Just wanted to let everyone know that we have another confirmed Cavapoo pregnancy!

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Lucy is pregnant and due (with “cow” puppies) at the end of the month. For those not familiar, we call them cow puppies because these are puppies that would be known as “parti” in the Poodle world. They have a base coat of white with spots of color. They might be black and white, sable and white, tri-color (white, black and brown), or blenheim like a Cavalier; think Holstein cow. 😉🐄

Mercy is our next mom that is confirmed pregnant and will be due around mid-June. Her last litter with Sundae produced black and tan and tri-color. (In fact, “Raj” that I just posted about is one of her pups).

We have another girl to ultrasound next week! So fingers crossed that we get a confirmation on her too! I’m so excited!

Mercy❤️Mercy ❤️

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A unique opportunity

This doesn’t happen often but we have a unique opportunity arise, one of our older puppies that was placed last year is in need of a new home! His mom has graciously written a letter of introduction for him and sent some pictures. He is not free! And will not go to the first person who responds. His mom and I want him matched with the right situation and family for him. This is really hard for her to do. She has had a lot of life changes in the past few months (no fault of her own) which has made this situation necessary for the pup. Ideally, we’d like someone within driving distance of her home in Reno to adopt him. Although if a person was willing to fly to pick him up and take him in the cabin with them could also be an option.

He is a gorgeous, outgoing, friendly, well-socialized dog but needs a companion dog to keep him company and a family/person that is home more because of his personality. (P.S. His owner can even give you references from his doggie daycare and doggie nanny on what a great dog he is!) He is not neutered yet. He was “Bill” from our “Heartie” litter from Mercy and Sundae last October. (Anybody with one of his littermates ready to add another dog? ) ❤

Here is her introduction…..

“Hello everyone! My name is Raj. I am a seven-month-old Cavapoo male. I live in Reno Nevada with my human mom. The best way to describe me is Mr. Popularity. If I was in high school I would be booted the homecoming king. My Myers-Briggs personality type would probably be the ENFP. I have been socialized from the time I came home and have been around all types of people, sounds and animals. I love going everywhere with my mom.  When I’m not with her I am either at daycare or with my nanny. I love all people and dogs, even cats. I have been potty trained to use a litter box and love to learn new tricks. When my mom first got me her work situation was one where she would be able to take me with her. Her life circumstances have changed, and I spend a lot of time at daycare. Despite playing with other dogs at daycare, going on daily walks at the park and even long hikes, I feel lonely when it’s just me and her. I love to play so much that my life would be better with a buddy. Being alone is very difficult for me. Even if my mom just takes out the trash, it stresses me out for her to be gone for even 30 seconds. at daycare, if I am the last dog, I have been known to jump the gates. I am very athletic. I would love a place with the backyard to run around. My mom loves me very much and wants what’s best for me. She has had a lot of unforeseen changes and challenges in her life over the last 6 months and it’s possible those things are affecting me as well. My dream life is with a family that spends a lot of time with me who also have other dogs and space for me to roam.”
If you are interested in being considered as his new family, please do not respond to this blog post or the Facebook page/post. If you are interested, please send me an email @ and I will put you in contact with his “mom”.
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Litter box

The puppies are about the right age to learn about the litter box. At this stage, we start by adding a *Ugodog commercial litter box system to the puppy pen. The *Ugodog is a plastic tray with two removable grates that set on top of the tray. They are easy to remove and clean at this age. Once the pups get bigger and are eliminating more, I’ll switch them to something different.

The small puppy pen (which is what most moms and litters are in at this age) is just big enough to put a large bed in one side and the *Ugodog in the other.

When puppies are old enough to toddle, they naturally want to get away from their sleeping area to relieve themselves. So they toddle off the bed to potty right onto the *Ugodog!

It’s the perfect way to get them started on litter box training.

When they are a bit older and bigger we’ll use the plastic container with wood pellets in the bottom.

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The project begins!

Poor hubby just gets done with one project and I come up with another one for him.

Today was the start date on the puppy room floor. We keep the large puppy pens set up there for when puppies outgrow the small ones that we use downstairs. Plus there’s a dresser and cabinet with dog supplies, crates for Hope, the twins (Poodle boys) and Cayenne to sleep in at night. There’s a stash of dog toys, clean blankets and beds also stored upstairs.

So the first step was folding up the puppy pens and crates and then bringing everything downstairs.

The guest bathroom is now unusable because it’s stacked with beds, blankets and other supplies.

The garage is even more full with the large items.

The supervisor making sure everything gets put in the proper place. 😉

Hmm…”Honey, I think the walls need to be repainted too!” 😬

The two big pieces will stay up here and get moved around as the floor is done. They are too big for the two of us to move downstairs (plus there’s nowhere to put them!)

Can’t wait to show the finished product! 😀


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Chow time

Each litter is a little different, but somewhere around four weeks (give or take a bit), one or two pups will venture out and start investigating mom’s food dish. At this stage, their teeth may barely be coming through their gums but they’re interested in that yummy smelling stuff none the less.

Yesterday it happened. When Rosie was out for a break, I saw one of her puppies with its face in the food bowl checking things out.

So I thought I might as well introduce them to some real food. Remember they are only three weeks and two days old at this point but since Nessie is such a petite little princess I knew it couldn’t hurt to offer them some extra vittles.

So I mixed up a batch of baby food and puppy formula. At this age, it needs to be fairly liquidy so they can lap at it and not thick where they have to chew.

They got pretty messy but seemed to enjoy the new menu.

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Where’s the poop?

*Disclaimer* Yes, this post is about dog poop. If that makes you queasy please stop now.

In the past few days, hubby has made on and off comments about smelling dog poop. It was usually when he was sitting at the table on his phone. (Which is really weird because I’m the one with the sensitive nose in the family and I wasn’t getting the big bad odor that was hitting his olfactory system.)

So we would walk around looking to see if someone had secretly made a “deposit” somewhere in the house, checked shoes to see if we stepped in anything, looked in dog crates and everywhere we could think of.

I thought well the puppies are getting bigger and actually making little poops maybe it was them. Or maybe it was just my work shoes.

We’d go on with the day. And then it would happen again, maybe the same day, maybe the next day. “I smell poop.” And the investigation would continue to no avail.

Finally, today, we found the source of the smell.

It was none other than Miss Poopy Butt.

This girl has such long hair on her body that some stool got stuck in the long hair on her backside and we missed it. She was due for a groom and bath anyway.

She and the house smell so much fresher now!

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Mother’s Day

The sun has set, the day is basically over but I couldn’t let it pass without a Mother’s Day tribute.

I hope all you moms (whether you be human moms, dog moms or cat moms) had a special day today!

I wouldn’t be who I am today without the wonderful mom that raised me. She was the best!!  Mother’s Day is just not the same each year since she’s been gone.

But I’m very thankful for these three that gave me the name, “Mom”. ❤️

And their dad who helped. 😉

And for the two girls that got grafted in. Here’s a real formal family portrait we had done. 😉hehe




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