Our Poodles


“Shammy Ice Cream Parti” aka Sundae is a CKC registered cream and white miniature parti Poodle; 14″/12.6 lbs. Sundae is OFA certified normal eyes. He is OFA certified “normal”; heart, eyes and patellas. He has had his genetic testing done by Paw Print Genetics.

Sundae is our acrobat! There’s not a fence that can hold him (unless it has a top!) The dogs have three big fenced yards to roam in. Sundae will happily climb from one to another to visit his friends or come out in the front yard and “help” me do chores. He can be standoff-ish with people he doesn’t know, but he absolutely loves me! He has a zest for life and is playful and exuberant in all he does. His nickname is “Sunday(ae), Monday, Tuesday!”



img_4055“Pinewoods Ruddy Warrior” aka Clancy is our AKC registered red mini Poodle; 15 1/4″/16 lbs. Clancy is OFA certified normal eyes, heart, and patellas. He had had his genetic testing done by Paw Print Genetics. Clancy has also been through a basic obedience class and was scheduled to go through the CGC test, but was unable to attend the test as I ended up having another dog emergency that day.

He is nicknamed Clancy Pants! (Every dog seems to have a nickname here!) He is sweet, playful and kind. He is best buds with our Aussie, Oakley as they grew up as pups together.


“Pinewoods Rumor Has It” aka Rumor is a CKC registered miniature Poodle, the son of Reba and Sundae. He is a super sweet and loving boy and has a gorgeous black and tan (almost silver) also called “phantom”, curly coat. He stands 14″ tall and weighs 13.8 lbs. He has also had his genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics and by parentage. He is OFA certified “normal”; heart, patella and eyes.


“Pinewoods Added Bonus” aka Bonus or Bo Bo as I call him is a purebred miniature Poodle. He is a happy, little energetic bundle of curls! My groomer has commented on what a nice coat he has! He is our smallest boy Poodle standing at about 11 3/4″ and weighing 11.4 lbs. He looks black and white but he is actually a tricolor (or in the Poodle world would be called a black phantom parti). I’m proud to say he is a third generation Poodle for us. His grandparents were our retired Poodles (Flower & Eli), his mom is Tansy (living with my friend. She is Hazels’ full sister).

Bonus has had his genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics and is normal heart, eye and patellas.




“Pinewoods Wild Lupine” aka Lucy is an ACA registered silver merle, parti miniature Poodle; 13″/9.5 lbs. Lucy is OFA certified normal eyes, heart, and patellas. She has had her genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics.

She is a sweet, silly, affectionate girl!  She looks to be a grey and white parti, but her grey spots are actually merled; meaning they have a mottled appearance. Her merling is not heavy, so it’s hard to see, but she has produced one stunning blue merle, blue-eyed puppy, along with some blenheims, dark sable, brown phantom, and a sable merle.





Pinewoods Flowering Hazel; “Hazel” (daughter of Flower) is a CKC registered miniature Poodle. She was born brown and white parti but has lighten to a pretty silver beige parti. She has had her genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics and is OFA certified normal heart, eyes, and patellas.

Hazel is a small Poodle, but has a very happy, lively, fun personality.



Pinewoods Wild Blue Yonder; Sky is a blue-eyed cream parti (white with a couple cream spots) AKC registered miniature Poodle. She is OFA normal heart and patellas. Genetic testing cleared by parentage.

Sky is about 13 1/2″ tall and 15 lbs. She is a bundle of exuberant joy! She loves life and people too.


Pinewoods Amber Waves known as Amber is a CKC registered apricot miniature Poodle. (She is the daugher of Allie and Clancy). She is about 12 1/2″ tall and about 11 lbs. She is OFA certified “normal”, heart and patellas and has completed her genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics.

Amber is a bit like her mom Allie; sweet, loving, docile temperament. She is also a strong, silent, attentive mother just like her mom. (Pictured in the red collar with her sister Autumn).


Pinewoods Northern Lights aka Aurora is our small standard Poodle weighing about 43lbs. She is AKC registered, OFA certified normal heart and eyes. And scored above average PennHip score for hips. She is a sable parti color. Aurora is a sweet, playful dog and loves to cuddle. She thinks she’s a lap dog.

(Aurora as a puppy and young adult)


“Lyric” (info coming soon!)

Lyric as a baby

All grown up!