I have a new house dog

Poor Zuma!

When the thunder roars she looks for a place to get away. And we’ve had more than our normal amount of thunderstorms this spring.

The other day, the big dogs were in the backyard because the horses were grazing in the front and I didn’t want any confrontations between them.

I opened the back door to let one of the little dogs in and Zuma tried to push her way by me, which is usual since she doesn’t ever want to come all the way inside the house. I couldn’t figure out why because the sky looked pretty clear. And then I heard the distant rumble.

So she came in very willingly and decided being a house dog was a pretty good deal. 😉 And she eventually relaxed and laid down for a nap. ❤️

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Can I ask a favor?

Reposting this in case anyone missed it! I’ve gotten several updates, but more would be even better! 😀

Calling all Pinewood families! I’m asking for a favor, pretty please!

I’m actually going to be taking some time off this month to do a few things with my family before our next litter/s arrive. So I’ll be on a social media break and not available by email or phone. BUT, before I’m off, I would love to schedule some blog posts to keep you all entertained!

That’s where you, my Pinewood people come in to help me out! If you would like to share an update on your dog or dogs (because I know some of you have more than one Pinewood pup) would you please send me an email with a little update and good picture or two of your dog that I could share in a “Pupdate” blog post.

It doesn’t matter if you just got a puppy or if you have a Cavalier, a Poodle, a Cavapoo or an Aussalier or one of our retirees! We love to hear how they’re doing. Just write a little paragraph about what they’re up to, what they’re learning, adventures they’ve been on or how much you love them. *wink* I need more than one sentence please to make it interesting. Feel free to brag if you love your pup!

The sooner you email me the better (within the next five to six days, please!) so I can get organized on the blog before I sign off for my “family time”. I would really appreciate it! Thank so much!!

Journey picture for cuteness ❤️

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Class continues

Shiloh and I continue with dog class each week. Usually we’re at the fairgrounds for class, but for one session the instructor likes to have class downtown in the city center. This is a small town. I remember when there was only one stoplight. Now we have two stoplights and two round-abouts (that people still can’t figure out….*insert eye roll). We work along the main road with is technically a state highway also so it stays pretty busy. The teacher loves when we have distractions like loud trucks or a bunch of motorcycles drive by while we’re practicing.

But last week we trained part of the time in the rain. The sky was beautiful and blue with fluffy white clouds, but there was also a storm cloud in the mix, which dropped on us throughout class. And we had a beautiful rainbow show to watch too!

We usually walk a big loop along the sidewalk for a couple blocks and practice sits, downs and stays throughout the walk, but since it was raining intermittently we stuck close to the courtyard “home base” and worked under the awnings in front of some nearby stores.

The teacher also has us take our dogs around the sculpture in the middle of town. Some dogs are a bit intimidate by these large, unmoving strange looking “humans'”.

Shiloh didn’t seem to mind and even climbed on the dedication stone. Silly girl!

It was a fun class even with the rain and Shiloh did great. I just need to work on her “down” command more.


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“Brothers” update

The email was titled “Fancy Clancy’s handsome sons”

“Hi Jennifer,

G just took this this morning—they were at the groomer a few days ago—Julia reported that Shadow was very good and still.

We love having 2 boys and they adore each other! There’s always someone to play with—Toby is a very patient older brother.

Best to all at Pinewood—2 feet and 4 feet!,


Toby 3+ (Blue from the cheese litter) and Shadow 8 mos.+(Bagel from the big! bread litter)💙💙

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I don’t usually like to make announcements before things are confirmed, but I though you all might like to know what’s in the works around here and what might possibly be coming in regards to more Cavapoo puppies.

Like I said, these are not confirmed pregnancies yet, but we’ve had a couple “weddings”. *wink

If these girls are pregnant, puppies will be arriving fairly close together sometime between the first and middle part of July. ‘Cause, the girls like to cycle together of course!

It will be a first litter for our sweet Poppy girl. She was bred to the fence-climbing wonder boy, Sundae. So these would be F1 Cavapoos. Poppy is a mismarked (because she has a lot of white) ruby Cavalier. Sundae is a cream parti (white coat with cream spots). This means we could could get parti pups like Blenheim or apricot/cream spots on a white body or we could get solids with white chests, faces, feet, etc like Poppy. Colors should all be in the red/apricot color scheme. I can’t wait to see what these two have together!

The next litter would be an F1b litter between Sally (our only guardian dog that lives with my SIL). Sally has got to be one of the sweetest dogs on the planet! No joke, she loves every person she’s ever met. We did a repeat of her other litter because the pups were just amazing. So she was bred to spunky little Bonus! They had three apricots and one black and tan last time.

Here are Sally & Bonus’ darling babies at five weeks and all grown from their Instagram pages in the same order.


Also, just a note, our waiting list is open and applications are on our website for anyone interested in applying to get on our waiting list. At this point, we have no plans to close it (unless I get totally bombarded with a ton of applications all at once!) Here is a link with more information.

Getting a Pinewood puppy…*START HERE*

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A chance meeting

So much fun when Pinewood pups get to meet, sometimes unexpectedly! (I got this email when our Indy pups were still here and just now sharing.)


What a fun surprise! We stopped to see friends last week and Scrat met the neighbor’s dog. Turns out it was Charlie aka Pita. They had so much fun playing and finally wore themselves out!

Still loving your updates of cute puppies! Thanks for all you do!


P.S. Snow White is adorable and reminds us of Scrat when he was a puppy!”

Charlie is the apricot Cavapoo (formerly Pita from the Sage/Clancy bread litter) and Scrat is the teeny cream Poodle from Sky/Clancy litter.

The two as babies❤️

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A gaited community

Well, we live in a gated community now. Hubby says it’s a “compound”. I don’t care what he calls it, I’m just glad it’s finally done!

I come up with “ideas” but sometimes it takes years before hubby agrees with them or implements them. 😉

We have three nice, big fenced yards for the little dogs; a boy yard and a girl yard off the dog house. Then there is backyard which we access from the house for the dogs currently in the house.

But every once in a while I forget to close the main gate (or latch it completely) which I use to go into the girl yard and the dog house before I let dogs out to potty. And you should see the dogs when they figure the gate isn’t secured. It’s mayhem as several dogs exit at breakneck speed and go a half dozen different directions. Some just run around out front of the house, check the front porch, sneak in the garage if the door is open or run to the chicken pen. Those are not my main concern. It’s the ones that would instantly scurry into the horse pen to search for “road apples” or head off down the driveway to visit my neighbors (which thankfully is just my SIL). One stomp from a curious horse would be a broken leg on a Cavalier sized dog, or much worse. Plus, I’ve had trouble with Cajsa (our German Shepherd) taking to many long walk-abouts in the woods lately and being gone too long. So she’s been contained on a cable in the yard (I don’t like tying dogs up, but I don’t like losing them either) or in the dog yard.

So hubby has been dutifully chipping away at this “To-Do” list on totally enclosing the rest of the “yard”. You see, the rest of the yard around the house, yard, driveway and horse enclosure were just fenced for horses with three strands of wire. It keeps horses in fine, but dogs can obviously scooch right under that bottom strand.

First he did the front of the horse pen and the side from the gate to the barn. Then he added the gate to block off the opening at the end of the dog house.

The next section was behind the barn and towards the driveway.

Then he did the back section off to the side of the house from the end of the chicken pen to where it connects with the backyard.

And finally, the other day he put the gate posts and gates in, along with the small sections connecting them to the garden and the pasture fence.

And lastly, he added a small piece of wire at the bottom of the horse gate so the little dogs couldn’t get under it.

And now I’ve got the organic lawnmowers turned out in the “compound”. Thanks, hubby!


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The oldest and the youngest

This past week we had another vet appointment. And it just dawned on me that it was with our oldest dog and our youngest dog!

Reba, “The Queen” went in for a check-up. (Reba turns twelve in July). Reba was one of our Poodle moms who has long since retired. I bought her from a breeder as a young adult and she proved to be a wonderful mother and part monkey! This ten pound dog (she gained a pound since her last vet visit) can climb any wire fence! And so she became a house dog so I could keep track of her. And wrapped herself around my heart. She sleeps with me at night and if I happen to go on a trip (which rarely happens) she doesn’t eat for a few days, then finally caves in and decides my hubby will have to do until “mom” gets home.

And sweet, silly Journey is our youngest dog who also went in to get his first rabies vaccine which is required for obedience class. Because I’m a gluten for punishment 😛 I have now signed up for the final class of this summer. I’ll start that class in June with Journey. Currently his sister Shiloh is going through class.

And of course, they were both perfect patients at the clinic, although the younger one was a bit wiggly for his exam. 😉

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Retiree update

I love getting updates on puppies, but it does my heart good to get sweet updates on our adults that have retired to “couch potato life” status. Because they are the hardest for me to let go of.

“Smudgie got to go to the beach last week! We love her so much. I  thought you might enjoy an update. ❤️”

Smudgie’s new owners are the “grandparents” of their daughter’s dog who is one our of Pinewood Cavapoos! So the girls get together often.

“You are welcome! She is so precious. We love Leelee too.”


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Baby blankets

When my kids were home a couple weeks ago, they threw Scruffles dog bed in the washer to wash before heading back to their home. I quickly threw it in the dryer the morning they were leaving to get it ready for their departure.

He’s not spoiled🖤

But a few days after they left, I went to put something else in the dryer and found a small piece of fabric stuck to the inside of the dryer. At first I didn’t recognize it. Then it dawned on me. It’s Scruffles baby blanket! He still sleeps with it. 🥹

I started long ago making little snuggle blankets for each puppy to go home with. This way they have something that smells familiar (me) to comfort them and for them to snuggle with in their new home. I hope it makes the transition a bit easier.

I used to find remnants of fleece fabric at our local Wally World to use. But Walmart didn’t always have remnants or even cute fabric to use for this purpose (or help at the fabric counter when you need someone!)

So now I order it online from JoAnn’s and they have a wide variety of cute dog and puppy prints to choose from.

These aren’t big blankets but more snuggle sized. And since it is fleece material I just cut two equal-sized pieces, lay them one on top of the other and  cut strips on the edge which I  tie together. That’s the extent of my “sewing” skills. Heehee

Indy’s litter got this cute print since it’s close to Memorial Day.

I have people that tell me that their Pinewood pup still sleeps with theirs also. 💙


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