Getting Ready For Your Puppy

I’ve created this page for new puppy owners. As you are anxiously waiting for your new puppy, you might as well go shopping and get those needed items before puppy gets home! These are not all necessary items but will give you ideas on things you may want to get.


You will probably want some type of bed for your puppy. I really like these sheepskin looking ones as they come in different sizes, are washable, fit in crates and are fairly inexpensive. Buy two, so you have an extra while the other is being laundered.



I highly recommend a crate for your new pup. They’re great for potty training, travel or just nap time! Crates can be found in either these plastic types (pictured below) or wire varieties. I use both at my house. You will probably want to purchase a medium sized one (unless you are getting a puppy that is going to mature on the small side).


You will need some kind of containment are for your puppy. I would suggest either a portable exercise pen or the Iris Dog Pen. These come in 2 sizes. Get the taller one if you will be putting the puppy’s crate inside as a bed. Cavapoos are smart and athletic and can easily clear a shorter pen in no time! You can find these on Amazon. (See our example below for a containment area).



This is what I recommend for your new puppy…a nice, safe confined area when you are not able to have the puppy right with you under your supervision or you have to be at work, etc. It is a small area, but that way the puppy doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to potty accidents. This is Maggie and she is only 2 lbs. so her area is small, probably 2′ x 2′. Bigger puppies may have a larger area, especially if you are using a crate as their bed/den place. Here Maggie has her bed, water, food and potty box (this was before we started the new litter box system) and she usually has a toy in there too. As a puppy gets older and more trustworthy, the area can be enlarged. Even if you are training your puppy to potty outside this is a nice set up if you’re away during the day. Then resume your outside training when you’re home! Check out this blog post for more info:


Below is a video of the taller Iris pen using six panels. I have this set up in the dining area for training puppies. And as you can see our newest Poodle puppy is not happy being contained, but she’s learning about it fairly quickly. I too, go through the same thing you will go through with your new puppy!

This shows the taller of the Iris pens (6 panels). This gives more room for a puppy who has been consistently using their litter box. Plus there is still room for a crate, food and water and toys. A perfectly safe place for puppy to be when you are busy or away at work. It also shows the type of litter box that your puppy has been using. Just a simple plastic container with a layer of wood pellets on the bottom. The wood pellets are wood pellets that are burned in a pellet stove. They are just pine sawdust with wax so there is nothing harmful in them. I buy them at our local feed/farm supply store for about $3.50 for a 40 lb bag. You can sometimes also find them at places like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. Don’t think you have to buy the expensive, deodorized pet pellets from a pet supply store.


Your puppy has been raised on Nature’s Domain Puppy Food; grain free (food at Costco). I would keep your puppy on it for the first year and then gradually switch to the adult food. It’s a quality food at an affordable price.

And speaking of edibles; I highly recommend the supplement NuVet for your puppy (and any adult dogs you might already have). It’s not only a vitamin supplement but an immune system support for that growing, maturing puppy! Please see our “NuVet” page for more information. I’ve even considered making NuVet supplementation part of my puppy guarantee. I think it’s that important. Please give it a try, at least for the first year of your puppy’s life.


Don’t forget food and water dishes for your new puppy. I recommend either stainless steel like these or the ceramic/crock material. The stainless are easy to clear, and the crock style are a bit heavier for those rambunctious puppies that tend to knock things over.







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  2. Dee says:

    Very helpful info. Thanks for sharing.


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