What to bring when picking up your puppy

So it’s almost time to bring that new puppy home and you might be wondering what you’ll need. Basically there are two options; driving or flying.

If you are driving to get your puppy (whether you are coming to our home or meeting me in Spokane), here are the things I would recommend that you bring with you.

  • A crate (wire or plastic) type is fine. You don’t want something to tiny or too large. If you’re buying a crate for puppy that you want to use it’s whole life you’re probably safe with a “medium” crate. If you’re driving please bring the crate that puppy will be using at home (wire or plastic). Don’t be tempted to buy those cute, soft travel cases that are used when flying in cabin. They are a bit too small for a long road trip and puppy might feel a bit trapped in such a small area.
  • A bed or blanket for the crate and maybe one to cover the crate. (Don’t be concerned if puppy fusses for the first 15-20 minutes as you head down the road. And don’t take them out of the crate if they do. Puppy will usually settle down after a bit and sleep.
  • Dishes for food and water.
  • A litter box with pellets (or if you can’t find any let me know and I can give you some). At this stage in the puppy’s life, (unless you are getting a puppy that’s past 16 weeks and fully vaccinated) your puppy is not fully protected from deadly viruses like parvo and distemper/ And won’t be until a week after he/she had had their finally vaccination at 16 weeks of age. So we don’t want anyone letting puppy out on the ground on the way home at a roadside rest stop, gas station or public place. The litter box is essential (or some people might want to try potty pads). The box can be placed in the truck, floorboards of a car, back end of a van or SUV or bed of a truck for puppy to use when you stop for breaks.
  • Extra towels or blankets if puppy happens to get carsick or has an accident in his/her crate.
  • Baby wipes! For the same reason you might need extra the extra towels or blankets.
  • A plastic bag: for storing those things you may have just used in the last two posts. 😉
  • Toys 🙂 to keep puppy occupied. Although, he/she will most likely sleep most of the way.

If you’re flying in to get your puppy and meeting me at the airport, here are the things you should bring.

  • An airline approved soft pet carrier. You will want to check with your airlines to see what size they allow. Get the biggest one they allow for under the seat.
  • Potty pads for inside the carrier in case puppy needs to relive him/herself. I don’t think the airlines will let you take puppy out during the flight. Or you can use them at the airport on layovers if you have them.
  • A collapsible dish for food or water.
  • A soft toy or bully stick to keep puppy occupied in his/her carrier.
  • Baby wipes for any spills or accidents and a small bag to dispose of soiled wipes.
  • If you live quite a distance from your airport, you might want to have some of the other items handy in your car for the drive home (see list above for those driving).

I hope these items will help get you home safely and comfortably. If any one has any other ideas that have helped them. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas!

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