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“Hello, Jennifer,
This is India’s dog mom (she was formally known as Phoebe from the Friend’s litter). I just wanted to share some of our family photos with you and tell you how amazing our puppy has been. She is the absolute sweetest and she is so good with my three rambunctious kiddos. She is really such a well behaved dog and it didn’t take much training!! We get so many compliments on how mellow she is especially for still being under a year old. She is also so great with other dogs as well which is really nice! She joins my husband at his naturopathic medical office a couple of days a week and loves greeting patients. Indie just went on her first camping trip and did so good! Thanks again for the best puppy for our family!
The “B” Family”
phoebeindiafamilyphoebeindiaboyIndia was Phoebe from Rosie and Clancy’s “Friends” litter in October 2018

“If anyone asks, two Pinewood cavapoos are definitely better than one.  Nessie (Rosie and Clancy) joined Georgia (Precious from Jules & Clancy, October 3, 2017) on June 30 last year and life hasn’t been the same since!  They bonded from day one and are rarely apart. They spend their days taking walks, napping, fighting and playing as only sisters can. Everyone who meets them is charmed by their friendly personalities and adorable looks.

Nessie turns one today and weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds compared to Georgia at 14 pounds. Nessie is tiny, but is usually the alpha.  She attended basic obedience and won the challenge of sitting and staying while I “decorated” her without breaking her stay.

Thanks for raising such adorable pups!”



“Hi Jennifer,
Ivie turned one yesterday!
She’s grown up to be just over 9 pounds, and is such a fun combination of playful and snuggle puppy. She likes to go for walks and jogs, loves hikes and playing in the backyard with the kids. Playing in the backyard = sprinting around the yard in circles, while my son chases her. She’s fast! She’s gotten through the STAR puppy test, and knows her commands, even if she occasionally likes to ignore them and run in the yard instead.
In the morning, she waits right by the couch for my husband or I to get our coffee, then jumps up to curl up in one of our laps for a few minutes. She snuggles with my daughter in the evening, and she sleeps with my son. We sometimes find her, sitting on his bed just waiting for him to come to bed.
She’s a great mix for our family – active enough to keep up with an outdoorsy family while also enjoying her spot in a lap or by the fire. She’s brought so much love into our house!
(Also, the kids like to take a lot of pictures with her! Don’t mind the bad haircut – groomers are shut here, so we had to do it ourselves this time!)
We truly can’t imagine life without her. Thanks so much!”
Ivie is Nessie’s litter mate sister (see post above) from Rosie and Clancy.
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