Getting Puppy Home

We’re happy you have chosen a Pinewood Puppy to add to your family!

We no longer ship our puppies via cargo because of new usda regulations. But that means we get to meet each one of you personally! 🙂

But we have some other great options for getting your puppy home:

  • You are welcome to drive to our home to pick up your puppy.
  • You can fly to our local airport (Spokane, WA-GEG) and I will personally meet you there to hand over your bundle of joy. *
  • I can meet those within driving distance in Spokane on our delivery day. (This will cut off about 2 hours for those coming from the Seattle area versus coming all the way to our home). I drive to Spokane as a courtesy for my puppy adopters. Please try to adjust your schedule to meet mine. If I have to make another trip down just for your puppy, there will be charges for a special delivery day (including another trip to the vet if a *health certificate is needed). *Health certificates are needed if your puppy is crossing the Canadian border. Health certificates are only good for 10 days. I try to make the vet appointment within a 10 day period of my delivery day. But if I’m having to make an extra trip later (out of that 10 day range, then I will have to make a special trip back to the vet for a current certificate.) Thank you!

*If  you are flying in; the puppy would then be able to fly back with you in a soft carrier under the seat. You would be in charge of scheduling you and your puppy’s flight/s, and purchasing/bringing an airline approved soft puppy carrier. But obviously would have to coordinate with me and my schedule also if you want me to meet you at the airport. The airlines normally do NOT require a health certificate if the puppy is flying in cabin with you. Please call the airlines to make sure that is their policy, and make sure they know puppy will be in cabin with you. (All dogs flying in cargo are required to have one) If the puppy needs a health certificate for flying, I will take care of it at the puppy’s vet exam time. ($60 charge). Also, since most of you have been on our waiting list for some time; you know the exact date your puppy was born. If you figure out about 9 1/2 weeks when puppy will be ready to go home, then you can start checking on flights for you and puppy. (Please contact me to coordinate day/time before scheduling your flight though).

(Updated 6/30/17)

2 Responses to Getting Puppy Home

  1. Debbie Phelan says:

    I have been looking for an Aussilier breeder in the Vancouver, B.C. area to no avail.
    I will keep looking but am considering staying in touch with you and perhaps beginning the process of adopting a puppy or young dog with you. We have rescued two cavaliers from a breeder and raising another lovingly from birth. Your Noah reminds me of our Charlie, who died a year ago September. Gorgeous disposition, lovely face. Your cavapoos interest us too. Your website indicates you are very careful, responsible breeders. Thank you.
    Debbie Phelan


    • Hi Debbie, sorry I’m just getting back to you. I just spotted your note!
      I don’t personally know any Aussalier breeders. We won’t be having a litter until our Aussie is health tested and completely mature; probably another year.
      The Cavapoos are our main breed so we have litter of them more often, but we have a long waiting list also. If you’re interested there are steps on the website under “Puppy Info” that will show you how to get on our waiting list.
      I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, Noah is a sweetheart. I love his face too ❤
      Please let me know if you have further questions.
      Thank you!


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