Our Poodles


sundaefaceSundae is our acrobat! There’s not a fence that can hold him (unless it has a top!)

The dogs have three big fenced yards to roam in. Sundae will happily climb from one to another to visit his friends or come  out in the front yard and “help” me do chores.

He can be standoff-ish with people he doesn’t know, but he absolutely loves me! He has a zest for life and is playful and exuberant in all he does.

His nickname is “Sunday(ae), Monday, Tuesday!” He is a cream and white miniature parti Poodle. 14″ tall and weighs 12.6 lbs. 💙

r gorgeous red mini Poodle, is nicknamed Clancy Pants! (Every dog seems to have a nickname here!) He is sweet, playful and kind. He is best buds with our Aussie, Oakley as they grew up as pups together. Clancy is supposed to be a mini, but technically he is a bit over mini size (10-15") Clancy ended up a bit over 15" tall at the shoulder and weighs in at about 16 lbs.

THE GIRLS< img src=”https://pinewoodcavapoos.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/allie3.jpg&#8221; class=”alignnone wp-image-5454 size-full” height=”3264″ alt=”allie3″ width=”2448″>”Allie”

Allie is our beautiful cream mini Poodle. She has given us some of our most popular apricot puppies with Dickens. I hope someday to get some beautiful Poodle daughters from her to continue her legacy. She stands 13″ tall and weighs 12 lbs.  Allie has a story; she came to me as an adult for a sweet older gentleman who got her from someone else. (Yes, she had been rehomed several times in her first couple years) 😦 From her timidity, fearfulness and lack of trust, I suspect she was raised in a kennel with absolutely no puppy socialization. She was very scared and timid and can still tend to be that way with anyone but me. But she trusts me now and lets me do so many things that she wouldn’t when she first arrived. She loves to be held and loved on, and really relaxes with a good back scratching. And she even gets happy and playful sometimes, which is quite something for her reserved personality.


“Reba aka Queen of Sheba Reba, is definitely the queen or boss of the place, all eight pounds, 10 3/4” of her! She became an official, full time house dog after I adopted her from another breeder and found out she can climb over any fence, even when pregnant! So now she rules the roost. After loosing Pooh a few years ago, she has wormed her way into my heart and helped heal the hole he left. She is spoiled, loves affection, smart, quiet and a great cuddler. She is an excellent mom and even mothers some of the babies that aren’t hers.



Flower is our striking white and black parti, mini Poodle. She stands 11 3/4" tall and weighs 11 lbs. Flower is a great mom! (She delivered her first litter when I had run to town. I took her temperature and she showed no signs of whelping before I left.) She delivered her pups and had them clean and dry when I returned! She throws some beautiful colors also; tri-color, black and white, brown and white, blenheim and brown phantom! She and Lucy are our unique color producers for sure!


Lucy is a sweet, silly, affectionate mini girl! She is 13″ tall and weighs usually around 9.5 lbs. She looks to be a grey and white parti, but her grey spots are actually merled; meaning they have a mottled appearance. Her merling is not heavy, so it’s hard to see, but she has produced one stunning blue merle, blue eyed puppy, along with some blenheims, dark sable, brown phantom.<<