More visitors

I try to introduce the puppies to some younger, smaller humans before they leave here. But since my younger, smaller humans are now older, taller humans and live elsewhere, I have to “borrow” some. Fortunately, we have friends that don’t live too far away who help us out.

These girls are some of my puppy socializers! And they are good at what they do!

The puppies loved having visitors, extra attention and lots of love! ❤

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The youngest

Our youngest, newest Cavapoo litter has reached the one week mark! They are doing fabulous. Joy is a great mom and the pups are well fed and tended to.

They are all over a pound already!

At this point, mom does most of the work and we just tend to her needs. But the pups do get handled and loved and we have started ENS with them

Aren’t they precious?! ❤

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The making of a cheese monster

The puppies get a cheese chaser after they have their deworming medication. I use the canned cheese whiz stuff or whipped cream cheese when the pups are little. It’s an easy treat that they can lick off my finger.

Yesterday and today, we introduced them to the clicker. And to get their little brains accustomed to what the click means (the clicker is used as a marker for behaviors we see and want to “reward” so to speak), right after the click we give a treat. In this case and at this age, the quickest treat/reward is one of the above-mentioned cheeses.

We’ll have a couple of approximately one-minute sessions (maybe two days in a row) to “power up the clicker” before it is used to mark behaviors. They first have to understand the significance of the click. And with the cheese reward given right after the click (and repeated about ten times in a row), the little puppy brain soon realizes that the click means something yummy will follow.

The positive reinforcement training uses the clicker, or a noise or a word (maybe “yes!”) to mark behaviors as a puppy is being trained, step by step. The three books I mentioned on our training page will all be great teachers (along with the Baxter and Bella online school) to help you through the training process.

We’re just getting them started for you, and turning them into cheese monsters!


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Boy, did we have fun!

Our rest day was a little busier then usual, but lots of fun! We had friends over for lunch after church. They had been wanting to come get some puppy love so I thought we might as well have lunch first. (I have to “pay” my puppy socializers some how). 😉

After lunch, I hauled each bunch of puppies down one batch at a time and we let them play, explore and socialize with all of the people in the living room. It was busy and lots of fun!

First we did the Poodles.

Then we played with the Aussaliers.

Then I brought down the F1b “Planets” Cavapoos.

Aunt Hope thought the basket was a good place for a nap. 💤

And lastly we played with our food. I mean we played with the Cheese and Crackers bunch. 😉

“Someone” crawled under the wood stove and got her paws and muzzle sooty. 😉

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Bundles of Joy

Last week I mentioned that Joy was showing signs of pre-labor. Well, it quickly progressed into real labor and within a few hours she had delivered four gorgeous red/apricot puppies! We have three girls (oh me, oh my!) two darker apricot/red, one apricot, and one darker apricot/red boy. They are doing amazing. At four days of age, three of them are already a pound or more!

These puppies are scheduled to go home on Sunday, April 5th. Puppy Matching Day for this litter will be Sunday, March 15th. If you are on our waiting list and that time frame fits into your schedule and you are interested in one of these puppies, please reach out to me via email (not on the blog post please).

Please note, the is the most popular color, females are the most popular so these puppies will most likely be matched before we get very far down the list.

As before, you are welcome to reach out if you are interested, but on puppy matching day, I will still contact those that reached out in the order they are on the waiting list.

But, wait, there’s more news!

Over the weekend we have confirmed two more pregnancies! Which means we should have more apricot/red and tricolor puppies the first part of March! Yeah, spring puppies! 😀

And can I tell you a secret? (*whispers*) We have two more girls bred, but it’s too early to confirm if they’re pregnant! As soon as we know, we’ll share that news too.

So it’s looks like about the time our current pups go to their forever homes, we’ll be back at it again. Although, thankfully, the next litters will be spread out a bit more.


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All at once

I did a crazy thing yesterday. You might’ve already seen the videos on my YouTube channel. I let all the puppies (yes, I said A.L.L of them) out to play together in the puppy room. Boy, did they nave a blast!

It was a bit crazy and so much fun!

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All done!

I feel like a calf roper who just sprinted out of the box on his trusty stead, roped that big ol’ calf, ran down the rope, dropped him to the ground, got his legs tied and threw his hands in the air to signal “time!” I’m done.

The run is over. The day is done. And all our current available Cavapoos are matched with their forever families!

Congrats to everyone! Thank you all so much for working with me to make this first ever (but not the last) Puppy Matching Day a huge success!

Tomorrow I will reach out to all of you that were matched with puppies with more information on what the next steps are and offer some advice for getting ready for your new puppy.

I was not able to get 6 week old pictures of Treasure, Mercy or Lucy’s pups today since I spent most of the day on the phone. So stay tuned tomorrow for new pictures of those pups.

Also we still have Poodles puppies available is anyone is interested and know someone who might be.

And lastly for those that weren’t able to be matched with a puppy today, we’ll have new Cavapoo “news” shortly!

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