One last time

We actually got some sunshine today. And since it’s the last day our two older litters could be together, we had a puppy party in the back yard!

The pups had so much fun running around, exploring, playing with each other and nosing up to the big dogs at the fence.

Speaking of that…..

Poor Branch was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He must’ve gone up to the fence to say “hi” to Cody. Instead Cody thought it was the right time to hike his leg and relieve himself….on.Branch’s.head. (Good thing he was scheduled for a bath tonight!)

Hubby and I sat out there for a good part of the afternoon soaking up the sun and being entertained by puppies. Well, at least I was. Hubby dozed off in his chair.

They had so much fun!

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Growing up!

Sally’s sweet babies are seven weeks old today. They are growing and learning, playing and sleeping. Today they got to join their older “cousins” during playtime. I think both litters enjoyed the new companionship. Plus they had just about the whole room to romp and play in!

And here they are so blooming cute at seven weeks!


3# 13 oz


5# 6 oz


3# 8 oz


4# 7 oz


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Continued training and tips for the new owner

*NOTE* This is an old post from a year ago, but I thought it had some helpful hints for those families getting puppies in the next weeks.

We are wrapping up our last week with Sage’s big bunch of puppies. They go home this coming Sunday. We are continuing to work on potty training and crate conditioning so they have a good start when they arrive at their new homes.

Please be aware puppy parents, even though we are practicing all these things with the puppies, the first few days are always an adjustment and can be noisy and stressful (for humans and adults). The most important points to remember are to be consistent with training, reinforce the behaviors you want to reproduce and ignore the behaviors you don’t want to see continue.

What do I mean by that? Well, if puppy is in its crate with breakfast and just ate (don’t worry if they don’t finish their complete meal at first. They don’t always eat really well when they first arrive at their new home) and it starts fussing, ignore the cries and whines! But as soon as you see puppy settle and be quiet then let them out and give them some love. I find it helpful when crate training puppies to cover the crate with a blanket. It helps them settle faster. And those of you with small children will have an extra challenge. What kid doesn’t want to go comfort his new, crying puppy? But giving puppy attention at that time just reinforces that behavior. Puppy learns if he fusses, he gets attention. Teach your kiddos to wait until puppy is quiet before giving them attention.

For nighttime crating, I give puppy a small blanket and a stuffed animal to cuddle with. (Some puppies find the Snuggle Puppy comforting. Here’s the link

Sometime it also helps to leave a radio or some soothing music playing. If you use essential oils, lavender is safe for dogs and has a calming effect. Make sure you are using a pure essential oil from a reputable company and not something diluted or with added fillers. Lavender oil can be used in a diffuser in the room where puppy is crated. Whatever your do, DO NOT  scoop puppy up and put them in bed with you! You have just wiped out all the training I have put in to get your puppy started for you! Puppy will adjust to his new home, crate and pen. It takes time and patience. It will get easier if you stick to the schedule and routine and don’t give in to puppy’s “demands”.

And setting up that essential Iris pen (or exercise pen) is soooo important for your new puppy! That will basically become their own “room” or space. That’s where puppy is when you aren’t home or even when you are home and can’t actively watch your new puppy. Nobody can watch their puppy 24/7 and it’s important to have safe space for your puppy to hang out. Most people give their puppy far too much freedom at first. Those are the ones who call in a few weeks and say, “I can’t get him potty trained!” Keeping your puppy in its confinement area when you are busy is not mean. You are keeping the puppy safe and giving him every chance to do the right thing. I always have a litter box in the pen with puppy so if I’m busy the puppy can go potty in the appropriate place. And no, it will not confuse your puppy to have a litter box available and also teach it to go outside to potty when you can work on that.

Putting the pen in your living room, family room or somewhere where the family spends time helps puppy to feel a part of the family and gets them used to you leaving the room and coming back in. This helps them see that you leaving and coming back is not a big deal and will help prevent separation anxiety to develop. (Speaking of that, never make a big deal of leaving your puppy, whether it be just leaving them in their pen and leaving the room or leaving the house. And the same goes for when you return (from another room) or return home from work, school or an errand away from the house. When we “hype” up our puppy and make a big deal of going and coming we can just heighten their anxiety and make them think it is a big deal and create separation anxiety in our dog.

And so training and the fun continues with these pups for the rest of the week before their new owners take charge!

Tomorrow we’ll load the gang up for the trip to the vet and their puppy exams. That will be fun with such a big group!

And now for some cute portraits


Oregano~6# 8oz

Fennel~4# 9oz

Tarragon~5# 1oz

Marjoram~4# 5oz

Parsley~5# 14oz

Lavender~5# 5oz

Rosemary 5# 13oz



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A big day

Yesterday was the vet check-ups for Raven’s puppies. And since there are seven puppies we loaded up two crates and two litter boxes into the truck to accommodate everyone.

They were really exciting about the ride and complained a bit, but eventually calmed down which is normal.

I usually put a blanket over their crate to help quiet and calm them.

And since some pups are flying home with their owners, I brought the soft carrier too and seat belted it in the front seat. Then we took turns putting the puppies in that would be flying.

Fauna was being really good, so I unzipped the top a bit so I could pet her as we neared the vet office.

Once we arrived and I let them know I was there with the puppies, I turned them all loose in the back of the truck for a potty break after the car ride.

Then I loaded them all in one crate to go inside for their exams.

Can you spot all seven faces and tell who’s who?

Branch wanted to give Dr Jessie kisses!

River holding still like a good boy.

I think Fauna is posing for her picture.

Willow was very happy to climb up the front of the doctors and slathering her with kisses too!

Timber thought the tech needed some puppy smooches too.

Little Fern had to hold very still so Dr Jessie could look in her tiny, hairy ears.

And last but not least, handsome Reed got his exam.

Then it was back out to the truck for another potty break and into the two crates with some water. After the bill was paid and paperwork collected, we headed down the road to our main town where I stopped for a couple short stops while the pups snacked on some kibble in their crates.

After we got home they go some much deserved play, potty and exploration time out in the garden. They sure did enjoy stretching their legs after their long day of travel!


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I wish I could say the weather has been warm and sunny this spring, but if you live in the PNW you know that it’s been a wet, cool spring so far. This week has been no exception. So puppies went outside regardless! Because puppies need to get outside to sniff, investigate, run and play….and hopefully go potty!

Oh, and just a reminder to check your yard if you live in a damper climate. While I was poop scooping the yard, I found two big mushrooms growing in the wet ground. These things need to be picked up so curious puppies don’t chew and ingest any.

Raven’s pups had fun gallivanting around the yard, exploring, investigating and having a blast.

Then I took Sally’s out, but forgot I had put the big dogs in the yard. So Sally’s crew got to explore the covered run instead since they couldn’t be out with the giants!


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Oh so Handsome!

Look at this big guy! Gracie’s boy, Handsome is four weeks old today. He favorite thing to do is eat, from mom of course. He’s nosed around in the food dish a bit, but mama’s milk is still is choice. And even if she just goes out to potty for ten minutes, he acts like she’s been gone all day and he dives into the milk bar as soon as she gets back! Silly guy. Maybe that’s why he’s already 3# 12 oz at four weeks of age!

He’s just so handsome with his big white blaze, thick, wavy coat and sweet personality. I can’t believe I only have one person on the list that has reached out with interest in him! Especially since this has always been the most requested color combination and I’ve had several people request summer puppies. This guy is about as close to a “summer” pup as we will get this year. The next pups due here (Cami’s F1b litter) won’t be going home until August.

Puppy snuggles

Hanging out with Auntie Hope❤️



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I’m back

I got home around 1:00 this morning. I’m tired and my brain is in a fog, but I managed to crawl out of bed and went about my puppy duties this morning. Thankfully, hubby did the adult dogs for me. I’m not functioning at my highest mental or physical capacity at the moment 😛

(My dad was moved from the hospital to rehab yesterday afternoon).

I’m so grateful for my SIL and hubby who held the fort down while I was gone. I’m sure hubby is so glad I’m back so he can step back from dog duties. He said, “now, I know why you’re tired all the time.” ;P

And now it’s time to play catch up with correspondence, spam you all with puppies videos (if I can get them uploaded) and pictures. And dive into more puppy training, socializing and all that fun stuff! I was hoping to take them outside today, but we had a big rain storm last night and everything is pretty wet.

This is our last week with Raven’s pups. They have a vet appointment on Wednesday and I’ll be busy getting their paperwork (for the vet and the owners)and puppy packets ready this week too.

Also we will be matching “Handsome”, Gracie’s singleton puppy this Friday. So if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and would like to be considered for him, please contact me by 9pm on Thursday. I only “had” three people on the list that had reached out with interest. Now there is only one person! The other two people were removed because one found a puppy elsewhere and the other was matched with a Sally puppy. This is mind blowing as everyone used to want the a “red puppy with white on it”……

They are all doing well. The dogs and puppies were all excited to say “hi” to me. Raven’s puppies all got “real” collars put on them this morning instead of the small puppy parachord ones that they’ve been wearing. And true to form, they started scratching at the “new” thing I put around their necks afterwards. Then after breakfast in crates and time to use “the bathroom”, I set up two play areas, turned them loose and stood back to watch the chaos! Bahahahah…they are so entertaining!