Always learning

I love going to my favorite second hand store and looking for possible puppy toys and things to use for enrichment and training.

Along with smaller toys for the puppies to play with, I love exposing them to larger items too. Anything that has different textures, sounds or movement in great!

826831You guys are supposed to go through the tunnel, not over it!

836“What is this thing you brought out, mom?”

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Snow day…again

We’ve had some beautiful spring “teaser” weather in the past week or so; gorgeous clear blue skies and no snow. It made us feel like spring was on the way. Then the other morning we woke up to more snow. Winter is not quite over. So I snapped a few pictures that morning to share during our outside break time.

672Silly girls; Jules, Rose, Mercy & Treasure. (Jules, Rosie, and Treasure are part of our “mom” crew. Mercy is Hope’s sister and just one of the pups growing up here.)

702This is Treasure. She has the absolute prettiest Cavalier face! ❤ (But trying to keep those ears brushed out is another story!)

722First thing in the morning everybody goes out to potty and get a drink. (Each dog goes to bed with dinner in their own crate. Here are Hazel, Mercy, Rosie, Glory, and Sundae at the ‘ol waterin’ hole. (Hazel is one of our young adult Poodles that will soon be joining the “mom” group (hopefully), and the two black and tans (Mercy & Glory) are part of the puppy crew growing up still. Rosie and Sundae are two parent dogs.)

736He is his father’s son, and just as sweet! This is Justice, Hope’s big brother.

755One of the big “dogs” 😉 This is Jester enjoying his breakfast. Jester is one of our three horses, who was rescued off a feedlot as a four-month-old foal. Feedlot horses are most often shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Yes, they still do that. 😦

779This is the boss horse, Gracie. Gracie was born and raised here. We also owned her dam who we had to put down about a year ago, just two weeks shy of her thirty-third birthday! And that’s Toby (our Cavapoo with a Poodle haircut) who is not supposed to be in the horse pasture!

Can’t wait for spring to actually get here! 😀

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Ice cream makes things better

Did anyone else go through the braces phase as a preteen/teenager? I did. So did my brother and some cousins. My uncle was our orthodontist.  I remember my mom driving us forty-five minutes (one way) to his office about once a month for our appointments. I also remember her taking us to get milkshakes after our adjustments because when he would tighten those suckers up, your mouth would be too sore for actual food.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this, right?

Well, a few weeks back, I noticed Reba doing some repetitive licking and swallowing. Strange. So I checked her mouth thinking maybe she had gotten something stuck in the roof of her mouth. Well, come to find out she had busted a tooth! She broke the whole pointy portion (I believe those are called cusps) of the major upper molar exposing the pulp. Then had a slab fracture that hadn’t completely fractured off, but I could see the crack of it going up under her gum. Ouch!

557559You can see the dark portion to the left of my thumb, which is the exposed pulp.

Of course, I called my vet right away. The only problem was she was still nursing the pups and they were too young to be away from her all day to have it taken care of. So I scheduled her appointment out a ways when the pups were old enough. In the meantime, I started soaking her food to make things easy.

Dogs are tough creatures. After soaking her food for a couple days, I caught her crunching away on Hope’s food one day. Then another day she was on the couch munching away on a big bone! (Which was probably the culprit in the broken tooth). So I figured that tooth wasn’t giving her too much pain.

The day finally came for her appointment and everything went well. After picking her up, I decided to get her a special treat. I knew she was probably really hungry since I had to withhold food from her after 8:00pm the night before and that her mouth would be sore from the dental surgery and sutures required to mend things.

565So I stopped at McDonald’s and bought her ice cream. Her first ever!

576Digging in with her teeth now.

600She really enjoyed it. And don’t worry, I didn’t let her eat the whole thing! And no, I didn’t finish it. 😉

Sometimes ice cream just makes things better. 🙂

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A quiet evening

Just a quiet evening hanging out with the puppies and the cat (who likes to sneak in the door.)


479480481How about some action shots of puppy wrestle-mania?! hehe

501Thor-kitty; one of our puppy “trainers”.

510520I love how the boy puppy has “conquered” Mt Hope. 😀


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Only 24 hours

I headed into town last week to help a friend. She’s a LuLaRoe consultant trying to build her business and needed some help photographing some cute outfits. (If anyone is interested she is “Plum Crazy with LuLaRoe” on Facebook. If you’re into LLR, do me a favor and “like” and follow her page! ). She actually lives another 15-20 minutes passed the town, so over an hour’s drive from me.

I knew we would get busy visiting and having fun and it would be a late drive home for me, so I suggested we make it a “girl’s night out” (aka pizza/movie night with me crashing at her house). Of course, she agreed.  Now, to convince my husband to do my evening and morning chores for me. 😉

I tried to simplify the chores for him and he was fine with me having a girls’ night out. So off I went. Yipee!

We got some “work” done (laughing through it of course), ate some yummy food and spent the evening watching Animals Cribs. Have you guys seen that show? It’s amazing. We don’t have tv out our house, so it was quite a treat to watch all these fun animal shows. And my friend has three dogs, three cats, one bird, and five horses (see why she’s my friend) so I wasn’t lonesome for furry creatures while I was away from home.


I was only away for 24 hours, but you should’ve seen the welcome I got from my crew when I got back home. They acted like I’d been gone for days! Aren’t pets the greatest thing ever?! ❤

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New to the waitlist?

Hi everyone!

Wow, my regular mailbox and email “box” have been busy since we opened up the list again.

I just wanted to check in with everyone. If you have recently filled out an application, sent your application fee and received confirmation from me, then you are officially on the list!

You may be wondering “where is the list”? The list is always posted on our website. It actually has it’s own page so it’s easy to find. If you go to the Cavapoo heading at the top of the website and hover your cursor over it, a drop-down menu will open up. The first listing says, “Cavapoo Availability”. If you hover over that then the waitlist will pop out to the right side. Click on the list and it will take you to the page.

We’ve had so many new applicants join in the past ten days, that I’m still in the process of printing apps, making notes and updating the list. So it might be a few days before the list is updated with our new adopters and the new names appear. Each time the list is updated I will date the bottom so everyone can see when the latest update happened.

After our first litter/s is/are born and matched, the waiting list will get a major overhaul and updated again as the people that were matched with puppies will be removed from the list.

You may be wondering what to do in the meantime while you wait for your new furry family member. Well, here’s a page that should answer that question (in case you haven’t seen it).

Thank you for putting your confidence in us and joining us on the incredible journey!

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A token

If you’ve read the “About Us” page, you’ve probably heard some of this already. But when I first dipped my toes into the world of dog ownership, I was about seventeen years old. Now, mind you, we had a couple of family dogs growing up. But when I hit those late teens I became the owner of “my” first dog.

She was an Aussie mix, with a very timid personality. And having never trained or raised a puppy before, I’m sure I did things incorrectly in her socialization period which didn’t help that type of personality. She ended up being a fear biter.

I was dating a guy at the time that was raised in a serious dog family; they raised and showed Belgian Sheepdogs. He suggested an obedience class might help my poor socially inept dog. So off we went!

And he was right. It took a very long time, with consistent exposure and training, but she actually got where she was excited to go to class, made friends with people and allowed them to touch her. It was a major accomplishment.

All this lead me to an interest in showing dogs. So I began contemplating different purebreds. (At that time to show in obedience classes at shows, the dog had to be a purebred). My Aussie had a merled eye (partially blue) which I absolutely loved. I’ve always been partial to animals that look different.

During my time at class (this became a weekly, year-round event. In fact, years later after I’d gotten married and had kids, I would go to class once a week telling my husband it was my “therapy”) I became good friends with several people. One friend had a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog. I fell in love! And then I learned that Shelties (as they are called) sometimes have blue eyes. That was it! I was getting a Sheltie. (Don’t worry, I didn’t decide on the breed “only” because they can have blue eyes.) 😉

So to make a long story shorter; I did get my first Sheltie and went on to have many more; showing, raising and working in rescue for several years. I got out of the showing aspect as my kids grew and required more of my time and attention. And after the last Sheltie passed away I started thinking about a similar sized dog, but with less hair to maintain, which leads me to our first Cavalier.

During my “show”  years I also had a couple of Belgian Sheepdogs. And when we moved to the country we had different farm dogs (an Australian Cattle Dog, and several German Shepherds). All of these breeds have a common thread; they are all what are classified as herding dogs; working dogs, highly trainable, motivated, devoted to “do” whatever you ask.

Which brings me to this little thing; Oakley. Or Oakley Dokely as she is affectionately called. She’s a crazy bundle of energy, loves being outside, curious, affectionate, and always willing to “help” me do chores. Oh, and she comes racing when I call her (unlike a Cavalier…hehe).

(Notice her raised foot…ready to run! “Let’s go, mom!”)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the love sponges (Cavaliers) and the active clowns (Poodles) and adore raising the Cavapoos. ❤️ But there will probably always be at least one herding dog on the place too.

My “token” herding dog. ❤️

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