Cuddle those Cavapoos!

Yes, our Cuddle Cavapoos have arrived! Aurora graced me with a daytime delivery on Monday. She has five beautiful babies. (She had six but we lost one).

I was surprised when the first one was born. It was so tiny compared to Aurora. I really thought these bigger sized Cavapoo pups would weigh a lot more. But they came out the same size as our average-sized Cavapoo pups do at birth!  In fact, I think Gracie and Sage may have had some bigger ones at their births. These pups do have the potential to grow bigger though so it will be interested to see how the next few weeks play out as they grow and develop. I’m excited for the process!

I was a little concerned with such little puppies that they’d be in danger of being squished or stepped on by their large mom as she got up and down or moved around. But Aurora has been very good with them. Mostly the only time I have to help is when she gets up and lays down away from them. We have her in a big kiddie swimming pool and there’s a lot of space for her, but is seems ginormous for the little puppies to navigate. So I “help” by placing them back by mom when she moves.

This second one came out and I thought it was a tricolor until it started to dry and I held it up to the light. It’s actually a dark sable parti.

In fact, all three dark puppies are sables. All the pups are parti (meaning a color with white patches). We have two Blenheim boys and two sable parti girls and one sable parti boy.

Actually if you want to get technical, they are sable phantom parti. (A phantom in Poodle terms has the lighter cheek patches, eyebrow, under the tail etc.) You can see it well in this picture.

But all sables will lighten up, some more than others. Here is a picture of Aurora as an eight-week-old puppy. Her muzzle would’ve been darker in the picture but it was shaved for her puppy groom. As an adult she is now more apricot looking but her ears has kept some of the darker color.

Addendum….My poor brain forgot to mention that we are starting the litter list for anyone on our Cavapoo waiting list that is interested in this litter. The puppy matching day will be Sunday June 14th and pups will go home on Sunday, July 11th. Remember these are the larger Cavapoos expecting to mature in the 25-40 lb range. This is only an estimate that I have gotten from fellow breeders of the larger Cavapoos. Since this is our (and Aurora’s) first litter we don’t have any past pups to know their mature weight/height might end up being.

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Gracie’s litter list

Here are the names of the people that have been asked to be added to Gracie’s litter list that we will be matching this Sunday. These names are in order as they are on the main waiting list.

I will start at the top and work my way down with phone calls. I’ll be honest though, the pups will probably go to the first five people at the top of the list since these are our most requested color. Although occasionally someone that I reach out to will pass if their “favorite” puppy was already picked or they want a certain gender which have all been matched.

So if those top people can please be close to their phones Sunday morning that would be super helpful. And make sure your voicemail is not full and that I have a current, working phone number. If I can’t reach you, I can’t match you with a puppy.

  • Vicki S
  • Katrina G
  • Stephanie B
  • Kim L
  • Grant N
  • Cindy C
  • Jennifer L
  • Beverly W
  • Lauren M
  • Monica S
  • Rebecca E
  • Manu C
  • Jenise S
  • Kim W
  • Kelsey E
  • Shawn M
  • Sara S
  • Tasha B
  • Pamela R
  • JoAnn K
  • Sheena H
  • Rupa N
  • Pamela V
  • Nataliya S
  • Delaney L
  •  Deanna F
  • Jessica S
  • Chloe L
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So big!

Gracie’s puppies are growing up so fast! We will be matching these pups this coming Sunday with families on our waiting list! (I will post another post with the names we have on the litter list in the order that they are on the main waiting list so everyone knows where they are at in the calling process).

We did pictures yesterday and we did them outside because the area in the house where I usually take pictures is now occupied by Aurora and her family.

Bunny~3# 10 oz

Easter~3# 15 oz

Cadbury~3# 13 oz

Jelly Bean~3# 12 oz

Peeps~3# 8oz

And they got to meet Cajsa and check out the funny green stuff on the ground.

From my observations at this point, it seems that Jelly Bean and Cadbury are our most adventurous and outgoing pups. The other three take a bit more “warm up” time to dive into something new. It will be fun to see them in the next few weeks as they all become more playful and silly.

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Rest, recharge and restart

Saturday hubby went to church then for a hike with friends. I had church online at home because I couldn’t leave Aurora. The day was quiet and restful. I even took a nap!

And I got to hang out with all these cutie pies! <3

But then Sunday the new week started and it was back to work!

Gracie and her babies were needing more room. So we packed up their little suitcases and moved them upstairs into bigger quarters. Here they were introduced to their first crate which they’ve been sleeping in for naps and at night.

The back of the pen is partitioned off and the litter boxes are close to the opening of the crate for easy access. Once they are a bit older, we’ll take the partitions out and move the litter boxes into the back corner of the pen.

Then I moved Sage and her big bunch into Gracie’s old “apartment” (the small puppy pen). With most average-sized litters I don’t move them into the puppy pen until they are around three-weeks-old. They kind of get lost in all that space. But Sage was needing more room.

And you can see I did not introduced them to the litter box quite yet as they are still awful young. I placed potty pads over the floor of the pen with a big bed. This is about the only time I use potty pads on the “floor” for puppies. They’ll soon be introduced to the UGOdog litter box system.

And that’s how we got the week rolling! And of course, Monday we were in the labor and delivery with Aurora. More details on that soon!

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Sage’s bunch

Sage’s babies are two weeks old today! They are all plump and growing like weeds.

I tried to get a couple group shots with them all lined up, but they kept wiggling around so this is the best I could do.

Then I had to snap a few more pictures because they’re so stinking cute!

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Today is the day set aside to remember mothers around the world. <3

And today I want to remember our canine moms, some retired and some still here. <3

Without them we wouldn’t be able to share all these adorable puppies!


(Not pictured; Zoey, Ivy, Bunny, Belle, Maggie, Buttercup, Fancy, Lizzy…and I’m probably forgetting someone…)

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Not too adventurous yet

Gracie’s babies are not too adventurous het when I put them out on the blanket. But they’re such cute. And pretty soon they’ll be all over the place!

Yep, poop happens. But at least she missed my shoe!


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Is she or isn’t she

I thought I saw “something” when we did Aurora’s ultrasound about a month ago. But I had been starting to doubt whether she really was pregnant or not?

She has a tiny belly that’s slightly rounded but nothing obvious. Granted she is a larger dog and she’s never had babies before so all those abdominal muscles are tight and holding things in place well.

I mean look at that dog! She doesn’t look like a mom that’s due to have puppies anytime soon!

But the other day as I was rubbing her belly I thought I felt something move. And then we pulled out the ultrasound machine and looked again just to make sure. And well, she is definitely pregnant!

I don’t think she has very many babies in there but at least she has some. And I’m super excited to see what she has! This will be our first litter of the larger sized Cavapoos (Cuddle Cavapoos as they’re called).

Although I’m starting to doubt my sanity in getting such a large Poodle for these larger Cavapoos. My house is just not big enough! Since the other moms are in the living room (and they’re not really good “friends” with Aurora. She usually hangs out with the boys in the boy yard when they’re outside. And she has her own “room” in the dog house) we have her large crate set up in our dining room by the back door. And once the puppies start coming we have a large kiddie swimming pool for her to hang out in with her puppies. We’ll probably put an exercise pen around it so she has some privacy from the other moms coming in and out the back door. And in order to have the room (although it will still be tricky making it work) we had to move the dining table at a weird angle and removed all but two of the dining room chairs.  Dog breeders due weird things to accommodate their dogs. We can’t be considered “normal” people. ;P

But she’s settling in, had her bath, tummy shaved only (because my clippers till aren’t working well enough to groom the whole dog) and getting lots of love. Seriously this dog would sit all day on my lap if I’d let her. She is the sweetest (large) lap dog ever!

Now it’s just a waiting game!

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Little darlings

Lyric’s little darlings are two weeks old. They’re smaller than what Gracie’s pups were at this age, but still little chunks in their own right. And absolutely darling!

Some of them are starting to open their little peepers. And by next week’s pictures they will all have their eyes open.

Lyric is still being a wonderful mother. Although she is enjoying longer breaks away from them. When she goes outside to potty I sometimes find her sunning herself on the back step. And she’s putting on some weight thanks to our puppy pudding (I guess I should call it mama pudding). She happily laps up each bowlful and licks the dish clean!

The puppies got their weights checked and they are ranging from 13.8 ounces (Sonata) to 1# (Cadence) with the rest in between those two. I trimmed their sharp, tiny toenails, did their ENS (which ends on day 16) and gave them all collars.

Cadence is red. Melody is blue. Chord is orange. Harmony is purple. And Sonata is pink.

Okay, everyone look to the right. 😉


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Four week old cuteness

Gracie’s babies turned four weeks old and they just keep getting cuter (if that’s possible)!

I gave them bigger collars because the small ones are getting close to being too small. Now the bigger ones are a bit loose but hopefully they’ll work okay until they fill them out. Everybody has the same color except Easter, who went from purple to purple/blue/pink combo because that was the closest color I had.

They had their toenails trimmed, weights taken, another dose of de-wormer done and got to do a bit of exploring on the fuzzy blanket on the living room floor while I cleaned their pen. They’re not super adventurous yet, but the next week that should change.

And I switched out the UGOdog litter box for the big box with wood pellets. The side nearest the bed is cut down for easy access of little toddler legs.

2# 14 oz

3# 2 oz

3# 2 oz


2# 13 oz

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