I have introduced Lucy’s puppies and Mercy’s puppies together. I did it slowly and keep an eye on things. They are all close in size (actually Jess and Summer weigh more than some of Lucy’s pups) but they are ten days apart in age (with Lucy’s being the older group).

Things are going well and they are having so much fun playing in the puppy play area together. They’ve had a couple of good sessions there and I’m sure will have many more before they go home.

They played so hard they ended up crashing into a big puppy pile on the floor (even though they had a bed available). ๐Ÿ˜ด

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I had to talk to my husband

Yep, I talked to him after I found this cheese can on the bed. “Really, honey?” (Just kidding! He doesn’t eat this stuff ๐Ÿ˜œ)

There’s “evidence” on the can.


I have found the guilty party!

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I’ll take a Whopper, please

I got about three to four hours of sleep on Tuesday night because Joy decided to have a puppy party in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Her first litter she had been bred to Clancy and as suspected we got some beautiful red/apricot pups with that match.

I decided to team her with Sundae this time. Since Sundae is a parti colored Poodle and Joy is parti-factored (she had one solid-colored parent and one “parti” aka blenheim parent) which means she can have parti colored puppies if she is bred to a parti. I was hoping to see if she would possibly have reds with more white on them too. So I was very excited when the puppies started arriving to see “what” we had!

I was guessing by her size that she had five to six puppies “baking in the oven”.

When the first one arrived around one-thirty I was happy to see a little red body emerge. He was a great weight at 7.8 ounces. (7ish ounces is a good weight for Cavapoos, 8-9 ounces I consider a good-sized puppy. I’ve had them as small as around 4 ounces and even a bit under. Those little ones scare me!)

The next puppy arrived about half an hour later. It was a blenheim with lots of spots! And a tad bit bigger weighing in at eight ounces.

Then twenty minutes later number three arrived, another blenheim with some a really unique color pattern and even bigger than the first two at 8.8 ounces!

Joy was being a great mom tending to her puppies. I felt her abdomen and could identify that there was definitely another puppy still to be born. She rested for a while and then it was evident that the contractions had started again. This one was taking a little longer.

She pushed. And pushed. And pushed.

I was right there sitting by the crate door watching, waiting to see if I needed to assist her or the puppy in any way. It was obvious as I watched that she was giving birth to a monster! I’ve never seen a mama dog’s poor body do what that girl’s body did. (I have some video footage which I may or may not post).

And then, it was born! A huge puppy. I didn’t know how big it really was until it was dried off and I set it on the scale.

11.5 ounces!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I looked and looked at the scale. That can’t be right. My Cavapoo puppies usually average seven to seven and a half ounces. But it was true. Joy gave birth (on her own, unassisted!) to the biggest Cavapoo puppy we’ve ever had!!

It was a whopper. Then my brain starts thinking; Whopper, Big Mac. Is this my litter name theme? But something else came to mind.

So let me introduce Joy’s litter of merry menย  (sorry for all of you anxiously waiting on girls) but I love boys!


ย Not five or six puppies, but these four are the weight of that number of normal-sized pups!

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Moving again

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, there is always a bit of moving and rearranging going on around here when we have litters of puppies. It happened again.

It was time for Mercy and her two to have more room to roam. So they moved upstairs to the puppy room and the large playpen.

Checking out their new expanded space.

Now Lucy and her pups have next-door neighbors!

They are eating their puppy food but they still love mom the most!

Nom, nom, nom!

Moving Mercy opened up a small puppy pen downstairs, so I went ahead and moved Treasure and her pup to their new home.

I put the Ugodog litter box so she can start using that when she toddles off her bed (probably in a few more days).

Oakley and her crew are still downstairs in the other puppy pen. But it won’t be long until they are moved to bigger quarters too.

I couldn’t help but snap some pictures as they played and wrestled.

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Puppy fun

It’s so nice having the floor done upstairs in the puppy room. The finish makes it so much easier to clean and keep clean. And there’s lots of space for the puppies to play and explore.

I was up there working on organizing dog supplies so I blocked off part of the room for the puppies to play while I worked.

They had so much fun!

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Baby challenges

I like to give the babies “baby challenges”. It helps them learn problem-solving skills at a young age and gets those little brains figuring things out. Of course, we never want to get them a challenge that would frustrate or scare them. We want them to conquer it! Sometimes it’s done quickly and other times we have to give lots of encouragement until they figure it out.

I set a basket upside down at the door of Mercy’s puppy pen and then a pool noodle after that. It was a weird sort of “steps” for Summer and Jess to try as they exited the puppy pen to come out and play. There was just a small step down to the basket and the basket’s rough texture gave plenty of traction for little feet. The next step was the noodle. I held onto it so it wouldn’t roll and scare them.

It took a bit but they both finally climbed down my contraption and onto the floor where they played with Auntie Hope!

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Just giving you all a “heads up”! The next couple of weeks are going to be extra busy (and special) for us so if I don’t post as much or take longer to answer questions and emails please bear with me!

I’m going to attempt to keep sharing as much as I have and include you in all the puppy activities.

But, my niece is getting married this weekend at our aunt and uncle’s place (our neighbors) so all of our kids are arriving at the end of the week, plus the neighborhood will be a bustle of activity as family and friends of the bride arrive. (To put things in perspective, her family are our nearest neighbors, plus the grandparents and another uncle live across the gully from us (I can’t say down the street or around the corner because we live in the mountains so “across the gully” is more accurate). ๐Ÿ˜‚ And then on the other side of their property is the other aunt and uncle where the wedding will be held. (I joke that we have a big family commune going on up here! If you come to visit and ever get lost just stop at a house and they’re probably related ๐Ÿ˜œ)

So we’ll be busy with family, helping with the wedding and just spending time with our kids while they’re here. We only get to see our Colorado kids about once a year so I’m going to soak up the time with them and the other three. The puppies are sure to get lots of extra love and cuddles too!

And with Joy due any time and both sets of kids bringing their dogs (our precious “grand-dogs”) I’m sure the time will prove to be extra chaotic and crazy!

Just thought I should give you a warning!

We’re a little crazy, to begin with. ๐Ÿคช

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