Puppy Guarantee

Your puppy has been raised with great care and love. We do our best to raise healthy, socialized puppies. The puppy is guaranteed to be in good, sound health at the time of sale and when picked up. It is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a reputable, licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the sale. If the veterinarian should find the puppy in anything but “good health” due to disease only (no injury or mishandling) the purchase price will be refunded upon return of the puppy. (Note: any puppy going to a new home may be a bit unsure of him/herself until he/she becomes completely familiar with his/her surroundings.) Proof of the above must be in the form of a letter from the examining veterinarian explaining the cause of poor health. No exchange or refund will be made after this period.

We cannot guarantee against, or be responsible for any expenses incurred from parasites in your puppy, parvovirus or distemper. Parasites are very common in puppies and may include various types (internal and external) including, but not limited to; coccidia, giardia, roundworms, or mites. Although we do our best to prevent these parasites, (your puppy has been de-wormed, had an exam by our vet and a stool sample checked negative)the puppy may require additional treatments to deal with these because of the different life cycle of these parasites. Parvovirus is a deadly intestinal virus that can be picked up wherever an infected dog may have been. We start our puppies on their vaccinations before they go home, but it is up to the new owner to complete those vaccinations and be careful where they take their puppy. The puppy is not safe from this and other diseases until they have gone through the complete series of puppy vaccinations.

We do not guarantee your puppy to be of breeding/show quality (for AKC Cavaliers or Poodles). We also cannot guarantee; bites, size or fertility in your dog. Our puppies are sold as pet/companions only. And we highly recommended spaying/neutering at the appropriate age.

F1 Cavapoos are said to be low-to-non shedding. They are not all that way. Please note, that we cannot guarantee that your Cavapoo will not shed.

We do guarantee the health of your puppy against any genetic defect for 1 year from the purchase date of the puppy. This includes only genetically caused problems in the puppy. If a genetic defeat is found, the puppy may be returned (at owner’s expense) with a written statement from the veterinarian and a replacement pup will be given when one becomes available. We cannot be held responsible for any vet expenses that may occur from any genetic complications if you choose to keep the puppy and seek veterinary treatments.

2 Responses to Puppy Guarantee

  1. amy Gelineau says:

    Do I send a deposit now that I filled out the applications?


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