Our Cavapoos

This page will introduce you to our Cavapoos. These are F1 Cavapoos (with a purebred Cavalier and a purebred miniature Poodle parent) that we have kept back from  litters we have had, to produce F1b Cavapoo puppies. We have only kept girls which will be bred back to one of our purebred miniature Poodle boys. The F1b Cavapoo is considered the least likely to shed and the best bet for those with allergies. Although within each F1b litter only about 50% of the puppies will have the curlier Poodle coat and the other 50% will have a wavy coat similar to an F1 Cavapoo. Temperaments are the same as an F1 Cavapoo, but we might see more size variations in an F1b litter.

(Different ages and coat lengths)

Pinewoods Sage is the daughter of Lucy (Poodle) and Dickens (Cavalier). She is a beautiful silver merle parti. She is 13″ tall and 19 lbs. Her genetic testing done through parentage and Paw Print Genetics. She is OFA certified “normal” for heart and patellas, and eyes

Sage is an absolute sweetheart! She is happy, playful and loves everyone.


Pinewoods Raven is the daughter of Flower (Poodle) and Noah (Cavalier). She is a striking tri-color (black, white with tan). She is 11.5″ and 13 lbs. Her genetic testing was done through parentage and Paw Print Genetics. OFA certified “normal” heart, patellas, and eyes.

Raven is a smaller Cavapoo, but her favorite playmate is our biggest Poodle, Aurora! She is a quiet, playful, but more mellow girl. She can be a little dramatic though, just like her dad. 😉


Then we have a couple up and coming “hopefuls” that are growing up. We hope someday when they are mature and have passed their health certifications they can also be moms to some F1b Cavapoos.

Sally (formerly Mango) is the daughter of Amber and Justice (she’s a third generation pup for us!). She is our only Cavapoo residing in a guardian home. She lives with my SIL who is our nearest neighbor. Sally is an absolute doll and loves EVERYONE she meets!




And our youngest Cavapoo growing up here is Cami (Cameo) daughter of Joy and Clancy.  She is a “typical” Cavapoo, sweet, playful and loving.