Autumn update

It’s always harder for me to place an adult in a new home then it is those sweet, adorable puppies! I know puppies will quickly adjust and bond with their new families. With an adult (even a young adult like Autumn, Amber’s sister) it’s a bit more difficult as all they’ve known is us and our little country home.

I met Autumn’s new family just about a week ago when they met me on puppy delivery day after all the pups got matched up with their families. Autumn was nervous, but this seemed like the perfect home for her. Her new mom seemed to love her instantly.

I’d been thinking about her and meant to check-in when one morning I got this wonderful update. (It made my eyes water ’cause I’m weird like that).

I just wanted to let you know she is doing great!!  She is the sweetest, cutest little dog ever!!  She loves to sit on my lap (it is expected when we come in from going potty – cuz she needs to get warm!). She is eating well and hasn’t had any accidents after the first day.  She sleeps quietly in her crate all night.  She did the same when we drove back to the west side.  I haven’t heard her bark yet.  Thank you for such a perfect little dog!!”


I love how she sits up like that!


Sweet girl! ❤ I’m glad she’s happy and settling in to her new loving home!

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A lull

Amber’s pups are due anytime. Nobody had come in season or been bred after her. But I’ve been checking and four girls have come in season just in the past few days.

This means after Sky and Hazel’s pups go home in mid-November, Amber’s pups will be the only ones here for several weeks.

If the girls that have just come in season get pregnant, they will all be due around Christmas which will be about the same time that Amber’s pups will go home!

This always seems to happen. If they would’ve held off just a wee bit longer I would’ve had a puppy-free break! As it is there will be a bit of a lull as having just a few pups from Amber shouldn’t be too much work. No rest for the weary! 😉

*Past puppies for cuteness❤️

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In case you missed it

If you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out! I love following my Pinewood pups on Instagram and seeing them in pictures and videos every day. I also love sharing pictures, videos, and stories on my account. It’s easy, just search for “pinewoodcavapoos” and follow the fun. And don’t’ forget to watch stories when we post those once in a while.

Since some of you aren’t on Instagram I thought I’d share some of our Saturday afternoon fun that was on our story (although it’s not as fun when it’s not in story format).

Sleepyhead was too tired to walk to the blanket to sleep.

Sorry, the pictures aren’t really clear. It was afternoon and the lighting wasn’t the best but we had fun just the same!


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How do I find the waiting list

This question comes up sometimes so I thought I’d give a refresher course on how to find the list on the website for those who might be new to us or for those who just don’t know where it’s at.


It’s that easy!

New names will be added as new people join the list. And the list will be revamped each time we have a batch of puppies that are matched with their new families.

I hope this is helpful! 😀


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Playing around

All of the pups are having fun playing together. It’s nice to have the two litters so close in age so activities can be done together!

All set! Just add puppies.

So much fun!

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Amber is getting quite round in the tummy area although she is not huge. And since this is her first litter I have no past litter experience to compare too. I just hope she’s as good of a mom as her mom, Allie was.

I’m excited to see what these babies will be since it’s my only Allie daughter and Justice’s last litter. We know for sure that they will be in the cream, apricot, or possibly red colors.

She is on day 58 from the first breeding. Sixty-three days is average but since we don’t know when she actually ovulated (we don’t usually do progesterone testing which pinpoints that) we can’t know exactly when she conceived and she was breed more than one time. So basically she could whelp anytime between tomorrow until around the 28th. Although I don’t think she’ll go that long!

She’s very relaxed laying here next to me and I’m hoping later today to give her her pre-whelping “spa” treatment. I asked hubby to bring the big whelping crate inside for me too so I can get that ready and let her start sleeping in it at night.

We’ll see how the next few days go! 😀

(Pictured with sister Autumn)

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Adults too

You guys know that after Puppy Delivery Day I sometimes go shopping. No, not for me but for the dogs. I’m weird like that. I’ve never been a big shopper for myself. I’d much rather buy my horse a new blanket or my dog a new toy. 😉

Two of my favorite haunts for dog shopping are a second-hand store called Value Village and Ross. If you haven’t perused through Ross’ pet section before you’re missing out! Of course, it’s hit or miss sometimes. But when they do have a good selection of toys and such, they really are a bargain especially when you compare them to a regular pet store or even someplace like Wal-Mart.

I found a few more beds so they don’t have to share. And some shampoo I like.

I love these small dishes for puppies when we’re crate training. And I found some healthy treats too!

Okay, I did get a couple of toys for puppies.

But most of the basket was toys for the adults (and a couple for Cajsa).

The other day was definitely a “hit”! And mainly for the big dogs. I’ve been stocking up on more durable toys for the adults for wintertime since they’ll be spending more time inside their “house”.

We (okay, my husband did it, but it was my idea) built a kennel building or the dogs’ “house” as I call it for the adult dogs since they don’t all fit in our home. It’s where they sleep at night, have dinner, get groomed and hang out when the weather is bad. So when they’re cooped up in the wintertime you have to keep them entertained and busy (just like kids!)

(Well, I was going to show a picture of the toy box that’s filling up but forgot to get a picture.)

I think I’ve got a good stash now. 😉 And thats not all since they already have some to play with. Now I have enough to rotate around and makes things more interesting. 🙂

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