You’re on the waiting list, now what?

Here are a few pointers once you’ve filled out the application forms, sent in your application fee and are “officially” on our waiting list.

  • Please “like” and “follow” our Pinewood Kennels Facebook page. (Look for the apricot Cavapoo wearing sunglasses; there is more than one Pinewood Kennels on Facebook)
  • Subscribe to email notifications on our blog/website. THIS IS CRUCIAL! The blog notifications will keep you up to speed on what is happening with litter announcements, puppy matching news and other vital information. If you’re on our list and want a puppy this is part of the plan.  (On the right-hand side of the home page of the blog, just under the revolving photo album, you’ll see a “FOLLOW” button to hit which will sign you up for email notifications.) Please make sure to add “” to your address book so the email notifications don’t end up in you spam folder. People have missed important messages because of this.
  • If you have questions, please continue to correspond with me via that same email that I first sent you after you submitted the application forms, instead of starting a new one each time you have a question or responding on a blog post with questions. It makes it so much easier for me if I have all of our conversations in one place.
  • Please read the linked page thoroughly so you know how the puppy matching process works. You have to be actively involved in the process! (but who wouldn’t want to be?! )  🙂
  • Please read through the other website pages as you have time. That may answer some of your questions. There are several that reference “puppies” and how to get ready for one.
  • Also, there is a search bar on the right-hand side of the blog where you can search for subjects and keywords. This will direct you to blog posts I have already done and may be helpful in answering questions you have that may come up; be it litter box training, what five-week-old puppies are learning, or some other puppy related subject.
  • And if you are interested, we post frequently on Instagram (@pinewoodcavapoos). If you plan on sharing your puppy pictures after you get your puppy home, we would love to follow you too!
  • And we have a YouTube channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos), so please subscribe so you can watch as many videos of cute puppies and things that happen here, as many times as you want and whenever you want! This is where you will watch your puppy grow, play, interact and learn.

(updated 6/2/20)