Three appointments

I think I made the appointments at different times weeks ago, but didn’t realize that they were three days in a row!

I use a planner with a month-at-a-glance to schedule appointments and such. Well, I scheduled one for November 30th, which as you know was the last day of the month. And probably at another time I scheduled Gracie’s puppy appointment. Then grabbed another day, Thursday (for dentals). Not realizing they were three days in a row until I got to this week and turned the page to a new month. Oh, brother!

Thankfully, it all worked out and we were able to minimize trips. Hubby took Hazel in early yesterday to be spayed. (She will be looking for a retirement home once she’s healed). My vet offers one free overnight stay, before or after a procedure. So she stayed over Tuesday night. Then yesterday, I took Gracie and her pups in for their check-ups. Gracie stayed the night and is having her teeth cleaned this morning.  So we saved having to get Hazel Tuesday night and from driving Gracie in early this morning….score!

On our way to the vet.

Waiting for the doctor.

Getting some love from the tech. She “tried” to tuck Andy in her pocket so she could sneak out with him. 😉

Andy getting his check-up.

Back in the crate while sister gets looked at.

Ann’s turn!

Then puppies went back to their crate in the truck to have a late lunch while their mom went in for her physical.

Now Gracie gets a thorough exam.

I left Gracie with the vet so she could be boarded for the night. Then it was out to the truck to give the puppies a potty break and a drink of water before we headed towards home.

The sky was gorgeous on the drive home too.

And the drive up the hill was pretty too. Can you spot the welcoming committee?

Back home and pups went out for another potty break while I unloaded the truck.

We got some very nice applicants for Ruffles and Pringles too! I’m making my way though the stack and trying to have a chat with each family. They all sound like wonderful families. I should have some decisions made by Friday so we know where these girls are going.

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From puppies’ perspective

There’s so much to see and do when you’re a seven-week-old puppy! I’m going to let the puppies tell you about part of their day. 😉

Ann-“I’m the big sister so I get to talk first! After our people-mom woke us up in the morning she fixed us some yummy food and put a bowl in a wire box for us. I got my own wire box. And brother got his own next to me with his own bowl too. Then she covered us with a blanket and walked off! I don’t know where she went….”

Andy-“Yeah, that’s what happened. But while she was gone we both got busy and ate our breakfast. Sister ate ALL of hers! I left a few bites to be polite.”

Ann-“Then our human mom came back and we were being good so she let us out of the wire boxes. Our dog-mom decided we were big enough to be on our own. We’re pretty proud that she thinks that!”

Andy-Yeah, and then she carried us down some stairs and out into the garage and she grabbed a noisy folded fence and she carried us and the fence out into the front yard and she unfolded it while she held us, and….”

Ann-“And, and, and….let me talk too!” Then she set us down on some soft, wet stuff. It didn’t feel the same as the floor in our playroom but it was soft on our paws. And some giant puppy dogs came to visit us. One was black and white and mom was calling it Zoom-A or something. She kept running around and around our fence. I think mom should call her Zoomies!

Andy-“Yeah, and Zoomy was funny! We ran around and around the inside of the fence while she ran around and around the outside of the fence!”

Ann-“Our people-mom left us there while she walked around and did something called ‘chores’. We weren’t scared or anything!”

Andy-“Yeah, ’cause the big black and white, fluffy puppy sat right by us and kept us company.”

Ann-“After a little bit the person came back, picked both of us up and carried us through a fence that swings open and then put us down on the soft, wet stuff again. It smells good down there. She said we were going to play in the “garden”. I don’t know what a garden is but it was really big. I think it’s like the whole world!”

Andy-“Yeah, and there were things to climb on and bite on and sniff at and there was room to run and run if we wanted to. We did like to follow our people-mom around a lot too.

Ann-“And we saw some strange creatures on the other side of the fence-thing. They had feathers, not fur like us and only two legs! And they had pointy nose-things that they used to poke the ground with.”

Andy-“Yeah! she called them chick-wens or something like that. I didn’t get as close as sister did. And then she scooped us both up again and she held us close and pointed this picture box at us and sister and I stuck our tongues out at it. I like when my people-mom holds me close like that.”

Ann-“We went back in the people-house then and back up the stairs to our big room. But people-mom didn’t put us back in our little room she put us down on the floor to have more fun.”

Andy-“Yeah, and there were toys to play with! And a board to run back up and down into our house with. And a big funny tent full of round, roly things! It was fun!”

Ann-“She left us to play. But she has a little picture box and she can see us even when she’s not there! So we have to be good. But when brother went in the roly-ball holder he flipped it over and couldn’t get out! The door was pointing up at the roof of the room. I thought it was funny and ran around and around it!”

Andy-“It was not funny!”

Ann-“Was too!”

Andy-“No, it wasn’t! I couldn’t get out of it! But mom saw something was wrong and came to rescue me from the roly-ball holder. She said she was going to post something called a “video” about it for everyone to see. She though it was funny too.”

Ann-“And that was just all the fun we had in the first part of the day!”

Andy-“Yeah, and…

Ann-“Hush, we have to go to sleep now!”

Andy-“You’re so bossy!”

Ann-“Well, I am the BIG sister!”

Andy-“So! You’re not the boss of me!”

Ann-“Am too, go to sleep little brother”.

Andy and Ann cuddle up together and fall fast asleep.




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Scrumptious chips!

Sasha’s pups have turned five weeks old. They are super sweet, happy puppies! They have moved upstairs with mom into the puppy room and been introduced to a crate to start sleeping in. They are doing fine with breaks away from mom and enjoying their soaked puppy food too. They’re using their litter boxes very well too.

Good girl!

Silly puppy!

“hey, why can’t we come out and play?”

litter box training is going well!

going in!


so much fun!

And having fun playing in the little play area and being introduced to the ball pit!

Doritos  (2# 10 oz)

Cheetos  (2# 15 oz)

Fritos (2# 2 oz)

Ruffles (2# 8 oz)

Pringles (2# 4 oz)



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A special announcement

No, the waiting list is not officially open yet. But we have “leftovers”. And I’m not talking about Thanksgiving food!

We actually have “leftover” puppies after matching Sasha’s litter this weekend! :O

And they are the most requested combination that we get asked about; red/apricot females!!! I’ve had people get on my waiting list and wait 12-18 months for one!

I’m blown away!

There are eighty-some people on my waiting list. I had three people out of eighty-plus (yes that’s 8 zero) that wanted to be matched with one of Sasha’s puppies and they all picked boys.

This is one reason why it’s so hard for me to answer the question “how long is your waiting list?” (well, you can see by this example, numbers don’t always matter). And the other similar question, “how long will I have to wait for a puppy?” I honestly, can’t tell you anymore. All I can do is give you an educated guess. In this instance you may get a puppy within a few weeks. (But like I said, this almost never happens). Normally you would get on our list and probably wait a year to a year and a half for a red/apricot female.

(Now before you run to our website and start filling out an application, please finish reading the post.)

I’m sure I will get lots of applications for these two girls. Just because you fill out an application (or are the first one to send it in) does not guarantee you’ll get a puppy. (And please don’t offer me “more” money in hopes that will give you an advantage. I don’t work that way. And yes, I’ve had that offered to me many times.) :O

Please fill out the applications thoroughly. The more information I have the better.

But please take into consideration the following before you apply for one of these girls……

  • Can you meet in Spokane on Sunday, December 19th to pick up a puppy?
  • Will you be home for Christmas/New Years to start the bonding/training process with a new puppy?  We don’t want someone to pick up a puppy then leave it with a friend or relative because they already have vacation plans. (from three to twelve weeks of a puppy’s life are the critical socialization period).
  • Are you ready (and your neighbors if you live in an apartment/condo/townhouse) for the noise and crying that a puppy makes during the transition/adjustment period? Some pups will cry one or two night/days. Others might carry on for the better part of the first week. It can be stressful and noisy.
  • Are you truly ready for the work, stress, noise, chewing, biting, mess, chaos (and of course cuddles and love) that a puppy brings into a home/life? Puppies are cute and fun, but they are also a lot of work. And dog is a commitment of 12-15 years. Are you ready for that?
  • Please do not get a puppy for “the kids” and expect them to be responsible for the puppy’s care and training. Even if you have really mature, responsible kiddos, it’s ultimately up to an adult to oversee the puppy’s training and care.
  • These girls are $2700. Puppy deposit check of $500 must be sent as soon as you are matched with a puppy to hold that puppy for you.  The balance needs to be paid in full by 7 weeks of age (December 13th). Additional charges may include microchipping (if you want it) and health certificate (if you are out of state it is required).

We will be accepting applications only for these two girls at this time. (We hope to reopen the main Cavapoo waiting list sometime soon though). Applying for one of these girls does not get you onto the main Cavapoo waiting list (there is no application fee to apply for one of these girls). Applications for these two girls  must be submitted tomorrow, November 30th, between noon and 7pm only.

And since it’s “Giving Tuesday” just for fun, we will donate $100 of each puppy’s price to  our favorite rescue! (If anyone else is interested in an end-of-the-year donation to a non-profit rescue here is the link.

You can see pictures of the girls from puppyhood to current five-week-old pictures in their album.

There are also videos of this litter on our YouTube channel.

Ruffles is an apricot female (2# 8oz @ 5 weeks) Projected adult weight; 16-18 lb range (this is only a guesstimate)

Pringles is a red female (2# 4 oz @ 5 weeks) Projected adult weight; 12-14 lb range (this is only a guesstimate)

Both girls (in fact this whole litter) has been very happy, tail-wagging and playful so far!

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The last week

I can’t believe Gracie’s puppies are already seven weeks old and we’re starting the last week with them here! Time sure flies with some litters!

The last week is usually packed with things to do and learn.

Puppies did a little barrier challenge with a reward of some yummy, fragrant canned puppy food (a new taste). Little challenges are good for puppies to help their problem solving skills. If we start with an easy one, puppy can figure it out and not get too frustrated. You can see in the picture that the bowl is placed at the end of the wire divider. Puppy is placed on the other side of the divider from the bowl. And then it has to figure out how to get to the bowl. This seems almost too simple because all they have to do is step around the end of the divider. Next time we’ll move the bowl farther in so puppy has more of a challenge.

And a little treat to make it more fun.

They are getting used to being in a crate. And we’re using the wire and the plastic ones so they get used to either kind. Here they are hanging out in the kitchen while I work on some things.

The had seven-week-old pictures done. Aren’t they sooo cute?!

Ann @ 7 weeks (5# 6oz)

Andy @ 7 weeks (5#)

Here they are meeting all the big dogs.

We’re also working on the start of resource guarding preventative. The new owners will get information sent home with them to keep up this and other training too.

And the last week is when they go in for their vet check-ups and health certificates and get their first puppy vaccination. Whew! It’s going to be a busy week for these two cuties!


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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for each one of our puppy families, blog followers, our wonderful dogs, family and friends. And the so many blessings God has given us. We had a nice holiday with family and some church friends. <3

I have a Thanksgiving “story” to tell you.

Thanksgiving eve, Cajsa was outside barking and barking. Her “ferocious” bark like coyotes were howling or something was close by.

So I stepped out on the front porch to call her and check on things. Zuma was sound a sleep on Ben’s bed, then Cajsa came around the corner. Where’s Cody, I thought. He’s usually right here?

And then I saw movement behind my truck. (The porch light is burnt out on that side and I didn’t see him at first). It was Cody wiggling at me from a sitting position. Like, “I’m over here, mom. But I don’t want to get up.” Strange. He is usually at the door as soon as I walk out. This boy is the wiggly-est, moving-est, bounciest dog around and like velcro to me. So it was very uncharacteristic of him not to come to me immediately.

I walked towards him, as thoughts of … “did he get chomped on by the coyotes” and that’s why he’s not getting up ran through my head? Many dogs and other animals are injured on the hind quarter by coyotes as they are trying to get away.

But when I reached him and felt around there were no wounds. But he did not want to get up. And when I manually stood him up, he sat right back down again. I scooped him up and carried him into the garage where the guys were working, the wood stove was warming and the lights were on so I could look him over better.

I stood him up again and he took a few awkward steps forward. It was obvious his back end was uncomfortable for some reason.

I went in the house and call the vet’s after-hours number (of course it was after hours!) We chatted a bit as I explained the situation. We decided to give him an hour and watch him to see if there was any improvement. I hated to take him in right away if it wasn’t anything major but hated to wait overnight and interrupt everyone’s Thanksgiving.

I went back to the garage to talk with the guys to see if they had seen anything. And found out hubby had been outside getting firewood “about an hour ago” and had noticed Cody just “sitting” on the porch. (Remember Cody is usually moving).

Well that was enough for me. If he’d been like this for at least an hour with no change, I wasn’t going to wait any longer to take him in. It would  be almost 8:00 before I’d get to the vet at this point anyway.

So off we went!

As I drove the hour+ drive, I mulled over the different possibilities and scenarios of what might have happened. We have a hot wire fence around the horse pasture, but there is one place around behind the barn where the dogs can easily sneak under the fence. Did he go in and get kicked by the horse? The only outsider that came into our driveway that day was the FedEx guy. Did he accidentally hit or run over Cody? NO! Our guy comes in and knows we have dogs. He gives them cookies. He would’ve said something. (But I had to run every possibility through my mind trying to figure this mystery out). Was Cody jumping and playing with the other dogs and just land wrong and strained something?

Dr King looked him over really well. Then we agreed that an x-ray would be in order. Thankfully the X-ray came back clear. Pelvis was fine, hips good, nothing out of the ordinary. Cody was very stoic and calm as he was examined. The only “clue” we had was a slight turn of his head as the doctor felt along his lower spine. That was it. No definite diagnosis. So we left with pain meds and some drugs to keep him calm and quiet as he rested and recuperated.

I’ve kept him crated except for short potty breaks and given him his meds (pain, anti-inflammatory, etc) since our vet visit. Today was the first day I let him hang out with his “friends” (Cajsa, Zuma and Ben) and he acts like he’s completely fine and feeling good.

So thankful!

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Yummy chips!

I’m so please with how Sasha and Asher’s first litter is progressing. They are very happy, friendly puppies. And so stinking’ adorable!! Oh my goodness I’m in love. <3

They’ve just turned four weeks old and are nibbling at mom’s soaked food, using their litter box and getting playful and very interactive!

They seem to be targeting to end up a bit smaller then say the Gracie/Clancy pups. The body structure and bone size seems a bit more “petite” than our other litters of red/apricot pups we’ve had. Of course this is just a hunch and there is never a guarantee on size. And since this is the first litter for both parents we have no past litters from them to compare too. But that’s my feeling at this point.

Fritos and Pringles are the smallest of the bunch and definitely have a smaller build so I’m guessing they will end up as small adults. Just guessing (because it’s too early to really tell) but I would say 12-14 lb range. And I’m guessing the others may be more in the 15-18 lb range. As I mentioned though this is a total guess by what I’m seeing at this age. By eight weeks we’ll have a better estimate on adult weight for this litter.

Here they are at four weeks of age with weights.

The boys…

Doritos (2# 3 oz)

Cheetos (2# 6 0z)

Fritos (1# 13 oz)

The girls…

Ruffles (2# 2 oz)

Pringles (1# 13 oz)

And a couple of adorable group pics

The boys

And the girls

Exploring a bit..

Pringles decided to nap instead of explore.

Lap dogs!

Just a reminder that we will be matching these puppies with their forever families this Sunday, November 28th.

If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested in possibly being matched with one, you have until Friday at noon to email me. As a reminder, these pups go home on Sunday, December 19th

These are the only names from our official Cavapoo waiting list that I have so far that have expressed interest in this litter. If more people don’t reach out, I will be accepting a few applications to finish matching these pups. I will post something Sunday or Monday “if” we need more applications. (The waiting list is not officially open quite yet so please do not fill out an application at this point. Wait for more news, please).

  • Logan R
  • Sharon T
  • Maralee H

Would those three people please be on the lookout for an email or call from me (maybe even Friday or Saturday night). Thanks!


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Such sweeties!

Gracie’s pups turned six weeks old and they are just so sweet. As soon as you start petting Ann she lays down and bellies up for belly rubs. And Andy has a non-stop wagging tail and loves to give kisses!

4# 10 oz

4# 3 oz

They are having fun exploring a small play area off their puppy pen when mom is out on breaks. They’re very inquisitive and playful, nosing around and investigating each new toy I introduce them too. And they’re really good about using their litter box. They have a crate in their puppy pen so they are getting accustomed to sleeping in their crate together.

They’re good for their weigh-ins and toenail trims. And I’ve introduced the clicker to them with cheese rewards. They really like cheese!


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Early Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving came early this year. All of our kiddos will be busy elsewhere on Thanksgiving day so the ones that could came on this past weekend and we celebrated early. It’s always nice to get together with family!

We had a nice weekend visit; eating, working, relaxing, snuggling puppies and being together. <3

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!


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The Puppy Room

Well, it’s all done! The Puppy Room got a face lift and I love it!

It all started after the last of our summer puppies went home. Hubby went upstairs and took down the four big puppy pens and took them outside to pressure wash and deep clean them. Then he decided to repaint the floor. (We just have a plywood subfloor up there that we paint over occasionally.

So he grabbed some white paint at the store and redid the floor. And then I went upstairs to check things out. “Hun, why did you paint it a flat white? It should be a glossy finish for easy cleaning. Oh, and now that the floor looks so clean the walls really do need repainting don’t they?” And that’s how we work. I throw suggestions out and he does the manual labor 😛 hehe

So back to town we went for some light yellow paint for the walls and to find some glossy floor, deck or patio paint. They didn’t have white in the kind we thought would be the most durable, so we chose a light bluish-green color. You know, nursery colors. Puppy “nursery” colors.

I found some cute wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and he painted them the same color as the floor.

Then I thought it would be fun to hang some dog or puppy prints on the walls next to the window and under our new letters. But instead of just buying a random print, I decided to print my own posters with pictures of some of our Pinewood Pups.

We also added a short Iris pen along the wall where the puppies normally play to keep them from digging at and destroying the sheetrock.

On the one side of the room are the four big puppy pens set up, clean and ready when we need them. (And an extra coffee table I need to find a place for).

On the opposite wall are the wire crates for puppy training and where Hope sleeps at night. And some of the bigger toys set on top as that’s about the only place they will fit.

Next to them is a new shelving unit that I ordered and hubby assembled. All the toys have been cleaned and organized in totes. The top shelf holds empty litter boxes and potty pads. The next shelf holds Snuggles the snake and Dino the dinosaur with some puzzles and “talking” toys. Next is the biggest tote with larger toys and a small metal garbage can with Hope’s “diet” food. And lastly, the bottom shelf has three totes with various smaller toys.

And at the end of that wall near the top of the stairs where we enter the room are a big cabinet and a dresser which house beds, blankets and other supplies. And my nifty Costco kitchen cart which serves as a table to weigh, groom or administer dewormed to the puppies. The self underneath holds wipes, dewormer and other small supplies that are used more often. The cart has wheels also so I can easily move it around the room and use where needed.

And you can see there’s another poster at this end of the room. Yes, that’s baby Winter.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the revamped Puppy Room! (I’ll have a video tour up on our YouTube channel too for anyone interested).


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