Tic Tac Toe anyone?

This tic tac toe game is another thing I like to introduce the puppies too (along with lots of other silly things). Each little piece flips, and moves and turns. Sometimes the puppies step on it and flip one and sometimes they try walking across the whole thing!

024This other big toy is a children’s toy that has lights and sounds. The puppies find it very intriguing. They even crawl back and forth through the middle opening.

025026028029030031032033035036037038039040037.PNGTic tac toe anyone?

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I have the best babysitter ever!


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This was Rosie’s pups first outdoor adventure and without mom. I sat in the exercise pen with them.

041Berry, Apple and Sangria.

042043044Hey, check out this slide, guys!

046Hey! That’s my shoe!

047049050Play ball!

052053322I’m pretty sure they enjoyed their outdoor adventure!

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Garden time

The puppies sure do have fun in the garden! Such a fun place to get exercise and fresh air!

003Monkey see, monkey do! šŸ˜‰

004Could you pull some weeds while you’re in my box, puppy?

005006Wait for me!

008009010Let’s go explore!

012Wait for me sister!

013014015016017019Making friends with Zeus.



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Six to seven weeks

The puppies are growing and learning by leaps and bounds!

This week they got moved into the puppy room and a bigger puppy playpen. They are at the age and stage that they needed more room and the bigger puppy pen just doesn’t fit downstairs in my house. They also had a wire crate added to their puppy area, so they are getting used to sleeping in a crate (with the door open).


They are away from mom all day now and eating their soaked puppy food just fine. Although when mom comes back in at night to snuggle, they latch on to her and nurse like there’s no tomorrow!

Playtime is divided between playing outside in the garden or yard under the fir tree (depending on the weather) or the kitchen. I can block off my kitchen into a nice “puppy daycare” with lots of toys, obstacles and a couple litter boxes and they will happily play until they wear themselves out and crash for a nap! Mission accomplished!

We’re introducing some larger obstacles and challenges like the tunnel, a wobble board (aka a garbage can lid), a skateboard, Iris panels with crinkly bags over them; whatever we can think of to help the puppy learn to be comfortable with any strange thing they may encounter.

We are continuing with noises too. They were outside one day when hubby had the weed-whacker going nearby; no problem. Inside we used that annoying popping children’s toy, the dog clippers (since the Cavapoo is a groomed breed, that is something they will hear often), the vacuum, more classical music and continuing with some different sounds on my favorite sound app.

They got to meet one of our cats. Zeus is a large, black floppy kitty. He likes to walk into the midst of a pack of puppies and flop on his side. The puppies are happy to attack him with wiggles and kisses. And they got to see the chickens pretty close and personal while they were out playing in the yard. And we had more visitors, my friend and her kiddos and also the FedEx man drove in one day while the pups were outside playing.

We took a walk around the front yard and worked on following (the precursor to leash training and going somewhere with the puppies’ human) and also the puppy recall; calling “puppy, puppy!” so they learn to come quickly and happily when called.

Clicker training continues. We’ve moved from the box game to what is called, “Manding”.Ā  We’re trying to teach the puppy (or help the puppy learn) how to communicate to his human. When a human is present, puppy learns to sit in front of the person to “ask” for attention (instead of whining, barking or jumping on said human). We don’t’ teach the “sit” at this point, but help the puppy figure out that sitting by his human gets him what he wants (attention). It’s a process and might take a few short training sessions, but it sure is fun to watch the wheels turn in puppy’s head and then “click” when heĀ getsĀ it!

So that kind of gives you an overview of some of the week’s happenings and what goes on for a six to seven week old Pinewood puppy!

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Seriously, I think I lost a couple years off my life from the stress. I lost Hope.Ā  Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. But that was about the worse hour or two that I’ve had in a long time. And it was too reminiscentĀ of a year ago when I lost my bird. Unfortunately, that story didn’t have a happy ending. Syd is still missing and we never found out what happened to her. Although I suspect she was killed by a local pair of hawks that live on the mountain behind us. But I regress, back to Hope.

I was enjoying my Sunday afternoon and had finally found the time to work in the garden. Rosie’s puppies were tearing up the kitchen, Finn, Baby Girl (the black Poodle, yes, I still call her that) and Gypsy (I finally named the big white Poodle puppy) were playing in the backyard, Lucy’s pups were in an exercise pen in the garden and Reba, Hope and Cayenne (the little red and white Poodle) were hanging out with me and Lucy’s pups in the garden.

I was having so much fun going through my seeds, placing the packets near the rows I would plant them on and then I started to plant some. Ben had been barking on and off and it was scaring Cayenne a bit so I decided to put her over the fence into the backyard with her “siblings”. And then I looked around; there’s Reba, but where’s Hope? At first, I wasn’t too worried, because she finds the strangest places, and curls up for a nap sometimes. She’s not a real vocal dog (most of the time) and doesn’t really draw attention to herself.

I searched the garden and the yard quickly and saw nothing, calling as I went. Then I checked the house thinking maybe I had gone in and forgotten and she had followed me. I checked all her favorite napping places, but nothing.

I went back out and started walking down the driveway, calling my brother-in-law up the hill in case she went visiting because I could hear their little dog outside barking. Hope usually goes only out front on a leash or is carried to the car if we’re going somewhere. But she was being so good out in the garden that I let my guard down. Hard lesson learned.

Hope is a special dog, not just because we are attached to her, but sometimes I think she might be a bit intellectually challenged and doesn’t process things like other dogs, which made me extra worried about her being out on her own and getting lost somewhere.

I texted my husband who was down the road working atĀ a friend’s house (but he never got the text), then jumped into my truck and headed down the driveway. Maybe she had followed the road downhill since she had gone that way in the car with us many times. I turned north on the road and drove a mile or so then turned around and headed back as I saw my husband coming from the other direction (thinking he was out looking, but not knowing he hadn’t gotten the text). He turned into our driveway ahead of me and drove up a bit and stopped. I was wanting to get home and keep looking around the house and couldn’t figure out why he had stopped. He casually walked up to my window asking me what I was doing. I choked out that “Hope is lost!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen him jump back in his car and drive up our hill so fast!

We both got home and started checking the yard and garden again. I stopped to go in the house and change from shorts and flip-flops into my jeans and hiking boots so I could go out into the woods.

I decided to go through the fence that goes around our yard (barb-less wire for the horses) and then walk the fenceline behind the backyard/dog yards thinking she may have gone that way to visit the other dogs. The brush is very thick and green right now, but there is a trail along the fence from Ben. At the end of our property, there’s another trail that goes down below the house along a rock ledge into the forest.

I gotta tell you as I walked along that trail I was praying (and also a bit discouraged) as my last hunt down this way had not yielded me with what I was searching for (my bird). I got to the end of the next trail on the rock ledge and turned to look down on the forest floor (before it heads up to the next rock ledge) and there was the sweetest sight for my eyes to behold; my little Hopie was standing amongst the brush on the forest floor looking at me with expectant eyes; “Were you calling me, mom?”

I couldn’t get down the ledge fast enough (I actually slide down it, not on purpose, but it worked!) and scooped that little chunk up in my arms, bawling and thanking God for helping me find her.

She is now back on her favorite part of the couch peacefully snoring. She’s not going outside again unless she’s on a leash, in a fenced yard or has someone watching her at all times! ā¤ļø

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Change of plans

Yesterday was the Saturday that our church goes to a local rest home to sing for the residents. So after lunch, I grabbed Hope, got in the car and hubby and I headed off to town.

We were traveling down the Inchelium “highway” (okay, it’s only a two-lane country road, but it is our main road) when my husband suddenly swerved violently (I was looking down). He thought there was a rag in the road, but as he was almost upon it,Ā  he realized it was a kitten and had to veer quickly to the right (we ended up on the dirt shoulder) to avoid hitting it.

Of course, I’m spazzing out, “What was that all about?!” He was “there are a couple kittens on the road!” (We’re still moving along the shoulder at this point) and of course when he said that, I’m like; “Stop the car! Pull over! We’re not leaving them there!” (Not that he would’ve kept going or anything.)

I get out quickly, but slowly approached this poor little kitten (maybe six weeks old?) who’s trying to make his whole one and half pound self-bigger by fluffing up and hissing, spitting and swatting at me. Poor guy was scared to death! He had a spot of blood by his nose from most likely hitting the asphalt at who-knows-what speed.

As I was trying to figure how to catch this wild, scared creature, I glanced up and back several yards down the road where the first kitten had been sitting alongside the road. Another car had stopped and I realized it was friends of ours that were also heading to town. The kids managed to catch that kitten. (It wasn’t nearly as mad as mine). Thankfully, I had a flannel shirt over my t-shirt and used that to drop over the top of the terrified kitty and then pick him up securely.

Hubby and I ended up taking them to my vet and skipped our singing.

(HopieĀ ended up with a nice long car ride and nap instead of visiting the seniors. She didn’t seem to mind)

Both kittens got checked out. The long-haired one had some abrasions; his chin, above one toenail and the end of his bobtail. The short-haired guy just ended up with the blood by his nose.

My friend ended up taking the one home that they picked up. My vet has a non-profit where she takes in strays, injured or sick animals that people can’t take care of and also injured or sick wild critters, so I left the other kitten with her.

I don’t’ know if someone dumped these two babies or if by chance they had climbed up under someone’s car or engine area and then dropped out on the road. I’m just glad God put us in the right place at the right time!

I would love to help my vet’s non-profit out (It’s called Wayward Creatures on Facebook)Ā  She looked at these two babies at no charge and kept the one that we couldn’t take home. She takes in strays, injured, owner-releases that can’t afford to pay for their pets, and wild orphaned and injured critters. (Plus as a vet she takes care of all my furr-kids, answers my questions and calls at all hours of the day and night! She is not rich by any means (lives in a humble mobile home with all her creatures).

So if you this story touched your heart and you’d like to help this kitten and many others wayward creatures please feel free to donate (She appreciates any amount) through PayPal at this email (docjesadams@gmail.com). Thanks, bunches!

P.S. I got updates on both kitties and they are both feeling much better and happier today. ā¤

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