I thought it would be easy

I thought I’d match the two boys from Amber’s litter easy enough that I’d just do my regular contacting people on my list and get it done quickly. My plan was to start the new puppy matching process with the new litters coming up in December.

But I’m running up against my normal reactions. Some people don’t respond to emails, some don’t respond to phone calls, lots of people only want girls, some want a different color, some have busy holiday plans (I get that!), and my favorite response “Oh, we got a puppy months ago from another breeder”…….

These boy are going home on December 22nd. That is only eleven days away! Apricot (the smaller guy with the white spot on his head) has been matched for almost a week.

Peach still needs his forever family.

ezy watermark_04-12-2019_03-27-13pm

If you are already on my Cavapoo waiting list (Please don’t contact me if you’re not), you would like a beautiful, bouncing baby boy in a wavy, apricot coat and can meet me in Spokane on Sunday, December 22nd in the morning to pick him up, please contact me ASAP either by phone (509-722-6008) or email (please use the original email thread that you and I have been corresponding on, not a new one). Do not respond that you are interested on the actual blog post.

If I get several people responding we will go with whoever is highest on the list that is the best situation for this guy. (If you have thirty people coming to your house on Christmas this may not be the best time to bring home a puppy).


***UPDATE***Thank you all for reaching out! Peach has been matched with his forever family and is no longer available.

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Weekend fun

Puppies love to play! We had fun over the weekend playing in the puppy room and when our nearby family stopped by to see the puppies. (Sorry, some the living room pictures were after dark so the pictures aren’t really clear. Plus there is a lot of movement going on with the whole pack in there!)

So much crazy fun!


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Santa will be busy

It’s been fairly quiet around here with just Amber’s three pups and Lyric and Asher to work with. But that will be changing soon.

A whole bunch of people apparently have contacted Santa and his sleigh is going to be extra full this year. I’ve heard whisperings that he’s dropping off a bunch of puppies at our house! In fact, I think he’s even hired some extra elves to help with the delivery because the deliveries could start showing up a bit before Christmas and all the way into the first of the new year.

It looks like it’s going to be another crazy winter!

I know you’re not supposed to peek inside Christmas packages, but I’m going to let you in on the secret and tell you what we’re expecting Santa to bring.


Package number one; Cavapoos  wrapped in black, black and tan and/or tricolor.


Package number two; Cavapoos wrapped in red and/or apricot (with possibly a bit of white)


Package number three; Aussaliers wrapped in blue merle and/or tricolor wrappings


Package number four; Miniature purebred Poodles wrapped in surprise packages! Possibilities could black, cream, apricot, red, merle, phantom (black and tan) or any of those colors in parti; meaning white base with color spots (think “cow” puppies).


And the final expected package; our first ever F1b Cavapoos in parti packages of possibly sable, phantom, black, cream, and/or red.

We will be starting our new puppy matching process with these litters. (I will send an email out to everyone on the list so they are aware of the new process). So with that in mind if those of you on our waiting list are interested in any of the possible “packages” please check your calendars and schedules. The puppy delivery date for these pups will most likely be February 23rd and March 1st. (That could change depending on when the “gifts” arrive but those are the most likely dates.

P.S. Can someone tell Santa to send some extra elves to stay here and help me?

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A Guardian Home

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is an adoptive home where a breeder might place a puppy (usually for free) that they are hoping to someday add to their breeding program. The guardian home must be within a certain distance of the breeder and work closely with the breeder. This will be the pups’ forever home and lives with its family throughout its life, just visiting the breeder for a “date” with the potential stud muffin and whelping of the litter. Once the female (male dogs may be placed in guardian homes also) is finished with motherhood she is spayed and retired with her family. It’s actually a great partnership if you find the right family.

We have always had all of our dogs here with us, because frankly I love having my dogs with me. But having some in guardian homes would be nice since they would be placed in their forever homes from weaning on.

But since we live in the boondocks it’s almost impossible to put any of our dogs in guardian homes because the closest potential families are at least two hours away.

Until now.

I’ve been taunting my sister-in-law (our nearest neighbor) with the idea of a puppy for a year or so. They had a fun little PomChi for about ten years but unfortunately lost him a couple years ago.

Well, she finally decided that it was time for a new puppy.

So our sweet Mango will be going home with her soon. And hopefully when she grows up she’ll have some gorgeous red and apricot F1b Cavapoos for us.

She’s been a more frequent visitor to our house lately for some strange reason. 😉

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Short Hair

We had our first professional grooming appointment this week and it went well. I’ve already got a few more scheduled to go back in next week. This week it was Reba, Lyric, and Rumor.

Rumor had been groomed this summer by me so he was just a little long. Reba looked like a shaggy farm dog, and Lyric had puppy coat going wild all over the place! It was time.

The shop is located in a cute old building in a teeny town about thirty minutes from us. I was able to drop the dogs off late in the morning, head on into our “big” town (another fifteen minute drive passed this one), do my shopping, met my girlfriend after she got off work around 12:30 to sit and visit for a bit, then headed back towards the groomer and home. It worked out really well.

When I arrived to pick up the dogs, Rumor was running around the shop like he owned the place, very happy with himself while the groomer was working on a cute terrier.

Reba had this look like “mom, get me out of here and get this ridiculous bow off my head!” bhahaha!

The groomer/shop owner was very sweet. She said the “kids” did great! (I honestly thought Lyric would be scared and give her some trouble). They all looked nice; so clean and tidy (although I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I found a few wild hairs she missed and wish she had shaved their feet clean like a normal Poodle trim. I’ll talk to her about that next time). They were shaved pretty short, but I did tell her they were “farm dogs”. I’m hoping as we get on a consistent schedule that we can keep their hair a tad bit longer. But we had a good experience and plan on making this part of our grooming routine for the future.


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I love update/pupdates from our Pinewood families! And this one came from one of the young family members.

“Hi Jennifer,
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! We all gave thanks this year and I just wanted to thank you again for bringing this wonderful dog into our life! He is always walking around the house wagging his tail, he loves to sit on laps, and he is the dog I have always wanted!  My uncle dog sat him while my family and I were away and loves his personality and cuteness so much that he is now on the list for a Maximus Jr.!He has seen his litter-mate Sugar(previously known as Rachel) a couple of times in the past year. He loves to play catch and “chase me” me the most, but also loves many other games, for he is a very playful dog. Here are some picture of Maximus from the previous year:

Happy Holidays!”

(Maximus was formerly “Ross” from our “Friends” litter)




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Who is this at the back door?

And what is that all over that cute face?

Dirt, yep dirt!

Hmmm…what have you been up to, Asher?

But how can I be upset with that sweet, smooshy face? ❤️

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