Here are some photos and testimonials from some of our Pinewood puppy adopters!

We also have a list of references from happy adopters if anyone would like to check us out. This page is a work in progress so please check back.


“Hi Jennifer. I wanted to say hi and send a Cubbie update. He is doing so well! He’s cuddly and affectionate and snugly and fun. It’s a lot of work, and I’m definitely getting less sleep, but it’s wonderful. Cubbie has gained 1.5 pounds, is almost fully potty trained, and has learned several commands (he already knew “sit”, but now he does “come” and “wait” and “down”). We are still trying to find a dry food that he really likes. While I’m at work, Cubbie has been going to an amazing doggie daycare program or staying with sitters. He loves socializing at daycare. His tail is wagging when we go in and he’s a favorite of the staff. We are still working on making him feel comfortable being alone – he really doesn’t like being on his own, so we have some work to do here. We’ve kept busy visiting dog parks, attending puppy socials, meeting my little cousins (5 and 3 years old) and having my mother visit (she adores him). He truly loves every person and dog he meets. He loves cuddling up in my lap and just being a part of the action. He is now a real city dog, as we live in downtown San Francisco, but he’s made the transition wonderfully.

Thank you for all the work you did those first 16 weeks to raise such a sociable, sweet, friendly little guy. He’s just wonderful!
I hope all is well with you!”

~L~    (3/3/17)

Cubbie is an apricot Cavapoo from Jules and Clancy. Cubbie was enrolled in our Progressive Puppy Program and stayed until 16 weeks of age for extra training.



This is Tank (formerly known as Frosty) from Lucy & Dickens, with his new red sweater. Frosty was our first brown phantom parti color. He has a base coat of white with dark brown spots and light brown points (cheeks and eyebrows) . Some comments from his “mom”.

“took him to the vet today and the vet said she knew you! she was a student in the spokane area and said that you’d bring in your dogs for heart checks…he is super cute.”

And another.. “he is 3 lbs now, he’s very sweet and loving – likes being held like a baby.

we’re working on going outside (he’s not a fan of the cold) and he’s in puppy class. we would love for him to be a therapy dog one day and visit people in the hospital…”
FullSizeRender (1)
Tinsel, now Babu was the black puppy from Reba & Dickens litter. Here’s a note from his family.

“Hi Jennifer,

I’ve been meaning to email you for some time, but apparently, puppies take up a lot time!
I wanted to say thank you for breeding such amazing dogs and matching us with Babu (pronounced Ba-boo) (aka: Tinsel).  He is truly wonderful.  He’s a fast learner, sweet as pie, lovable, patient, good in his crate, sleeps well at night, playful, fun, and more…  We keep saying “we must have gotten the best one!”  He has brought so much joy to our lives and is just a perfect fit.  We feel very blessed.
thanks again!”

This is Garland now Winston from a black “tuxedo” Cavapoo from Reba and Dickens.  And an update from his “mom”.

“Dear Jennifer,

We have had Winston (aka Garland) for nearly 3 weeks now and he is absolutely the joy of our lives!  He is playful, funny, loving, and training really well.  He is so fast when we play tag in the backyard we can hardly catch up with him!   He’s been so sweet with the other puppies he’s met and doesn’t seem to have any fear of strangers.   He loves being with us – the only time he cries is when we leave the house.  As a testament to how much we love him we are ready to get back on the waitlist 🙂   Thank you for raising him in such a loving environment — I feel very fortunate to have met his mother Reba and it’s clear just how much you adore these little furry friends.

All the best,




 “Blizzard” our first blue merle Cavapoo puppy from Lucy & Dickens.

“Hi Jennifer!

I wanted to give you an update on Gimli (Blizzard). He is so sweet and very lovable. He is a fast learner! He is doing great with potty training and he sleeps all night in his crate without any accidents. He is very sweet to strangers and other dogs and he is doing well in his puppy class. He loves our other dog and they have become great friends. They love to fight over one of the toys you sent home with him. I’m surprised it’s still intact with all the tug-a-war games it’s been through. Thank you so much for such a great addition to our family!

On a side note: Gimli loves to eat his and other dog’s poop. Just curious if this was something you noticed when he was with you or if this is a new habit he developed while with us. 🙂



 This was Elmer from the Flower/Dickens litter. A note from his “mom”.

“We’ve named him Oliver. He is super cuddly. He was a trooper on the way home. Hates being separated from us, we are tough loving that crate/play area several times a day. No accidents in the house! Thank you Jesus! Relationship with the cat still in the works. Thank you for a great experience. P and M”

(After I asked her permission to use her email and pics she responded with this)
“You always free to share any photos or comments I send. Thanks again for making this such a great experience Jennifer. All the extras that you’ve put in to your breeding program have made the transition to permanent home such a pleasant one.
Here is a recent update I received from one of our adopters. This is an Allie & Dickens son, now two years old! Isn’t he handsome? His puppy name was Mac, he is now known as Charlie.

“Hello Jennifer,
Here are few photos of our handsome boy, Charlie. He is much loved by our granddaughter, Marissa, and the rest of the family as well. He’s such a great dog, and we’re lucky to be his “pack!”
J and L”


This was a heartbreaking update for me to get…I won’t share the details of the accident. And please be assured the owner was very happy to let me share this with you.


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for Roxy.  She is such a gift to our family.  I have told dozens of people about you and your amazing pups.
Unfortunately, my family experienced a terrible tragedy 6 months after getting Roxy. Roxy has been a constant source of love and comfort to all of us as we have put the pieces of our lives back together.
Thank you for all you do to add such joy to so many!
FullSizeRender (7)
Roxy was Vera Wang from our 2015 Faith and Eli liter. She is black and tan, but looks to be turning a bit silver like her dad.
Wow! What fun to get an email with, “Another please!” in the subject line! And here is the update.
“Hi Jennifer!
We got Oscar from you back in January 2016. He is the light of our lives and we love him with all our heart! G actually said the other day “I never knew I could love a small creature so much.” We are interested in getting him a sister! I will send you a $50 check for the application. We are hoping to get the most popular, a ruby female! So we are comfortable with waiting until one is available.
Do you need us to fill out the adoption forms again for a second cavapoo?
I attached a picture of us from our wedding day a few weeks ago for you! Oscar made an appearance 😊 I’m looking forward to hearing from you, I hope you’re doing well!
You’re cute Oscar, but mom and dad look stunning!
Oscar (formerly Athos) is a black male from Reba & Noah’s Three Musketeer themed litter from November 2015.

4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Terri Schweizer says:

    Hello I am very interested in a Cavapoo. I understand you have a waiting list. Could you please tell me there average weight when full grown. Will there be a litter in the near future ? Also what is the cost of a puppy. Thank you very much. Terri


    • Hi Terri,
      I’m going to direct you to our FAQ page on the website to help answer those 😊 Also check under the Puppy Info page on how to get on our list. We will probably have more Cavapoos this winter, but depending on what you are looking for, will affect the length of time you wait for a puppy. It could be winter, could be spring, could be sooner😊👍


  2. Patty says:

    Where are you located? What state?


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