I try to cover everything I can think of on this website, but sometimes I miss something. So I’ll try to cover the most frequent asked questions here (even though they may be somewhere on the website). And if you’ve perused through the website and this page and still have a questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Where are you located? It’s on the “About Us” page, but in case you missed it, we are located in NE Washington state. We’re about a two hour drive from Spokane and about a forty-five minute drive to the Canadian border of B.C.
  2. How much are your Cavapoos? Our Cavapoos are $1500.
  3. How do I get a puppy? Go to “Getting a Puppy” page and it will walk you through the process. Basically, you need to fill out our Puppy Application forms and send an application fee. (https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/puppy-info/adoption-info/)
  4. Is there a deposit required to get on your waiting list? There is no deposit required to get on our waiting list, only a small application fee.
  5. When do I give you a deposit? Once you are matched with a puppy, you need to send the $300 (non-refundable deposit) within five days for me to hold that puppy for you.
  6. What type of Cavapoo do you breed? We breed first generation Cavapoos (otherwise known as F1); meaning we use a purebred Poodle parent and a purebred Cavalier parent to produce all our Cavapoo puppies.
  7. Do you use toy or mini Poodles in your breeding program? According to AKC toy Poodles are 10″ and under. Miniature Poodles are anything over 10″ and up to 15″ (at the shoulder). There is no standard for weight. We use Miniature Poodles in our breeding program, but most tend to be on the smaller side and also not real heavy.
  8. What is the average size of your grown Cavapoos? I would say our average runs in the 15-20lb range as adults. Or course, we have some that mature smaller and some larger than that.
  9. If I get a puppy from a small Cavalier and a small Poodle does that guarantee my puppy will stay on the smaller side? Unfortunately no. There’s no guarantee on size. Since the Poodle breed comes in three different sizes there can be variety in the gene pool and we might end up with a puppy (or puppies) that end up bigger than their parents. Fortunately, we have a way of estimating a puppy’s adult size by calculating their weight at eight weeks (plus looking at bone size and structure). But there is still no guarantee, it’s just a guesstimate.
  10. What color do your Cavapoos come in? I want a red (apricot, etc) one. Our dogs have produced red, apricot, blond/cream, sable, brown phantom, black, black with minimal white markings, black and white, black and tan, tri-color, blenheim (which is basically like a blenheim Cavalier; white body and red, apricot or light apricot/cream body spots. The most requested color is the red or apricot. If your heart is set on that, please be patient in waiting as we a minimal amount of parent pairs that produce those colors. Check out our Cavapoo colors page for examples https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/cavapoos/cavapoo-colors/ This page is a work in progress as we produce new colors and get updated pictures. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NOT ALL THESE COLORS MAY BE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.
  11. Where can I find information on the puppies parents? Parent information (picture, size, color, name and description) will be posted under “Our Dogs”>”Our Cavaliers” and “Our Poodles. You will also receive pictures of your puppy’s parents in your puppy packet when you receive your puppy. Health testing information is listed under the “Health Testing” page. (https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/health/health-testing/)
  12. What is litter box training? Our puppies are introduced to a litter box when they are 3-4 weeks of age. Puppies naturally like to keep their sleeping area clean and will begin to toddle off their bed to relieve themselves at about three weeks. So our puppies are introduced to a litter box between 3-4 weeks of age. By the time they go home around 9 weeks of age they are using their litter box pretty consistently.
  13. Can my puppy switch to going outside to potty after being raised with a litter box? Yes. Obviously every puppy is an individual and some may switch over easier than others. And you can still continue to use the litter box (say if puppy is home alone) and then take puppy outside to potty when you are home. Some people choose to only use the litter box (if  perhaps they live in an apartment) or you may want to continue to use the litter box until puppy is completely vaccinated if you don’t have a fenced in yard to keep stray/sick dog germs away from puppy.
  14. Does my puppy get any puppy vaccination before it comes home to me? Yes, each puppy is given their first parvo/distemper puppy combo vaccine before going home (more if it is in the Progressive Puppy program https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/cavapoos/progressive-pups/ ). You will receive a Health Record with your puppy that will tell you when your puppy needs it’s next vaccinations.
  15. What kind of food should I feed my puppy? Your puppy has been raised on Nature’s Domain puppy food (from Costoc). We feel it is a quality food for a reasonable price. We will send home a sample with your puppy. If at all possible keep your puppy on it the first year before gradually switching to adult food. If you need/want to switch to a different puppy food, do it gradually so as to not upset the puppy’s system. And if at all possibly at least wait until puppy is settled in to his new home and eating well.
  16. Do I get to name my puppy? Yes! We usually always give our puppies names after they are born (usually each litter has a “theme”). We love to do this and it helps to identify them in pictures. You are welcome to keep the name your puppy comes with or choose your own. And if you decide on one before your puppy leaves here, please let us know so we can start using it.
  17. How do I choose my puppy since I live far away? Most of our puppy adopters do live a distance from us and can’t pick their puppy in person. When a litter is born we will start posting pictures. As the pups grow we will post weekly individual pictures. And as they start moving around we will post short videos also. You are welcome to call or email to chat about the litter options also. Most people are able to decide which pup they want in this manner.
  18. Does my puppy have dewclaws or were they removed?  (For those not familiar with dewclaws; they are the fifth toenail that grows on the inside of the leg a couple inches from the paw. )Your puppies dewclaws have been removed when the puppy was one to three days of age. Most people have their Cavapoos groomed and we find with groomed coats, it is much easier for the owner and groomer to deal a clean leg. Also, if not removed they can get hidden in the coat and forgotten. Forgotten dewclaws, if not clipped will grow clear around and back into the pad.
  19. Do you dock or crop your Cavapoos’ tails? No, we do not dock our Cavapoo puppies’ tails. We think the wagging tail is part of the Cavapoo charm.
  20. What does my purchase price get me? You will receive a healthy, adorable home-raised puppy that has been started on litter box training, gone through our de-worming program, started on it’s first puppy vaccination, examined by our veterinarian, and had a stool sample checked. Puppy will have been given a good start in socialization and enrichment, introduced to crate training, and introduced to clicker training. When puppy goes home you will receive a puppy packet of information, health record, health sheet (from our vet’s exam), a picture of your puppy’s mom and dad,  NuVet information and sample, food sample, toys and a home-made baby blanket so puppy has something familiar to go home with. Plus we will be here for ongoing support and questions should you need it.
  21. Can we visit? Yes, but there are stipulations for health and safety reasons. Please see our Visitor Info page for more details.  https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/about-us/visitor-info/
  22. Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic? I don’t believe any dog is truly “hypoallergenic”. Although we know that Poodles are a non-shedding breed (Cavaliers do shed), and crossing a Poodle with a Cavalier (first generation cross; known as F1) is said to be a “low-to-non shedding” breed. There are some Cavapoos that do shed. Having  the wavier Poodle looking coat is no guarantee either. If you are allergic to dog dander, it is best that you meet and spend time with some Cavapoos before making a commitment to a puppy and find out you’re allergic to your new puppy. We cannot guarantee your Cavapoo to be non-shedding.