Thank you for considering a Pinewood Puppy!

Pinewood puppies come to you, healthy, happy and friendly and become very attached to their family. Our puppies are born in our home and raised with our family with lots of love and attention. They are exposed to many sights and sounds at an early age to help get them used to different things. Also, they are introduced to other dogs and people of different ages in the socializing process. We do a ton of things to help ensure your puppy has a great start and superior foundation for you to build on to make him the best family companion he can be.

Under this heading on the website is a drop-down menu to help you through the process of applying for, waiting and preparing for you new Pinewood Puppy. Plus we’ll be there for you afterwards should you have questions or need help with your pup.

We occasionally have adult dogs available too.






23 Responses to PUPPY INFO

  1. Gwen Arnold says:

    I am in search of a light apricot male maltipoo or cavapoo. I was referred to you via a fb group of furbabies.
    I would like to be considered to be on your list.

  2. Kelly says:

    Where are you located?

  3. Zena says:

    Hi I’m interested in adopting a Cavapoo. Your blog is brilliant, you had me in stitches with your story about the flirty poodle haha! When will you have puppies available? I live near Seattle.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Zena,
      Ah, glad you enjoyed the story about our silly Reba!
      We actually have a waiting list for our Cavapoos which is currently closed, but should be opening up again in the next few days/week or so. Please sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss that announcement. Thanks!

  4. Harsh Nanchahal says:

    Looking forward to add a cavapoo to our family.

  5. Jackie Snider says:

    Can you please lell me the cost of your cavapoo puppies? Thank you

  6. Jennifer Grisafi says:

    I’m trying to do second application but it won’t open for me can someone please send me a link for it

    Thank you

  7. Annissa says:

    Hello there! We are looking for an Aussilier puppy. We currently have a sweet King Charles Cavalier named Maisey, who is tri colour and 7 years old. We feel that we shower her with more love than she wants most days! We have a lot of love to go around. The 5 of us included 3 teenage boys! I would love to be included on your waiting list. We prefer a female, but any colour works for us!

  8. Rachel says:

    When will the aussilier list become available again

  9. Rachel Delmas says:

    Is the aussilier list open as of now how do I sign up

  10. DARRELL BREEN says:

    where are u located and where do i see how much puppys are ???

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