Tic Tac Twirl

You guys know I like games and things to make the dogs think. Here’s a new one that I tried out on Bialy and Hope the other day.

021I used small pieces of cheese under each door for them to find. Bialy had a little easier time since her nose is longer. πŸ˜‰

Here are some videos of the girls using it.

I think it’s a winner!

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Matching has started

Just a heads up for those at the top of the waiting list. I have started contacting people about our current puppies. So if you’re towards the top please make sure and check your email (and your spam folder) for any note from me.

The process takes a while, because I have to wait to hear back from people before moving down the list. I don’t want to contact too many people ahead of time and get their hopes up in case there are no puppies available when I get to their name.

I am trying to get our older puppies matched first of course, since they will be going home in less than a month! But I’m also checking if people might be interested in Lucy’s puppies, although we most likely won’t be matching them until they are a few weeks older. It does get complicated sometimes when there are different aged litters around.

If anyone is say, in the top fifteen on the list and would like to send me an email, that would be great! (I can’t guarantee I will get clear to #15, but usually there are people that pass when I’m puppy matching and I get further down the list than first anticipated). Please let me know if this is a good time for you to get a pup and what you are and aren’t interested in. That will save me a bit of work. And if you’ve already checked in, thanks! Faith/Reba pups will go home September 3rd and I tentatively have Lucy’s pups penciled in to go home on October 8th.

Thanks everyone!

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I’m surrounded by them. Well, not so much anymore, but growing up with a brother, and now living with a husband and raising three boys, I’ve always been around the masculine gender more than not.

These days the kids are grown and gone, so it’s just me and hubby. Although my brother-in-law lives close by and is here nearly everyday. Then on Saturdays we usually have my husband’s best buddy hanging out with us.

So yesterday it was time to put those guys to work!

061062067Okay, most people wouldn’t consider this work. πŸ˜‰

Nothing like three big guys socializing little adorable puppies! ❀

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My favorite age

Faith and Reba’s babies are five weeks old now! I think this is my favorite age. They’re still cuddly and little, but starting to act more puppy-ish and show a bit of personality. (Although not enough to know what they’ll be like later).

And they still sit still for pictures!Β 043044.PNG042.PNGDon’t you agree? They are so cute and cuddly at this age. ❀

So upcoming this week is another weigh-in, third dose of de-wormer, and if they’re ready we’ll start on powering up the clicker and introducing them to some new things and more time away from mom.


Today was an introduction to some yummy food that we’ll use with the clicker training. I want them to know that something yummy comes out of this pouch. None of them are really interested in mom’s puppy food yet. They still want milkshakes 100% of the time! Kids….. πŸ˜‰


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It was just brought to my attention by two of my fellow Cavapoo breeders that someone is stealing their information and pictures from their website and advertising it as their own!! These people even stole my friend’s family pictures and changed their names! I suspect all the “available” puppy pictures are stolen off of other ads and websites also.

I called the number and talked to a man who said he was in Ohio. When I asked why the testimonial page had everyone thanking “Royal” (The kennel name of my friend), he said in a heavy accent, that they had just changed the name. I’m assuming the man is not even in the U.S. and he is probably scamming people out of Β money for puppies he doesn’t even possess.

To say I’m upset is an understatement!

Please everyone, let this be a warning! Do your research! Please find out about your breeder before you buy a puppy. Are they even a breeder? Do they even have dogs? This guys’ “available” puppy pictures all have different backgrounds and the pups don’t even have a uniform look. They are most likely also stolen pictures from other people’s ads.

My friend’s daughter texted the man “inquiring” about a puppy. The response was a grammatical mess, mentioned that the dog was “AKC registered” (AKC doesn’t even recognize the Cavapoo as a breed at this point in time) and that is was good “with cats and monkeys”. *insert eye roll Β I’m so glad to know that the puppy will get along with my MONKEYS!!!

Okay, so there are some obvious red flags (to me) on this website and with his response. But it might not be obvious to someone that is desperately looking for an adorable Cavapoo.

Please people, beware. Do your research, get references, check other places they advertise; You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, puppy advertisement sites, etc. Talk with them on the phone, ask lots of questions. If it smells fishy, it probably is.

Sorry, for the dramatic blog post. I’m just really upset, thieves infuriate me and I don’t

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Lucy’s crew

Quiet little Lucy surprised me late Tuesday morning. She’d been digging a bit in her crate the night before and a little that morning, but that was about it. I hadn’t even started to take her temperature yet! I was sitting at my computer with my back to her (just behind me is the piano, then couch, then Lucy’s crate by the couch) thinking I should take her temp this morning before I head outside to do some other chores. When all of a sudden I heard a tiny cry! There had been no panting, no fussing, no frantic digging, no noises, until that sweet little pup made its’ first sound.  ❀

I quickly went over to check things out and see what she’d had and start drying off the puppy. The rest came in fairly quick succession. It only took her an hour and twenty minutes to pop out five, unique little puppies!

002I think that one is smiling for the camera πŸ˜‰

So what do we have? That pretty Blenheim on the far right is our girl. Yep, one girl in a sea of brothers! :O

We have the “smiling” blenheim boy, and his three dark brothers, that I’m still trying to figure out?! One looks like he’s black and white, but one closer examination, I see some brown hairs. So I’m thinking he might actually be a very dark sable. Then their is another dark sable (although not as dark) and lastly we have what I call a brown phantom or maybe it would be a sable tri?? I’m not even sure what to call it. His body is the dark sable-y color, but he has the telltale brown cheek patches and brown spot under the tail.

Let’s just agree that we ended up with some exotic colors! ❀

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Dog Drool Cafe

Lucy decided to eat out tonight at the Dog Drool Cafe; which is a very exclusive establishment in our area. They have some delectable doggie dishes, but tonight she chooses these special pieces from the menu:

  • Fresh, unadulterated, mountain well water; cool without lemon.
  • Delectable chicken and vegetables baked into bite-sized, crunchy pieces; with condiments of Nuvet and Canine Multivitamin/Calcium.
  • Eggs Benedict-O; personalized with scrambled eggs and hollan-dog sauce (minus the english muffin and ham/bacon).


As you can see, she is very excited to dig into her dinner.

And she gives the diner five stars! 


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