Getting ready-Part 2

Here’s some ideas for training, health, toys and treats!

You will want a stationary collar to attach an id tag to or you may prefer a harness. A nice 6′ leash is handy or the flexi-leashes work well too. Never leave a training collar (also known as a  choke or slip collar) on you dog. Those are for training sessions only.


Speaking of training; You might want some type of small, soft treats  for training purposes.


This is a great thing to start from puppyhood! (We’ve already been playing with your puppy’s mouth before you get him/her.) Get your puppy use to having it’s mouth handled and teeth brushed. Only use toothpaste designed for dogs as human toothpaste can upset their tummies. You can also use something like an old washrag with a bit of baking soda paste to rub over the teeth. All this will help prevent tartar and gum disease and save a lot of money for you and problems for your dog in the long run.


Puppy shampoo:) Don’t be tempted to use people shampoo. Use something formulated for dogs, and the puppy shampoo will probably be even milder. Use warm water and make sure and put cotton plugs in the ears to prevent water from getting in. You can also use a bit of petroleum jelly placed along the eye rim to protect the eyes from soap suds. Make sure and rinse the coat thoroughly or you may in up with an itchy puppy.


These are some basic grooming supplies you will probably want to have on hand. Starting on the left of the photo; a slicker brush, a pin brush, a comb, nail clippers and kwik stop. (Kwik stop is for those occasional times when you accidentally quick the dog and the toenail bleeds a bit.)


Bully Sticks! These are one of the best chew toys you can get for your dog. Made of meat, not cowhide. They come in various sizes and shapes as shown in the photo. These are better then rawhides or pigs ears. (Pork products are not good for dogs!) They are a bit expensive, but if you’re only going to get a few toys or chews I would definite suggest this be on your list.


Kong brand toys are great! The ones that can be stuffed with food or treats work well to keep your puppy entertained and busy for a while too. You might even feed him/her their daily ration from the Kong! (The one in the middle works well for this.)


Nylabone is also a good brand for chew bones for you puppy. They come in various sizes and flavors too. I’ve found that even some of the smaller dogs like the big knuckle bone in the middle.


The Buster Cube is anther interactive toy that can be filled with food or treats to keep you puppy entertained while he’s by himself. I believe they come in two sizes.


Our course squeaky toys, rope toys, balls and others are fun to have, although not necessary. I wouldn’t leave those soft, squeaky kind with an unattended puppy though. Puppies tend to chew, shred and tear those apart and you don’t want puppy ingesting a squeaker!


These are some of the basics that I like. I hope it gives you some good ideas on what to start with as you anxiously wait for that new Pinewood puppy!



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