Toy thief

Puppy playtime involves multiple toys. But we have a toy thief amongst us! :O

305Reba, would you stop letting those big kids nurse!308302Hope, why are you sitting in the litter box?!300Reba steals the puppies’ toys and piles them on the couch.310317So every once in a while I throw them back on the floor for the puppies.307But inevitably, another pile appears on the couch! 😉

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Hollywood here we come!

Nothing like a little doggie drama first thing on Monday morning!

My first chore every morning is to let all the dogs out to go potty; first the ones in the house, then I head to the dog house to let that crew out. I open all the crate doors (each dog sleeps in its own crate at night) and out they rush to potty, get drinks, romp and play. This morning I closed the door and turned back inside to clean up, gather blankets to wash and sweep. When I finished, I headed out the door to feed the horses while the dogs had some playtime. But when I walked into the dog yard, there sat Dickens; quiet, not moving and holding his left paw in the air. Uh oh! What’s up?

I scooped him up which prompted whimpering and crying from my boy. Inside I set him on the grooming table to check out his paw thinking maybe he had torn a toenail. Nope, all toenails accounted for! Hmm…maybe he jumped off the camper shell (which we have in the yard for shade for the dogs. Although they like to use a nearby lawn chair to hop on and off of the shell.) and hurt himself. After seeing that his toenails were all intact, I gently set him down on the floor to see if it was a short-term “owie” or we had something more serious. His first step forward with the affected foot sent him crashing facefirst into the ground! I quickly picked him up again and gently put him in his crate. With each touch on the affected leg and paw, he let forth intense whimperings and crying. Now, I was beginning to wonder if maybe he’d even broken his leg. It was that dramatic.

I finished chores and cleaned up waiting for 8:00 am to roll around and the vet office to open. I knew the sooner I reached them the better. My experience working at the vet years ago told me that Monday morning was always a bad time to try to get an appointment. And as a double-whammy, my vet had lost a couple of her employed vets and was down to just two doctors at this point in time.

Thankfully, they found some time a bit later in the morning to fit us in for an exam. (For those that don’t know my vet is about 55 mile and about an hour and ten-minute drive away from us).

He seemed more comfortable when it was time to load up and head down the road and was even using the leg more. In fact, it was so much better, I almost canceled the appointment, but figured we’d at least get it checked out.

After another hour or so resting in his crate, we arrived and I carried him into the clinic. They got me right into an exam room. And by the time, the doctor walked in a few minutes later, I could hardly tell which was leg was affected! Seriously, Dickens?!


(Look how relaxed he is eating his cookie.)

She checked him out, no swelling, no indication of pain or discomfort, no whimpering, no crying, he was walking on it…nothing! Honestly, I was embarrassed at that point for even bringing him in! She suggested some crate rest and anti-inflammatory, but I seriously doubt he even needs it (although he will get some quiet time just to be sure). And thankfully, she only charged me half the cost of a brief visit! I love my vet!


I had even stopped at the store on the way there to get him a special treat!

So if anyone has any Hollywood connections, I’ll be looking for an agent soon for my little “drama queen (king)”.


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Where’s the waiting list?

Some people may be wondering, “where is the waiting list and how do I find it?”

So here’s a quick tutorial to help everyone out.

At the top of our website is a banner with different page names. Hover over “Cavapoos” and a drop down menu will appear.

Next, hover over “Cavapoo Availability” and the waiting list will pop out to the right.

Click on the Cavapoo Waiting List and the page will open for you.

New names will be added periodically as new people join the list. And the list will be revamped each time we have a batch of puppies that are matched with their new families.

Hope that helps! 😊

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Fingers crossed

Our first three girls have been bred this year and we think they are all pregnant. Time will tell of course. If so, they will all be delivering throughout the month of March; each one about a week apart.

Jules and Rose have both been bred to Clancy which should give us red/ruby puppies from both girls! ❤

clancydownClancy ❤

And Lucy


has been bred to Dickens.


Which will give us parti (spotted) puppies in a rainbow of colors!

I can’t wait for spring!

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How about another update?!

Just received another puppy update ❤

“Hi Jennifer –
Just wanted to reach out because it was exactly one year ago today that we collected Winston from your house and our lives were changed forever.  Winston is the most delightful creature we’ve ever encountered. He’s sweet, intelligent, protective of the family, and quick on his feet.  We’ve been reminiscing about those first days when we arrived home with him and how we knew right away that he was a special one.  Here he is with Clementine on the frozen pond near our house. They are the best of friends!

Thanks again, thinking of you on this Winniversary 😊”


Winston (formerly Garland) from Reba & Dickens. He is the black tuxedo pup in the picture.

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Similar, but different

023 These two girls are so similar.

They’re almost identical in size and color. In fact, at a quick glance, I would have a hard time telling who was who. Except now Amber’s face has been shaved and Autumn is still hairy. (But eventually, they’ll get the same haircut). I do have different color collars on them, so that is helpful unless they get them off! They will both be getting micro-chipped sometime too which will give us permanent forms of i.d.

But thankfully, their personalities are different. They’re both playful, active, and sweet, but Autumn is the more adventurous, vocal and animated of the two. She seriously will sit up on her haunches and paw the air with both front feet when she wants something. It’s adorable! Amber is quieter and more of the cuddle bug. And I can personally relate to their wild, curly hair. 😉


So thankful for both these sweet daughters from Allie and Clancy! ❤



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Puppy Enrichment

According to the dictionary definition, “enrichment” is “the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.”

So in my mind when we combine that with “puppy” what we’re looking at is improving or enhancing a puppy’s life during the developmental stage. Introducing it to many sights, sounds, feels, encouraging and rewarding it for exploring and learning and basically trying to mold that puppy into a well rounded, confident little partner.

Which brings me to these things and another shopping trip. (Shhhh…don’t tell my husband).  😉

Grocery Outlet just opened in our little town. I love that store and would usually always stop there when I would make a trip to Spokane (previously, our closest one). I stopped in at our local store a week or so ago. It’s always fun to see what they have in stock because each visit might be different as their product changes.

I’m always trying to keep my eye open for things I can use with the puppies and this trip did not disappoint me! I found some things with different textures and feels that would be perfect to use with the young pups.

625Plastic “grass”

626Mini bubbles

627A furry rug.

628A bumpy, hard plastic tray.

629A soft, foam alphabet set. (No, puppies will not be reading before they go home). 😉

630Put them all together and we’ve got a nice training area to explore.

631Now add some puppies. They weren’t too sure what was going on when I plopped them down there.


637638Starting to explore..

642Hey, you’re not supposed to eat the rug!

Puppy enrichment is always fun!


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