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Exploring and Learning

Today I pulled out some of my favorite toys to introduce the puppies to; the tunnel, the talking/moving ball and the mini piano! They’re all interactive, interesting toys and I love to see the puppies reaction and interaction with them. … Continue reading

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He’s here!

Remember the post I wrote called “Friends”? Well, I have a follow up on that situation. As I mentioned , my good friend agreed to go to the airport at midnight to pick up my new male Poodle. Then I … Continue reading

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Messy Eaters

I snapped these pictures a few days ago after giving Faith’s puppies some puppy goulash. (Soaked puppy kibble with plain yogurt). Since this is a bigger litter and the kids always seem to be ready to eat, I decided to … Continue reading

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Since Jules’ puppies are the oldest, they are obviously going through new stages first. It’s a time of transition. Spending more time away from mom. And learning that being in a crate (with the door closed) for short periods of … Continue reading

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Musical Puppies

No,  your puppy will not be taking music lessons before he or she comes home. I’m referring to the game, “Musical Chairs”. 😉 It gets that way at my house sometimes with all these puppies. First it was Jules and … Continue reading

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Good friends are a treasure. You know you have a good friend when you call them (earlier in the morning then you would call other people) and ask for a big favor.  “Do you think you could go to the … Continue reading

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It’s like Christmas!

First, I’ve got all these adorable puppies to play with. Plus they’re finding wonderful homes to go too. And tomorrow, after waiting for over two months, I finally get to pick up this beautiful girl at the airport! Reba sounds … Continue reading

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A very important book

So this is how I keep track of things. That, and my computer where I have a waiting list with people’s names and a matching list once they’ve chosen their puppy. This is the “work”book though. Each mom has her … Continue reading

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(Potentially) exciting Cavapoo news!

I say “potentially” because anything can (or cannot) happen with dogs! But the news is; it looks like our next possible Cavapoo mom is starting to come in season (earlier than expected!) I didn’t think this would happen until sometime … Continue reading

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Cavaliers are going fast!

Wow! This has been so exciting! Our Cavalier babies have been matched with their adoptive families quicker than I anticipated. And everyone is getting their favorite puppy (or puppies in some cases). We only have four adoptable puppies left; Ranger … Continue reading

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