I don’t know about you, but I love the beautiful and special artwork that sometimes shows up in my mailbox.

It may not be as valuable (in monetary value) as a Picasso or Rembrandt, but I treasure each one!

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Monday was our vet appointment for Oakley’s Aussalier puppies as they near their delivery day. They did super! They’re such good puppies.

I also had scheduled Flower’s pups to go in for their first exam. Usually, our pups go in for one thorough exam before they head to their new homes. Since Flower’s litter had such a rough start, I wanted them to have their initial exam sooner, then another before they head home. And as I stated earlier, I will be keeping these pups a bit longer to give them a chance to get a bit bigger before transitioning to their new homes.

Since they were a bit younger than the usual age, they were not as confident as their older “friends”, but they still handled the exams and car ride well.

“Is it our turn yet?”

Can you find Peanut?

He make be little but his heart sounds good!❤️

The girls love when puppies come in!

“See you next time!”

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Hotel Discount!

Heads up people! I just found out some great news!

When we have puppy delivery day in Spokane I meet everyone at the Wingate hotel right at the airport. The past year or so I have rented their meeting room and met everyone as a group which has worked out wonderfully! I only have to give my puppy spiel once 😉 hehe,  answer questions, go over paperwork and people have a chance to meet and exchange contact numbers if they want.

I just called to book the meeting room for our next few delivery days and mentioned to the sales manager that some of my puppy people book rooms at their hotel.

She quickly spoke up and said, “Give them my direct number and I’ll see what kind of discount I can give them.”

How awesome is that?!

So if any of you are planning on driving over or flying in, please get ahold of me and I’ll pass on her name so you can book your room with a discount! 🙂

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As I’m working through the list contacting people, I’m sure there will be quite a few interested in our little Confetti aka Peanut. But I just want to let everyone know that he is not on the “adoptable” list at this time.

He is smaller than small! Really a pocket puppy, so I want to hang onto him a bit longer to let him grow and see how he does before I find him a home.

And, I’ll be real particular on what home he goes to. Please don’t be offended if I don’t pick you when the time comes. (I will probably just post an announcement when I think he’s ready and anyone can inquire about him. Priority will go to those already on the list, of course.) I want him to be in the right situation for him because of his size.

























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What’s next?

Now that all of Joy’s pups have been matched with wonderful families, what’s next?

Well, I’ll be starting at the top of my list again and begin matching the remaining puppies, that’s what! 😀 And since so many of the original people passed on Joy’s litter because they wanted a summer puppy, I won’t be contacting them and should move down the list faster. Which also means, I may be getting in touch with some of our very newest people that just got on the list! No guarantees of course, but there’s a good chance!

I will be starting the matching process today so please check your email and phone for a message if you’re towards the top and in the coming days if you’re further down the list. Remember each litter has an album on the website so you can scope out the current pups (pictures are updated weekly on the pups “birthday” of the week or close to it.) There are videos on the YouTube channel also so you can watch the puppies interact and play. I’m also available to chat on the phone or answer questions via email if you have them when I get to your name on the list (or sooner).

If you are someone that told me you’re not ready until summer or have changed your gender/color preference and are interested in our current pups, you will need to let me know that.

I will be matching from all three available litters at the same time even though their ages are different.

Flower’s litter is the oldest at just a day shy of seven weeks. But because they had such a rough, slow start in life and are so much smaller than our average Cavapoo, they will be staying here a bit longer before I’m going to let them go to their new homes. They will probably head home about the same time as the Glory pups.

Gracie’s pups are six weeks tomorrow! Yikes, how did that happen so quick? They are scheduled to go home Sunday, March 10th.

Glory’s pups are five weeks old today and are scheduled to go home Sunday, March 17th.

Our pups normally go in for their checkups between 8-9 weeks before they go home. Since Flower’s litter had such a rough start I wanted my vet to exam them before the regular check-up time. So they have already gone in for their exams. She said, yes, they are small, but they may catch up. They are small, but feisty, playful and happy little ones! I suspect they will stay on the small side. My guess and it’s only a guess at this point, (the pups may prove me wrong) is that Cheers and Champagne might end up in 10-12 lb range, Midnight and Kiss in the 8-10 lb range. And Confetti aka “Peanut”, well, he’ll be a pocket puppy! I’m thinking maybe 6-8 lbs. They will be going for another check-up before they head home.

Please take into consideration the “delivery” dates on each litter when you are considering picking a puppy. If a puppy stays past it’s official going home date, there is an extra charge because I will need to continue to care for and work with each puppy and if I don’t have another scheduled trip to Spokane your will have to make arrangements to come here to pick up your puppy. The best thing for each puppy is to be home at that time bonding with his or her new family and learning their routine. Ideally, I want each puppy going home when they are scheduled to!

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I’ve never done this before and it might come back to bite me, but I really need to find Yule a home today (actually within the next hour)! 

I’m getting towards the end of my current list with no luck in matching him. People are passing because of timing, gender or they have found a puppy elsewhere.

I would like to get him lined up with a family today because his littermates either left yesterday or the remainder are leaving this Sunday, the 17th. I’m heading back to the vet this afternoon and if his new family is out of state, he would need a health certificate which I would have to get then.  I need to know by 1:00 this afternoon.

I’m opening this offer up to anyone on the waiting list (if you have your application and fee in, you qualify! )

You have to be able to pick him up this coming Sunday in Spokane.

He is a super sweet, lovable, active, adventurous puppy! He will be a big Cavapoo. He weighed seven pounds at his checkup last week which would have him probably matured in the 25-30 lb range would be my guess. His checkup went well, his only “issue” was a very slight underbite which is basically a cosmetic “flaw”, and it may even correct itself. If not, he will just have a cuter smile! 😀

If you are interested, please call me ASAP! 509-722-6008!

Remember I need to have already received your application and fee. If I get several calls, I will go with however is further up the list and/or who is the best fit for him!

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