Socialization Week 6 (8-9 weeks of age)

This is the final the weeks the puppies are with us as they usually go home around nine and a half weeks or close to it, so it’s a busy one! And the perfect time for them to integrate into their forever families towards that nine-week mark. They are just little sponges soaking up each new experience!

They continue to spend playtime indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) to soak in the sun, breath the fresh air and exercise those bones and muscles at will. It’s so important for puppies to have playtime and just be puppies.

They are sleeping in their crate (with the door open) each night and have had a few sessions of being closed in the crate with the door shut.

We have worked on some resource guarding exercises to help prevent resource guarding in adulthood and will show their forever families how to continue these exercises once they get their puppy home.

Now, it’s their new owners turn to take over the crucial training and socializing of their new puppy during the last few weeks of the socialization period which ends around twelve weeks of age. After that the exposure and training that happens is more akin to desensitizing their puppy to new things. The puppy socialization period is the perfect period to start your puppy on new things, expose them to lots of people, sights, sounds, textures, other friendly animals and build the base for future years of fun with your new puppy!