And the day after Raven’s pups, Oakley’s pups turned seven weeks old too! They are little fluff balls!




Ryder 💜

When we went exploring outside, Ryder and Roper were a bit more adventurous and Maverick and Rodeo wanted to hang out with me. But they all still had fun in the fresh air and sunshine.



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Mooooving right along!

Our cow pups are seven weeks old today. It so crazy having three litters the same age born, just one or two days apart. They are all a bit different. Raven’s pups are super happy, adventurous and playful. They are a lot of fun. In fact, it was a bit hard getting “portraits” today because they either wanted to hop out of the box, eat the flowers or look any direction but at the camera!




Guernsey 💜


I took them out to the garden and they just scattered, exploring as they went. If they heard a new noise, they would stop and listen. They weren’t scared, just curious at the new sounds, sights and smells. They had so much fun romping, running, and playing on their garden adventure.


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Willy Wonka’s friends

The “chocolate’s” turned seven weeks old yesterday. How is that even possibly?! They are just so cute and so sweet. No bitter dark chocolate in this bunch, only super sweet!

They had fun exploring the garden with me; tasting plants and weeds, crawling in and out of the garden boxes, listening to the chickens cackle in the nearby pen and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I might take all the pups out together one day to the garden, but I’ll need help carrying them and watching the whole bunch. This time is was just the chocolates turn.

4# @ 7 weeks

4# 6 oz @ 7 weeks

4# 9 oz@ 7 weeks


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Ben’s assistant

You guys might remember a few weeks back when we had that scare with Ben about a potential lump on his leg, which thankfully didn’t amount to anything. After his initial check-up and in the time leading up to his surgery appointment, I once again was thinking how we need to get another LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) for Ben to “raise” before we lose him. I hate to think of losing him, but he is eight and a half which is getting up in age for a giant dog breed.

And for those not familiar with LGDs, they are large dog breeds that were bred and raised to live with and protect livestock from predators (wolves, bear, cougars etc). Many farmers, ranchers and shepherds will have LGDs living with their herds and flocks. Some, like us have them as general farm guardians. There are many different LGD breeds originating from different countries; Great Pyrenees from France, Anatolians from Turkey,  the Kuvasz and Komondor from Hungry, Maremma from Italy and several others, some lesser known.

Anyways, I decided to reach out to a LGD breeder that I had talked to a year prior and see about getting on her waiting list or what her plans were for feature litters. She said they wouldn’t likely have another litter until next summer, but she did have one pup left from her current litter. *insert cheesy grin*

So plans were made on the only two days I had available in the coming weeks where I could get away. (The breeder lives on the coast so it was too far to go and come back in one day).

She was about two and a half hours farther west than were my “travel” kids are now working and living. So I headed out one Thursday and drove to my kiddos place. We had a nice visit.

We had dinner at a little outdoor Mexican restaurant then went to a favorite park of there’s overlooking the bay.

The next morning I was up early and heading off to the breeder’s farm. When I arrived, the parent dogs and two remaining pups (the breeder’s are keeping one) were off patrolling the farm. They raise organic veggies, sheep, cows and free-range chickens on over one hundred acres!

Here they come! The owner had to go looking for and calling the dogs home.

These are pictures of the mom and dad that the breeder shared with me. They are purebred Karakachan dogs, a LGD from Bulgaria.

And our pup loaded up (looking a little unsure) in her crate for the long drive home.

Potty break at a (hopefully) safe spot. She’s a little big for a litter box. 😉

She’s been home almost two weeks now. Every new dog that comes here goes through a quarantine period (for Parvo) and gets tested for a communicable doggie “s.t.d.” for the health and safety of our other dogs. She is finished with that now and getting integrated into the pack.

Oh, and when I took her into our vet for her testing, the doctor looked at me and said, “are you telling me this puppy doesn’t have a name yet?” (I had a couple ideas, but no name had “stuck” yet since we were just getting to know her). When I offered my names suggestions, my vet crinkled up her nose in disagreement. (She likes different and unique names).  As I was telling her a little bit about going to get her and how when I arrived she was out patrolling with her parents, she said, “Patrolling….well, what about Paw Patrol names?!” I mean I’ve heard of Paw Patrol but really wasn’t familiar with the kids show. So one of the gals looked up the characters and started reading off their names. And the vet and I both latched onto the same one, Zuma.

So everyone meet Zuma!



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Nothing to see here

Nope, nothing to see except cuteness everywhere you look!

Flash in the front pack so he can “help” me go outside and do morning chores.

Potty break time.

Exploring the garden and meeting Zeus.

Learning how to climb stairs

The kittens have taken over the living room!

And the pups have taken over the puppy room floor. Amber, Oakley and Raven’s pups have a big play area and Flash has his own area.

So much fun and cuteness!

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Heading out

Yesterday was Puppy Delivery Day for Joy’s Cavapoo pups; Wildfire, Tinder, Kindle, Flash and Ashes (Flame is staying a few more days because his mom was getting over being sick..thankfully not the bad bug!)

We had an uneventful trip to Spokane, then it was potty break time for the pups in the back of the truck. The weather was cloudy and a bit breezy, but no unbearable and thankfully the rain held off.

Potty break time!

Then it was back in the truck for an early lunch while I met and talked with the families. Then came the oohs and aahs as I brought out each puppy to hand off to its new family. That’s my favorite part of all of this!

Wildfire now Oliver

Tinder, name to be decided

Kindle now Charlie

Flame now Phoebe

Ashes now Maui

Then we gave the pups one more break in the back of the truck before everyone packed and headed home.

Happy life puppies!


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One lonely cow


This sweet, funny, playful, adorable little boy is still looking for his “forever” family.

Holstein is a small tricolor F1b Cavapoo from parents Raven (a tricolor Cavapoo & Rumor a mini phantom Poodle.)


He will stay small (he was just over two pounds at six weeks). I’m guessing he’ll mature in the ten pound-ish range.

Because of his size he should probably go to a home without small children or large dogs to be on the safe side.

Nobody on our Cavapoo list has reached out about him and the extra applications we received a week ago has been exhausted. Most of the people applying for the available Cavapoos wanted a girl.

So if you are seriously interested in him and can provide an excellent home please fill out Part 1 & Part 2 of our puppy application forms consecutively. The more information you provide the better. Please do not impulsively apply. Make sure you have the time, money and energy for the training and time a puppy takes. And that you are available to meet in Spokane on October 3rd to pick him up.

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2

Please disregard the comment on the application that we are not taking any applications. We are not taking any new applications for our waiting list but we are taking them for this specific pup.

***HOLSTEIN HAS BEEN MATCHED!*** Thank you everyone for your interest 🙂

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The big meets the littles

The Aussaliers turned six-weeks-old on Friday and had their “photo shoot” also. They are such sweet puppies. They enjoyed exploring the great outdoors too and playing in the grass. And had their first meeting with Cajsa as she peered over the laundry basket to check them out. They didn’t seem to mind. It’s so nice to have a gentle, big dog for our puppies to meet and be exposed to before they go to their new homes.



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I couldn’t leave them

I stopped at our local feed store in town on Thursday to get dog and horse feed. Thankfully even in our little town this store carries our Fromm dog food so they see me often.

As I stood at the counter paying for my purchases I heard kittens crying. It’s not unusual to see kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, parakeets or farm fowl (in the spring) at this store. Many locals pick up a new barn kitty or pet while they’re getting other supplies.

But what grabbed my attention was the very “tiny” sounding cries. These did not sound to be kittens that were weaned and on their own. I headed toward the enclosures to see what was there. On the top cage were three older, very nervous looking kittens. But the bottom cage had four, teeny tiny kittens. They were way to young to be away from their mom! It was heartbreaking to think someone ripped them away from their mother to drop them off here. They looked to be around four weeks old.

I wanted to scoop them all up and take them home with me, but I hesitated. I have puppies at home, lots of puppies to take care of! And six puppies to get ready to leave on Sunday. Plus some other “projects” and things taking my time.

I started to leave, wandered around the store, picked up some kitten formula, put it back, stared at the kittens again, vacillating  what to do.

But I just couldn’t leave them there…..

So I said to the gals at the counter, “Do you have a box?”. And while one boxed up the kitten,  I went back to the cat section and grabbed kitten formula, canned kitten food, dry food and cat litter. (My two cats are grown and outside so I didn’t have supplies).

And so now I have four teeny kittens living with me. They are learning to lap formula from a pan, but I’m sure they’d much rather be nursing from their mom and have her for comfort but we’re doing the best we can.

They we’re so hungry when we got home. But acted like that not eaten from a bowl before.

So cute!

They really like cuddling together in their big fluffy bed.

This one is really getting its food! 😂

Meet Eeny, Meeny, Miny & Moe 😉