Cavapoo Colors

Cavapoos come in a variety of colors! That’s one fun thing about them. The Cavaliers only come in four colors; blenheim, ruby, tri-color and black and tan. But Poodles come in an assortment of colors and patterns; solids, partis, phantoms, etc. So the possibility is great, depending on the parents and their genetic background.

Here we hope to showcase a few of our past puppies/dogs and the colors we’ve had. This doesn’t mean we will always have these same colors, or that we will never have anything different. But this will give you an idea. Keep checking back as we add more pictures.

coco 2nd bday Coco enjoying break Oct 4 2011 gabby.7mo.martha.stefanski

Black & tan (The top photos are the same puppy at as an older puppy and adult)


Sable (This is the same puppy at different ages)

fiona.petra.kellog1yr fritziferg liam.roscoe1yrchloe.lei P1030124#3.10wks 114_9125

joshy2 (2)

Various shades of red/apricot. The reds are usually darker when they are smaller, but can lighten up as they mature and are groomed.








Black & White


Stay tuned as we add more!


14 Responses to Cavapoo Colors

  1. Angie says:

    Hi I’m interested in a cavapoo puppy. I would like one before summer. I’m flexible with color and m.f. What doesn’t the likely hood of that sound like? I would be super excited to get one by march 15th, lol as that is my daughters birthday and she would be sooo excited to get a puppy. We lost our lab 2 years ago and have been researching new puppies that will fit our life style.

    Please xo tact me to discuss further. I’m ready to do a deposit.


  2. K Cross says:

    Do you have any older Cavapoos available? closer to 6-12months?


  3. says:

    Do you have any Cavapoos no older than four years old thank you. Marian


  4. Michelle Kates says:

    Our family would like to add a female black and white or tri color cavapoo. . Please advise the price, availability and purchase process. Thanks. -Kates Family


  5. Cindy velez says:

    Iā€™m looking for a miniature Cavapoo dark brown with blue eyes


    • Sorry, we’ve never had a dark brown. We have apricots and reds, but none have ever had blue eyes. A blue-eyed dog would have to come from a parent that is merle. We’ve had a couple blue-eyed blenheim Cavapoos that were quite pretty though šŸ™‚


  6. Bianca Bossbaly says:

    How long is the wait for a male cavapoo?


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