Congratulations are due!

Congratulations to Katharine and Toby on passing their CGC/Canine Good Citizenship test! This is the first step in Toby’s journey to being a certified therapy dog. Toby was a “pandemic lockdown” pup so wasn’t able to do the normal socializing that he needed so this took practice and hard work. We’re so proud of them!

Katharine has had other therapy dogs that have done work through Pet Partners of the Oregon Coast.


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Aussalier news

As you guys might remember from my last Aussalier post we had decided to not raise anymore just because we weren’t getting enough interest to warrant breeding a litter.

But I wanted to share some information for those of you still interested and looking for an Aussalier!

Our friend and fellow breeder, Dorothy from Puppy Perfectionist just had a beautiful litter of Aussalier puppies and has some available. You’ll have to contact her if you’re interested in more details. Here contact info is

What I can tell you is Dorothy is an amazing, in-home breeder who raises each puppy with the utmost care and attention and you can’t go wrong if you decide to get a puppy from her!

Look at this beautiful mom with her new brood! ❤️

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Something exciting

I have exciting news! Yes, there are more Cavapoos on the way! This will be an F1b Cavapoo litter. For those who don’t know that means one parent is a F1 Cavapoo (one purebred Cavalier parent and one purebred Poodle parent) and that F1 Cavapoo was bred to a purebred Poodle. Which technically means there is a larger percentage of Poodle in these Cavapoos.

This is the blend that those with more allergy issues tend to go for. But there are more coat variations within an F1b Cavapoo litter in my opinion. There are the curlier coats that look more like a Poodle coat and hence less likely to shed which is what our allergy sufferings want, then there are variations of the “wavy” coat similar to a regular F1 Cavapoo that can be from super wavy, slightly wavy to wispy and more “Cavalier” like, but all our adorable and unique in their own right.

And this will be from a first-time mom, our own Indigo aka Indy. Indy is the daughter of Lyric and Dickens. She is a parti Cavapoo, meaning her coloring is white with colored spots; think pinto pony or Holstein cow. 😉 Her colored spots are merle, which looks silver-gray with black flecks or patches mixed in too. She’s really stunning, plus she’s sweet and a bit sassy, playful and just a fun dog to have around.

And she was bred to our handsome Bonus! Bonus is a mini Poodle that is also a parti color; white base with black spots and tan highlights (think tricolor). Which means all these puppies should be parti colored meaning “cows”. They could be tricolor, black and white, merle and white, possibly blenheim since Indy’s dad is Dickens and Bonus dad is apricot. It will be fun to see what colors these puppies are!

Parents are OFA normal and have had their genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics.

Bonus is our smallest male Poodle and Indy is our smallest Cavapoo so I would expect (but there’s no guaranteed) that these puppies will end up as smaller adults.

Puppies are due within the next week to ten days. Indy’s tummy is not huge, but she’s also never had pups so the muscles are pretty tight and she’s a compact dog. I don’t expect a large litter, but she might be hiding quite a few. Who knows!

These pups would then go home sometime in mid to late May. Depending on how many pups she has, I may be reopening the waiting list. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates!



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Puppy training continues

Puppy training is all-consuming, especially at first. Getting your puppy into a routine takes time. I’m going through the same things that our new puppy owners are. Sometimes Journey fusses, moans and whines when he’s in his puppy pen. Sometimes he barks and barks. It’s a process with each puppy. Some settle into their new homes and routines quickly and others take a bit longer. Hang in there! Things do get better.

I try to make sure that Journey has lots of attention, lots of trips outside for successful potty training, lots of playtime and short training sessions or fun puppy games/training throughout the day interspersed with time in his puppy pen. He still doesn’t like being “stuck” in his pen, but he’s slowly getting used to it. Likely because he knows he doesn’t have to be in it all the time. That’s one advantage of working from home. He can be loose a lot as long as I’m actively watching him. If I’m too busy to keep track of him, then he will be in his puppy pen. Because I want him to be successful in house breaking, I don’t want my busy-ness to distract me from signs he might be giving about needing to relieve himself and then having an accident on the floor. In the puppy pen, he knows that the litter box is an appropriate place to relieve himself if moms busy.

But I also want him to learn that being in his puppy pen is okay, because he’s not always going to be loose with me (as a puppy). Sometimes I have to be away from home or I’m working and can’t have him with me. So adjusting to his “bedroom” is pertinent.

So hang in there puppy families. Give your puppy boundaries, but lots of love and attention too. Just don’t give the attention when they are doing something you don’t want to reinforce (like howling in the puppy pen for attention). Instead wait for that pause of quiet (even if it’s just a few seconds) to reward them with some attention. If you need to play a radio near their pen or cover the front of the pen with a blanket so they still hear you moving about but can’t see you. Use your Snuggle puppy and the Doggie Calming spray or a quality lavender oil in a diffuser. This is a stressful time as they adjust to a new home and  no littermates around now.

Do short training sessions in the crate (mealtimes is great) and sit there with them if you need to. Then let them out while they are quiet, even if they’re not quite finished eating. You can open the door and let them out (still sitting by them) and leave the door open so they can go back in to finish eating if they want to. We want the crate to be a good experience. They have been sleeping in one since they were about five weeks old. But being closed in the crate for longer periods of time is a process.

Also short training sessions and short interactive play sessions with your puppy throughout the day. I provide some great positive reinforcement books in our puppy handouts that has some great training ideas. Also, if you haven’t you can still utilize the Baxter and Bella training program. It’s such a great resource and training tool for our families. And you’ll get a great discount with our code if you do want to sign up (PINEWOOD).

I have an added challenge with Journey. I wasn’t thinking when I scheduled Joy to be spayed around the time all the pups went home. That means she is recuperating in her crate in the living room and Journey’s puppy pen is in the dining area. So when he fusses and cries, she gets upset and starts fussing in her crate and banging on the crate door. Moms don’t like when their babies are upset. Not great planning on my part, but we’ll get through this challenge too!

Lots of trips outside

Lots of play and interaction

Lots is snuggles

This didn’t happen until the afternoon (when he finally settled for a nap in his crate)

The new office dog❤️

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The second half of the day

As you saw on yesterday’s post, Journey went along on Puppy Delivery Day too. Yes, it would’ve been easier to leave him home, but I couldn’t pass up a great socializing opportunity for him. Since we live so far from “civilization” 😉 we don’t have a lot of opportunities to see people, hear city noises, smells and those other great socializing experiences.

But first, lunch with my sister <3

Since all the puppies had breakfast super early, I fed them an early lunch while I chatted with our puppy families. So when we humans were ready for lunch, Journey had already had his. I left him in his crate with water and toys and parked where I could watch the truck.

When I came back to the truck after lunch he had been sleeping and groggily opened his eyes and lifted his head when I opened the door. Then it was time for a quick potty break in the litter box in the back of the truck.

The humans parted ways and Journey and I continued on our trip.

Lowe’s was nearby so I pulled in a spot near the entrance, grabbed Journey and his blanket and headed to get a cart. (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby are just some of the pet friendly stores where you can take your puppy for some socializing).

I put Journey’s blanket in the bottom of the cart and set him in. He thought the leash was a great thing to play with.

When a puppy is not completely vaccinated we don’t want to put them down on the floor or ground out in public because of the fear of parvovirus. But it’s super important to socialize your puppy. This is pretty safe way to get them out to see some new sights, sounds, smells and such. And when you put a cute puppy in a cart and push him around a store, it’s like a magnet. People love puppies and will want to come meet your puppy. I didn’t have treats with me, but letting each person who comes to meet your puppy give them a treat teaches the puppy that humans are great!

This lady just loved and loved on him. He rolled over and laid there to get his belly rubbed. But of course the only pictures I got is this silly one.

I actually just went in the store to socialize him, but actually ended up finding something that I had been looking for!

He rode in the cart like he’d done it a million times, even with the noisy wheels and bumpy ride that only a grocery cart can make. He just stood up front in the cart taking it all. And got to meet a few people, which he thought was fabulous.

This Lowe’s employee even dug a little treat out for him at the check-out stand.

Then it was back to his crate as I had more errands to run. Of course, not everywhere I went was pet friendly, so he got a lot of crate practice throughout the day too.

I ended up cutting some stops off my list because I knew it was already going to be a long day for him.

By mid-afternoon is was dinner time for him. Meal times were messed up with the time change and our early morning breakfast. So I timed it to stop at Costco and give him dinner while I ran inside for a few things.

After I got back and unloaded the groceries, he had another potty break. He hopped right in and peed. He then went into the “potty dance” mode so I knew he had to make a deposit too. I kept telling him “go potty” as he hopped in and out of the box. And then he hopped back out and headed to the back of the bed where I couldn’t reach him and promptly pooped! Oh well, they can’t be perfect all the time. 😛

We had one more stop to make before we headed towards home. And this was another part of puppy socializing. A drive-thru experience with a treat at the end.

I always want my puppies to travel in crate (or a  doggie car seat with a harness is another option) to keep them safe in case of an accident.

So once I pulled into Starbucks parking lot, I stopped, got out and got Journey out of his crate and put him on my lap. This was only for the drive-thru part of the drive. We pulled up and made our order. Then putted around the corner to the window.

The ladies at the window were so excited to see him! One asked is she could run and grab her phone and take his picture. I wish I’d gotten it from her. It turned out so cute!

Then I slowly pulled back into the parking lot (never going out on the road) and stopped the truck to give him his treat; his first pup cup!

I asked for a very small one and then didn’t let him finish it as I didn’t want an upset puppy tummy. Boy, did he enjoy it!

Then it was back in the crate and back on the road. We still had about a two hour drive home and another stop closer to home to make.

We finally made it home about twelve hours after we had left that morning. It was a long day for a little puppy but he did great!

I had to take him out to potty with the flashlight since it was already dark. But he promptly peed and pooped!

Then he had some playtime with mama Joy before I tucked him into his puppy pen for the night.




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Farewell my little Vikings!

When my alarm went off at 5 am this morning and I got up to feed the pups their very early breakfast (I want them to get food in their tummies and let it settle before we hit the road) I noticed the clock on the kitchen stove said 4 am! Oh, that’s right my foggy brain remembered, the time changed. Ugh. 4:00 is too early!

I tried to catch a few more winks in between when I fed them, when I picked up the food and when I actually had to drag myself out of bed for real, so I could get chores done and hit the road on time.

That’s the moon peeking through the trees.

It was a beautiful, frosty morning.

And you can’t beat the drive along the river!

Precious cargo. The back seat is full.

Thankfully the drive went well and we made it to our destination. Then it was time to get the pups out for a potty break and to let them stretch their legs.

Yes, Journey came too.

I tucked the puppies back into their crates with food and water while I chatted with our families and went over puppy paperwork/instructions and answered questions. Then it was time to pass out some cuteness!






And we even got a group pictures. It was a fun group of families. I’ll share updates on these guys when I get some. Happy life puppies!

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The last day

I can’t believe it’s our last day and night with Sasha’s babies! How time flies. They are such good boys and I hope they make their new families very happy.

They had a pretty normal day with playtimes, meals and such.

The puppy bags are all ready and the truck is packed for our early departure.

Toenails were trimmed on Friday to save some time tonight because the boys all got baths so they’ll be fluffy and clean for tomorrow. (Although I can’t guarantee they won’t get into mischief and makes theirselves a mess before that!) 😉






And now they’re all tucked in bed unaware that I’ll be up before them tomorrow to serve them an early breakfast. 😉

Good night all!

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Please leave, winter

Wow, what a winter this has been. And it’s still shows no signs of being over.

Our winters usually start sometime in November. In my mind, Thanksgiving is my starting point for winter as that’s around when we usually get our first snow. And then it comes and goes throughout the winter.

This past November the snow came at the beginning of the month and just kept coming. There were no breaks and no melt-offs. The ground has been covered since then. And normally most of our snow is gone at our house by mid-March (around my twins birthday). Guess what? We still have tons of snow! It has started to melt in patches to give us hope of seeing spring. And then BAM, we get another storm.

Yesterday we had sunshine in the afternoon. But when I woke up early in the morning and looked out the window it was snowing. I mean, it is beautiful to see the flakes gently falling down and covering everything with a frosting. But one does start to get “cabin-fever” and the need to get outside after this many months of winter. And yes, we can go outside, but most of the ground and trails where we walk everyday to do chores or even around where the vehicles are parked is icy and slippery. And when I fall I don’t bounce like I used to 😛

On the bright side, the earth needs this moisture and winter can’t last forever!

Thankfully, there’s been some nicer days to get the pups outside for a potty/play break. And boy, do they enjoy their time outside.

Good potty, Rune!

We’re free!

Mom, I brought you something!

Puppy Protector

I found my own chewie, mom!

We have a deposit!👏

By the way, it’s snowing again this morning 😛 But at least we aren’t slammed like poor California! :O


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A busy, busy day

Yesterday was a busy day for the puppies and I! Besides getting puppies and paperwork ready for our vet visit in the afternoon, my niece and her hubby stopped by for a visit. My niece grew-up next door but now lives many states away. Her mom is “Sally’s” dog mom (our only Cavapoo in a guardian home. So sweet Sally came too and was a nice new visitor dog for the pups to meet.

The pups started getting sleepy while we chatted.

The kids left (yes, they’re still kids in my mind even though their grown-up, married adults now 😛 ) and I headed to get lunch for the pups and get myself ready for our trip to town.

Precious cargo loaded in the truck!

We made it safely to the vet and put all six in one crate to carry them in. Boy, they are heavy when combined!

Dr Jesse checked each puppy over thoroughly and exclaimed “Perfect!” after each one. (Well, except Journey who has a wee underbite at this age. Which is not uncommon for a smushy-nosed breed as the Cavalier.) But he’s still “perfect” <3

Then while the girls figure out our paperwork and charges, I took the pups outside for a potty break. This is where a pick-up comes in handy. The bed makes a nice, safe playground/potty area for the puppies to get some wiggles out and relieve themselves.

On the way home I made a quick stop at our little grocery store to grab a few things. The pups stayed in their crate in the backseat with a blanket over them. I don’t want people to know there are adorable puppies in my truck. 😉 And it wasn’t too hot or too cold for them to sit in there a few minutes while I ran inside. Another great crate training practice session for them. Then we drove the rest of the way home. The pups were great for the whole travel time. They only fussed a few minutes when we first left home, then settled right down.

By the time we arrived home, it was dinner time. Plus I knew the pups were due for another potty break. So I took them into the backyard again to have an al fresco dinner, potty break and give them a chance to stretch their legs a bit before going inside for the evening.


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So many sous-chefs

Sometimes there are just too many cooks in the kitchen. Tuesday, I introduced my mini sous-chefs to it. The kitchen was a busy place after they settled in and started exploring their new play place. And no, they didn’t actually do any cooking. 😉 Although they did make a mess and I had to sweep and mop at the end of the day. Puppies are such messy creatures.

Aunties standing watch.

I guess I wore my cooks out. ❤️

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