Reba update

Some of you have been asking how Miss Reba is doing. So I thought I’d give you all a quick update! (Thank you so much for asking) ❤

First off, she has gotten more spoiled (believe or not!). The internist’s office had her on some medication for about five days to help soothe and coat her esophagus and suggested I feed her soft food like chicken and cottage cheese, which I did. Well, who wants to switch back over to dry food when you’ve been getting chicken?! *insert eye roll

So needless to say, she is eating, drinking and doing all those normal bodily functions. She is playing with Hope somewhat and gets excited if I’ve been outside a while and come back in. So I would say she’s 99% back to her normal self in that aspect.


Her tummy is not very big. And I worried that it was actually smaller than before our little emergency. When she was at the internist they x-rayed her before they were going to start the procedure (which they didn’t end up doing). The tech told me that she made sure and x-rayed far enough back to include her abdomen, and said she had two pups.

A couple days ago when my friend was hear we were rubbing Reba’s belly and feeling around and we felt movement! Now that was exciting. 😀

Time will tell what’s going on inside. We should know in about a week to ten days. (Yep, right around the time the last big batch of current puppies go home. And probably a few days after Faith delivers! Yikes!!)

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Finally, some help!

I’ve been saying I need an office assistant, or actually a maid/housekeeper would be nice. Anything to help me keep up on everything around here.

Well, it looks like my husband hired someone to at least do the laundry.

015Looks like she’s getting right on it too! 😛

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Chill time

I have a ton of things to do, but it sure is nice to just sit here in the backyard with my feet up and watch puppies play for a bit. 


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Busy at the vets

This was my biggest load that I’ve ever taken to the vet. But I thought I might as well do all three litters together! Thankfully, a friend said she would help me, and brought her friend that was visiting (Thanks Karen and Annda!)

A successful trip!

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So backtracking to Thursday…

After my husband passed the puppies on to me (since Reba was staying at the hospital), I headed on to our regular vet for the puppies’ appointment.

Before we went in, I let the pups loose in the bed of my truck for a quick potty break.

016Good boy, Peter!

Then we got into an exam room to wait for the doctor.

023Dr Jessie came in and starting her head to toe exam of each pup.

037That face ❤

And remember in my previous “Reba” post about it being providential that I didn’t get ahold of my regular vet that night?

Well, when she came to start exams, I told her about my episode with Reba and having to take her to another clinic just after midnight. She went on to tell me that she had been on call and the phone rang around midnight, but nobody was on the line. When I called, I had gotten a message, (and maybe in my befuddled stage) thought it said they weren’t able to take any emergencies at that time. So I had called the other clinic.

She asked what they had done with Reba and when I mentioned the other doctor had scoped her. Dr Jessie said, “Oh, they have a scope? Because we don’t and I would’ve had to refer you somewhere else.” Tell me that wan’t providential that I couldn’t get through to her on that phone call, and ended up at the right clinic that had the proper equipment?




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The first three

The first two of Rosie’s litter went home yesterday. The other four  stayed home. The new owners will be coming here since they already had previously scheduled events and couldn’t meet me in Spokane on Sunday.

By the way, I just want to thank everyone for their cooperation, commitment and flexibility in this puppy delivery/pick-up process!

Bobby was our first little guy to head home and that went fine.


Unfortunately, Jan’s mom had her flight get canceled. But she worked hard to find another flight and arrived a bit later in the day. So since I had a bit of spare time between appointments, I headed over to see my son and his girlfriend at her house.

And Jan got to meet Rousey the Boxer 😉

153Finally in her mom’s arms!

I keep telling you guys I don’t need gifts! But I have to admit that I love each and every gesture and little surprise I end up with; even the hand written notes I get from the kiddos. Living most of my life in a houseful of men means the gifts don’t show up often, (😜) so it makes these a fun surprise. (Please don’t think this is a hint for future gifts! Just a response from a thankful heart.)

So Jan’s mom brought me a sweet card and this beautiful, unique scarf! Isn’t it awesome?!

Check out the pattern!


Then this morning our third family arrived here to pick up Greg. I think they were pretty exited to meet their puppy and Greg was pretty excited too. Oh, Greg’s new name is Pez (like the candy).


As they were getting ready to leave, mom handed my the balance for Greg and said, “oh, the bag is for you too”.

006Okay, so now I have the most adorable deposit bag! Thanks guys!

So now we have three down and only eighteen more puppies to go!😮


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Last night I was unwinding from the day on the couch with a nice Hallmark movie. I noticed Reba on the other couch chewing on something. She will steal bully sticks from the puppies and had gotten a hold of one and was vigorously gnawing away on it. (First mistake! I should’ve taken it from her!)

I dozed off watching my movie and was awakened by strange noises; Reba trying to swallow and gagging. She had apparently chewed that thing down to a small piece and then attempted to swallow it. But it must’ve gotten stuck on the way down. She was trying to get it down, swallowing repeatedly, gagging, vomiting, but the only thing coming out was white foam. She was in obvious distress and seemed to be having trouble breathing.

I grabbed the phone as I tried whatever I could do to help make her more comfortable and called my regular vet. I got some message (and maybe I heard it wrong), but it sounded like they couldn’t take any after hour emergencies and to call the emergency clinic in Spokane. 😮(I found out today that the doctor was on call, answered the phone, but we somehow didn’t connect. This would prove to be providential).

I called three other vet clinics and finally heard back from the one in Colville. I wrapped Reba up and we headed to town. (this was around 12:30 am this morning).

She was examined, sedated, x-rayed and scooped. The doctor saw something in her esophagus and it was also filled with lots of air. He used the scoop and then a catheter and passed it clear to her stomach, hoping to push the offending piece clear down. The x-ray showed that the tube had gotten all the way to her stomach so we thought we were good.

She started waking from the sedative, so I headed home with her. I bundled up on the couch so I could keep an eye on her and we got a few hours sleep before our “normal” day began.

But later that morning she still looked very uncomfortable and went between resting quietly to sitting up and vomiting more foam.

Back to the vet we went, as I informed my husband that he would need to take Rosie’s puppies in (to our regular vet) for their exams.

More x-rays were taken which showed the air that had filled her esophagus was reduced and we could no longer see the small obstruction. But here she was still very uncomfortable and not getting better. The doctor assumed it was all from the irritation and swelling and unfortunately he couldn’t give her anything to help that because of her pregnancy. He also suspected some aspiration pneumonia and had sent home antibiotics which I hadn’t started because of her continuous vomiting.

He suggested I leave her there so her could support her with i.v. fluids and antibiotics. And also planned to send the x-rays off to a specialist for a second opinion.

At that point my husband was almost to Colville, so I told him to meet me there and I would take the puppies on to their appointment. (More on that later).

I eventually made it home around 4:30 in the afternoon and got the puppies unloaded and everyone fed and watered, then crashed for a short nap.

I got a call from the vet about an hour ago and he had heard back from the specialist who thinks that unfortunately the tube did push the piece down, but that it slipped past the tube and didn’t make it all the way to the stomach. So the doctor wanted to sedate her again and give it another shot.

As I was writing this, he called again to let me know their second attempt was unsuccessful. 😩

Our next step is to take her to Spokane in the morning to a specialist…..

Hard lesson learned; when any chewie gets too small, take it from the dog and throw it away!! 

I just hope this story has a good ending. 

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