Cavalier and Poodle info

Since we raise Cavapoos, which takes a Poodle parent and a Cavalier parent. Occasionally we may have litters of purebreds from either of these breeds. Please check the breed pages for current information.

And occasionally we have adult dog available for adoption.  These are loved family members who for whatever reason are no longer in our breeding program. It is difficult to let them go to new homes. But it is best for them. And we only have room, time and energy for a certain number of dogs here. Please know that potential adopters are screened carefully as we want our dogs to go to the best possible situation.

If we have any adult Cavaliers or Poodles they will be listed under this page which is under the heading of “Our Dogs”

We do have three dogs that are now retired and looking for a comfy couch! Here is the link with more info.

Looking for a comfy couch

8 Responses to Cavalier and Poodle info

  1. Joan D Moran says:

    I’d be open to an older dog, as well as a cavapoo puppy.

    • Hi Joan,
      You’re welcome to fill out a Puppy Application (Part 1 & 2) if you’re interested in getting on our waiting list. But we are closed at the moment and not taking new applications until July 15th. Thank you!

  2. Lee Hallgring says:

    I would love a sweet, gentle, male aussaliers puppy. I am widowed, live alone, and have raised from cradle through lifetime a loving toy poodle (Lucy) a gentle and noble mixed poodle-and-something else doggie (Charlie), both of whom I loved with all my heart. I am ready for another puppy to share my life with. Can you tell me more about your process, and how I might get on the wait-list?

  3. AMINA WOLF says:

    i don’t see an older dog pGE

  4. Amina Wolf says:

    I mean I don’t see an available adults page

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