Two important things

I want to share two things that I think are really important for our new puppy parents. In fact, they can be significant for any puppy or dog owner. What are they? Training your puppy from the start and giving them a good nutritional “edge”.

Let me give you more information.

We love NuVet supplement! All of our puppies are started on it before they’re even born as they get it in utero because mom gets it. Mom continues to get this tasty, chewable tablet after she delivers her puppies and as she’s nursing. Then when puppies start nibbling on puppy food, I use the NuVet powder and add it to their food. It’s a great vitamin, mineral, immune system booster.

Most people invest so much into their new puppy, from the initial cost of the puppy to vet expenses, toys, food and such that it only makes sense to spend a little bit more to give the puppy that extra boost for a healthy life. Use it as a healthy treat once a day.

You can see we order it in large quantities.

And somebody couldn’t wait for me to open the bottle.


Here is a link with more information. If you are matched with one of our puppies, please use the link to order yours now so you have it when you get your puppy home. Transitioning to a new home is stressful for a puppy and this will help keep puppy on the right track. I will send home a few tablets in each puppy packet for the first few days.

The next thing that I highly recommend for your new puppy is puppy training. We have partnered with an amazing online puppy school. The cost is about the same as a six-week course from Petco, but our partners offer a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for about the same cost! That means even months after you get your puppy and a training issue arises they will be there to help work through the concern. We have a discount code too to help you save 25% off the cost too!

Here is more information.


It’s a valuable resource for any new puppy owner. I don’t want to beg, but please invest in training your puppy from the start. I try to share lots of information and resources with each new puppy family, but I can’t do anything after they leave me. Unfortunately, even with this valuable, inexpensive program few people bother investing in it then call me weeks or months later with issues they’re having that could’ve been prevented had they utilized this resource from the start. (Sorry, I’m not trying to “shame” anyone. You are always welcome to call me if you have a problem or question about your puppy. I just wanted to prepare you with as much helpful information as I can to make your new life with your puppy go as smoothly as possible).

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. πŸ˜›

Also these two valuable resources are not just for our Pinewood adopters. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of these and use our discount codes.



























































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Exploring the garden

The puppies and I had fun exploring the garden the other day. At first they’re a little tentative in such a big area and follow close at my feet. But it only takes a few minutes and they are gleefully romping around every different direction to see their new “world”. They even got to meet the chickens through the fence.

I think it’s safe to say they had a blast!🌻🌻🌻🌻

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It’s tiring

Getting your picture taken can be exhausting! πŸ˜‰



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From my hint on Saturday most of you probably guessed we had more babies over the weekend.

Gracie was restless on and off all week it seemed. I kept thinking something was going to happen, so I didn’t start taking her temperature until Thursday. And it was normal. But by Friday morning it had dropped significantly so I knew that something had to happen! Of course, I was hoping it would be that day. But nothing happened except for an increase in her restlessness intermittently mixed in with naps. She was going to save it for nighttime, I thought.

But bedtime rolled around and she was tucked into her crate right next to the couch where I was trying to sleep. And it was a restless, noisy night, but nothing happened (besides neither one of us getting much sleep). I got up several times to check on her and let her out to potty.

As morning sky started to lighten up, I started to get a bit concerned that she hadn’t started any hard labor. If 10:00 rolled around, that would mark 24 hours since I had seen the big drop in her temperature. (Usually after the temp drops you can expect puppies to be born between 12-24 hours after). I was hoping and praying she’d get things rolling soon!

And finally she did!

That girl is a machine! She delivered eight puppies in two and one half hours!

Unfortunately the fourth little guy was delivered deceased. But the other seven are doing great! So we will celebrate that <3

We have four boys and three girls (it looks like two of the boys will be red or really dark apricot, and the rest are apricot.)

I will start an album for them on the website with their Puppy Matching Day and Puppy Delivery Day. These puppies will be matched with families on our Cavapoo waiting list. So if you are already on our Cavapoo waiting list and the dates work for you just shoot me an email and I’ll add you as interested in Gracie’s litter. (Again this is only an invitation for those that have gone through the application process, sent the application fee and got confirmation from me that you are on our Cavapoo waiting list. I was hoping to post more this week about the waiting list process and possibly opening of the list, but with Gracie’s new pups just arriving and getting ready to send Joy’s pups off this coming weekend I probably won’t have any more news until next week. Sorry!)

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Growing and changing

Our “littles” are growing and changing. There is still not a lot of interaction between them but they are starting to wobbly/toddle around. In fact, it was time to change up Sage’s puppy pen. I removed the potty pads from the floor and gave the puppies their first litter box, the UGOdog. They are faithfully using it already!

And about the same time we moved Hazel and Ranger into the other small puppy pen and got her set up with another UGOdog. And I gave her a big cuddly toy since she’s by herself.

She’s had some short sessions hanging out with Sage’s crew. As the weeks go by they will all be spending more and more time together. <3

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Most of you know how much I enjoy naming the puppies. And for those just finding us and reading your first blog from us, we give each litter a theme name and fun or meaningful names to each puppy. It’s much more fun to follow along how “Macadamia, Cashew, Pecan and Pistachio” are doing, then following the yellow puppy, the blue puppy, etc.

Sometimes we go with a theme because of the color of the litter, or a special event around when the pups were born. It might be a movie or old T.V. show theme. Sometimes I struggle for days trying to come up with a theme and other times it just “hits” me right away.

Most of the time our puppy families come up with a new name when they are matched with their puppy or after they get them home, which is fine. You don’t have to keep the name we give your puppy. And other times, the family or person adopting a particular puppy decides to keep the name we gave their puppy. Which is pretty cool too!

When we have each new Cavapoo litter they get their own album under the “Cavapoo” heading at the top of the website (there’s a drop-down menu). Each week the puppies pictures are updated so everyone can follow along as they grow and change. Usually from birth to two week old pictures are  group pictures of the litter. Three weeks is special because the puppies’ eyes have opened and they are usually a bit more alert. So at three weeks we start taking individual pictures of each pup for the weekly photo update and introduce their names.

As you know Hazel had a singleton puppy. I was pretty sure from the ultrasound ahead of time that we would only get the one. So of course as I’m thinking of singleton names, “The Lone Ranger” popped in my head. πŸ˜› (I’m a horse girl what can I say?) And with our track record of having more boys than girls I figured I was set. And then he turned out to be a she. But I’m still going with it. πŸ˜‰  So “Ranger” it is!

And then there is Sage’s litter. Honestly this one was easy. First we’ve never had a litter of nine puppies before and then to end up with the “right” amount of boys and girls. What am I talking about? My mom came from a big family. There were nine kids, five boys and four girls. So I had to. I had to name this litter after my aunts and uncles. <3

I have so many great memories growing up and having these big family reunions and every other Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. (My dad was an only child so he must’ve been shocked when he married my mom! :O ) There were twenty-five first cousins!

So meet the “aunts and uncles”

And in case my aunts and uncles see this, the pups are in birth order but the humans represented are not. πŸ˜‰

P.S. There will be several pictures of each puppy added to their album. <3

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Home Improvements

Okay, I don’t mean our home, I mean the dogs’ quarters.

We have three big fenced-in yards for the dogs to play, exercise and potty in. Even though our property is seven acres, the dogs don’t get free-rein on all of that (unless they are outside with us) because our property butts right up to a forest and also because we have horses. The horses are fenced in with a two-strand hot wire fence so the dogs can go right under the wire and be in with the horses. Little dogs can easily get hurt or killed by a horse. And also with the woods so close we do have predators that live nearby. So the fenced in yards are for the safety of the little dogs.

The two yards that are connected to the dog’s house have gotten very worn down and dusty. We do not have a good enough well and water supply to be able to have grass in our yards, but we do have a variety of ground-covering type weeds that provide some “greenness” to the yards. As the years roll by the dogs have worn things down and we ended up with more dirt than anything, especially in those two yards. (The other yard is the backyard off our house). In the summer, the dirt in the yard, driveway, horse pasture and everywhere becomes like talcum powder. You can dust in the house and an hour later it doesn’t look like it hasn’t even been done.

So “we” made a plan for a new project. When I say “we” it means, I think of a project and my poor hubby has to execute it. πŸ˜› hehehe

My idea seemed fairly simple, but it ended up being quite a project. Years ago we had laid wire under the dirt along the edge of the fence to prevent the dogs from digging under the fence. So my plan was to lay wire down over the whole yard and then put pea gravel down which would prevent the dogs from digging and also keep the dust down and things cleaner. Sounds easy enough. πŸ˜‰

Hubby first had to use the rototiller to level the ground (he ended up pulling up the buried wire along the edges) and fill in the “bomb shelters” the dogs had dug. Seriously, there were huge holes. We have one dog that is a professional excavator of massive proportions!

Next he had to find the right kind of wire and lay it over the whole yard, connecting it to the bottom of the fence again to prevent escapes. He also attached 12″ boards along the bottom of the wire fence to keep the gravel from escaping the yard. While in the process of working on the fence, one of the wooden posts busted! *sigh* That made more work. He had just replaced these (treated) wood posts a couple years ago. So not wanting to do that again he bought metal posts and replaced the front fence posts with new metal ones. When he put the posts and wire back up the measurements were a bit different than the previous fence, so then he decided he would need to make a new gate! So on and on the project went….

They sure are enjoying the new yard though now that it’s done! But you can see the dust in the air from the boys in the back yard. I’d love to do this to that yard also, but that yard is a lot bigger and we don’t have a way to get a large amount of gravel back there. (*putting the thinking cap onπŸ€”)

Another view. (Gracie on her perch).

We got the play structure back in but the shade cloth needs to be put back up. Hubby took it down when the fire was nearby.

Cody and Quinn enjoying some play time in the new yard.

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Waiting list news

I know many, many of you have been waiting for news about our Cavapoo waiting list. It’s still not quite open, but I do want to update everyone.

We closed our list because it had gotten very, very long and I didn’t feel like we should keep adding more and more people. Especially since we had a few moms retire (some planned, some unplanned) which kind of a slowed down the number of puppies we had available this spring/summer.

I’m slowing working my way through the list contacting those that had gotten on quite  a while ago but for whatever reason have not reached out when we’ve had available puppies. (More explanation about that in a later blog post). (And I know those northern neighbor families of ours haven’t been able to do much with the closed borders). This way I’m hoping to remove some names that are just “sitting” on our list and not doing anything towards being matched with a puppy in hopes of getting the list a bit shorter. I understand between when a person/family applies to get on the list and when they get a puppy that life can throw curve balls and things can change. Also some people get on more than one breeder’s waiting list and end up getting a puppy elsewhere and forget to let us know they know longer need to be on our waiting list. (If you happen to be someone on our Cavapoo waiting list and no longer want/need to be on it, please shoot me an email and let me know.)

It looks like our fall/winter will be a bit busier than spring/summer has been. At the moment we have Joy’s puppies who are all matched and going home a week from Sunday. Then we have Hazel’s singleton Cavapoo and Sage’s nine F1b Cavapoos which will be matched with families already on our waiting list on Sunday, 11th. Gracie is very pregnant and should be delivering her babies within the next 24 hours! Her temperature has dropped and she is getting restless (sure signs of impending labor and delivery). We have another girl that was bred but not confirmed pregnant yet. By next week we will be able to do an ultrasound and confirm one way or the other with her. Then one other girl has recently been bred. We’ll have to wait another month to know if she is expecting. So as you can see, things are picking up around here! Thankfully, the litters will be spread out a bit to make things quite manageable, crazy, but manageable. πŸ˜‰

Even though quite a few people have been matched with puppies since we closed the list in April and several have been taken off for other reasons, our list is still long. I just want people to understand when we do reopen it that there will still be a substantial wait for a puppy. There are so many variables when we’re dealing with humans and animals it’s hard to nail down a wait time. But from past experience my guess is when we reopen and start adding more people, the wait time will probably be between 12-18 months for a puppy. That is just a guesstimate. It will depend on how many new people get added on the list (and I’m expecting quite a few) and what each person wants in a puppy. For example someone that says; “I don’t care what color or gender, I just want a Cavapoo” they might be waiting less than a year. Where someone that says, “I want a red/apricot female”. That will be closer to the 18 month wait.

So with that said, hopefully everyone understands that this is a process and when you decide to apply and get on our list there will be a wait and you need to be patient with the process.  I will have more news next week to share about the list (and hopefully a reopening date! Please do not fill out the application until the reopening date).

**This news only applies to our Cavapoo waiting list. If you are interested in an Aussalier,  that list is still closed. We have enough people on it already and don’t expect to have another Aussalier litter for about a year.**



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Around the farm

The pups are having fun around the farm. There are new things to see, smell, hear almost every day. There are people, other dogs, big and small and other animals to check out. It’s all part of socializing a puppy.

Fun with Quinn.

“Hi, Austin!”

Entertainment by Quinn and Cajsa.

Sundae came to visit too.

“Mom, can I chase that thing?”

Watchdog Cajsa

Auntie Aurora hanging out with the puppies.

Cashew Meeting Gracie

Pecan wants to know who that big nose belongs to.

Macadamia is more curious than Silver.

Pistachio and Gracie both have pretty reddish hair. Squeezing in as much fun and adventure as we can in the last ten days that Joy’s puppies are here with us.


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Mom is best

Weaning puppies is a process as they start eating puppy food, but continue to nurse. And as they get older, mom wants more breaks away from her pups. Although each mom is different in her “style” of weaning and nurturing.

By this age, Joy’s babies are on three meals a day of puppy food and sneaking some milk from mom once or twice a day.


As you can see by the pictures, as soon as they see mom, they latch on and drink as fast as they can! Gotta get those milkshakes down before mom changes her mind and walks off!


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