Poodle adventures

Our last purebred Poodle litter was about a year ago and I forget how much fun they are! They just have such fun, happy, busy little personalities. And we’ve decided to keep them around for an extra week just because our precious “Princess” is so petite. I’d like her to grow and gain a bit more weight before she goes home. (Our concern with little puppies is hypoglycemia. Sometimes when they transition to a new home they don’t eat as well to start off with and can get that low blood sugar crash). Thankfully her brothers’ new families have agreed to let them stay the extra week with her.

So we’ll just keep the adventures and training going!

They are practicing going outside for some potty breaks. And while they’re outside they have gotten to meet Cajsa through the fence.

Can you see the puppy in the shadow?

And they’re meeting the other dogs like the teenagers (Quinn, Nico and Winter), Reba and Hope. And today they got to meet their “cousins” the Aussaliers (through the pen of course). We’ll see if we can put those two litters together for playtime once the Aussaliers are a bit older.

Don’t worry. They are not left unattended around all those cords).

Fun times!


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Five weeks old

The Aussaliers turned five weeks old today! Here they are in all their cuteness. The weights are changing a bit but they’re all still pretty even. They’re all pretty roly poly little chunks!

3# 2 oz

3# 9 oz

3# 8 oz

3# 12 oz

And we’re starting to turn them into cheese monsters!

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Aussaliers news

I just wanted to let those on our Aussalier list that we will be matching these cuties this coming Sunday (March 7th). I did send out an email to everyone on the Aussalier list but wanted to share here too in case I missed someone!

I’m trying to clean up the list also, so if you are on it please respond that you are interested in this litter, not interested. but want to stay on the list or would like to be removed from the list. If someone does not respond at all I will be removing them from the list to make things easier. If you’re in the list and interested you need to let me know by Friday at noon.

Thanks everyone that has joined the list and been patiently waiting. Since we only have a few Aussalier babies per year you have to be willing to wait and I so appreciate those that are.

And now for some current cuteness!


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Poodle puppies

Our three Poodle puppies have all been matched with their forever families! Thank you to everyone who reached out with interest. I’m sorry we didn’t have one for everyone that was interested or that we weren’t able to get ahold of some people.

If we plan another Poodle litter we will share on a blog post and on the website, but for now nothing is in the works.

For now we’ll just enjoy watching these little cutie pies grow and develop!

They figured the ramp out lickety-split!

They had their first trip outside too. They woke up from a nap and I scooped them up and took them outside to see if they’d potty.

We have a covered area right outside the laundry room door so it’s the perfect, safe place to introduce puppies to the outdoors.

The boys stopped to potty almost immediately. Leia was a bit distracted because she saw her momma right outside the pen.

Quinn and Nico were curious to meet the babies.

They had fun on their first outdoor adventure.

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Poodle time

These little cuties are six weeks old already and just so much fun! They have such fun personalities and as Poodles usually do, love people!

They’re having fun playing in a small play space next to their puppy pen while mom is out on breaks.

Here are their six-week-old portraits.

“Han” 3# 3 oz

“Luke” 3# 1 oz

“Leia” 2# 3 oz

Meeting Cajsa. She’s smaller than Cajsa’s head!

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A spring teaser

We’re getting a taste of spring and loving the warmer weather so we can all be outside more.

Cami is almost ready for her pilot’s license😂

We can’t wait for the real spring to actually get here. Right, Aurora?

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The Arizona kids!

Oakley’s puppies must be drinking pure cream because they are little butterballs. Their chunky little toddler legs are taking them on little adventures in the living room and they are having fun chewing on each other! They are nibbling on soaked puppy food, but they still like mom’s milkshakes the best. And they’re doing great with their litter box.

Here they are in their four-week-old portraits.

And some adventuring they did in the living room.

They got really excited when mom came back from her break outside. She sure makes them work for their food as she hardly holds still to let them nurse. Good thing they’re persistent!

Mom makes the best jungle gym!

She’s such a good mama❤️



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I’m late!

With the busy weekend and update on the new litter I haven’t had a chance to share about the Poodles. I did five-week-old pictures that I haven’t even shared yet!

And I messed up and took their new pictures in the red wagon which I usually use for four-week-old pictures. (I have different backgrounds, boxes and blankets that I use for the same age on each litter. It helps me when I look back to know how old the pups were and also I don’t have to think about what I’m going to use each week.)

So just for fun since they’re in the same wagon, I’ll post their four and five week old pictures so you can compare their growth in a week. At least I used a different background color! 😉




And they’ve got from quiet little toddlers to active little puppies in the past few days and graduated to the puppy room and a bigger house.

Upstairs we go!

The new pen is all set up with the divider and the low litter boxes right outside the crate door.

Checking out their new home.

Han is breaking in the new bathroom

And they got real collars. Han has silver.

Luke has red.

And Princess Leia has orange.

Stay tuned for more Poodle adventures!

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I love spots!

And spots is what we got when Hazel delivered her three gorgeous Cavapoo puppies on Friday night! The first two were good-sized and the third was a bit smaller. But all three have been steadily gaining weight each day and are looking like little butterballs!

We have one tricolor male and two black and white females.

Now, Puppy Matching Day will be a little tricky. The Sunday I would normally set-up for phone calls and matching is the day we have scheduled to deliver Oakley’s pups to their new owners. The following Sunday after that is Easter and that would only be two weeks before these pups would be leaving for their new homes.

So the best thing I can come up with is to make phone calls on Monday, March 29th (the day after Oakley’s puppy delivery day) and start matching puppies. It may take me a couple days since they are work days and not the weekend, but since there are only three pups it shouldn’t take too long. (P.S. if I don’t get home to late on Sunday I may start calls then so be ready) 😀

Then Puppy Delivery Day for Hazel’s pups will be Sunday, April 18th.

Sooooooo…..if you are already on our waiting list (you sent the application and fee and got word from me that you are officially on our Cavapoo waiting list) and can be available for a phone call on Monday, March 29th and can meet me in Spokane to pick up your puppy on Sunday, April 18th, please shoot me an email and let me know you’d like to be added to Hazel’s litter list for puppy matching. (I will add names to her list up until noon on Friday the 26th. And I will post names in the order they are on the main waiting list the week leading up to puppy matching day so you can see where your name falls).

And for those not on our list, we are still not taking any new applications and the waiting list is still closed. It will probably be months before it reopens unless a lot of people get matched with puppies or they decide to drop off the list. When we have any new news about the list reopening we will surely post it on a blog post though.

And now just for fun….Did you ever lay on the ground when you were a kid and look up at the clouds trying to make out different objects? Well, I sometimes I do that when we have puppies with patches of color.

Tell me what you see.


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A long weekend

Sorry, things have been quiet the past couple days. Once I share what was going on this weekend you’ll understand why 😉

The weekend that we have Puppy Deliveries is always busy as I am getting everything ready to send home with puppies, keeping in touch with their families and getting organized for the day. I try to have everything in the puppy packets done and packed before we take off doggie business on Friday night for our “day off”.

I want the puppies clean to meet their families so Saturday night (after sundown) the work starts again with puppy baths and pampering, then they’re tucked in for the night.

This weekend was a bit busier that usual starting with Hazel’s late night delivery on Friday! (More details on that coming tomorrow). I’m so thankful she got this done before Sunday and hubby would be home to monitor them.

And besides needing to do puppy baths Saturday night, I needed to help a friend breed her dog. And when a female is ready for the male, there’s no rescheduling for another day. Timing is everything!

Saturday night duties finished and I got to bed fairly early (for me 😛 ). Then it was up early to  start the day by feeding the puppies. I want to make sure they get breakfast early enough that they have time to potty before we hit the road.

All loaded and ready to hit the road!

We made the trip safely to Spokane with clear, dry roads. Then it was time for the puppies to have a potty break and stretch their legs in the back of the truck. I put the pups back in their crate in the truck and gave them some food. Since they had breakfast a couple hours early this would count for an early lunch before they headed to their respective homes (some by car and some traveling by plane with their new families).

Then it’s time to go over puppy packets and paperwork with the families and answer questions. After then it was the exciting time of introducing each pup to their new family! <3

Myrrh now Ruby

Frankie now Quinn

Star now Emmy

Angel now Maisie

I know you’re all wondering, “where’s Goldie?” Well, Goldie had a special trip planned with a flight nanny who would personally deliver her to her new mom on Monday. We much prefer to meet our families in person and have them pick up their own puppy, but occasionally a flight nanny helps us out. Goldie’s family are repeat adopters so that was helpful and willing to pay the extra $$$ to get her delivered.

The pups had one more adventure together in the truck bed “playground” so they could get some wiggles out and use the restroom facilities before they headed off with their new families.


Then I had a special lunch “date”. Of course, Goldie got to be part of it too!

She had fun just perching on top of her crate while we sat and visited in the truck.

Then the humans got lunch while puppy had a nap in her crate. After nap it was time for some more love and cuddles.

Later in the afternoon I headed to my kid’s house. Goldie had to meet her flight nanny early the next morning and thankfully I booked a room at the kid’s “hotel” for the night, which is only about a twenty minute drive from the airpot.

Meeting Rousey

Rousey knows something is under that blanket.

We had relaxing evening just hanging out.

Rousey looked a little unsure of her mom spending so much time with the little visitor.

It looks like a truce has been called and they’re both happy and relaxed.

Goldie is conked out and ready for bed.

She slept all night quietly in her crate, but I had to wake her up about 4:00 am so she had time to potty and have some breakfast before we headed to the airport where we had to meet the nanny at 5:30 am.

Waiting at the airport for the flight nanny. All bundled up because she had one last potty break in the back of the truck at the airport and it was cold and windy!

A travel picture from the nanny.

Finally in the arms of her new mom!

And of course since I was in Spokane and now “puppy-less” I had to do a bit of shopping before the long drive home. I had just enough time to unload the groceries and then help my friend with her dog breeding “project” another time. And then it was time for bed!

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