I’m really happy with how this little man is growing up!

1920004006008007I think he’s enjoying that belly rub!

010011More love! ❤

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Surgical clip

We did not have anything planned for this past Independence Day. My family was flying into Spokane late, but the kids all wanted to have a picnic in Spokane then hang around for fireworks. When the sun doesn’t go down until 9:30ish, it makes for a late night to watch fireworks than a two-hour drive home (plus with the family arriving sometime in there).

So hubby and I were planning on just staying home and getting ready for the relatives to arrive and let the kids go have their picnic and fireworks together.

The day before I had bathed the big puppies (Finn, Baby Girl, Gypsy, and Cayenne. I had already gotten Sage bathed and groomed) and was planning on spending part of the day grooming them, then cleaning house and doing some cooking. So I had my day planned out already.

Then number one son (who was visiting from CO) said, “Mom, he (number two son) wants you to come”. (His fiancee’ and her family would be there too).

So plans changed quickly! But since the pups were already cleaned, I still wanted to get them groomed before they went out in the yard and got dirty again. Thankfully, the family pitched in and did the tidying and cleaning so I could groom the pups!

Finn was first and I had a new “longer” blade I wanted to try on him that would leave more coat on. I took some time and he turned out pretty cute!

Next was Gypsy and I decided I had better speed things up a bit and use my regular blade which would leave her with shorter hair but would speed the process up a bit.

Then it was Baby Girl’s turn. I did the same with her. But as each dog came up, my grooming got worse and worse as I hurried to get things done in time to make it to the picnic. I looked at B.G. later and saw that I missed some long hairs in between her front legs. *insert eye roll*

Last was poor Cayenne. I say poor Cayenne, because her haircut was definitely the worst! (Good thing, I’m not applying for a grooming job!) I had just gotten some new blades (different sizes than before) and one was a #40 blade which is a surgical, super close cut. It’s the kind the vet uses when they shave a dog for surgery. I also had a new blade holder to keep my blade organized. I stuck the #40 blade towards the back so I wouldn’t accidentally use it.

I started grooming her with the regular blade but it wasn’t going through her hair very well (probably getting dull I assumed) so I popped it off the clippers and grabbed (what I thought) was the other blade of the same number. Zoom, went the first clip. Man, this is cutting really weird I thought, as I kept going. I had a big patch done, before I looked and realized (duh!) THAT I HAD GRABBED THE SURGICAL BLADE! *big sigh

17671768Poor dog looks like a four-year-old did her haircut!!

1769The regular blade is short enough as you can see. (this wasn’t finished yet..)

So all the babies are up to date on their grooms, but I can’t wait for Cayenne’s hair to grow out so I can give her a cuter trim!

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Lots of love

The good thing about having company around when you have puppies, is the puppies get lots of love and the company gets to hold adorable puppies! It’s a win-win situation. 😉 My family was very obliging while they were here. 😊


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Play and eat!

Look at these little darlings! They are growing and starting to explore and play a bit. They’ve had their first couple of “real” meals too. Although they seem interested, they are not real coordinated yet and have a bit of a time figuring out where that good smell is coming from and how to get to it! (Please excuse the “blur”; moving puppies are hard to take pictures of 😀 )


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A Puppy Morning

Just sharing a bit of my morning with the little ones. After all the dogs go outside in the morning, I usually head upstairs to the “puppy room” (the only room in the house big enough to set up the big puppy pens).

I set up some toys in the middle of the room (and since we don’t have a nice floor yet, just painted subfloor; the house is a work in progress 😉 ) I throw a big blanket down for the little guys.

Moms are outside having a potty/exercise time, so it’s perfect to do some things with the puppies. This morning we started with a small “challenge”. And I do mean small. Just open the puppy pen door and call the puppies out of the pen. Each pen has a small lip at the door that the pups have to crawl over to get outside. The pan of puppy gruel is on the blanket so the smell entices the pups to come out and get some.

The lip on the pen that Treasure’s pups are in is taller, which is okay since her pups are so much bigger. But it’s still tall, so I rolled up a bed and put it in front of the door to help them out a bit. The last thing we want to do is give them a challenge that discourages them and that they can’t conquer. :/

Hoover hopped right over it.

Oops! I hit the wrong button on my camera! But she got it too!

So the puppies came out to have some breakfast, play and explore while I clean out the puppy pens. I switched out the UGOdog litter boxes for the rubbermaid type boxes (with sides cut down for easy access with little legs) and wood pellets. A new bed/blanket is put in, along with new toys. And then it’s downstairs to wash moms’ dishes and refill with fresh water and food.

While the pups are playing I’m playing some nice classical music for them.

After playtime and the pups are finished eating, it was time to bring Flower and Treasure back in. Puppies are wanting mom at this point.

Once the moms are back in the puppy pens with the puppies, I continue to clean the rest of the room while I play page two of the Sound Proof Puppy Training app.

I ran downstairs for something (at least having the puppy room upstairs gets me lots of exercise. Who needs a Stairmaster with puppies upstairs?! 😛 ) and came back to find this!


Bhahahaha! Treasure, what in the world are you doing on top of the crates?! (That’s a double stack of wire crates that she’s on; where the Poodle pups sleep at night).

After the room was clean and we finished the sound app. I decided it was a good time to drag out the grooming dryer to get the pups acclimated to that noise. They were sleeping when I turned it on. Only a couple lifted their heads and looked up; no big deal. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed sharing our puppy morning routine!

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Real food

Each litter is different, but around four weeks of age, we introduce “real” food. They are still happily nursing off of mom frequently. Some will start nosing around in mom’s dish of puppy kibble (which she has available at all times) and others aren’t quite interested yet in her food.

I usually start off with soaked kibble, canned meat or something similar which I add goat’s milk too. This concoction goes in a big, low pan and given to the pups while mom is out on one of her breaks.

The puppies are usually interested in that new, yummy smell, but it takes a while for them to get used to where it is and how to eat it. Sometimes they lick the outside of the dish or the edge (not quite getting to the food) and sometimes they crawl right into the dish!

016017018019020It’s a messy but fun experience!

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