Big and chunky

Glory’s singleton boy has turned four weeks old today! He is still big and chunky preferring to eat and sleep. I think I need to get him out on the floor more so he can practice walking around because he doesn’t seem to do much in his puppy pen when mom is there to give him his every need and desire.

He likes his belly rubbed!

And his back scratched. 😉

But mom doesn’t want to be away from him for very long so our “walks” are short-lived. I’m sure as he gets older he’ll move around more.

He looks good from all angles😍

He now weighs 3# 13 oz and he’s as cute as ever!


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Pupdate times four!

How amazing to get an update from not one, not two, but three puppy parents together! This was sent quite a while ago and I must’ve failed to post it! My bad! I marked these in my emails, but then as more emails come in they get bumped down the email list and I forget them. *sigh

These are Winter’s littermates and it was a celebratory one year birthday update.  (Like I said, I’m late!)

Such fun pictures and updates!

Hi Jennifer, the three of us wanted to provide you with a pupdate for Winters’ litter mates- Lexi, Nellie and Dash. Happy 1st birthday to all 4 of them!!

Lexi (aka Caramel)

Lexi has been a wonderful addition to our family of four. She is the best friend to our 8 and 11 year old kids, and hates to be too separated from any of us. She’s extremely food motivated which has made training fairly easy (such a cute handshaker) but we have to make sure we never leave any trace of food around or it will be gone. The second smallest in the litter, she now weighs 17 pounds. An energetic little pup, she loves to run, dig, share squirrels/rabbits/birds, pounce on branches, and play with other dogs. She’s well traveled, handling long road trips and flights with ease, enjoying east coast beaches and meeting our extended families’ pets. She enjoys trips around town and looks forward to daily school drop off and pick up routine. As soon as she sees us heading to the front door she jumps up and waits, tail thumping in excitement. When she tuckers out, she loves to cuddle with us and has the cutest, loudest sigh of contentment.

We really couldn’t imagine our family without her and sincerely appreciate all you do to raise, nurture and train these amazingly sweet fur babies.


Dash (aka Nougat)

Dash turned 1 today and we just love him. He brings us so much joy and cracks us up with his silly antics.

He loves to snuggle and give kisses but is also always up for any activity. Some of his favorites include going on runs, car rides, weekend trips, playing with other dogs, trying to engage the cats, and fetch – he can and will play fetch for hours. He fetches his favorite toy then brings it to us for a tug session. He growls like crazy but is so gentle.

He is a very smart athletic boy who loves to chase squirrels (we named him well) and play in the back yard (see the dirty dog photo!) He is quick to learn and knows lots of commands but sometimes chooses to ignore us, especially if a squirrel (or the remote possibility of a squirrel) is in the picture.

And he is so enthusiastic about everything. He has never met a dog or person he doesn’t like (we are still working on proper greetings!) When we come home he is beside himself with happiness and when we get ready for a car ride he is just thrilled. His happiness is contagious and we love it and him to pieces. You can’t be in a bad mood with Dash around!

It has been such a joy staying in touch with his siblings Lexi and Nellie’s families (sharing the joys and the challenges) and seeing what Winter is up to on your website. Thank you Jennifer for raising such sweet wonderful pups.

Ps: He was the smallest in the litter and now weighs 14.5 pounds


Nellie (fka Butterscotch)

Nellie is the most protective dog ever – even from Amazon, UPS and neighbors. Knows when she is needed and won’t leave my side. Learned all kinds of stuff from her big sissy-most not good but proves she can be a big dog too and there is no toy or bone she can’t destroy.

As she is currently laying by my side – I can’t even imagine making it thru last year without my best friend!


These are all littermates to our sweet, sassy, playful, gorgeous Winter. Winter is now (at close to 20ish months, 13″ tall and a bit over 14 lbs)

It was so fun getting this update and I’m kicking myself I didn’t share it sooner! Hope you all enjoyed seeing how this litter is doing!


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You guys know I tell you just about everything; good and bad. I’m pretty transparent as I want my dog families to know about their pups, how we raise them, the parent dogs and what goes on around here.

So I wanted to share openly about one of Sage’s puppies. I’ve waiting to share because we’ve been busy with just caring for the moms and pups here. And I wanted to get my vet’s opinion.

One of Sage’s pups was born with a small (what looked like) fluid filled “bubble” on it’s head. By the end of the day it didn’t look clear fluid-filled but had gotten a bit more flesh-colored and not transparent anymore.

I shared pictures with my breeder friends and my vet. My breeder friends didn’t sound to hopeful. One said her vet said those “puppies don’t make it”.

I checked her over for any other differences and didn’t see any. And this past week I was able to take her in to my vet for a thorough exam and get her opinion.

The two things we discussed were spina bifida and hydrocephaly. Although she really doesn’t have symptoms of either.

Spina Bifida is when the spine and spinal cord don’t develop properly but it’s usually lower on the back. Hydrocephaly usually gives the head a very dome-like appearance because of the extra fluid in the skull.

But the vet found nothing abnormal except her small “cyst-like” bump. She has no spinal deformities and her head is normal shape and size. The doctor gently checked the bump, the surrounding area at the skull and there was no opening in the skull at the bump. It’s in a different area then where the fontanelle (or soft spot) is in a baby (human or canine).The pup has no cleft palate. She is acting normal, crawling, nursing and gaining weight.

So at this point we don’t know what it is or if it will have any affect on her. We are just going to watch her growth and development and see how things go.

But if there are any vets out there that have seen something like this before or have any ideas please shoot me an email (instead of commenting on the blog;


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Well, guess what? We have a another dog confirmed  dog! Yep, another one. I told you this summer/fall was going to be crazy, busy!

Thankfully, by the time this litter is born, Glory and Sage’s pup will be old enough that they will be upstairs occupying the puppy room. Whew! That will make things a bit easier.

And when Sage’s pups and Glory’s pup are in the very busy stage of play, learn, potty training, socializing etc, the new litter will still be in the “easy to take care of” stage. The really busy stage comes about the time they move upstairs. So thankful even though we’ll have a lot of pups here at one time, they are spaced out enough to make it more manageable!

And who is expecting? It’s our beautiful cream parti, blue-eyed mini Poodle Sky! She has had some gorgeous blenheim puppies in the past because she was bred to our blenheim Cavalier Dickens. (I have a blog post coming soon about those past cuties!) But this time I decided to try our “new” guy, Niko. Why? Because we could get not only parti-colors (which body with red/apricot spots otherwise called Blenheim in the Cavalier breed) but we could be solid red or apricot with white on the chest, feet, faces (sometimes call mismarked or abstract in the Poodle world). Whatever color they come out I’m sure they’ll be stunning! (These will be F1 Cavapoos since mom is purebred Poodle and dad is a purebred Cavalier).


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The big batch

Well, we’ve survived the first week with our biggest litter ever! Each one is growing as they should be. Sage is doing an amazing job at mothering each one. The pups now range from the smallest (the black male) at 12.2 oz to the largest (the blue-collar merle male) at one pound.

Although yesterday I set up the puppy pen and moved them. She was getting too warm in the crate, which led her to dig up the bed so she could lay on the bottom of the crate which was cooler. The problem with that is some pups would end up on the bottom of the crate with her and the others would be sandwiched in the folded over bed! It makes it hard to sleep when babies are crying and you have to get up through the night (and day) to rescue puppies, straightened the bed and get everyone back together again; only to have it happen all over again!

I don’t usually move mom and babies into a puppy pen until they are closer to three weeks old. Puppies this age can get lost in such a big area. But something needed to change.

So we place a quilted pad over the bottom so their feet have traction and also because I don’t want little toes slipping between the grated floor of the puppy pen. Then I place a big bed on top of that. Hubby made a divider so the pups stay mostly on the bed and if Sage wants to have a cooler spot to lay or a break from the pups she can just step over the divider into her “mom zone”. This should get more air circulating and keep Sage more comfortable, but also still be cozy for the babies.

Sage is enjoying her “cool” space opposite the puppies.

Trying to get the whole group in one picture is a challenge and unfortunately means I can’t get a close up.

So here’s some close-up cuteness!



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A country song

There’s a country song sung by Brad Paisley called “Waiting On A Woman”. A young man sits down near an older gentleman at the mall (likely waiting for their wives) and the elder starts talking about “waiting on a woman” but how each time it was worth the wait.

Well, I’m waiting on a (dog) “woman” ….hehe

This girl (Amber) is due anytime. She’s patiently getting her temperature taken twice a day. And today is getting her pre-delivery beauty treatment. The picture was obviously taken this morning before her bath and groom. I’ll cut her hair short for easy maintenance and to keep her cooler when she had a bunch of babies snuggled against here.

And I’m sure the wait will be worth it in this situation too. This will be the first litter for our young, handsome Niko. I’m excited to see what these two will produce together. Between his vibrant red coat and her soft apricot we should see beautiful shades like either one or in between. These are F1 Cavapoos.

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Another pupdate

Since all of our current pups are still so young, I’m searching for things to share with you all. So I’m going back through some emails for more pupdates! I hope you love the pup-updates as much as I do!

“Oh Jennifer, I have enjoyed so much following your adventures over the 4+ years since I got Molly, formerly pansy of Noah and flower.
Consider this a pup date, small Cavapoo’s are fabulous. Molly topped out at 10.4 pounds. She was 3 pounds when I got her. She is posed here in front of the flamingos at the Marriott in Palm Desert; she travels very well.

Thanks again for raising my Molly for me.”

If anyone has sent me an update that I didn’t share, could you please send me a reminder email so I can share you pupdate?

Or if you’d like to share an update of your Pinewood pup or dog with a picture or two please email me!


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Big boy

This big boy turned three weeks old today! He’s still not interested in much other than nursing and sleeping. He doesn’t have much interest in humans or toys, which is all pretty normal for this stage of life. But I still smother him with kisses when I pick him up!

(2# 13 oz @ 3 wks)

I love that smushy face!

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Another sweet update on a pup. This one is one of our F1b Cavapoos from Sage & Clancy’s litter last winter.

Hi Jennifer,

A few photos of Brando the gentle giant. He is 6 1/2 months old in these photos in case anyone is wondering what an F1b cavapoo with a wavy coat looks like at 19 pounds and still growing. He is smart, sweet, loves his humans including the littlest ones and all dogs no matter their size. His coat has lightened considerably this last month, it is silky soft with almost no shedding. We are so happy he joined the family. ( We do however, keep all closet doors closed. He has a remarkable fondness for shoes, particularly flip-flops)
Best to you,”

And here is one of our baby pictures of him💙💙

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I know you’ve been waiting to hear more details about Sage. I usually like to wait a couple days and let mom and babies settle in.

So here’s the scoop!

Sage is the quietest deliverer ever it seems! She wasn’t necessarily restless, no panting, no digging. Just quietly did her thing. And thankfully she had a daytime delivery

The first pup arrived at 9:30 am and the last one came a little after four in the afternoon. I wish every mom was as uncomplicated as this girl. Push the pup out, clean it on, rest and then on to the next one. She doesn’t care that I’m in there with her making sure the pups are cleaned up, suctioned, dried off, breathing well and weighed and looked over. She’s very trusting of me.

And she is an overachiever! Sage gets the award for the biggest litter we have ever had! I don’t even think our German Shepherd litters we had years ago topped this girl.

Ten puppies! SHE HAD TEN PUPPIES!!

She had the first nine and I thought she was done.  In fact, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t that have been fun if she’d had one more puppy to make ten?” Then my next thought was, “No, we don’t need more. Nine is plenty!”

So I gave her a new bed and had her all settled in. Then about an hour and a half after the “last” puppy, I heard her licking again. I peeked in and there was number ten being cleaned up!

So Sage and I have our work cut out for us for the next two months. It’s going to be crazy busy around here!

So what did we get? Six apricots (in various shades) three boys, three girls; one black boy, three merles; two boys, one girl. (Girl ribbons are pink, white, yellow & purple. Boy ribbons are blue, green, gray, brown, red & gold.)

And now, I’m trying to keep this girl eating enough and producing enough milk for her brood. And weighing pups twice a day to make sure everyone is gaining and getting enough groceries. If I have to, I will be supplementing some of them.

And for those of you that are on our Cavapoo waiting list, please email me at (please don’t reach out via the blog post) if you would like to be added to Sage’s litter list for possible matching with a puppy. Puppy Matching Day will be Sunday September 11th and Puppy Delivery Day will be Sunday, October 2nd. Please don’t ask to be added if you are not available by phone on matching day or cannot meet in Spokane to pick up your puppy personally on pick-up day. And make sure you have time in your schedule for what a new puppy needs. Having a vacation or trip planned around the time a new puppy is coming home and then wanting someone else to watch (and train) your new puppy is not something that needs to happen.

And for those of you interested people following our blog, but not officially on our Cavapoo waiting list, please continue to follow along. We will post updates and progress on this litter as they grow and develop. And if we do not have enough people from our waiting list reach out with interest, then on Puppy Matching Day (Sunday, September 11th) we will share on the blog if we have any “leftover” pups that are still needing homes.

Thanks everyone! And now I need to go make Sage’s breakfast. She likes scrambled eggs with cottage cheese 😉




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