Socialization Week 5 (7-8 weeks of age)

So during the last few weeks of the puppies time here, things kind of continue on the same with growing, playing and learning! They are just getting bigger and having a blast with playtime. And we still watch for any signs of “fear periods” and adjust the activities and things accordingly.

This week specifically the puppies are normally completely weaned off of mom (although each litter is considered individually based on the puppies, and mom’s needs). They are happily eating their food (still a bit soaked with warm water) and drinking water (when they’re not walking through their water dish; oh, we could count that as their first swimming lesson too! 😝 hehe )

They are very much enjoying playtimes outside in the garden; exploring, scampering, digging and playing, stopping for a drink, then crashing to take a nap, then up and at it again. This time also gets them used to going potty outside on the grass.

And on the days when the weather is not nice enough to be outside, we take over the kitchen with our toys and litter box.

There was a weigh-in again and the second round of a de-wormer (different from the first). And more toenails trimming to do. Some also got their first very mini-haircut before their photo sessions. Some of these guys have so much hair on their faces that I do a bit of trimming around their eyes so we can see their eyes for the pictures! They usually do really well for this first trim.

There was time to meet some new people this week too. And they got pretty up and close to big Ben our barking dog patrol for the farm (although not close enough to bug Ben. He’s not real fond of little puppies crawling all over him and getting in his “space”). 😉

And one day when my son was actually home, I had him riding his bike around the puppies to introduce them to that set of wheels, with no problem.

These puppies are going to be rockstars!