Cavapoo Colors

Cavapoos come in a variety of colors! That’s one fun thing about them. The Cavaliers only come in four colors; blenheim, ruby, tri-color and black and tan. But Poodles come in an assortment of colors and patterns; solids, partis, phantoms, etc. So the possibility is great, depending on the parents and their genetic background.

There are two main “patterns”; what we call “solid” colored with just one or two main colors; black, red, apricot, black and tan. And the second pattern which is parti-colored; a white body with colored spots. Any of the solid color/s can come in the parti pattern. If a solid dog has a white spot on it’s chest or paws that doesn’t make it a parti, but what we call  mismarked. A tricolor could be called a parti-colored black and tan. (In the Poodle breed what we call a black and tan is called a “phantom”. So a black and tan parti (what we call “tricolor”) could technically also be called a black phantom parti). I know, it’s confusing at times, so we’ll just keep it simple; it’s a tricolor!

Here we hope to showcase a few of our past puppies/dogs and the colors we’ve had. This doesn’t mean we will always have these same colors to choose from. But this will give you an idea of some of the possibilities.


Black & tan; Think Doberman or Rottweiler coloring. The body is black with brown or tan “points”; eyebrows, cheek patches, legs, inside ears, under the tail, chest (unless there is a white patch covering it). (The top photos are the same puppy at as an older puppy and adult)

coco 2nd bday Coco enjoying break Oct 4 2011 gabby.7mo.martha.stefanskipuppyb.t



Sable; Looks dark brown to almost black at birth. Most of the time the darker “color” is actually the tips of the hairs so once the dog is groomed you will only see the lighter color underneath. Although many times the ears will keep the darker tips because they are not shaved. As you can see sables lighten up with age. The darker ones (almost black at birth will stay darker even as adults. (The top two pictures are the same puppy at different ages)



A sable parti


A sable Poodle on the left and his “brother” Cavapoo, a dark sable parti.

puppydarksabA dark sable parti (looks almost black) puppy. The dark dog above looked like this as a puppy too.


Red and Apricot. The reds are usually darker when they are smaller, but can lighten up as they mature and are groomed. Even a dark red will usually lighten up. Apricot puppies can be dark (almost red as babies) to a light almost blond (see blond/cream below).

fiona.petra.kellog1yr fritziferg liam.roscoe1yrchloe.lei P1030124#3.10wks 114_9125

joshy2 (2)



This pictures shows a “true” red on the left and the dark apricot on the right.


Blond/Cream is just a very light shade of apricot. They look mostly cream with apricot “highlights”. They are a lot lighter even as a small puppy.



Black; a solid black all over, but sometimes they will have some white toes or a patch of white on their chest or chin.




Tri-color; is a black & white puppy with tan “points” (as described under the black & tan).


Black & White; only two colors in various patterns all over the body.




Blenheim (like the purebred Cavalier color) is a white body with red, chestnut, apricot or even lighter cream spots.



Merle & merle parti-merle is a totally different realm of color from the others mentioned. It comes from the Poodle side, but there is controversy there. Some people say a merle dog of another breed was introduced at some time to the Poodle breed and it was never a gene that the Poodle carried. But it has been in the Poodle breed long enough that if a merle Poodle was genetically tested it would come back pure Poodle. So controversy or not, the merle gene is here to stay in the Poodles. I love it!

Merle is a base coat of a diluted black which shows as gray or silver with spots, splotches or patches of black over the coat. Merles can also be brown or even blond with spots or merling that would be darker brown shades of the main coat color. All of our current merles have the diluted black merle (gray) colors.

If a dog has a parti gene it will have a base color of white with merle patches. It can also have brown points like a tricolor dog.

One unique thing about merle dogs (and why breeders need to know what they’re doing and do genetic testing) is if two merle dogs are bred together it doubles on that merle gene and can and will produce blind and deaf dogs. We do not breed merle to merle.


You can see by some of these puppy/adult comparisons that the base coat of the merle can lighten up quite a bit.



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  1. Angie says:

    Hi I’m interested in a cavapoo puppy. I would like one before summer. I’m flexible with color and m.f. What doesn’t the likely hood of that sound like? I would be super excited to get one by march 15th, lol as that is my daughters birthday and she would be sooo excited to get a puppy. We lost our lab 2 years ago and have been researching new puppies that will fit our life style.

    Please xo tact me to discuss further. I’m ready to do a deposit.

  2. K Cross says:

    Do you have any older Cavapoos available? closer to 6-12months?

  3. says:

    Do you have any Cavapoos no older than four years old thank you. Marian

  4. Michelle Kates says:

    Our family would like to add a female black and white or tri color cavapoo. . Please advise the price, availability and purchase process. Thanks. -Kates Family

  5. Cindy velez says:

    I’m looking for a miniature Cavapoo dark brown with blue eyes

    • Sorry, we’ve never had a dark brown. We have apricots and reds, but none have ever had blue eyes. A blue-eyed dog would have to come from a parent that is merle. We’ve had a couple blue-eyed blenheim Cavapoos that were quite pretty though 🙂

  6. Bianca Bossbaly says:

    How long is the wait for a male cavapoo?

  7. Marley A. says:


    We are looking to get a female cavapoo next year, a black/tan or black/white. Do you guys breed for those colors and how do I go about getting on your waitlist? Please let me know, thank you!

    • Yes, we have those colors. Our waiting list currently closed. But you can hit the “FOLLOW” button on the home page of the website (it’s under the photo album on the right-hand side) to sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss news about when the waiting list reopens and we are accepting applications again. Thanks!

  8. Doris Clarkson says:

    Looking for a female cavapoo – parti color – similar to stanley – I see your waiting list is closed from previous posts, but would like to follow to watch and know when that might change.

    • Doris, we reopened the list on Monday and closed it just a few minutes ago. We were bombarded with applications and wait times for a puppy at this point is 1-2 years approximately. You can watch this blog for any news or it reopening. Thanks!

  9. Esther Pearson says:

    I am looking for a Cavapoo puppy male or female
    Color we can talk about. Will you have any more litters
    Available this year? Where are you located? Approximately
    What are you prices?

  10. Denise Weinke says:

    I am interested in a Cavipoo. I recently lost my sister and I am heart broken. I want something to love and care for. I want to ease my sadness with something I can care for. I am a retired school teacher and I am able to afford the cost of a puppy and all the things that go with them. I live on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. I have a huge yard and a huge hole in my heart I want to fill.

    Thank you,

    • Denise, I’m truly sorry for your loss 🙁 I don’t have puppies available as we work from a waiting list which is currently closed. You’re welcome to sign up for email notifications from the blog if you’d like though so you don’t miss any news or announcements about when the list reopens. Thank you!

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