Just giving you all a “heads up”! The next couple of weeks are going to be extra busy (and special) for us so if I don’t post as much or take longer to answer questions and emails please bear with me!

I’m going to attempt to keep sharing as much as I have and include you in all the puppy activities.

But, my niece is getting married this weekend at our aunt and uncle’s place (our neighbors) so all of our kids are arriving at the end of the week, plus the neighborhood will be a bustle of activity as family and friends of the bride arrive. (To put things in perspective, her family are our nearest neighbors, plus the grandparents and another uncle live across the gully from us (I can’t say down the street or around the corner because we live in the mountains so “across the gully” is more accurate). 😂 And then on the other side of their property is the other aunt and uncle where the wedding will be held. (I joke that we have a big family commune going on up here! If you come to visit and ever get lost just stop at a house and they’re probably related 😜)

So we’ll be busy with family, helping with the wedding and just spending time with our kids while they’re here. We only get to see our Colorado kids about once a year so I’m going to soak up the time with them and the other three. The puppies are sure to get lots of extra love and cuddles too!

And with Joy due any time and both sets of kids bringing their dogs (our precious “grand-dogs”) I’m sure the time will prove to be extra chaotic and crazy!

Just thought I should give you a warning!

We’re a little crazy, to begin with. 🤪

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Friends, old and new

Saturday evening we were surprised by an old friend. He, his fiance’ and his sister had come to visit and were staying at our uncle and aunt’s place. The brother and sister grew up in the area and were friends of our kids growing up.

His fiance’ is an avid dog lover!

The puppies got lots of love and snuggles.

She obviously has a special touch with babies (She’s a pediatric nurse). They fell asleep.

The next morning the girls both came for another visit! It’s nice for the puppies to have new people love and hold them. And I got puppy pens cleaned while they did!

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Puppy matching update and procedures

Puppy matching is in full swing! Our first two Cavapoo puppies have been matched with their forever families!

Congrats to them and their two cuties; Dolly & Willy.


I’ve reached out to several people past these that have picked, to let them know I’m getting closer to their names on the list and their turn to pick! These are exciting times.

We will get puppies matched as fast as we can so those getting puppies can start preparing for their puppies and also making travel arrangements. Unfortunately, puppy matching can move quickly or at a snail’s pace depending on how things go. Some know exactly who they’re interested in and it’s a quick pick! Others have questions about several puppies (which is normal) and they try to narrow down which is the best pick for them. And we do want to make sure each family or person gets matched up with just the right puppy, so patience is a key! I might match three puppies in one day or it might take three days to match one puppy! Please try to have your favorite puppies narrowed down, and get the logistics figured out with your family if you are considering a current puppy, so when it’s your turn we can get matching done fair smoothly. That is one reason I post the “going home” date when I put up each new litter’s album so people can “kind of” plan ahead to see if a puppy will work in the timeframe of their family’s schedule.

I understand that sometimes the person I’m communicating with might need to discuss things with their family and get back to me. Sometimes it takes a day or two. And then sometimes they decide to skip the current puppies and wait. As you can imagine if that happens (and it has) or it takes a couple days to match each puppy it can take weeks to get them all matched which brings us closer and closer to delivery day. Then those people that are matched with some of the last puppies don’t have a lot of time to plan and prepare.

I usually start emailing those on the waiting list as puppies approach five weeks or so. I will normally contact several down the list to give them a “heads up.” But I try to not contact too many past the number of puppies I currently have because I hate to say “hey, we’re matching puppies so be ready” and then not have a puppy for someone that has their hopes up. But inevitably what happens is I get much further down the list than I think I will by the time all the pups are matched. (Which is why some people are surprised when I contact them!).

If you wrote on your application that you only wanted a certain color and/or gender then you won’t hear from me if I don’t have your choice available as I reach your spot on the list. If things have changed on your end (maybe now you’ve decided your open to a girl or a boy), then you need to let me know that choice has changed.

Here’s an example of how matching can go..

Let’s say I’ve got six puppies to match. We’ll use Lucy’s puppies as an example; two blenheim girls, two blenheim boys, and two sable parti boys. Will the top six people be matched with them? I don’t think that has ever happened. Let me make up a list and what happens a lot. Just say for instance you are number twenty and you just know you won’t get a puppy from this batch.

  1. Picks a blenheim girl
  2. Wants an F1b
  3. contacted but never responded
  4. not ready
  5. found a puppy elsewhere
  6. found a puppy elsewhere
  7. not ready til next year
  8. life changes, please remove from list
  9. picks a sable parti boy
  10. only wants red female
  11. not ready until December
  12. wants a black and tan female

Number twenty might get one of those puppies after all!

This is just an example of what might happen but it helps illustrate what the process is like and how I get further down the list matching those six puppies then most people think I will. And why you never know what will happen. And why I always tell people when they’re considering getting on our waiting list to not “let the number scare you”.

*UPDATE* I typed this up on Friday and since then we have matched several more puppies. Congrats to the families that have been matched with these cuties

June, Summer and Treasures’ pup! Yep, all the girl Cavapoos have been matched.

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It all started with eggs

I opened the refrigerator to put fresh eggs in that I had collected that morning and realized I had a ton of eggs already in there taking up a lot of room. Well, I’ll clean them up and cook them for the dogs.

Well, I can’t just give them a bunch of eggs. I should add something to it.

*opens freezer door*

Yep, time to use up some of that meat that’s in here for them. Oh, might as well grab some bags of frozen veggies too.

*rummages through the pantry*

BINGO! Sardines to add to the mix.

*opens small freezer in kitchen refrigerator*

Yes! I’ll add those blueberries.

*Checks refrigerator*

Oh, good. I still have Kefir.

The pot was so big I had to put it on the floor to stir it!

The dogs are going to have a feast!

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Wasting time

Well, it’s not actually wasting time because the puppies are learning, playing and interacting, but I’m sure not getting much done sitting here being entertained by them! 😉

This is so much more fun than getting work done.

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First bath

I usually don’t bathe puppies until right before they go to their new homes. Occasionally though, there is a need to do so before then.

As you know each week I take new puppy pictures of each litter. I normally take it (and post in the album) on the day of the week that they were born (or close to it).

Friday is Lucy’s puppies birth “day”.

But since they are enjoying their food so much and dive right in (literally they climb into the dish to eat) they looked too messy for pictures! (Imagine food “hair gel” slathered into their faces). hehe

So into the tub, they went for their very first, quick bath!

Dolly & June

Johnny & Willy

Waylon & Kenny

It’s fun to see how much the curl shows up when they get a bath.

And boy do they smell so much better (no more puppy food cologne) and now look presentable for pictures!

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Puppy pictures and videos

With so many new people and so many on our list I just wanted to share some photo information.

Each time a litter is born I will make an album for it on a page on the website. The first couple of weeks will most likely be a group photo of the litter. Once their eyes open (around 2-3 weeks) I will start posting individual pictures of each puppy in the litter with their description (name, color, ribbon color if we are using those for identification). Then each week a new picture of each puppy will be added.

Here’s how to find the albums.

For Aussalier puppies;

For Cavapoos there might be more than one litter so look for the correct parent names;

Please also visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel (“Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”). I will be posting videos of each litter there as they grow, learn and play.

This is part of your “job” (what a horrible job..hehehe) as one of our future puppy adopters. I assume if you got on our waiting list that you are eager for a puppy and will be keeping up on each litter as they arrive here, especially if you’re up towards the top of the list and in the running for a puppy. This is helpful to me to have people watching and waiting and getting an idea of who their favorite puppies are.

Thanks for joining us on this puppy journey!

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