Male vs Female

A frequent question I get is “what is the difference between a male or female” (besides the obvious). *wink

We do get more people that want female pups (take that into consideration when applying to our waiting list and what your approximate wait time will be). And honestly, I don’t know why? I think a lot of the time it stems from what a person has been raised with or what they’ve had in the past.

When you are dealing with a spayed/neutered animal there really isn’t much difference.

People are told for instance if they have a female dog already, then the second dog should be a male dog. Again when they are spayed or neutered there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t have two of the same gender.

Some people might argue that girls are easier to potty train or that you’ll have to worry about a boy marking his territory. But the opposite of that might be a female will squat to urinate in the middle of the yard and “burn” the grass, where a boy will most likely head for the outer edges of the yard to pee on something.  (As a young puppy he will just stretch out in the middle of the yard too). Although some boys never do learn to hike their legs and continue to squat to urinate even as adults.

Females tend to end up maturing smaller then males (that’s not set in stone though) and mature more quickly then boys (hmm…I think that might be true with little human species too 😛 ) So you might compare a male and female of the same age and think the female was easier to train. It’s not that she’s smarter, but just that she’s more mature at the same age. If that makes sense.

Our first “stud” muffin (Pooh) was an intact, toy Poodle who lived in the house with us for years and was (generally) a perfect gentleman when it came to furniture. I can probably only count on one hand the number of times he hiked his leg somewhere in the house and that was most likely when a female in season was nearby. Remember this is an intact, active stud dog with raging hormones not a neutered male that hasn’t had a chance to act on those hormones. He was an amazing  house dog (besides being a bed hog)!

Then there’s the cute saying that is floating around the internet that says, “A female dog will love you, but a male dog is in love with you.”

Sometimes I’ll have a family full of girls and dad wants to even things out and get a male puppy. Or a mom with a house full of boys decides she is going to add another female to the household even if it is a dog!  It really boils down to a personal preference thing. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either!