Coming attractions

I should clarify that, “possible” coming attractions this summer to a theater near you! (I love this part of the definition for theater; “a building….. in which….dramatic performances are given.” Sounds like puppy birthing at my house! πŸ˜‰ hehe )

We will have another litter of Cavapoos at the end of this month.

Next mom due is Treasure❀️

And in July, we expect (not quite confirmed yet) a couple more litters of Cavapoos and a litter of mini Poodles. (The Poodle litter is actually being done with a friend so if anyone is interested I’ll give you her contact info later once the litter arrives.)

All of the expected Cavapoo litter in the next month will likely produce blenheim, red, apricot, cream colors

Nothing else is in the works at the moment, but there is another girl that should be coming in season anytime.

I think we’re going to have a busy summer!

And a little P.S. ……..

I have mentioned on various occasions about changing up the puppy matching policy. The new idea was to make things run more smoothly and efficiently but since Rosie’s matching went well, I didn’t feel the need to change things at that time. As Lucy and Mercy’s pups get a bit older and I start sending out emails to those on the first part of the list we’ll see how things go. And if the process starts to bog down at all, I’ll probably then go ahead and share the idea then. πŸ™‚

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there whether you kids be human or canine!

So grateful for our dog “dads” here at Pinewood Cavapoos! Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are and we’d have no puppies to share!








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When mom “fixes” the bed

It’s a constant struggle. And the reason why I don’t go too far from little puppies. Mama dogs like to “fix” their bed and then you end up with puppy sandwiches (beds folded over on a pup), puppies under beds, or mom laying on the crate floor with the bed bunched up and pups on the bed but to little to crawl over the hump to nurse, or puppies everywhere. Lucy is an expert bed fixer. πŸ˜‰

The pups don’t seem to mind where they end up sleeping. But don’t worry, I’m always fixing the bed and putting them back on top.


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Doing well!

They’re only four days old but Mercy’s pups are doing great!

The only problem with dark puppies in a dark crate on a dark bed. At first glance, I only saw one pup! πŸ˜‰

Raise your left paw if you got enough to eat🐾

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. 😝

Racing stripe or little stinker?

What a face! 😍

That belly!πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚

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It’s been a hard day’s night

I honestly couldn’t remember what day it was when I woke up. And when I woke up it wasn’t morning, but the middle of the day. The day that I couldn’t remember which one it was. I’m starting to sound like I’m running in circles here.

It’s been a hard’s day night, and I’ve been working like a dog.

It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log.

Well, maybe I wasn’t working like a dog, but I was up with the dog. I definitely ended up sleeping like a log though. Do logs sleep?

Or maybe my song should be…. “Oh, what a night”

Oh, what a night

Late December back in ’63

What a very special time for me

As I remember, what a night

Although my version might read….

Oh, what a night

All through the night back in ’19

What a very sleepless time for me

As I remember, what a night

As I’m sure you’ve figured out Mercy and I had a long, long night once things became evident that whelping was approaching. (And as you can see my brain was lacking sleep when I started rambling on this blog) πŸ˜›

She would fuss and act like she might be having contractions, then she would lay down and rest. This went on into the night. When it was apparent that the work she was doing between naps wasn’t producing anything. I finally called the vet… 1 am. (I hate calling my vet in the middle of the night. But I needed her help. I figured we were in for another C-section).

I loaded my truck with a small crate and heating pad for the expected babies, my whelping supplies (just in case they were needed along the way), put Mercy in a crate and hit the road.

About two miles from home she starting crying out in pain. It was much more intense and frequent then it had been at home. Poor girl. I felt so helpless so just keep driving as fast as I could safely go.

She was in the back seat so I couldn’t really check on her. About thirteen miles from home I finally pulled off the highway on a side road to check on her. And low and behold, she had managed to finally deliver that first pup. What a chunk it was! No wonder she was having trouble delivering the plump little creature.

Well, that was a relief. Usually, if there’s a big pup blocking the road, once it gets out of the way things can progress as they should. I called the doctor back and let her know the pup had arrived and she could go back to bed as we turned around and headed home.

I got Mercy and the pup settled in their crate and laid on the couch next to her to hopefully catch a few winks. And the labor continued. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a repeat of what was happening earlier in the night. We weren’t getting anywhere.

**warning graphic description coming**

Time to check her. I gloved up and felt for a puppy. And there it was. I could feel it’s head just ready to enter the world, but that was all. Only a large head with no front legs nearby. Oh, great. They were probably tucked back and the pup was stuck by the shoulders in the pelvis. I tried several different things but couldn’t get that pup to budge.

It was now nearing 4:30 am. And I had to call the vet again. (Of course, with hindsight, had I known there would be a problem with number two getting stuck we would’ve continued on to the clinic on our first run at 1:00. But usually, if you have a big first pup once it’s out of the way the next came come out normally.)

So back in the truck we went and headed off on our hour+ drive to the clinic.

Once we arrived, the first pup was placed in the incubator to keep it warm. Mom was quickly assessed and anesthetized. And with her now asleep and relaxed, the doctor was able to pull the stuck pup out. And it was still alive!

(oxygen and hot water bottle)

The puppy was suctioned, rubbed, given medication to help it breath (it was gasping and gurgly) and put on oxygen while mom was prepped for a c-section. The tech was back and forth between helping the vet and checking on the puppy which I continued to stimulate and keep hooked up to the oxygen.

Finally, the third and last puppy was successfully delivered via C-section. Every single pup was big; 8.8-9.2 ounces! (They were bigger than some of Lucy’s pups who are ten days older!) Mercy’s first litter was six normal sized puppies which she delivered very easily. This litter was half that size so they sucked down the nutrients of six and just grew too big!

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the second pup did not make it.

(in recovery)

(sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia)

Pocket puppies❀️

But I’m thankful we do have two gorgeous pups to love on; a tricolor female and a black and tan male.


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Puppy adventures and training

Time seems to pass quickly these last few weeks with the older, Rosie puppies. We are busy, busy, busy!

They are spending less time each day with mom. Rosie has been letting us know she’s about ready to kick the kids out of the nest so to speak. πŸ˜‰ Although they still glom onto mom as soon as they see her like starving little waifs. But they are also eating their soaked puppy food better since mom is not around as much. I add a bit of wet food too and soak it for them. They are spoiled!

Breakfast in the crate.

They have a litterbox with pellets in their puppy playpen, which they are good about using. We’ve had a few “misses” but that will improve with age. And we’ve also started taking them outside for potty breaks and will continue to do so until they go to their new homes. Hopefully, they’ll have a good start on pottying outside before they leave to make things easier for their new families. (As I mentioned on Facebook, all of the Rosie pups have been matched with their very excited, forever families!) ❀️

It’s hard to tell but that is a “pee” squat.πŸ˜‰

“Mom, can I have some privacy while I poop?”

***I just took a break to let all the house dogs outside to potty. The pups were quietly resting in their puppy pen, but I scooped them up and took them outside too. As soon as I set them in the grass, *boom* they went potty; one, two and three. Just like that!***

They have been listening to classical music. In fact, with mom gone most of the day, there is some “complaining” when they have to be in their puppy pen by themselves. Today I covered the pen (for future puppy parents, covering the pen or crate with a blanket will sometimes help your unhappy puppy to settle down quicker) and then set up my Bluetooth speaker with some classical music for them. They seemed to quiet down nicely and fade off to sleep.

This training is something you, the new parents will continue to do with your puppy when you get him or her home. I talk on the website about setting up a containment area for your puppy.  This is a safe place for the puppy to stay whether you are home and too busy to watch puppy every minute in those crucial first weeks of housebreaking, during the day when you are at work or have to run errands, or at night for bedtime. This is a small, safe area that is your puppy’s “home” until he/she gets through the puppy training phase. In the pen, you would include things like a crate or bed, toys, water (and food if you’ll be gone for a few hours) and a litter box. You will work on taking your puppy outside for potty breaks when you’re home, but if you’re gone or busy for an extended period of the day, your puppy will need to relieve itself and that’s why you can continue to have the litter box available.

We’re listening to different sounds on our cool Puppy School sound app, exploring the farm, garden and meeting some other animals like Cajsa and the cats.

It’s hard to tell but all three are in there.

Naps are important too. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΄

They are also getting used to spending time in a crate. At first together and as things progress they will each get their own crate for mealtimes and eventually bedtime. Puppy training is so exciting!

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