Exercising your puppy

I just want to go over a little bit about exercise and your new puppy.

Most people think about that energetic little puppy and how going for long walks will get some of those wiggles out. But beware of doing that!

Your little puppy’s joints are not ready for long distances, jumping off of furniture or other rambunctious play. Those activities are too much for young, developing joints and bones.

Instead most of their exercise should be free play in the yard or house, instead of those long walks around the neighborhood. And jogging with your puppy or taking them with you on a bike ride shouldn’t be done until they are mature, close to a year old for a Cavapoo.

Once they are fully vaccinated, short walks on a leash are okay, but less is better. Instead socialize your puppy in a basket on your bike, a front pack as you walk the park or a backpack as you hike around the lake, with short jaunts of them walking beside you.

The last thing we want is for our young puppy to injury or stress those growing joints and bones.

And if you want to “wear” that puppy out, try mental stimulation instead of vigorous exercise. There are loads of games, puzzles and other fun activities to engage your puppies mind in. Short trick training or obedience sessions throughout the day can also be helpful to keep a busy puppy occupied and ready for bed!

There’s a super helpful group on Facebook I would encourage you to join for fun ideas to keep your puppy or dog “thinking”. (Canine Enrichment)