It’s so easy

Some people want to know how we could get this adorable picture of these three little rascals holding still and all looking in the same direction. It’s easy. You just have to take about fifty pictures and then you might get one good one.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚

Let me show you what came before this one picture.

And that wasn’t even all of the “extras”.๐Ÿ˜‰

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Never a dull moment

(*Warning* This post has graphic birthing details ๐Ÿ˜› )

Mercy strung me along for a few days for sure. With that temperature drop on Saturday morning, I figured whelping was imminent. And then nothing happened Saturday night. Nothing happened Sunday. And I had stopped taking her temperature thinking “it’s going to happen today/tonight”. Then Sunday night passed with nothing but a bit of restless sleep for both of us. Monday morning rolled around and I decided to take her temperature again. It was low, but not like the drop we’d had Saturday morning. She was a little restless, but not very dramatic about the whole thing. So I was in for another day of waiting I supposed. (Does that make me a “lady in waiting”?)

But then it happened, fairly quietly and in a reasonable amount of time. The first pup made its appearance in the early afternoon. And was it flashy! Not what I expected at all, but pleasantly surprised. And it was a nice sturdy weight.

The next one arrived about an hour later and it was a whopper! I was starting to think my guess of five to six pups was off and maybe I’d just have a few healthy, big pups.

But that little momma just kept at it with the third pup and then the fourth.

I felt like there was at least one more little body in there. And also thought it was about time for mom to have a potty break. I took her out front so she could have some privacy. That’s when things went crazy for a few minutes. She headed for a grassy area to relieve herself, wandered over to another spot and squatted to pee again, and out came a puppy too!

As soon as I saw what was happening I rushed over to her and caught the puppy. Of course, to make matters more complicated the afterbirth had not passed yet and the puppy was still attached to the back end of mom so I couldn’t just grab the puppy and run inside with mom following. Nope, I had to scoop up mom too and ran for the house. Thankfully, our front door knob is the lever kind that you just push down on and I’ve mastered opening it with my foot when my arms are full. ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the time we got indoors, she had passed the afterbirth and I was able to get it cleaned up, suctioned and dried off, then handed over to mom.

And about forty minutes later she delivered her final puppy.

And like her mother before her, Mercy is proving herself to be a devoted, nurturing mother. Not bad popping out six puppies in three hours time with no complications (except for that potty break “surprise” in the yard).

All the puppies were born at a good weight and this morning’s weigh-in showed that they had all gained through the night, except for the largest one, but he at least stayed the same weight.

I expected to get black and tan and/or apricot colored puppies, so I was surprised when the first puppy came out a very flashy tri-color. Then the next five all turned out to be black and tans. And we have three boys and three girls so a nice balanced litter!

The whole crew

The boys๐Ÿ’™

The girls๐Ÿ’œ

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Still waiting

Well, I’m still waiting on Mercy. Apparently, she has not read the dog book on the proper sequence of the dog birthing process. She had me going with that lower temperature on Saturday morning. Although that was a bit early on the gestational scale so I’m glad the babies are “baking” a little bit longer.

She’s a bit restless, but nothing major yet. She’s going outside for potty breaks in between napping and restlessly shifting around in her crate (which is parked between the wood stove and “my” couch. Yep, I’m back to sleeping on the couch again). I’m sticking pretty close to the living room (good thing our house is not very big). I head outside for a few minutes at a time to get a few things done and then come back in to check on her again.

I did manage to get the redheads out for some playtime in the garden, helped hubby move some big pallets (which we’re using for the roof trusses on the new dog “potty” pen), and hubby helped me take someย adorableย puppy pictures.ย I can’t wait to show them to you!

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Much better

I just wanted to give an update for those wondering how our little Gypsy girl was doing. As you remember she was the recipient of a bite wound last week which turned into an abscess. She has been faithfully taking her antibiotics every day, has rejoined her pack for playtime and is much better.

Look, only a small scab and the redness and swelling is gone!

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Today is busy. But actually, most every day is busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

At this point, all three of Jules’ puppies are matched with their forever homes! Yay! I’m still in the process of finding that special someone for Genesis. And I have to say that it’s a bit frustrating (sorry, I’m human ๐Ÿ˜› ) when people don’t respond even after an email and phone. Nothing. No response. I know life happens, but a quick call or email saying “it’s not working for us right now” would be nice. And because this process can be so time-consuming we’ll be trying something different after this litter is matched. (More on that later).

Jules’ pups are super fun right now. They love playing, exploring and wagging those tails! They’re doing great with their litter box training, sleeping in a crate at night, munching on their puppy food and completely weaned off mom now. We’ve had our first two “powering up the clicker” sessions and they’re already turning into cheese monsters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Genesis is at the stage where we’ll be giving her some little challenges, having time away from mom, exposing her to different sounds and some nice classical music. I should have her new picture up later today.

Mercy had her bath (she’s our next mom-to-be; sister of Hope and Smudgie), is having her temperature monitored twice a day and getting used to her big, new crate in the living room next to the cozy, wood stove.

And we have another “honeymoon” going on! โค I’ll give more details later when we’ve confirmed the pregnancy.

Hubby is working on my “project” and he’s going to be able to set the backyard potty “pen” up in just the right spot after all. I just have to get some things organized this morning and then head to town get some supplies for the project, things for the dogs and horses, food for my chickens and upload some fun videos.

Have a great day everyone!

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The Sentinel

We have a lookout in our backyard. She may be the littlest (of the teenagers) but she is the best watchdog out there. It probably doesn’t help that she’s scared of her shadow, poor girl. (It’s strange how you can raise a couple of littermates the same and have one friendly and confident and the other is the complete opposite; timid and submissive.)

The dogs love to run up and down this play structure when they are racing around the yard together. But for Baby Girl (I know, weird name. ) this is “her” spot. She loves to sit up there and survey the property.

She is our sentinel.

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Another project

It’s a good thing my hubby is a talented handyman because I usually think of another project that “needs” done before he’s finished with his current one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe

I haven’t talked about the dog house in a while because he hasn’t done much since he worked on it this spring. He built dividers for inside and we recently ordered custom doors to be added. I still need to also order my big wash tub, although the plumbing and drain system is in. So once we get a little more “finished”, I’ll be sharing pictures.

In the meantime, I mentioned to him how “we” (he loves when I use “we” because it ends up being “he” doing all the work ๐Ÿ˜› ) should set up a covered run in the backyard off the laundry room door right behind the garage. With so many dogs in the house over the winter, we really need a dry area to let them out to potty. Otherwise, I have a pack of wet dogs to dry off each time they go out to potty. It would be a mess!

Ideally, it would be a long, narrow run up against the back garage wall which is right off the back door.

But since winter is fast approaching and I “need” this done before winter hits, we’re improvising with a bigger chain-link kennel that we already have. This was a big 12′ x 12′ kennel that hubby rigged up with a roof. It has been used over the years for a German Shepherd we got as an adult (since our property is not completely fence we needed a safe place for her at night and when we weren’t home), our goats (that we no longer have), chickens and rabbits.

Right now he is dismantling the roof and pen, cleaning it and moving it to the backyard. It will be a temporary fix like I said since it’s too big for my ideal spot and the roof is pitched the wrong way.

But it will be so nice to have a covered potty area come this winter. Thanks, honey!

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