It is pretty

Winter has arrived here on the farm. I don’t care when the calendar says “winter begins”. Winter begins for me when the days are cold, the nights are colder and snow blankets the landscape. It is pretty with the white covering over the earth, trees and buildings. But it does make it a bit harder when we are dealing with livestock, chickens and the dogs. Chores take longer and the dogs don’t stay out as long on potty/exercise breaks.

The big dogs don’t seem to mind the cold as they are all breeds with double coats and extra insulation. Plus they have a hay filled barn to nap in during the day should they choose to. They all sleep inside at night.

The horses get plenty to eat (food is energy to keep them warm) plus they’ve got an added layer of body fat and thick winter coats to keep them warm.

Ben is getting spoiled. Every morning  he goes out to potty and explore the yard while I do morning chores. And then he watches and waits for me to invite him inside to lounge by the fire. He absolutely loves the winter and the snow. But with his old joints, he sure is enjoying the wood stove. He naps inside for part of the day and then get too warm and goes back outside for a while.

Posts might be kind of sporadic here on the blog for a while since we don’t currently have puppies to share. And with my dear mother-in-law currently in the hospital after her extensive stroke (prayers appreciate), we’re kind of overwhelmed with concern for her and everything involved with that right now.

I’ll post when I can. Thanks for following and for understanding ❤️

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Fun in the sun!

The days are chilly but we love being outside when the sun is out even though we have to bundle up! (Our highs have been in the 30’s and lows in the 20’s….brrr!)

So the dogs and I went for another “walk” around the yard to get some Vitamin D!

Boy, do  they have fun!

Go Lyric go!

Sage, Indy and ShilohSky, Cami & SageHazel (under Shiloh), Sage, Raven, Cami, Sky, Summer, Winter & Lyric

Sky (with ears flapping🤣), Winter, Sage, Lyric, Shiloh & QuinnLyric, Quinn & WinterLyric & Quinn

Raven, Hazel, Sky, Sage, Shiloh, Sasha, Cami & WinterRaven, Sage, Hazel, Sky, Cami & WinterAurora with Asher and Clancy in the background Dickens💙Asher & BonusClancy & Asher

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Pupdate~Journey! <3

Awww…an update on our sweet Journey boy! <3

“Hi Jennifer – I thought I’d send a few pictures. He’s doing great! He’ll be getting groomed later this week so I’ll have to send pictures when he looks fresh. My husband passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago (😭❤️) and he has really helped me! He LOVES chewing and being mischievous, which make me laugh.”

He perks up and watches TV whenever there are animals on it. He’s been a true Joy. He and Zoe (the doxie) are still figuring things out, but most of the time they do great together…”


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Pupdate~Zoe formerly Freedom

Another pupdate from our Poppy/Sundae crew!

“Hello Jennifer,

In case you want a fun update.

Zoe has had a busy last month and a half.  I had to travel for work so Zoe went to hang out with my friend and her 2 dogs – Walter (who is 2 years old) and Penny (who is about 14).  Zoe does walk with Walter practically every day so they are already friends.  They spent a week playing and hanging out before Zoe came home.

A few weeks later though I was planning on flying to my parents’ house in Texas and taking Zoe with me.  My parents have recently adopted a 7-year-old Westie and a 10-week-old Westie puppy.  I spent a few weeks getting Zoe acclimated to the TSA dog carrier so she could travel on board with me. Thankfully Zoe did well on the plane, although she wasn’t the biggest fan of landing (who could blame her).  However, she seems to like my parent’s 2 dogs and has been happily playing since.

Other than that Zoe’s days are filled with sleeping, playing, walks, and occasional visits to places such as Starbucks, restaurants, and of course PetsMart.  She does love those pup cups from Starbucks.

I hope you are doing well!


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Pupdate~Reggie formerly Stars

Just a quick note and cute pics from his “dad”.

One in September and one this month.

“Since we picked up Reggie on September 3rd, he’s gotten bigger.  He’s such a joy to have around us. We’ve really bonded with him. Thank you so much.”

“He’s just such a good boy and a cutie  just got his first puppy face grooming”


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Talk with you Monday!

This morning it was 32 when I did chores, but there was a breeze so it felt more like 23! Brrrr!

But despite the brisk, cold day, the sun is out and the dogs and I enjoyed our midday jaunt around the yard.

The are so happy when they go outside. They love running, playing, sniffing and investigating every inch of the property. The chickens are particularly inviting. It’s a good things there is a fence between them!

And I’m getting more steps in each time we have playtime as I talk “walks” around the perimeter of the yard and invite the dogs to “go for a walk”. They also get free time just to do whatever they want.

Although the other day, Lyric beelined it to the gate and found a spot underneath to scoot under and get out. Today, I blocked it off with a wooden fence post and a board. That little stinker!

Anyways, we’re taking a long weekend off since the kids are home. See you all Monday!

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I just want to say how thankful I am for life, health, family, friends and all the blessings God gives us.

I’m thankful for each person that reads our blog and follows our crazy life with dogs. I’m so grateful for each family that has chosen to add one of our Pinewood (or two or three!) pups to their home and family. Without you, we couldn’t keep doing what we do.

And I’m thankful for the cute K9’s that make up Pinewood. Otherwise we’d just be a family living in the woods with the normal animal population and not a pack of tail-wagging Cavaliers, Cavapoos and Poodles in the mix!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

What are you thankful for?

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The princess

As you know, Hope is the princess around here. And Hope loves to sleep in weird places.

Her favorite new place is a chair we brought home from my dad’s place. We actually brought two chairs home for my son and DIL who wanted them. But they don’t actually have a house to put chairs in since they travel for work. So one is in an upstairs bedroom and the other I slide over by the stairs in the living room, the only other available space for it.

They’re pretty neat old chairs that belonged to my grandparents. My mom reupholstered them a couple times over the years. They’ve been in the family a long time.

Hope loves to sleep on the stairs. The other day a box came in the mail for our son, so hubby set it on the stairs for him. I heard some rustling, then a crash and knew what happened! She had tried to climb onto the box to sleep. Thankfully only the box came tumbling down and not Hopie!

So when the chair got backed up to the stairs she decided that sleeping on the stair and resting her head on the back of the chair was a nice option. So I added a towel over the back in case she slobbered on it.

Today, I was in the kitchen and heard a weird dog noise. I thought Reba was on the couch dreaming and whimpering. But when I walked in the room to check, I found Hope on the chair seat! I think she must’ve edged her way onto the back of the chair and slipped down into the seat. And was probably crying for help as she slipped. Thankfully, once again, she just landed in the seat.

And there, she settled in to sleep the day away!

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Rumor found a friend

Well, I think Rumor has found his new family.

I had someone reach out about him. She is the MIL of one of our Pinewood family’s that have not one, but two of our Cavapoos!

They came up to meet him and I think they will be a great match for each other! Rumor will have a lot of fun on camping adventures and being his new mom’s constant companion. And he’ll get to hang out with the other Pinewood “cousins” sometimes too!

He’ll be here a couple more weeks as he has appointments for grooming and neutering before he goes to his new home. And on to his new life of retirement!


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What will St Nick bring?

I’m excited to announce that we did an ultrasound on Winter (a Cavapoo) and she is definitely expecting babies! This will be here first litter so I’m so excited to see what she will produce. And the proud papa is our handsome Bonus (a mini Poodle). This is an F1b Cavapoo litter. Which means about one third of the litter will likely have the curlier Poodle coat and two thirds will have some sort of wavy coat and look like an F1 Cavapoo. (At least this what we normally get within any F1b Cavapoo litter).

And since mom and dad are both “parti” meaning white body with colored spots the pups will all be parti also. They could be blenheim (white with apricot/reddish spots), black and white or tricolor like dad.

I can’t wait to see what St Nick brings since they are due around Christmastime!

We won’t start a litter list and take names from people on our Cavapoo waiting list who are interested in this litter, until after they are born. That way we know what we have in colors and genders and dates for matching and going home.

Both Winter and Bonus are smaller, compact dogs (13″/14 lbs and 12.5″/13.5 lbs) I would expect these pups to be in that size range as adults. But there is never a guarantee on size and sometimes those leggy Poodle genes show up and someone grows a bit bigger than the parent dogs.❤️

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