Four seasons… one day

I know. It’s an ugly picture. But it’s reality right now.

This is the time of year we have four seasons in one day.

I can slosh through a puddle, then slip on ice, splat into the mud then roll over onto the snow to get up. 😛

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Puppy trainer extraordenaire

We occasionally hire a couple of local puppy trainers to come help us. They work for really cheap 😉

This day it was Zeus’ job to do the training/socializing.


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A fun update

Joey’s mom and I have corresponded back and forth quite often about her little fur-pup.  Here was a recent email:

“Hi, Jennifer,
If you have been wondering about this Boy Wonder,  wonder no more.  Joey is now 7 months old and ready for college.  He can do it all and does it well.
He weighs 11 pounds, prob less without his double teeth.  (Waiting for his bottom teeth to all fall out as well as the canines.)
Thanks for everything!  He’s beyond…..
Hugs , A”

I emailed back….

“I think I may need to do a blog update on this little man…look at that handsome profile! That’s for the update and adorable pics! So what will he be majoring in at college? 😉 ”

(I mean seriously, wouldn’t you want to know what a dog is taking in college? 😉 )

Her response…

“Paws and thumbs up on your idea, which is a great one!!

Show him something once and he does it flawlessly.  Rings  🛎 for attention, it’s hysterical!  Talks ( like his Dad), leaps like a doe, sits at the table without prompting, waves, spins/ twirls in a circle,  sits and waits up to 2 mins attended.  Won’t bore you but you’re getting the picture.
University  of Miami posted an article on adolescence in puppies 7-12 months.  Tough age and tests patience which is prob why so many people give up their puppies at this stage. Truly a lot of work and dedication.
Gearing up for outpatient therapy for his academics. Likely pediatrics as he loves kids, especially.  When he sees a commercial with children,  he walks up to the screen and wags his tail incessantly.   Separately, he is intrigued with tree cutters- perhaps he remembers when you were out in the forest gathering firewood. “Timber!”
If you need more pics let me know.  It DOES take a village!
And here are some pictures of the adorable scholar ❤

Joey is what I consider a dark sable and white (parti). A lot of the sables are lighter when groomed because the black color is more on the tips of the coat. Joey is still very dark even when clipped. He was Richard from our famous race car drivers litter out of Lucy and Noah last August.

Thanks to his mom for sharing!

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Vitamin D therapy

We’ve had a few days in a row of sunshine. It’s been wonderful. And the snow is starting to melt. I don’t want to get too excited, but I think spring is finally on the way!

The dogs and I enjoyed some extra Vitamin D therapy today as it was one of the first really nice days to be outside in the sunshine.

244Jules, Reba and the youngsters. Oh, and that’s Sundae visiting in the background with Reba’s pups.254Glory and Gracie on the “look-out” spot.

259Poser, much? Oh, Treasure, you’re such a silly girl!

265Two fences later and Sundae is in another yard. 😉

268Hi, Lucy!

273❤ Cavaliers are just so stinkin’ cute! (Smudge, Gracie, Treasure, and Glory)

283It’s almost time for a haircut, Allie!

288You’re a little young to be flirting with him, Glory. Give yourself time to be a kid and have fun for a while. 😉

291Hmm…maybe another future couple someday? (Hazel and Justice)

278Another obstacle to climb on!

305My little odd-ball ❤

316Noah and (photobomber Rosie) in the back. 😉

322Can’t wait for more sunshiney days to be outside with the “kids”!



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Young adults

Our babies always get checked over by our awesome veterinarian whether they are going to new homes or staying on with us. Then when the “keepers” are adults they get checked over again.

Last week it was time for three of our youngsters to go see the doctor again for physicals.

355“Justice”357“Hazel”359“Tansy”361“What are they doing to my sister?”362“Mom, can we go home now?”352It had been two weeks since Reba’s tooth was extracted. She had an ear infection at that time so we brought her along too to get her ears rechecked.353And we got to meet his adorable little guy! No, it’s not a strange breed of dog. 😉 This was a baby goat that had gotten hit by a car. He was relinquished to the doctor who performed surgery on his broken leg/hip area.

Another interesting visit to the vet! All the kids (oops, forgot there was an actual goat kid in this post. I meant dog “kids” hehe ) checked out “normal”..yeah!

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Planning ahead

As a dog breeder, I always have to be looking to the future; researching, planning, etc. I kind of compare it to a farmer. My father-in-law used to farm grapes and almonds. Plants and trees have to “retire” at some point, so before that happens, the farmer must plant some new vines or trees ahead of time. Baby trees have to grow up and be mature before they will produce themselves. Well, animals are the same way. So if I’m going to keep raising dogs, before I retire a dog I need to plan ahead for someone else to be there. So there will always be some silly, youngsters growing up around here.

Ideally, I like to produce my own puppies to keep, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out. Or I might want to introduce some new genetics or a new color or something different into our program.

Which brings me to my surprise!


Sometime next month, this little cutie patootie will be joining us here!


She is an AKC registered red and white parti Poodle puppy. And I’m hoping she’ ll be a great asset to our home and breeding program someday.

Here are her pretty parents. (All pictures are from the breeder)

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A special update

I just received this update this morning from one of our Pinewood family!

“Hi Jennifer! I made a little video of Ollie’s first year for his bday today, thought you might like to see it!
Thank you for making these absolutely incredible dogs 🙂 ❤

Her little guy (along with his littermates) turned a year old! She composed this sweet, fun video of his first year. It’s so special! So instead of a cute birthday picture, please click the above link to watch the adorable Ollie in action! (I’m sure she’d appreciate if you’d “like” her video after you watch it.)

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