Puppy Info

Thank you for considering a Pinewood Puppy! We hope that you would have many happy, healthy years with a new doggy member. Pinewood puppies come to you, healthy, happy and friendly and become very attached to their family. Our puppies are born in our home and raised with our family with lots of love and attention. They are exposed to many sights and sounds at an early age to help get them used to different things. Also, they are introduced to other dogs and people of different ages in the socializing process. Please remember though when you get your puppy, there is an adjustment period when the puppy is getting used to his new home and family (stress of travel, etc) and being away from mom and his/her littermates. Give the puppy a few days to settle in.

Your puppy will be eating a quality puppy free choice. Instructions for feeding will come with him/her, adjust as needed to keep him/her at a good healthy weight. This is a quality puppy food, but if you’d like to switch to a different brand, do it gradually over a few days time as not to upset the puppy’s system. Your puppy will have received his/her 1st puppy shot/shots depending on what age you get him/her. (You will get a health record with this information.) The rabies vaccination can only be given by a licensed veterinarian and is usually given around 5 months. Spaying and neutering can probably be done around the same time if not soon after; micro-chipping also (unless you opted to have us do it). Check with your veterinarian for recommended times.

Please be careful where you take your puppy! Just because he/she has had one or two shots, does not mean they are safe from diseases. Not until about a week after the final vaccination at 16 weeks are they fully protected. Until then, I suggest you don’t take the puppy to areas like the park or even walking around your own neighborhood. You never know where a sick dog may have been and diseases like parvo-virus are deadly to protected puppies. If you do take the puppy out somewhere it’s safer to carry them and not put them down on the ground or take them to a place you know is safe, as this is also a crucial time for the puppy to be socialized and exposed to various stimuli. An example would be a puppy class where the pups have all been started on their vaccinations.

(Check back later for more info…..)




11 Responses to Puppy Info

  1. Gwen Arnold says:

    I am in search of a light apricot male maltipoo or cavapoo. I was referred to you via a fb group of furbabies.
    I would like to be considered to be on your list.


  2. Kelly says:

    Where are you located?


  3. Zena says:

    Hi I’m interested in adopting a Cavapoo. Your blog is brilliant, you had me in stitches with your story about the flirty poodle haha! When will you have puppies available? I live near Seattle.
    Thank you!


  4. Harsh Nanchahal says:

    Looking forward to add a cavapoo to our family.


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