The home stretch

Seriously, you guys, this week snuck up on me. I looked at my planner and was floored to realize we’re on the home stretch. This is the last week with these little cuties! Of course, Kitty is staying on and Hoover will actually be staying for two more weeks in our Progressive Puppy Program since his family already had a vacation booked and paid for.

If you’ve enjoyed the puppy pictures and videos, don’t be sad that the puppies are leaving because our next litter should be arriving soon! So the cuteness will start all over again.

Which brings me back to this week. It’s going to be crazy!

Hubby and I have a date night planned this week (that was planned and paid for months ago), but we’ll see how that goes or if it even happens. We have two fires burning north and south of us. We are not in any danger at this point, but we are under a red flag warning so any spark, tree hitting a power line (that’s what started the northern fire and blocked our main “highway” to town), or cow fart  😛 could start another. The conditions are prime for fires. :/

Jules is due to have her puppies any time this week

The puppies will be busy with “school” as we continue with the crate exercises, clicker training, learning to go potty outside and going over some resource guarding preventatives. They have their vet check-ups this week too.

And I need to prepare their puppy packets with all their paperwork, health records, and other goodies.

So, there won’t be any formal puppy pictures this week. But I will be sharing little snapshots of what we’re doing.

I will be contacting our puppy adopters that are getting their puppies next Sunday to nail down the final arrangements for our meeting also.

So sit back and watch me go crazy this week! 😛

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Puppy loves

We take advantage of every visitor, neighbor and family that we can when it comes to puppy socializing. 😉 Most don’t need their arms twisted too hard either. hehe

So when my sister-in-law and niece walked down the hill (they’re our nearest neighbors), the “puppy magnetism” drew them right to the puppy pen!


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Contemplating a Cavapoo?

Hey, everyone! If you’ve been thinking about getting on our waitlist for a Cavapoo puppy, now is the time!

Our waiting list is getting really long! Our wait time if you get on now is at least a year plus, depending on what you’re looking for. (If you are set on one color/gender (red/apricot, female is the most requested) or if you’re open to others, the wait times can differ.

So I’ve decided to close the waiting list for an indefinite amount of time. I’d like to get a few litters here and matched before we open it up again.

If you’ve already sent your application and been approved, but have been procrastinating on actually sending in the application fee, now is your chance.  If you’ve been approved and let me know your check is on the way, no worries. You’ll be added to the list.

No, applications will be accepted after August 15th.

Questions? Shoot me an email at

And I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has already made the decision to get on our list and go through the waiting process. I know sometimes the wait time is hard and sometimes things take longer than expected. I try to give estimates for those asking how long they’ll have to wait for a puppy. But it’s just an estimate, an educated guess. When we’re dealing with living creatures and we can never predict what they are going to do (when they will come in season, if the male gets the job done, if she gets pregnant, how many puppies she’ll have, how many boys and girls, what colors, etc). You get the picture.


Thank you for your patience during the process. And thank you for entrusting us with raising your next future furry family member! ❤


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She’s the one

I know, I was being quiet about it, but you’re going to find out soon enough!


This lovely, sweeter than sweet can be, Jules is our expectant mom ❤

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Bath time

Well, farm dogs get dirty! So farm dogs get baths too. And man was the water dirty!

444Look at that dirty face….body…everything!

206No more playing under the fir tree! Look at the pitch stuck on the end of her toe hairs!

(And don’t worry, the Dawn dish soap was not used on the puppies! That’s for dirty dog dishes and other cleaning jobs.)

440All clean, Hoover.

442Cuddle time, Kirby.

446Eww…look at that dirty water!

453I know, Festus, it’s kind of shocking how dirty you are.

458Festus, your whites are white again!

468“Can I get out of here now?”

470Is that better, Marshall?

475And last but not least, we have a clean Doc!

And with all the dirt around here (it’s been an exceptionally dry, dusty summer) the puppies will be well versed in bath time by the time they go to their forever homes. 😉




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Farm dogs

Yep, when you live on the farm, there are lots of chores and things to do. The puppies are learning all about farm life, and how to get very dirty in the process! 😉 Plus they like to dig when they’re outside playing. The red dogs hide dirt well, but the puppies with white are now grey and everybody’s noses are dirt-colored. Aww…the life of a country pup!

313Kirby would love to get some eggs from those chickens for her breakfast 😉

320“Mom, this furry creature is almost as cute as me!”

329“Are those my new toys?” No, Hoover, those are the chickens.

331“Okay, mom we can go feed them now instead then?”

339There’s lots of wood to chop and stack to get ready for winter too.

345Festus is checking to see if there’s any squash ready to pick. But Festus, how did your nose get so dirty?

350Marshall was wondering what kind of big dogs these were.

356Pucker up, Marshall! It looks like Jester is coming in for a kiss. 🙂

370And it’s only fitting that the puppy with the green ribbon (albeit a bit dirty 😉 ) should pose for a picture on the John Deere green baler!

374On the farm, we sometimes have wild animal visitors. It looks like we may have a skunk in the flower bed! :O

377Why that’s the cutest little stinker I’ve ever seen!

384It’s not a skunk, after all, it’s a Doc!

385“Someday I’m going to grow up as big as Cajsa!” (well, no, Doc, I don’t think you’ll get that big 😉 )

401And lastly, on the farm, there is always hay to stack!

It’s a good thing I have so many helpers to “help” me with chores on the farm.


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Fit & Trim

When your nickname becomes “Porkchop”, it’s time for a diet.

Hope absolutely loves to eat and will clean up Reba’s bowl and the puppies food if she gets a chance. Her head now looks too small for her round little body. So a couple weeks ago when my husband picked her up and stepped on the scale, I knew I had to get serious. She was fifteen pounds! She’s really not that big and should be closer to about twelve pounds.

So now she’s on this food, carefully measured each day. And she slurps it up quickly.

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