I love nap time

Honestly, I wish I was talking about myself.

Remember being a kid and not wanting to take naps? And now as an adult, I would love to a nap because I rarely feel rested.

But alas, I’m referring to puppy naps, “teenage” puppies to be exact! (Anything past about ten weeks old gets called a teenager around here.) So along with the “littles” (all the current puppies in our litters) we have Lyric, Asher and Bonus to contend with. They’re still in the puppy training stage and during the day are mostly contained in the dining area. I block off the kitchen because it’s to tempting to sneak around the bar area and potty on the floor when mom’s not paying attention. And I block off the entrance to the living room because the moms do not appreciate bouncy teenagers coming near their homes and babies and tend to get defensive (which makes them sometimes step on puppies in their protecting mode).

The dining area is perfect for puppy training as the back door to the yard is in this room. So usually about every thirty minutes we are heading outside for a potty break. Sometimes it’s a quick trip in and out, and other times they want to run and play so they stay out longer.

We have three wire crates in the dining room for meals and nap times for the “kids”.

The three amigos sleep upstairs in the puppy room, but once morning comes they head out to potty and play first thing and then spend the rest of the day in the dining area. Once I get done with the morning chores, they are ready for breakfast in their crates (and a short nap). They’re in the crates for about an hour. Then it’s back outside to potty and back inside to play.

About noon to one o’clock they go back in their crates. Asher and Lyric are now on a twice a day feeding schedule, but Bonus still gets fed three times a day. But they all go in their crates (the big ones will get a small treat or something to chew on) and have another nap.

Then we repeat, back outside to potty and play, back inside to play (and distract me while I try to work) Man, can three teenagers get noisy when they play!

Dinner and back into their crates in the evening for some more quiet time. Then they are outside again to potty and get the wiggles out before they head to bed for the night.

(yes, covering the crate helps to settle them down, especially a new, fussy puppy. Right, Bonus?”)

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to nap time, though! 😉

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I haven’t talked about the doghouse addition for a long time because nothing much has happened. But finally some more progress has been made. I finally have hot, running water in the dog house! *happy dance*

The tub has been installed for a while and water was plumbed in but there was no faucet so the tub was just being used as a place to store my garden hose after I filled the horse trough.

Hubby had been doing some research and talked with a friend who had experience with the tank-less water heaters. He finally figure out which one we needed and got it ordered. Then on the last couple trips to town he picked up the plumbing parts and was able to get everything hooked up and running.

When we originally planned the wash area in the dog house I was still grooming all the dogs myself. So now that I’ve got a groomer taking care of all the Poodles and Cavapoos it’s cut down my grooming requirements. But I’ll still be giving baths and grooming Cavaliers. Plus, the big bonus is I now have hot water to wash dog dishes and water buckets and mop the floor! I normally have to haul a five-gallon bucket of hot water clear from the laundry room if I want to mop the dog house. This is going to make my life easier when it comes to dog chores in the dog house! Yippee!

Can you believe someone could be so excited about hot, running water? 😉

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The stair workout has started

I’d better firm up or loss weight now that I’ve started the stair-climbing exercises multiple times a day! (*reader scratches head…”What is she talking about?”)

Yep, we moved puppies again!

Last night the struggle was real. It was late already and I was tired, but I was determined to get everyone settled into their new homes before I quit for the day!

I fixed up three of the big puppy pens upstairs for Sage, Treasure and Mercy. Treasure and Mercy because they have the oldest pups and they are toddling around really well now. And Sage, because she is the biggest dog with the biggest litter.

Now, I don’t normally put a litter that’s not quite three weeks old yet into the largest puppy pen to start with, but the smaller pen wasn’t much bigger then the large crate they had been in. So instead of putting a crate in and a regular litter box, I lined the bottom of the pen with potty pads and put a bed in the corner for now. They are too young to get in and out of a crate yet especially if they get to far away from it.

In the other two larger puppy pens are Treasure and her pups and Mercy and her crew. They are mature enough to figure out how to get in and out of the crate and use the litter box. I had to improvise a bit with the litter boxes since the two UGOdog ones are downstairs in the smaller puppy pens. And at this age I want something that’s easy for them to get in/on and out/off of. So in one pen we have something similar to the UGOdog tray/grate system (excuse the ugliness of it, hubby used it to spray paint something on!) and a regular litter box with pellets but the side is cut down really low. In the next pen we have two of the small tray/grate systems. And after I took the pictures, I had hubby put up the temporary wire “wall” across from the crate to block off the back of the pen. I don’t want young puppies getting lost in the large space. Later we’ll take those out to give them more room.

Moving upstairs to their new home in a basket!

Once everyone was moved upstairs then it was time to clean out the small pens and move Oakley and Lucy into them. I realize that Lucy’s pups are the same age as Treasure and Mercy’s but since they are Poodles and smaller and more petite (and not moving around as much yet) I felt it was better that they stay in the smaller pen near the wood stove.

And Oakley got the other small pen since she has the smallest litter and makes frequent trips into the yard. (She is such an “outside” girl!) She spends as little time as possible inside. She takes care of the pups, feeds them then says, “Okay, let me out again!”

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Just cuteness

Today I will not bring you facts or information, just cuteness! ❤

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Phase one

Sunday was busy with three litters to photograph (then sort through the pictures, edit, watermark, label and add to the albums), weigh puppies, and trim nails.

I also have a goal of posting one blog post per day so I can include you all in on what goes on around here. Sometimes I write a blog and post it the same day. Some days I have several topics swirling in my head and I might be able to put two or three together and schedule them to be posted ahead of time. That’s always helpful when I know I might be away from home one day or have a super busy day planned.

Answering emails and responding to applications also takes part of each day. Sometimes they pile up a day or two (especially over my “rest” day) and it takes a while to respond to them all.

And then all the regular dog duties and moms that need tending to. Sometimes I feel like a waitress. “Oh, can I refill that water for you? Would you like more of the Unlimited Kibble that you ordered? No, I’m sorry, there is a limit on the special pudding/scrambled egg mixture. It’s one serving per (fur)person, per day. You need the ladies room? Let me open the door for you and show you where to go. (Five minutes later there’s a “knock” on the door). Oh, let me get that door for you!” And so goes each day….haha!

But Sunday, we had another activity planned. It was moving day! Thankfully, hubby is good about setting up the puppy pens. So he got both of the small puppy pens set up in the living room and two big crates got moved out to storage. Since Treasure and Mercy have the oldest pups (I know, Lucy’s are the same age but still pretty petite and the puppy pen may be too big a space yet) they each moved into a small puppy pen with their babies. Oakley then took over one of the larger crates. But she will be moving soon also. Her pups keep crawling out of the crate (and then can’t get back in!) so I have to keep “saving” them and get them back “home”.

It won’t be long and these two moms will transition to bigger pens and the other girls will take over their smaller pens. But for now they are all cozy, the older pups have now been introduced to the UGOdog litterbox and each litter is being introduced to a new toy each day.

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At about three weeks is the perfect time to start taking puppies out of their cozy spot away from mom and litter mates and doing some one-on-one time with each one for short periods of time.

This is to prepare them for the time when they will be weaned from mom and a bit later separated from the litter mates as they head to their new homes. It also helps to prevent separation anxiety in the future when they are in their new homes and their family has to leave them home alone to go to work or leave the house.

I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. 😉

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Fifteen to nineteen days

Our youngest litter (Sage’s F1b Cavapoos) turned two weeks old on Thursday so now all the litters are two weeks, plus.

They are growing and getting more active and vocal with their little squeaks and cries. I’ve even heard a little baby howl out of one of them!

This weekend’s project will be setting up the small puppy pens downstairs and starting to transition them into bigger areas. Some of them are starting to crawl a bit more. In fact, I’ve found an Oakley puppy and a Lucy puppy on the outside of the crate when the door was left open!

They’re getting their toenails trimmed weekly and at this point most of them are getting weighed just once a week now. Although since Lucy’s Poodle pups are still the smallest, I’ve still be weighing them almost daily. (I will probably be keeping them here a little longer to make sure they are of a substantial weight before sending them home.)

As the eyes and ears open, and the first puppy shows a “startle” reaction to a loud noise, we do an exercise called “Startle and Recovery”. Puppies at this age are not fearful, they just react, then quickly recover from loud noises. (We never want to scare them with a loud noise). It’s just a quick startle and recovery reaction from the puppy to get them use to loud noises and things later in life.

Here’s a short startle and recovery exercise. (Sorry, it’s sideways..)

(This is a previous litter that we videoed.)


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