We all need rain. With so many wildfires up and down the west coast this year and drought conditions, we welcome the precipitation. Yesterday we got dumped on. Today is sunny and gorgeous. (The Pacific Northwest in action. If you don’t like the weather just wait an hour and it will change ;P )

The only thing I don’t like about the rain is the mess it makes of my animals. Last night I had a hard time finding a “dry” spot to feed the horses.

And the other day I came home from town to this……

What a mess!🤦‍♀️

Yep, the poor dogs go out for a potty break and come in messy and wet. So much for all those baths and pretty grooms we just got done!

But, despite the inconveniences the rain brings, we’ll take it!

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The blog has been quiet but we’ve been busy

We’re still here even though the blog has been quiet! With this break in puppy busy-ness (I  know we have Gracie and her two but thankfully they don’t take a lot of time at this age.) we’ve been trying to get some things done.

Hubby decided to repaint the puppy room floor while it was vacant. He already took all the puppy pens outside and pressure washed them. We have plywood subfloor up there that we just paint over. So he put a new coat on (white, flat paint). I scratched my head and asked why it wasn’t glossy (which would be easier to clean). And mentioned how with the floor so clean, now the walls looked dirty. (How one project leads to another…lol). So off to town we went to buy some gloss, (tough) floor paint to go over his already white paint and more paint for the walls. It’s looking really nice! (I’ll share more when it’s finished because we have a couple more “additions” for up there).

A Cavalier filled living room! Hope (loose) and boys in crates after their baths; Nico, Dickens and Asher.

Sweet Joy at her check-up

Doesn’t Hope look stressed about being at the bet? Lol…not!

“Why did the vet say I’m a little chunky, mom?” 😂

Handsome Dickens❤️

Hi, Asher!

Our good-looking youngsters, Nico and Asher.

And I’ve been busy grooming some dogs, taking others to the groomer and running to the vet for adult yearly check-ups. It’s been a bit busy. In fact, we put three hundred miles on the truck one Friday just between home, the vet and the groomers!

Thankfully, one of us is always home to keep an eye on Sasha (no babies yet, but we’re getting close!). And I got the camera set up again so I can check her anytime I’m outside or on another trip to town.

I’ve also gone through my waiting list and sent out emails and posted that blog post so I could “clean up” the list. I heard back from a lot of people. Many of them found a puppy elsewhere so they’ve been removed, many asked to be kept on, some asked to be removed and several were removed because I never heard back from them.

So I’m thinking we may be reopening the list and accepting some new applications! Not yet, though. Please stay tuned for another post with dates and added information. I still need to revamp the website with new info, procedures and pricing as things will be changing up a bit.

I’ve got some “interested” emails regarding a retirement home for Smudgie that I need to go through.

And Lucy had a successful visit with a potential new home. Her new “mom” uses a mobility scooter and Lucy wasn’t fazed by it or the van lift! And she happily jumped into her lap when asked too. Lucy has springs in her legs and loves to jump into your arms or lap (but thankfully doesn’t use those springs to clear fences). I’m excited for Lucy and her new family. Once they get all their supplies she’ll get another bath and head that way.


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Gracie, Joy and Glory

I know a lot of people love our Cavalier moms and the babies they produce. Especially our red girls matched with Clancy and the red and apricot cuties they produce.

Well, as I mentioned in a precious post these girls are nearing retirement. Their other black and tan sister, Mercy has already retired into an amazing home. Smudgie (and Mercy) were both spayed early because of birth complications. Smudgie is ready for her retirement home within a couple weeks. She just had her teeth cleaned and unfortunately had to have some teeth removed so when she has healed from that she is ready to go. There is still time to reach out if you are interested in adopting her.

Which brings me to my main point of this post, if you’ve been holding out for some reason waiting for a Joy puppy or a Glory puppy or a Gracie puppy, don’t wait any longer or it will be too late.

Gracie has her two babies and she might have one more litter and she’ll be retired.

I am planning a litter of purebred Cavaliers with Joy. So depending on when we decide to do that she may have one more litter of Cavapoos.

The same with Glory. Glory was just bred to Sundae. It’s far too early to confirm her pregnancy, but if she is, this very well may be her last litter of Cavapoos. I’m considering breeding her for a litter of purebred Cavaliers also (depending on what happens with Joy and my plan for Cavaliers and what happens). Or Glory may have one more litter of Cavapoos or just retire after this one.

All of these girls (and their mom, Faith (who is in a retirement home) and dad (our boy, Dickens) ) have been such an asset to our breeding program that we desperately want to keep this line going by having some of their babies grow up here to carry on this great line.

A lot of breeders just buy a new pup from another breeder to save the hassle because they don’t have to have a litter and “hope” they get just what they want. We prefer to breed our own (if possible) to continue a line we like and how know is healthy. Preservation of healthy lines is so important, especially in purebred Cavaliers. Although sometimes you do have to introduce new bloodlines or colors, etc.)

So again, just a heads up for those interested in these particular moms and our plans for them. (They will also be looking for retirement homes sometime next year).

I love this picture! This was the whole litter at about five months of age. <3

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Babies and babies-in-waiting

Gracie’s pups were one week old yesterday and doing great! Eating, sleeping and growing are their priorities at this age.

And now we’re just waiting on this girl!

Sasha got her beauty treatment on Sunday. Her hair is cut short but she’s only outside for potty breaks. And this will help keep her cleaner for puppy delivery and while she’s nursing babies.

She’s not a very big dog and as usual for some expectant girls she isn’t eating that great and is all baby. So I’m giving her extra snacks and enticing food to coax her to eat more.

I’m super excited to see what she has and how she does as a mom since this is her first litter. And “daddy” Asher’s first batch of puppies too!

Hopefully by the weekend we’ll have news❤️

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They’re here!

I’ve been holding out on you guys. I thought I would have two weeks off between when the last pups went home and when the new ones would arrive.

But Gracie had pups earlier than I expected (because my brain wasn’t working right when I wrote her “due” date down).

She has two beautiful puppies! They are gaining and growing. (They were born on Sunday, so we actually only had a one week break between litters).

We have a darker apricot girl and a red boy. These two cuties will be matched with families on our waiting list on Sunday, November 14th and go home on Sunday, December 5th.

If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested in this litter, please email me to be added to the litter list for Puppy Matching Day.

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Cuddle pupdate

It’s always fun to get updates on our puppies!

I got a quick note from one of our Cuddle Cavapoo “parents” the other day. This was Eclipse from Aurora and Dickens litter. (For those that don’t know, the Cuddle Cavapoo is a larger Cavapoo from a small Standard Poodle and a Cavalier).

Here he is a six weeks.

And the picture his mom sent ❤️

And part of her note….

“We’re so in love with him. He’s such a joy. He loves to meet people and play with other dogs. He’s growing nicely and weighed in at 18.4 lbs last Friday.” (He’s five months old just for reference).

What a cutie!

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News for those on our Cavapoo waiting list

This is an email that is going out to everyone on our Cavapoo waiting list. I’m posting here also in case some of the emails end up in people’s spam folders. My hope is everyone will see and read it somehow and respond. We have so many “inactive” people on our waiting list. I’m trying to clean it up a bit (maybe some of you already found a puppy or your plans have changed) so I can possibly reopen the list and accept some new applications.

“Hi there! I hope this note finds you each doing well!


I’m reaching out to each person that is on our Cavapoo waiting list to see what everyone’s plans are. Some of you have reached out to me in recent weeks with updates of your plans for a Cavapoo puppy (waiting for a certain color/gender or timeframe, etc). I appreciate that so much! If you’re one of those people, please forgive me for contacting you again as this is a general announcement going out to everyone.


Others have reached out whenever we’ve had a litter hoping to get matched. Thank you for your participation and activity. Keep reaching out and the right pup will be yours eventually. It does take time.


Others have gotten on our list and we had not had any contact from them since the initial application process. The last time we opened the list was a year ago and we’ve had many litters since then and matched many people that got on the last October.


And others have been sitting on our list for much longer with no activity.


Just a reminder, whenever we have a litter that is born, we announce it on the blog/website with the puppy matching day (date) and puppy delivery/pick-up day (date) so whoever is interested in that particular litter can email us. We will then put you as interested in that litter for when we match the pups on their particular “Puppy Matching Day”. We do not reach out to you unless we know you are interested in that litter. (You will need to do this with each litter you are interested in).


Also, for our Canadian friends, we’ve had two or three families in our past few litters that were able to come here and pick up a puppy, so it is now possible to come get your puppy! Happy day! You cannot drive across the border into the US yet, but these families were able to either fly into Spokane or Seattle, rent a car, pick-up their puppy and drove or fly home.


So, if you would like to stay on our waiting list, you need to let me know soon! I will be cleaning up the list and if I don’t hear from you, you will be removed so we have room to add some new, active, and interested families.


(If you already got a puppy from us and I just forgot to remove your name from this list, I apologize for the email. Sometimes I fail to remove names after matching…C-vid brain!)


Or if you have found a puppy elsewhere or your circumstances have changed and you no longer want to be on our list, please let me know. Or if you have any questions, please reach out.


Thanks so much,



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Available Ausssalier

***Roper has successfully been rehomed***

Roper went home on Sunday, but unfortunately the family found out that Roper’s new “mom” is highly allergic to him. I’m sad for them both.

So we are desperately looking for another family that can take him ASAP. The family will even send his supplies with him. And we’re hoping for someone in the general Seattle or even Portland area so the family doesn’t have to drive him back to me on the east side. We need to do this as quick as possible as mom is having breathing issues and cannot be around the pup.

I do have a couple feelers out to people that have expressed interest in our Aussaliers and waiting to hear back from them. But in case those don’t work out, I’m reaching out to see what other interests we might have out there. Thanks!


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All gone

Well, we are puppy-less right now (besides our own, of course). It was so weird going upstairs to take care of things this morning and it was eerily quiet. There was just drowsy Hope  lounging in her crate not wanting to get out and start her day. She is such a lazy bones!

Yesterday was a busy day as usual. But it started Saturday night with twelve puppy baths, toenail trims, and ear cleanings (which I meant to get done on Friday but didn’t).

We had a nice break on Saturday as we were able to sneak away for part of the day and have a mini family reunion with some cousins and aunts and uncles who I only see about once a year.  It was a special day.

My aunt grows lots and lots of cut flowers that her friend arranges and gives to shut-ins and sick people. There were so many beautiful flowers filling her back yard! And a cute cat.

We made it back home about 7:30ish in time to feed the adults (my SIL/neighbor took care of puppies and kittens while we were away) and then start on puppy baths. (Thankfully, all the crates, litter boxes, and puppy bags were already loaded in the truck for the next day.

Puppies were finished and tucked in bed for the night. I set my alarm for 5:00 am to feed them an early breakfast. But what I failed to see the night before was it was set for 5:00 PM! Thankfully, God nudged me awake just after five on Sunday morning otherwise it would’ve been a late, crazy morning!

But I got morning chores done (and left some for hubby), got the puppies loaded and off we went.

What a gorgeous morning it was too! :O

I made a quick stop in town to pick up my buddy so I’d have some extra hands, then it was one to Spokane. We got there in plenty of time for all the puppies to get some wiggles out, go potty and get drinks. Then they went back in their crates with some food (early breakfast, so they had an early lunch) while I talked with their families.

We met the first group at 10:00 and sent home these pups.

Maverick now Aspen (this is Brea’s third Pinewood dog! She has Hero, a Cavalier and our Rosie’s (now retired) brother, Ivy a retired Cavalier mom and now this little cutie)

Holstein now Ollie (Holstein’s family has adopted two Pinewood pups from us before, a Cavapoo and a Poodle they adopted at the same time which they named Lewis & Clark!)

Guernsey now Elise (Elsie’s mom should’ve gotten the “long distance” award as she and her daughter drove all the way from Colorado to pick up their little pup!)

Jersey now Lexie

Hershey now Nico

And Angus now Jackson

The next group started at 11:30. And there was a fun surprise in store!

Dove (now Hazel)’s two new little human “sisters” did not know why they had come on this trip with mom and dad. Before we started the meeting and I gave the surprise away by talking about “puppies”, their mom brought them over to the truck where we told them to peek under the blanket. What a sweet reaction they had finding out they were getting a puppy! It was such a special moment to be a part of. <3

Ryder (name to be decided)

Roper now Loki

Longhorn now Oscar

Godiva now Honey

After puppies were all passed around and they had time to potty, they were loaded up for their trips home. Then it was time for the two human puppy deliverers to get some lunch. We drove through Panera Bread for some yummy food and when the lady at the window saw Reba sitting on my console she offered her a pup cup!

It was Reba’s first pup cup and she thoroughly enjoyed it! (I forgot to mention that when I let the dogs out early in the morning to potty (as I was loading the truck), Miss Reba went out the back door, climbed the fence and met me at the truck. She knew I was going somewhere and wasn’t about to be left behind! So I let her come along.)

I dropped my friend and Rodeo back off in town at her car. It will be fun to be able to see him grow up since he’ll be fairly close by! <3

The drive home also proved to be beautiful!



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Wrapping things up

Only two more sleeps. Half of Friday, all of Saturday and then they’re gone. The house will be so quiet and weird when the twelve pups leave together.

But we’re packing as much fun into the last days as we can. It will be up to their new families to continue training, socializing and loving these guys!

Finishing up puppy packets today, plus starting “beauty treatment” on the pups; clipping toenails, trimming furry faces and cleaning ears. So all I will need to do Saturday night is give baths.

Yesterday we were outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. But true-to-form for Washington the weather couldn’t make up its mind. So we had clouds, sun and then it started to rain. So the pups have been in their first “shower” as I tried to gather them quickly and get them back into the house. They didn’t seem to mind the rain.

Photo bomber Cody 😉

Then they hung out in the kitchen and had dinner together before they all snuggled together on and around the bed for a nice long nap.

And today they decided to try their interior decorator skills 😛 They got a hold of a potty pad under the puppy pen, pulled it out and shredded it! I’m not sure if I like their design technique. 😉

And when I put them away in their puppy pens, I’m using all four pens and mixing them up, three pups to a pen so they get used to being away from their littermates.


(This post was supposed to be posted yesterday)



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