This post isn’t about cute, cuddly puppies or sweet, little newborns, it’s much more simple than that.

I’m talking simple day-to-day conveniences that I’m grateful for.

A faucet?

Yep! I’m grateful for this shiny, new faucet and its partner, the spray nozzle. And I’m thankful that my husband listens (and acts upon) my sometimes time-consuming (for him) but helpful ideas (for me).

Some of you may think that putting a whole new faucet into a sink is not a simple task. But I’m fortunate to live with Super Handyman that can fix, make, build, or repair pretty much anything!


The old faucet had two knobs which had to be wrenched down tight so it wouldn’t drip (thanks to our hard water and mineral deposits around the seals. and yes, super handyman had replaced them 😉 ) I’m constantly using that sink to wash dogs dishes, litter boxes, and  give puppy baths etc. and if my hands are a bit soapy or wet it’s hard to grip the tightened down handle to use the water. Plus when I give puppy baths, I would turn the hot on, then quickly turn the cold on, adjusting back and forth until it was a decent temp for the puppy. It was a pain.

Which brings me to the new faucet; one handle, easy to turn on and off, simple one-handed adjustment for the temperature, and the added bonus of now having a spray nozzle to help with baths and cleaning those UgoDog grates!

Yep, call me weird. But I’m pretty excited about this new faucet!

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I know I should be lifting them, but instead, I’m taking them; puppy weights that is! 😉

Joy puppies @ six weeks

  • Noel~4# 1 oz
  • Holly~3# 11 oz
  • Jingle~4#
  • Yule~4# 10 oz
  • Elf~3# 6 oz

Oakley puppies @ 5 weeks

  • Ariat~3#
  • Levi~2# 7 oz
  • Wrangler~2# 7 oz


Along with getting this week’s weights, puppies got new ribbons, toenails trimmed, new pictures and we also had our first playtime all together and they did pretty well.

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Who wants a puppy?

Sorry, that wasn’t a general question! 😉 But now that I have you’re attention, I will be starting to send out emails today regarding Joy’s puppies. It’s time to start puppy matching again!

If you are in the top ten on my waiting list and are interested in a Joy puppy please contact me asap! (That will make my life a lot easier 🙂 )

They are now six weeks old and we would like to get them matched as quickly as possible so their new families can start making plans for bringing them home.

I will be posting their “six-week-old” pictures today and more fun videos for everyone to watch.

These cuties will be going home Sunday, February 10th. I will not be able to hold any of these puppies past their going home date. As you can imagine, I am very busy with our other litters. So if you can’t make the February pick-up date, you may need to pass on this litter. Thanks for understanding!

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Surprise guests

Reba and her surprise guests have fully arrived!

What started out as what appeared to be a speedy delivery (the first two pups coming within fifteen minutes of each other) ended up dragging on a while with a couple hours stuck in between the last two pups.

Yep, that’s right! Reba has presented us with four gorgeous purebred Poodle puppies. (Thanks to Sundae’s fence scaling abilities) 😉

We have three boys and one girl. The girl is chocolate brown. There is also a chocolate brown boy and two black phantoms (or black and tan to make it easier). Each pup has been splashed with a bit of white on their underside too (some more than others).

Thanks, Reba & Sundae!

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Aussa-what?! Aussalier, that’s what! When you breed an Aussie aka Australian Shepherd and Cavalier) you get an Aussalier!

Several years ago (2013) we bred our first litter of Aussaliers with our then Aussie, China, and Noah our tri Cavalier. They were beautiful, smart and we got rave reviews from their new owners. We planned on having more when we were hit by several tragedies in 2014, one being losing China and my first shadow/Poodle stud, Pooh to a coyote attack. So our plans for more got put on indefinite hold until we were ready to find and add another little Aussie to the family (and then wait for her to grow up and be health and genetic tested).

Our beautiful, Oakley

Let me back up and say, when I did this breeding, I researched and looked for Aussalier breeders and found none. The only thing I found was a random classified ad for a litter someone had. I also checked the American Canine Hybrid Club which lists hundreds of hybrid breeds looking for Aussaliers and found none. From what I could tell the breed had never been “recognized” as a breed. So I took the steps with the hybrid club to get China and Noah registered with them, register the litter and have the breed actually acknowledged as a “breed”.

Tah-da! Follow the link to see the puppy pics of our first litter of Aussaliers.

The Australian Shepherd comes in three sizes; toy, mini and standard. This breed is a working, active, smart breed and probably not for the first-time dog owner. They come in some beautiful colors and are great family dogs though.

The Cavalier breed is a bit more relaxed,  sweet, not as “trainable” since they have this free-spirited kind of attitude.

And hopefully, between the two breeds, we end up with a nice, fun, lovable, trainable, beautiful dog! Just a note, both breeds do shed. The Aussie actually has a double-coat with outside guard hairs and a woolier undercoat which sheds out. The Cavalier has a longer, silky coat. So this is NOT a non-shedding breed (like the Cavapoo).

I’ve had people contacting me since our first litter hit the internet. In the beginning, I was just keeping a list of those expressing interest in an Aussalier (this was before our current website). So in fairness to those people, I needed to reach out to them and ask them to sign up for email notifications from our blog/website so everyone would get this announcement at the same time.

So without further adieu, I introduce our three gorgeous Aussalier puppies (pictured at four weeks of age).

“Ariat”~Blue merle female with blue eyes

“Levi”~Tricolor male

“Wrangler”~Tricolor male

If you are interested in an Aussalier puppy please fill out Part 1 & Part 2 of our Puppy Application forms (make sure you write you are interested in an Aussalier in the section asking what you are looking for) and submit them to me. I am only taking applications for Aussaliers at this time. 

*I will be adding information about mom and dad under the “Aussalier” heading soon!

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The secret rendezvous

One day about two months ago I let all the house dogs out to potty in the back yard. The other dogs were in their respective yards having some play/potty time too.

A bit later, I opened the back door to let them all back in and was surprised to see some activity that I wasn’t expecting; Reba was flaunting herself in front of Sundae!! Oh no, is she in season I wondered? (She had shown no signs). But when I picked her up to check it was obvious that there had already been some “activity” between them. *sigh

Miss Slut-girl had so fastidiously kept herself clean and tidy that I wasn’t even aware that she had come in season! People, this is the dog that sticks to me like glue and hangs out on the couch in the evenings with me. I should’ve seen something; but no. And now we had this potential breeding that might have happened between two Poodles that I wouldn’t have necessarily matched up. Usually, when I breed a purebred litter (whether it be Cavaliers or Poodles), I plan it out carefully between the male and female that I choose because I want to keep a puppy (or puppies) from that union.

I wrote a note in my planner and promptly forgot about the whole incident.

Until about three weeks ago when I picked Reba up, laid her on her back and was rubbing her belly. Wait, something is not “normal” here.

Thankful that we now have the ultrasound machine, I grabbed it, sat down on the floor propped Reba on her back between my legs and starting scanning.

I sent it to a breeder friend. “What do you see?” I asked. She wrote back, “Congratulations!” I told her I was hoping she was going to tell me those were “air pockets” 😜

So now we had confirmation that that secret rendezvous wasn’t just a flirt-fest!

Seriously, if you’d kept those legs together you wouldn’t be in this predicament!

This was the look I was getting last night.

And right now, well, she’s in labor as I write this!

And even though this wasn’t a planned litter, (I did genetic color coat testing on them both after the rendezvous and it looks like we might get some fun colors) I’m excited to see what we’ll get!

So if anyone is interested in a purebred mini Poodle, shoot me an email!

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Go, Ross, go

As you know little Ross stayed with us sometime after his littermates went home so we could do some “extras” with him while his family was busy (technically a “Progressive Puppy).

He went home last Sunday with his new, excited family, but I just wanted to share some of his adventures while he was here.

Time to head to my forever home! ❤

But first, some adventures!

“That’s the biggest water dish I’ve ever seen”

“I’m coming!”

Looking ahead to more adventures!

He took to leash training like a pro! Look at that, already in the “heel” position!😲

We also visited some places in town and met many nice people. 😀

“Are those squeaky toys, mom?”

“I found the Fromm Puppy food! This is for BIG sister, Aurora.”

So many choices. Which yummy treat should we choose?

Aunt Karen is always happy to meet me in town for puppy kisses 👅🐶

Whenever I go anywhere with puppies or a puppy, I always take a litter box for potty breaks. That way puppy (Ross, in this instance) can safely be socialized and still have a safe place to potty without getting on the ground and picking up something nasty.

There are lots of fun things to see and do with your puppy and still keep him safe. ❤️

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