Here are some photos and testimonials from some of our Pinewood puppy adopters! Please also use the search bar on the right side of our blog and search for “pupdate”. We have started to share a lot of them directly on the blog instead of adding them to this page. We have lots! <3

We also have a list of references from happy adopters if anyone would like to check us out. This page is a work in progress so please check back.


“Hi Jennifer. I wanted to say hi and send a Cubbie update. He is doing so well! He’s cuddly and affectionate and snugly and fun. It’s a lot of work, and I’m definitely getting less sleep, but it’s wonderful. Cubbie has gained 1.5 pounds, is almost fully potty trained, and has learned several commands (he already knew “sit”, but now he does “come” and “wait” and “down”). We are still trying to find a dry food that he really likes. While I’m at work, Cubbie has been going to an amazing doggie daycare program or staying with sitters. He loves socializing at daycare. His tail is wagging when we go in and he’s a favorite of the staff. We are still working on making him feel comfortable being alone – he really doesn’t like being on his own, so we have some work to do here. We’ve kept busy visiting dog parks, attending puppy socials, meeting my little cousins (5 and 3 years old) and having my mother visit (she adores him). He truly loves every person and dog he meets. He loves cuddling up in my lap and just being a part of the action. He is now a real city dog, as we live in downtown San Francisco, but he’s made the transition wonderfully.

Thank you for all the work you did those first 16 weeks to raise such a sociable, sweet, friendly little guy. He’s just wonderful!
I hope all is well with you!”

~L~    (3/3/17)

Cubbie is an apricot Cavapoo from Jules and Clancy. Cubbie was enrolled in our Progressive Puppy Program and stayed until 16 weeks of age for extra training.



This is Tank (formerly known as Frosty) from Lucy & Dickens, with his new red sweater. Frosty was our first brown phantom parti color. He has a base coat of white with dark brown spots and light brown points (cheeks and eyebrows) . Some comments from his “mom”.

“took him to the vet today and the vet said she knew you! she was a student in the spokane area and said that you’d bring in your dogs for heart checks…he is super cute.”

And another.. “he is 3 lbs now, he’s very sweet and loving – likes being held like a baby.

we’re working on going outside (he’s not a fan of the cold) and he’s in puppy class. we would love for him to be a therapy dog one day and visit people in the hospital…”
FullSizeRender (1)
Tinsel, now Babu was the black puppy from Reba & Dickens litter. Here’s a note from his family.

“Hi Jennifer,

I’ve been meaning to email you for some time, but apparently, puppies take up a lot time!
I wanted to say thank you for breeding such amazing dogs and matching us with Babu (pronounced Ba-boo) (aka: Tinsel).  He is truly wonderful.  He’s a fast learner, sweet as pie, lovable, patient, good in his crate, sleeps well at night, playful, fun, and more…  We keep saying “we must have gotten the best one!”  He has brought so much joy to our lives and is just a perfect fit.  We feel very blessed.
thanks again!”

This is Garland now Winston from a black “tuxedo” Cavapoo from Reba and Dickens.  And an update from his “mom”.

“Dear Jennifer,

We have had Winston (aka Garland) for nearly 3 weeks now and he is absolutely the joy of our lives!  He is playful, funny, loving, and training really well.  He is so fast when we play tag in the backyard we can hardly catch up with him!   He’s been so sweet with the other puppies he’s met and doesn’t seem to have any fear of strangers.   He loves being with us – the only time he cries is when we leave the house.  As a testament to how much we love him we are ready to get back on the waitlist 🙂   Thank you for raising him in such a loving environment — I feel very fortunate to have met his mother Reba and it’s clear just how much you adore these little furry friends.

All the best,


And a one year update from Winston’s mom….

“Hi Jennifer –
Just wanted to reach out because it was exactly one year ago today that we collected Winston from your house and our lives were changed forever.  Winston is the most delightful creature we’ve ever encountered. He’s sweet, intelligent, protective of the family, and quick on his feet.  We’ve been reminiscing about those first days when we arrived home with him and how we knew right away that he was a special one.  Here he is with Clementine on the frozen pond near our house. They are the best of friends!

Thanks again, thinking of you on this Winniversary 😊”




 “Blizzard” our first blue merle Cavapoo puppy from Lucy & Dickens.

“Hi Jennifer!

I wanted to give you an update on Gimli (Blizzard). He is so sweet and very lovable. He is a fast learner! He is doing great with potty training and he sleeps all night in his crate without any accidents. He is very sweet to strangers and other dogs and he is doing well in his puppy class. He loves our other dog and they have become great friends. They love to fight over one of the toys you sent home with him. I’m surprised it’s still intact with all the tug-a-war games it’s been through. Thank you so much for such a great addition to our family!



 This was Elmer from the Flower/Dickens litter. A note from his “mom”.

“We’ve named him Oliver. He is super cuddly. He was a trooper on the way home. Hates being separated from us, we are tough loving that crate/play area several times a day. No accidents in the house! Thank you Jesus! Relationship with the cat still in the works. Thank you for a great experience. P and M”

(After I asked her permission to use her email and pics she responded with this)
“You always free to share any photos or comments I send. Thanks again for making this such a great experience Jennifer. All the extras that you’ve put in to your breeding program have made the transition to permanent home such a pleasant one.
Here is a recent update I received from one of our adopters. This is an Allie & Dickens son, now two years old! Isn’t he handsome? His puppy name was Mac, he is now known as Charlie.

“Hello Jennifer,
Here are few photos of our handsome boy, Charlie. He is much loved by our granddaughter, Marissa, and the rest of the family as well. He’s such a great dog, and we’re lucky to be his “pack!”
J and L”


This was a heartbreaking update for me to get…I won’t share the details of the accident. And please be assured the owner was very happy to let me share this with you.


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for Roxy.  She is such a gift to our family.  I have told dozens of people about you and your amazing pups.
Unfortunately, my family experienced a terrible tragedy 6 months after getting Roxy. Roxy has been a constant source of love and comfort to all of us as we have put the pieces of our lives back together.
Thank you for all you do to add such joy to so many!
FullSizeRender (7)
Roxy was Vera Wang from our 2015 Faith and Eli liter. She is black and tan, but looks to be turning a bit silver like her dad.
Wow! What fun to get an email with, “Another please!” in the subject line! And here is the update.
“Hi Jennifer!
We got Oscar from you back in January 2016. He is the light of our lives and we love him with all our heart! G actually said the other day “I never knew I could love a small creature so much.” We are interested in getting him a sister! I will send you a $50 check for the application. We are hoping to get the most popular, a ruby female! So we are comfortable with waiting until one is available.
Do you need us to fill out the adoption forms again for a second cavapoo?
I attached a picture of us from our wedding day a few weeks ago for you! Oscar made an appearance 😊 I’m looking forward to hearing from you, I hope you’re doing well!
You’re cute Oscar, but mom and dad look stunning!
Oscar (formerly Athos) is a black male from Reba & Noah’s Three Musketeer themed litter from November 2015.

“Hi Jennifer!! It has been so long since the day of craziness when you handed me Pierce at the airport after a total debacle of flight delays. I have been meaning to send you updates but of course in the busy turn of life I have never gotten around to it. But I wanted to reach out and let you know that Pierce, who we renamed Rafa, has been the ultimate joy of our family and the most amazing addition. I don’t think we could’ve ever imagined a more wonderful dog in the history of dogs!!!

Of course we were all excited about adding a puppy to our family but my husband “K” was a bit skeptical. And as it would turn out Rafa and K are so in love with each other it is totally obnoxious.  Rafa has the most amazing personality. He is playful, energetic, funny and very smart. He potty trained very easily.  He loves other dogs big and small, and he loves other people big and small. He is so friendly and we can take him anywhere without any worries. He is 100% healthy and has been so since he arrived.

He has the most beautiful markings, an amazing silky coat and he does not shed at all. My kids who have a dog allergy tolerate him perfectly. He is a total cuddler and true to his lapdog nature as he has to be sitting on someone’s lap if were sitting down relaxing watching TV. But he’s also very adventurous and loves to run in fields and stir up birds and all kinds of fun outdoor things. He does watch TV and barks at dogs when they come on TV. We think it’s hilarious but I’m sure when we have company they think it’s different. Ha!

You and your family have given us the greatest gift. I cannot imagine our lives without Rafa. Thank you so much for everything you did in order for us to have this wonderful member of our family. I loved all the information I received from being on your waiting list. Your website was so informative. You gave me everything I needed in order to bring him home and he has just been amazing.

If you ever need an additional reference please feel free to reach out to me. Here are some pictures of Rafa. And I will periodically keep in touch.


IMG_2623Rafa (formerly known as Pierce) was from Faith and Sundae’s *MASH themed litter from May 2016.


“Hi Jennifer!

We would love to get on the cavapoo waiting list. Ozzie is the most amazing dog and we really want him to have a companion!”
image1 (2)
Ozzie (formerly Frappy) is from an Allie & Dicken’s litter.
“Hi Jennifer! I made a little video of Ollie’s first year for his bday today, thought you might like to see it!
Thank you for making these absolutely incredible dogs 🙂 ❤
Here’s a really fun and creative update we just received! Please check out the above video link (you can give it a “thumbs up” after you watch it 😉 Ollie is a Flower and Dickens puppy from our Looney Tunes litter of March 2017.

Joey’s mom and I have corresponded back and forth quite often about her little fur-pup.  Here was a recent email:

“Hi, Jennifer,
If you have been wondering about this Boy Wonder,  wonder no more.  Joey is now 7 months old and ready for college.  He can do it all and does it well.
He weighs 11 pounds, prob less without his double teeth.  (Waiting for his bottom teeth to all fall out as well as the canines.)
Thanks for everything!  He’s beyond…..
Hugs , A”

I emailed back….

“I think I may need to do a blog update on this little man…look at that handsome profile! That’s for the update and adorable pics! So what will he be majoring in at college? 😉 ”

(I mean seriously, wouldn’t you want to know what a dog is taking in college? 😉 )

Her response…

“Paws and thumbs up on your idea, which is a great one!!

Show him something once and he does it flawlessly.  Rings  🛎 for attention, it’s hysterical!  Talks ( like his Dad), leaps like a doe, sits at the table without prompting, waves, spins/ twirls in a circle,  sits and waits up to 2 mins attended.  Won’t bore you but you’re getting the picture.
University  of Miami posted an article on adolescence in puppies 7-12 months.  Tough age and tests patience which is prob why so many people give up their puppies at this stage. Truly a lot of work and dedication.
Gearing up for outpatient therapy for his academics. Likely pediatrics as he loves kids, especially.  When he sees a commercial with children,  he walks up to the screen and wags his tail incessantly.   Separately, he is intrigued with tree cutters- perhaps he remembers when you were out in the forest gathering firewood. “Timber!”
If you need more pics let me know.  It DOES take a village!
Joey is what I consider a dark sable and white (parti). A lot of the sables are lighter when groomed because the black color is more on the tips of the coat. Joey is still very dark even when clipped. He was Richard from our famous race car drivers litter out of Lucy and Noah August 2017.
And shared off a post on our Facebook page…

I think it looks great, (referring to a blog post I shared) and can say from experience that working with you was a pleasure. We feel soooo lucky every day that we were able to adopt King (formerly Stormy from Lucy’s first litter) from you. He is really the BEST dog, so sweet and smart and has a very distinct personality. And also extremely good motivated so he was easy to train (some cavapoos we’ve met aren’t very interested in food, whereas King will eat anything put in front of him)

Side note-his fur lightened up A LOT from when he was born. He appears very gray/silvery/blue and has some merling in his darker patches, whereas when he was a puppy he appeared dark sable/black in those areas. Thought it might be of interest for future litters! We love him and I think he looks very handsome, and very different from any other dog we’ve seen.

stormybabyStormy (now King) looked like a dark sable as a puppy.
stormykingadultHere he is at 18 month looking very much like his mom, Lucy. Wow, what a change!

“Hi Jennifer,

It’s coming up on the one year anniversary of when we got our Cavapoo from you and wanted to send a little update and thank you. We got “Harley” in June 2017 from an Allie/Dickens litter. He’s now named Ziggy and we adore him. He’s a great dog. He’s playful but also very calm and cuddly. He’s been great with the kids who treat him like a sibling. He simply a joy. We have people ask all the time what type of dog he is and where we got him. Here’s a photo”:
“Molly got her first grooming at 7 1/2 months, last week.  Here’s a before and after. She is such a joy to us, and I love following your website accounts of the current Pinewood puppies. Thanks.”


Molly was Pansy from our 2017 Flower and Noah litter.


“Hi Jennifer!  It’s been a wonderful year since we brought Pez aka ‘Greg’ home.  He is such a perfect combination of loving, playful, gentle, curious and cuddly.  Sometimes it’s comical how ungraceful/clumsy he can be and how he thinks he’s part cat trying to balance in strange places.  He is the happiest of greeters to come home to and the best lap warmer to relax with.  He loves playing in his yard, chasing birds, and has been doing a lot of camping with us. He’s all grown up, has had several hairdos and has filled out to a whopping 27 lbs! Lol  Thank you for bringing him into the world and letting him be part of ours!


I’m pretty sure this is our biggest Cavapoo (at least that I know of )! They included some puppy and adult pictures. He was Greg (our Brady Bunch-themed litter) from Rosie and Sundae’s April 2018 litter.”




“Hi Jennifer,

I know you follow Samuel on Instagram but I thought it would be also fun to send you a little update as he approaches his one year adoptaversary, also because he’s so darn cute!
Samuel has been the joy of my life for the last year I have had the privilege to spend with him!!! He’s literally a ball of love and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on his temperament and demeanor. And people are mildly obsessed with him, haha. He loves people (men & women, often can’t wait to kiss them upon first meeting), he’s super good with kids of all sizes, and he loves other dogs! He loves playing with other dogs and exhibits curiosity and confidence. It’s really fun taking him on walks and to the beach and to the park, etc. He already has so many buddies he hangs with regularly.
He’s also incredibly adventurous. I’m very outdoorsy and I’ve been impressed by his stamina and his exploratory nature! He’s up for anything and has lots of energy. He was very easy to potty train and he even has a little bell by the front door that he rings when he has to go if I’m off schedule for one of his walks.
He’s incredibly smart and sweet and loves to snuggle on the couch when we’re reading or watching TV. One of my favorite things about him was how early he would get me up for our morning walks. I thought when I got a dog it would give me less time, but Samuel has given me more time and I love how he keeps me outdoors consistently. Of course now that he’s older, he likes to sleep in more.
Added bonus — this little guy is the best airplane traveler Southwest Airlines has ever seen, haha. He loves snuggling in his airline carrier under the seat and doesn’t make a peep until we get all the way to our next destination. He also loves his crate and is crate-trained!

My family and I really couldn’t have gotten luckier and I credit all the training and socialization and adventures you and your family took him on before we got him. He is now just about 1 year and 3 months, 11.5 lbs, and he’s literally the best pup ever. Thanks so much for raising such a beautiful creature and for continuing to take an interest in him! 🙂 We send our love to you and your husband and to Reba & Dickens!

Here are some photos!

“Hi Jennifer,

I hope you are well. I love following Pinewood Cavapoos via email and Instagram! It’s so much fun to watch each of your new litters as they grow and ultimately find their forever homes.

Since Cubbie is turning 2 years old this week on October 25th, I wanted to reach out and provide an update. Cubbie is a wonderful dog who has brought so much joy to my life; I can’t imagine my life without him now. Cubbie is affectionate (he’s always looking for someone to cuddle with or give him a belly rub), playful (he loves to play fetch and tug-of-war), clever (he anticipates my commands in order to secure himself a treat), and happy (his tail is constantly wagging). Since he loves being with people and other dogs rather than alone, Cubbie spends his days with dog sitters while I’m at work. He has an amazing group of sitters whom he adores, and who adore him in return. Cubbie has made some great “doggie friends” among the other dogs his sitters care for, including Kingsley, Neptune, Mozzie, and Sherlock – all pictured below with Cubbie. I think my dog has a larger social network than I do! And, in fact, I know that he has a larger social media following than I do (your readers can follow him at @CubbieTheCavapoo).

Anyways, below are a few of my favorite pictures of Cubbie. Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of Cubbie during his formative months. I know that he’s got such a sweet temperament in part because he came from such a loving home from birth.

Take care,

L & Cubbie”

IMG_0808A5746449-F847-44DF-8B0B-9AF9ADF343C1IMG_05160Cubbie was Declan from our October 2016 Jules & Clancy litter <3


“Merry Christmas Jennifer,
It was just over a year ago that I drove to Spokane, put my station wagon in the ditch, and got pansy, now Molly. I’m sure you hear love stories all the time, and this is also one. Molly is a joy to us and runs reign over her acre like a little diva. I originally wanted an apricot puppy, and I was sort of far down the list when early in December last year I got a call from you. I said “if there’s a female, yes!”
Molly is the perfect dog for me, although she has topped out at 8.1 pounds she has the energy and stamina few can meet. She does early-morning walks around Capitol Lake, about 3 miles, and can still play all day. Thanks for all the hints; Potty training with the litter box in the crate was a breeze. I never once had to get up during the night. And when she outgrew the need to go during the night, of course, she started sleeping with us. I very much enjoy following all the happenings at Pinewood through the Internet. Thanks again.



Molly was Pansy the black and white female pup from our “flower” litter by Flower and Noah from October 2017


Hi Jennifer,

I can’t believe it’s Babu’s (previously Tinsel) second birthday!  Where do we begin?  Babu is the best fur baby we could have asked for.  He’s sweet, gentle, fun, and energetic.  From throwing balls at the park, bike riding around town, and airplane trips to cuddling on the couch, he is everything we ever wanted in a dog.  This past year we moved from Portland, OR to Philadelphia, PA.  Babu easily transitioned to the snowy winters and enjoys walking through the fall leaves.  Our kids continue to love every minute with him and he seems to feel the same.
Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!
Wishing you and your family happy holidays.
The E family


Babu is from our Reba & Dickens litter in December 2016. He is pictured towards the top of the page as a puppy.


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    • Hi Terri,
      I’m going to direct you to our FAQ page on the website to help answer those 😊 Also check under the Puppy Info page on how to get on our list. We will probably have more Cavapoos this winter, but depending on what you are looking for, will affect the length of time you wait for a puppy. It could be winter, could be spring, could be sooner😊👍

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