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I’m afraid we have to wait a bit longer…

Well, I don’t think Allie is pregnant. I’m disappointed, as I was so hoping she would be. Normally, after a female dog is breed, the abdomen can be palpated around day 28 to confirm the pregnancy. The pups will feel … Continue reading

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Getting ready!

Today was a busy day! I can’t believe how fast these weeks have gone by and the last of the pups are really leaving tomorrow. My house is going to be quite different. I donned my adorable grooming smock! (A … Continue reading

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We wEnt tO The doCToR

HI! My NAMe is biNGley. MoM Said eye CoulD wRiTe tHis sinCe I’M the oLdesT.  😛 haHA THe dAy B-fore tHis one, moM puT ME aNd my bRotheRs and SISters N a BIG cRate And theN she puT us IN … Continue reading

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It’s an odd word. Two words with opposite meanings, combined. Meriam-Webster describes it as “combining sadness and happiness”. Several people have asked me how I can send these adorable puppies away to their new homes; that they could “never do” … Continue reading

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Are those cookies, mom?!

If you haven’t yet heard about NuVet supplement, please check it out under our “Health” heading on our website. I highly recommend it and hope all our puppies are started on it. Anything we can do to help our puppies … Continue reading

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And they’re off!

I’m sitting in that Spokane Airport cargo parking lot having just said good- bye to three sweet babies. A bittersweet moment. Farewell little guys. Have a happy life!

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Look what I found in my sink!

Yes, it’s bath time. These babies are going to their new homes tomorrow so it is time to get spiffed up. They don’t look to thrilled with their baths though. 😉

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I came to my senses…

OK, I’ve come to my senses as I realize what the task of raising four puppies together (properly) is going to be. Nearly impossible. Plus, I really shouldn’t keep all this cuteness to myself. 😉 So (before I change my … Continue reading

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Jules’ puppies visit the vet

I headed out on my way to the vet yesterday with this view. So grateful to live where we do! The puppies were great traveling the long, windy road! When we arrived at the vet an hour and a half … Continue reading

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Puppies Update

Our last little puppy, Charlotte has been matched with her forever family! That means we have no more puppies available at this time. We are keeping some for ourselves (of course) 😉 and will be growing these kiddos out here … Continue reading

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