about my own safety and that of my dogs.

So if you are part of the Pinewood family or becoming that (in the process of adopting a puppy, etc) or are coming here to pick-up your puppy;  “Welcome”! There are some conditions for visiting. Visits are set up according to my schedule and if it works.

  • There are no Saturday visits or puppy pick-ups, as that is our family/church day and we put dog “business” on hold.
  • If I have a new litter here, I may not allow visitors. We have to be very careful possibly introducing germs and things to little ones. And bringing strangers into the home may stress out some moms during this time.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING your dog, dogs or other pets with you to meet your new puppy or my dogs (unless we have made prior arrangements) A strange dog coming to my property will upset my dogs. This is their home and they will be protective and stressed out. Plus is we have puppies here, bringing in another dog could introduce germs, viruses, and bacteria that my dogs don’t have. (I have spent $$$ to have all my dogs tested for communicable doggie diseases). Bringing your dog on my property could transmit something to them that I have worked hard to prevent.
  • Please do not visit a dog park, dog show or another heavily dog populated event right before your visit. Unfortunately, viruses like parvo can be brought in on shoes.
  • If you just visited your friend’s house and found out their puppy just died of parvo-virus, PLEASE CONTACT ME before setting up a visit.
  • If we have young puppies here, I may even ask you to remove your shoes before coming inside. 🙂

Now about our dogs 😉

Please don’t expect them to be super friendly, and happy to meet you; some will and some are more stand-offish with strangers that have just appeared on their property.

Please don’t expect them to be in “show” coats. We live in the country, we have dirt, grass, etc. so their coats are normally cut short, or they may look a bit shaggy if I’ve been busy with puppies and they’re due for a haircut. I have large fenced in yards just for my dogs. If they want to dig, they dig, if they want to roll in the grass (okay, it’s green, but it’s not necessarily grass) they can. I let them be dogs. If it’s winter they will be inside their Dog House hanging out and lounging in pine shavings.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page and your understanding of our visitor requirements! Our main concern is the health and safety of our dogs. <3