Here’s an update on Maple formerly Shane from the Signed, Sealed, Delivered litter from Sky and Niko!

“Hi Jennifer,
I’m happy to say that, after 2 ½ weeks in her new Los Angeles home, Shane (now Maple) is doing great!  She eats 1/4 cup of her kibble three times a day.  At first she was slow to eat and would only eat out of my hand but she’s happy to eat from her bowl now.  I’m actually wondering if I should increase her servings to 1/3 cup.  She sleeps in her crate without complaint all night.  After a last potty at about 11:00 pm she then wakes between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. She’s getting the hang of banging the bells on the back door to signal that she wants to go out to potty.  She has also learned that banging on the bells can get her some outdoor play time!  Smart puppy.  My younger son came home from college on Saturday for Thanksgiving and Maple got the first hugs and kisses! Thank you Jennifer for raising healthy, happy pups.  I learned so much from reading your blog posts.  I’m sure that’s helped to make this transition to life with puppy so much easier.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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It’s definitely winter

Those of you who live in Washington or neighboring states are probably in the think of winter too. Yesterday there was a weather warning of incoming snow starting last night into this afternoon. Our area was expected to get around 8-12″ during the storm.

Well, I woke up this morning and though I didn’t measure it, I’m pretty sure we already got a foot an it’s still snowing as I type this!

I’ve got to admit it’s picture postcard beautiful outside!

And my Fitbit says I had 2 hours and 15 minutes of “fat burn” and 42 minutes of “cardio” this morning from chore time…lol!

Before I let any of the dogs out, I had to get the snow shovel and get some paths made for them to go out and potty on. Otherwise we would’ve had some dogs go missing in that deep stuff!

Most of them had fun romping through the deep snow. Thankfully it is really dry and fluffy snow, not wet and heavy. None-the-less the dogs didn’t stay outside long and we’re happy to come inside where it was warm and cookies were waiting for them. <3

Stay safe everyone! How much snow did you get in your area (if you’re in a snow area)?

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Little “pupdates”

I posted on our private Facebook group if anyone would like to share an update on their Pinewood pup since it’s kind of quiet around here and I don’t have a lot of material for blog posts. Some shared bigger updates and some just shared cute pictures with a caption. I’ll share those here and in the next few days will be sharing the ones which were more extensive. Enjoy!

Dexter had a wonderful thanksgiving resting and eating turkey and whipped cream

Bear with his brothers and foster sisters! Lots of action here over Thanksgiving and we had a blast!!

We had a house full this Thanksgiving. 10 people and one of the family brought their 5 month old Shih tzus puppy. Cammi was exhausted by dinner

Charlie enjoying grandmas golf cart on a trip to AZ!

Lilo is almost 3 years old from the apple litter!

I made Bagel train

Teddy and Auggie living their best lives and chilling out after dinner!

Having lots of fun in Nebraska! ❤️ Quinn (formerly Frankie) from the Christmas 2020 litter!

Dasher with little sis and bro, Betty Loo and Opie Joe(Poodles)♥️

Cousin Coop too

Aimee’s Owen (left) and Tucker (right) were reunited on our thanksgiving trip to Denver! They are half brothers and best buddies. They are always so excited to see each other again! Owen loves Tucker so much, that even when we mentioned his name he gets SO excited! They are so cute when they play too.

thanksgiving morning! — saber knows he’s not allowed to chew/bite pixel’s ears but he does it anyway. in this picture, he’s waiting till i everyone leaves the family room so that he can resume, haha! he had just gotten in huge trouble for biting his big brother’s ears and making him cry; saber’s eyes this picture screams “i just want a littttle teeny tiny bite!”

We love updates and pictures of our pups happy in their forever homes! ❤️

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Wishing all safe travel, good food, fun family and friends and lots of good memories!

We’ll be quiet for a few days here as we have company coming and lots to do to get ready!

Winter has settled in. We have loads of snow already. But all the critters are snug, warm and well fed.

So thankful for all our blessings and for each Pinewood family and those that faithfully follow our stores! ❤️

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If you’ve been following me a while, you guys know that I like to add extras to my dogs’ food. Sometimes they get a home-cooked meal. Sometimes they get something added to their kibble. But I’m always tried ways to improve their diets. If I had the time and space I would probably be feeding a well balanced raw food to be honest. I think a species specific diet that’s closest to what our dogs wild cousins would eat is best for them. How many coyotes to you know who are out there chewing on corn cobs and sweet potatoes?  (*wink) But since I don’t have the storage space or time at this point, I’ve tried to pick a quality kibble and add to that to improve their diets.

In my perfect “homestead” world, I’d raise my own meat for my dogs and have a big freezer full. I’d have milk goats again and make homemade kefir to add to their diet and fresh goat milk to add to puppy diets as they’re weaned off mom. But those things aren’t possible at this time.

But I’m thankful we have lots of fresh chicken eggs that the dogs get to enjoy with their meals.

Normally chickens molt in the fall and stop laying eggs. But the new chicks I bought this spring starting laying late in the summer and continue to lay. I’ve been getting 4-6 eggs a day.

And I found a couple of healthy meal toppers to add to the dogs dinner too.

Freeze-dried minnows and chicken hearts from Vital Essentials make great meal toppers or healthy treat for your dog. I also add canned sardines in water to their food sometimes.

Adding fruits and veggies to your dogs meals too will be beneficial.

My dogs gobble their dinners with the healthy extras added. They can hardly wait to get in their crates for dinner!

Bon appetit dogoos!

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It’s not often that we get an actual update from the dog itself. But we all know how smart these Cavapoos can be. *Wink*

“Hi my first Mommas
I went to the Dr. yesterday for more pokes & I didn’t even cry.
I weighed 11.5 lbs so I’m getting plenty to eat. I go on walks everyday.

Today will be fun because it’s sunny & there’s a big pile of dirt to put on the garden. My Mom says I can “help!”

I’m getting too big for my bed at Mom’s feet but soon I’ll be tall enough to jump onto the sofa next to Toby. I LOVE my big brother! He plays all the games I like to play- chase around the house & outside are the best fun. I also like to steal Mom’s napkin off her lap but then she chases me & says “no, trade” & she gives me the little blankie you made. I like that as it smells of you & my first cozy home.

I’m a happy boy- everyone here loves me as much as you loved me.
Wags & soft licky kisses,

Shadow was Bagel from Sage’s bread litter. Big brother Toby is also a Pinewood pup! ❤️

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Pumpkin chew

We grew pumpkins in our garden this year. I didn’t get a lot, but enough to keep me busy with some pumpkin recipes this winter.

These are sugar pie pumpkins so they don’t grow as big as some of the larger varieties.

I cooked one up the other day. I sliced it in half with a big knife and set it on a cookie sheet to place in the oven to bake. But before that final step, I grabbed the stem and popped it off and tossed it to Presley.

You know puppies, they are constantly looked for something to get their teeth on at this age. Please know I did this while supervising him as I didn’t want him eating it or become a choking hazard. I just let him “shred” it into pieces to keep him busy. I threw the remainder of the stem away before it got to small and he was tempted to eat it, then swept up the mess.

And yes, he did make a mess, but it was a nice “new” chew toy to keep him busy for a bit. 😉

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I got an update from Oliver’s family! Oliver was from our last litter that went home (Sky & Niko) and kept his name.


“Hi Jennifer,

We just wanted to report that Oliver is doing great and is a much adored member of our immediate and extended family now. He seems happy and healthy. Plenty of eating and pooping. He was already off to a great start with your care and he has transitioned really well. He’s really well socialized, friendly, and curious. We appreciate his energy and when he gets too rambunctious he responds really well to positive redirection.  Thank you for helping bring Oliver into our lives!”


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Looking for a comfy couch

We have three girls that are now retired and ready to find a comfy couch and lots of cuddles and cookies!

When we were busy with puppies the idea of sharing more about them kind of got put on the back burner. But now that we are less busy, I’d sure like to find these girls sweet retirement homes.

And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but there may be some new people here wondering why I’m rehoming adults?

Let me explain the “why” behind this decision. If I’m going to continue raising these adorable puppies for potential adopters, I have to raise more adults to be future parents. Obviously, we want our parents to have a nice life and “retire” at a nice age. So we raise some purebred Poodles and Cavaliers or keep a Cavapoo puppy occasionally to step in when those current ones are ready to retire. So there are always more dogs around then just the current parents. All those dogs require attention, grooming, love, medical care, and space. And I only have so much of each. My house is small, so I can only fit so many in here with me at one time. If I could reasonably have all the dogs in the house with me I would! (Of course, my husband would probably move out and the kids would never visit! :P) But it’s just not possible when you have more than a few.

So I would much rather have an adult that is no longer being a parent, be spayed and retired into a home where he or she is the center of attention; a place where they will be doted on and spoiled. Where they can sleep on the couch, be part of the family activities and given all the attention they want. And I screen and place the dog into what I think sounds like the best home for that particular dog.

Let me introduce the girls.

“Amber” is a purebred light apricot mini Poodle, about 13″ tall and around 13 lbs. She is up-t0-date on her vaccinations, spayed, just had a dental, crate and leash trained and microchipped. She turned five in October. She needs a home with quieter, calmer environment with adults only, as she has a softer temperament and I don’t think she’d do well with busy smaller humans as she wasn’t raised with little kiddos. She’s an absolute sweetheart though, loves attention and enjoys carrying a soft toy around in her mouth. She would probably do well with another mild-mannered dog, but would probably like being the “only” better.

“Hazel” is a purebred silver beige parti  mini Poodle, about 12″ tall and around 11 lbs. She is also spayed, micro-chipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, leash trained and crate trained. She is six-and-a-half years old. She has more a more sassy and independent personality, but loves to be loved on. My in-laws kept her for a while and she loved sitting on one of their laps and just being loved on. She definitely needs a fenced yard as she likes to run and explore and potty off-leash more than she does on leash. Hazel would probably do fine with another dog, but only if it’s a male. She can be a bit bossy with other females.

“Gracie” is a purebred ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel standing 12 1/2″ tall and (used to be) 17-ish lbs but has put on some weight after her spay surgery so probably closer to 20 lbs now. She is also up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, crate and leash trained and will turned six just before Christmas. She is a chow hound so don’t leave any food within reach! She will come out of her crate in the morning and start checking everyone else’s crates for leftover food! She is a typical sweet Cavalier who enjoys lounging on her bed in between potty breaks and meals. She would do well with someone that likes to go on long walks or has another dog to play with. Since she was raised with her sisters, I think she needs to have another compatible doggie playmate. Male or female would work for her. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the obvious, Gracie only has one eye, but you’d never know it. She gets along like a regular two-eyed dog. My husband has nicknamed her Winky. 😉

If you are interested in adopting one of these amazing girls, I will have the applications up on the website. The more info you provide the better chance I have of matching these girls to the right situation. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com or give me a call at 509-675-4887. There is a minimal adoption fee for each. Please don’t post questions on the blog.

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You’re probably wondering

Since we don’t have any puppies right now you may be wondering if there are any coming or what our plans are.

Well, we do not have any dogs confirmed pregnant. In fact, I wanted a little break so some who came in season have been skipped.

I’ll be honest, even though we still have a large number of people on our waiting list, I’m not getting much response from most of them when we’ve had puppies available. We’ve had several litters with “leftover” (unmatched) puppies. Thankfully, when I’ve shared about those available puppies, they have been quickly matched with wonderful families.

A few years back I would have twenty plus people from the waiting list interested in each litter. Now I’m lucky if I get five or six. Times are changing. But I’m grateful for all the people who have and are still reaching out wanting a Pinewood puppy!

And I’m also grateful that about one-quarter are repeat adopters (Yippee!) who are back on the list for a second pup. I don’t have time expectations on them. Whenever they’re ready for another is fine. It’s the people who excitedly get on and are basically inactive. Although I also understand that sometimes life’s plans change. In this time “off” from puppies, I will be reaching out to those people (that are not repeat adopters), to make sure they still want to be on it.

Although I have inquiries every week wondering when I’m going to reopen the list and take new applications.

I won’t be reopening the list until I can make contact with those on the list and see where we are number-wise. I just don’t want a large unmanageable list.

But any news I have will be shared here for sure!

The next litter in the works is another purebred Cavalier litter possibly appearing around the end of the year. And hopefully we’ll have a Cavapoo litter after that in the first part of 2023. Fingers crossed!

And since there are not any puppies here now, and I can’t keep making posts just about Presley (lol), if anyone has any blog post topic suggestions or they’d like to email me a Pinewood puppy update, I’d be grateful.

Hello from these goobers!


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