Adoption Form-part 1

Our Cavapoo waiting list is full &  CLOSED  again. We are not accepting any more applications. Our Aussalier waiting list is also closed and we are not accepting any applications for Aussaliers.

Please do not fill out this form.


34 Responses to Adoption Form-part 1

  1. Mary Sampson says:

    Thank you!

  2. Monique Verkade says:

    Very blonde moment…. just filled out the first form, but now realise you are not in New Zealand! Just ignore me haha

  3. Teri Lee says:

    Hi! I’m not able to submit the form – the phone number section is asking for a valid URL and it’s not accepting anything I’m putting in the form. I’ll email you a printed copy? I hope this is ok! And of course, if I’m doing something wrong, just let me know and I can re-do it.

  4. Corinne Twiss says:

    We so want to adopt! We’ll wait patiently.

  5. Janet says:

    Where are you located? I live on Ontari Canada. I am interested in female aussialier puppy. How much are they?
    Thank you for your time

  6. Kiki Stelly says:

    Hi! Sorry you had a glitch in your system. I sent in Part 2, but will wait for Part 1 to come back up. I live in New Orleans with my American Shepherd, Sasha Blue. She is a Blue Merle with beautiful blue eyes. About 35 pounds of sweetness. As for me, I have finally retired and now have the time to train a puppy, and to spend fun times with her. Plus, Sasha misses her play buddy in Florida, a full size black Labrador male (my son’s dog). We love your pups, and follow you online.

  7. bowmanlynn says:

    Jennifer, I have just submitted part 2 of the application but don’t see anything to fill out for part 1. From the previous response it sounds like there is an issue with part 1.
    Lynn Bowman

  8. Tanya Todd says:

    I filled out form 1 and 2 but would like confirmation if it was in fact received.
    Could you let me know if I am now on the waiting list for Cavapoos? Also, wondering what the estimated time frame would be?
    Thanks so much!

  9. Lino Sequeira says:

    Hi, I just submitted the Form 1 but it mentioned the following :OUR CAVAPOO AND AUSSALIER WAITING LISTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.
    I just wanted to know if the application went through or do I need to re-submit when the list opens up again.

    • We are not accepting applications as stated on the application. I emailed you. Once we reopen the list you are welcome to fill out and submit the application again 🙂 Thanks so much!

  10. Alice says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to find the sign up for email notifications. Can you please add me to your list? Also how much are your Cavapoos? And are you located near a major airport (like Spokane?). I live in San Francisco. Thanks!

  11. N Alonso says:

    Where can I find a copy of the list?

  12. saloni says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a cavapoo puppy. I don’t see any puppies that are up for sale.

    • That’s because we don’t have puppies for sale😊 we work from a waiting list which is closed. No reputable breeder will have available puppies only a puppy mill, a broker or it will be a complete scam. Sorry

  13. Jami Ross says:

    Sorry…just filled out the first part of the form before I realized we we weren’t supposed to do that. I’d like to be able to keep up on when you’ll open up your waiting list again.

    • Jami, you can sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements. Just hit the FOLLOW button under the photo album on the right hand side of the front page of the website 🙂

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  16. Ramona Hamline says:

    I would love to get on your waiting list and get one of your puppies! Like you, I don’t understand someone taking up room on the waiting list and not be serious about welcoming a new puppy into their family. Hopefully the non-serious wait listers will get the hint and remove their name. If that happens, SIGN ME UP!!!

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