Our youngest group

Sky’s pups are now four weeks old and getting cuter by the minute! They are enjoying their puppy pen, using their UGOdog litter box, love snuggling with mom and starting to get a bit more playful and interactive.

Our little blenheim girl is finally over a pound too! Happy day! She’s cute as a button!

“Shane” (female apricot)

2# 11 oz

“Oliver” (male apricot)

2# 15 oz

“Rita (blenheim female)

1# 6.8 oz

“Norman (apricot male w/blaze)

2# 5 oz

Oh, and it looks like Shane, Rita and Norman will all have some blue in one or both eyes. I believe Oliver’s will be kind of brownish/hazel colored.

And if they look a bit wet, well they were. Nothing like crawling through the water dish right before it was time for pictures!


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Like a family reunion

Sage’s puppy delivery day was a big undertaking, but it went off smoothly and was actually super special. Five of the ten families were there to pick up their second Pinewood puppy!!

It was so good getting to see their faces again and hearing how the first, now-grown pups were doing within the family. A couple of the families were even able to bring their grown Pinewood dogs with them so that made the day extra-special! It was so good to see them all grown up and so happy!

It was a beautiful morning to start with.

I got there early so the pups could all get out of their crates and have a potty break

Then they went back in their crates in the truck with food and water while I got ready to meet their families.

We went over all the puppy paperwork, instructions, answered questions etc, then it was time to hand over these darlings to their new families! The best part of my “job”. <3

Potato with his family and big sister Klinger. (Klinger was from our *MASH litter a few years ago. Parents are Faith & Sundae)

Tortilla, now Max was the second Pinewood Pup for his family. Waiting at home for him is Tucker, formally Michael from “The Office” litter.

Sweet Muffin, now know as Willow being cuddled by her happy new “mom”.

Pita, now Charlie with his happy new family!

Matzah, now Kobe had a big surprise at home with some very surprised children who didn’t know about him! <3

Scone (new name undecided) has three new “sisters” who immediately fell in love with her. (Children’s faces hidden for privacy)

Biscuit, (name to be decided) will be joining big “brother” Babu at home. Babu was Tinsel from a Reba & Dickens litter several years ago.

Bagel, (name to be determined) with his grateful family is also a second Pinewood pup. Brother Toby, formerly Blue from the “cheese” litter almost three years ago. (Parents; Treasure and Clancy).

Baguette, now Aspen is joining big sister, Lily another Pinewood pup. Lily was Jennette from the aunts/uncles litter from Sage and Clancy two years ago. So these girls are full sisters!

Sourdough, now Apollo with his happy new family!

It was a great day for sure! Happy life, puppies!❤️

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My little angels

Amber’s “angels” turned seven weeks old yesterday, but since I was busy in Spokane all day delivering Sage’s pups (and doing a bit of visiting and shopping; more about that later), I’m a day late in posting about them.

They are a happy, playful bunch!

Here are their official portraits for the week.





And believe it or not, this is our last week with this bunch too! Two Sundays in a row delivering puppies to excited families! How fun is that?! But in the meantime we’ll continue to work on crate and potty training, getting them used to be apart from each other, handling them, introducing them to the clicker and whatever else we can think of to get them a good start for their new families to continue with.


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Saturday snapshots

Just a few pictures from today since it extra busy.

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A long day

Yesterday was a long day as Sage’s ten puppies went to the vet for their health exams. (In fact, it was such a long day that I forgot to finish this blog post and share it yesterday :P) Their morning was normal with breakfast, naps, playtime, then lunch. Then they went outside one last time to potty before being loaded into the truck for the journey to the vet’s office.

There was a bit of fussing after they were loaded and we headed down the road, which is pretty normal. Then they quiet down and naps for most of the journey. About twenty minutes down the road, hubby called and since I was chatting with him over the speaker on the truck, the pups heard the humans talking and someone started to complain again. I don’t know who it was, but I have my suspicions, although names are hidden to protect the guilty…hehe 😉 Finally that pup settled down again and the ride continued until we arrived and got checked in at the vet.

They were running a bit late so we waited our turn, then the doctor carefully examined each puppy.






Waiting their turn







Two plus hours later, the pups were done, given a break in the back of the truck to stretch their legs and potty, put back in their crates in the truck with food and water and we headed for home!

And now we are getting things ready for this big crew to head home on Sunday!

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Any Hallmark fans here? I’m a sucker for a good Hallmark movie. A few years ago I watched a movie called, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, not realizing it was a series. So then I had to watch the whole series. It’s super sweet.

And I’ve been waiting for a litter with four pups; two boys and two girls to name them after the movie’s main characters. So meet….

“Shane”~apricot female

2# 1 oz

“Oliver”~apricot male

2# 4 oz

“Rita”~blenheim female

14.9 ounces

“Norman”~apricot male w/blaze

1# 12 oz

As you can see little Rita is still tiny, but she’s growing, just at her own pace. She has a mean cowlick/mohawk on her head that couldn’t be tamed with the strongest bottle of doggie hair gel (if there were such thing). But it gives her some character. She will likely stay here a bit longer that the other pups because of her small size. But we’ll see how the next few weeks go and decide later for sure.

These pups will be matched on Sunday, October 16th and go home on Sunday, November 6th. And normally I would add “with families from our waiting list”. But so far I’ve only had one family out of a substantial waiting list, reach out and ask to be added to Sky’s list for puppy matching!

So if you’re not on our waiting list and wanting a puppy please follow the blog to keep up on news of possible “available” puppies.

Those families already on our waiting list have until Friday, October 14th at noon to be added to the list. So if we have extra puppies I will likely post about it that Friday or Sunday after matching. The applications will not be on the website until then.



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Helpful hints

This is an old post but it bears repeating with all the puppies going home soon!

Puppy training is an ongoing process. And though we try to give the puppies a good start, it’s ultimately up to the new “paw-rents” to finish socializing and training their new puppy. And since we have lots of puppies going home on the next two weeks I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Be prepared for noise. Your new puppy has just left its mom, littermates and the only home its know. It’s a transition and some puppies make the adjustment easily and other take a few more days to settle in.

The main thing is to give your puppy consistency, boundaries and routine. Many people make the mistake of giving their puppy way too much free rein in the house too soon. And then wonder why potty training isn’t going well.

If someone is not actively watching the puppy then it should be in its containment area. The containment area (we like to use the taller Iris pen) is something you should have set up for your puppy before they come home. (We also include a small crate, a small litter box, water dish and toys inside the pen). This is your puppy’s “bedroom” for all intents and purposes. The containment area is a safe place for your puppy to be when you are busy or away from home.

But your puppy will not like being alone in his containment area or crate during crate training time (meals, naps, bedtime, etc). They want to be with their people! And they will tell you all about their displeasure! Some will vocalize a constant whine, some with loud barking, some with varied sounds to get your attention.

And the hardest thing to do (especially if you have kiddos in the home) is to ignore the cries and fussing. We all want to comfort and cuddle a crying puppy. But all you do is reenforce the behavior when you reward it. The puppy has just trained you!

The key thing to remember is to ignore the behaviors that you don’t want to see repeated and reward the behaviors that you want to reenforce. For instance, if my puppy is in the pen (my puppy training pen is usually set up in the dining area) and I’m working at the kitchen table and it sees me and starts fussing and whining, I’m might just put my headphones on and keep working ignoring that fuss but keeping an eye on the puppy. As soon as I see the puppy settle and quiet down (even if it’s just for a few seconds), I’m going to get up, scoop up the puppy and give it some attention.

I have some things I use and suggestions for you that might make the transition and training periods a bit easier.

If I’m crate training a puppy or getting them used to their puppy pen, sometimes just putting a blanket over the crate or the front of the pen will help calm them. They can still hear you moving about, but can’t see you.

Sometimes keeping a radio or music on low near the puppy will help.

If you use essential oils at all, I would suggest a diffuser with lavender. I like Young Living oils and they have one blend in their animal line called T-away that can be helpful. Both of these are safe around dogs. Please make sure you’re using a quality oil from a reputable company and not just a cheap one from Walmart (which make contain additives or other ingredients).

I’m a big fan of a family company called Rowe Casa Organics. I use many of their products on myself (no, I don’t get a bonus for giving them a shout-out) I just love their products. They actually have one specifically for dogs called “Doggie Calming Spray”. This is another thing that might be helpful for your puppy during the transition time.

And lastly, if you live in an apartment where you’re sharing a wall with a neighbor, you might let them know you have a new puppy coming and gift them a little something for their patience and understanding. (I don’t drink, but I know some people have given a bottle of wine. Or you might like a bunch of flowers, maybe a little gift basket or gift certificate to a local eatery).

Anyways the important thing to remember as I mentioned is consistency, routine and boundaries, also patience and knowing that this stage will pass if you stick with the routine and training.

And one last warning….do not, I repeat do not scoop that crying puppy up the first night and put it in bed with you! You’ll regret it and will have ruined everything that the puppy has been taught. And then it’s back to square one all over again!

You can do this! 😀

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Glory update

As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s so hard to say goodbye to my retiring adults, but when I get updates like this, it’s make my heart happy (and my eyes water) to know how great they are adapting.

After first getting a note that they arrived home safely, a couple days later, I got this note….

“Glory figured out how to pee in the yard – yay! And this morning after breakfast she pooped in the yard – also yay!  We put the crate in our bedroom since she finds it to be a safe place but once we turned the lights off to go to bed, she was pretty  confused and kept walking around the room.  Rosie was already up on the bed to go to sleep and we lifted Glory up (she wasn’t ready to try to jump up on the bed) and within a few minutes she laid down and went to sleep next to Rosie – in the spot that Jules used to take – and slept all night with us.  Surprise – that’ll be the norm now.

They’re both sleeping on a little rug next to my desk, happily snoring away.  She’s acclimating really well and quite quickly.  She’s smart – sees how things are done and follows up like a trooper.”

Here are a couple of pics.

Then another update came in last night…

“Just a quick note to let you know that Glory has completely settled in.  She handles the stairs to our bedroom and my office really well and within a day she figured out how to jump up on the bed and get down again so now she sleeps on the bed along with Rosie. They eat twice a day and she never turns down a meal.  We give her tiny treats and she knows the drill:  when either “G” or I go out the front door, she jumps on the sofa with Rosie and stands up to get a good-bye treat and when we come back, she’s back up on the sofa to get a welcome home treat.  The two of them are thick as thieves – you can’t love on one without the other moving in quickly for equal time.  She sometimes gets confused, mostly because there is still so much to investigate in our house, but we have rapidly fallen deeply in love with her and are so happy she’s here!

Thanks again and I’ll send photos over time.  Tomorrow “M”, our youngest, is coming for dinner so he’ll meet her and make friends.  In two weeks we have “G’s” 75th bday party and “G” is coming in from LA and my brother & sister-in-law are coming from Chicago so she’ll have new people to meet.  Life is good so far.

Much love, “E”




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Cutie patooties!

Amber’s Cavapoo pups turned six-weeks-old today! They are just little cutie-pies. So sweet, just like their mom and big (half) sister, Sally.

Today we went for a big adventure to the garden. They ran and played, chewed on grass, check out the chickens, visited their “cousins” (Sage’s puppies) in their play place and chatted with the big dogs too!

And here are their “portraits”.


4# 5 oz @ 6 weeks


3# 14 oz @ 6 weeks


3# 15 oz @ 6 weeks


4# 8 oz @ 6 weeks


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So blooming cute!

Well aren’t they just about the cutest things ever?! Sage’s pups posing in the garden for their seven-week-old pictures!


4# 9 oz


5# 12 oz


4# 2 oz


3# 12 oz


4# 8 oz


5# 6 oz


5# 12 oz


5# 5 oz


4# 8 oz


5# 8 oz

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