Pregnancy news

It’s always exciting to share pregnancy news and what’s coming up here at Pinewood Cavapoos!

And I’m happy to share that Lucy and Dickens are expecting “cow” puppies at the end of this month. We did an ultrasound on her a while back (it was still early) and I thought she was pregnant but wanted to wait a while to double-check to confirm it. Yesterday’s ultrasound made things very obvious (I wish I could’ve gotten a picture for everyone to see but all of our hands were busy). She is carrying four, maybe five puppies.

And while I’m sharing news, I’ll share the reality of what happens when raising dogs.

  • I wish every breeding we did “took” and produced a litter
  • I wish every girl had an uneventful pregnancy and smooth delivery
  • I wish every girl had a nice sized litter of six or so puppies.
  • I wish every litter had a nice amount of boys vs girls (or maybe a few more girls since that’s what most people want).
  • I wish every litter had a variety of colors to make everyone happy
  • I wish every litter of puppies came out big and fat and grew like gangbusters

Most people assume you have a girl dog and a boy dog, the girl comes in season, the boy happily breeds the girl, voila’ approximately two months later a big, beautiful litter arrives which thrive and grow and make a lot of people happy!

But here’s the reality…

  • Not every girl we try to breed gets pregnant for whatever reason.
  • Not every boy gets his job done and sometimes we have to help nature along with A.I. (artificial insemination) which from my experience doesn’t produce as many puppies as a natural breeding.
  • I only have so many combinations that produce red/apricot puppies (the most sought-after color)
  • Sometimes a mom has complications (like Rosie and her C-section)
  • Sometimes the litter is smaller than anticipated (Maybe a mom only has one or two pups when the average is closer to five. Or like Rosie’s case where there were six puppies but we only ended up with three live ones).
  • Sometimes puppies come out fat and sassy and keep gaining weight with no issues or we may have some small ones, or average sized that for whatever reason lose weight after birth and take a while to “catch up” or we have to supplement to give them that extra help. (Remember Flower’s last litter? Which reminds me, I have some cute updates on Peanut to share..but that’s another post!)

This is not meant to be a discouraging post, just a “real” one so everyone understands the ups and downs of the dog “business” and why sometimes the wait is long or why it’s so hard to give an estimate on the”how long will I have to wait for a puppy” question (and I haven’t even brought the human element into that equation here)

For instance, we had one other girl that was bred and due around the same time as Rosie. But for whatever reason, she did not get pregnant. And another after her that was due this week, any day, but alas, she does not look like she “took” either. (I’m keeping a close eye on her just in case she’s got one tucked up there somewhere!) So there were two hopeful pregnancies that didn’t come to fruition.

We are grateful for Rosie’s babies, thankful to be expecting Lucy’s cow puppies coming later this month, and happily, we have two girls that will be ready to ultrasound next week, and one more that following week! So send good thoughts that there will be more puppies developing in those little bellies!

Lucy & Dickens past from 2018❤️


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Updated waiting list!

The waiting list updated and posted on the website! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this done. If you don’t know how to find it, this should help..

If you have completed an application and sent in your application fee and do not see your name on the list, please contact me asap. (My list at home has many notes, and “chicken scratch” on it, plus I’m human so there could be a mistake somewhere).

If you see your name on the list and it shouldn’t be (you asked me to remove it, etc) or you already found a puppy somewhere else, please let me know so I can readjust the list.

Thanks, everyone for your patience and understanding with my “human-ness” 😉

I will have more news (hopefully tomorrow) about the puppy matching process too!

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Random part 2

Hey, everyone!

I received a Part 2 puppy application from someone this morning. Unfortunately, when part 2 comes in without part 1 I can’t even contact the person to let them know because there is no contact information on Part 2 of the application forms. I feel bad because they might think I’m unresponsive to their application. But the fact is, I can’t do anything about it.

Except this…give a shout out in case they are reading the blog or our Facebook page! 🙂

This is another reason why I over-emphasize filling out Part 1 and Part 2 at the same sitting so they are submitted together (or within minutes of each other), and also to add your name to an answer box on Part 2 to make things even easier.

So if you sent an application this morning, please go ahead and fill out part 1 and submit it as soon as possible.

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Waiting list

Our waiting list opened again today after our little “vacation” for the month of April. I’m working on going through the new applications that came in today already!

For those of you that are already on our waiting list I just wanted to let you all know that I should have some updates on the waiting list and hopefully some changes that will make things run more smoothly, get you all more involved, save me some time and hopefully get puppies placed quicker with those that are ready! I can’t wait to share.

Thanks for your patience and for giving me some much needed time off last month.

If you’re one of those considering getting on our waiting list, please make sure you fill out both part 1 and part 2 of our puppy applications at the same sitting. If you only do part one and come back a couple days later to finish it really makes things confusing on my end since part two doesn’t have a place for your name. In fact, to help me out a little, please write your name in one of the answer boxes on part two also Thanks!

Here’s a link to get you started.

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Almost a week

Rosie and her babies just wanted to say “Hi!” and let you know they are doing well.


I think the pups had a bit of a harder time getting started since they weren’t born with the stimulation and force of a “normal” birth. They come out a bit sluggish since mom had been anesthetized, plus they didn’t go through the normal birthing process. One minute they’re cozy and warm floating around in their little world and the next minute some human is pulling them out into this cold place, passing them off to another human who starts vigorously rubbing them and sucking fluid out of their mouth and nose. Where is moms’ warm, loving tongue? (Thankfully, that showed up later once mom was awake)

Anyways, as I mentioned before we did lose one of the four living pups that were pulled out at the c-section so Rosie was down to three. All of those pups lost some weight from their initial birth weight, but are now gaining and growing!

They will be one week old tomorrow!

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Cute little Nugget

I’m sure some of you have been wondering about cute little Nugget our singleton Cavapoo pup from Allie and Justice. Well, he is doing super! He grew while I was away and matured some too and can now hold his own with the house crew.

He loves to romp and play in the backyard with his mom, the “twins” (Poodle boys), Aunt Hope and whoever is available. Plus he and the gang like to rip-roar through the kitchen/dining area (the living room is off limits right now to give Rosie and her babies some privacy).

He actually had an appointment with the vet on Tuesday (the day I had to take Rosie in). I was just getting done with Rosie and her pups and starting to head home and knew it would be a tight turn-around for me to drop her off, grab him and head back for his appointment (plus I really needed to be at home to make sure Rosie and the babes got settled in okay) so it was hubby to the rescue again!

He passed his physical with flying colors and the stool sample was free of any “nasties”.

Look at that face ❤️

Faithful little companion already sleeping by my feet. ❤️

We will say good-bye on Monday and send him off with his forever family. But for now, we’ll enjoy his cuteness!

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Back in full swing!

Well, I arrived home Monday morning around 2 am after traveling and being awake for close to 27 hours! (I don’t recommend that :P) But it is really hard to sleep in airports and on airplanes, and then there was the 2+ hour drive home from the airport. But we all made it home safely and had quite an adventure (which I hope to share more about later).

I did get about five hours sleep after returning home, but woke up about normal time and started on morning chores.

We had actually considered (and wanted to) stay in Spokane that night then come home the next day, but hubby had mentioned in our messages that Rosie was kind of restless and he thought she was close to delivering her pups (Okay, so those vacations plans were made to end a bit too close for comfort! I always write down in my planner when a girl is due; sixty-three days from the first day she was bred. Sixty-three days is the average gestation period, but I wasn’t thinking precisely enough, because my girls rarely go clear to the sixty-third day before they deliver. And I just cut that way to close! So home we came.

I got a few things done, but after not much sleep during travel time or when I got home, the time change and trying to get over the cold my son shared in our close quarters (we traveled around in a camper/van) I was pretty worthless most of the day. Don’t laugh, but I think I took three naps and went to bed before nine pm. Rosie was a bit restless, but it seemed to be pre-labor indications and I didn’t notice her contracting, pushing or anything that meant serious labor.

Tuesday morning came and I let her out around 6:30 am to potty and noticed she was dripping what looked like amniotic fluid…uh, oh. I checked her and could feel a puppy in the birth canal. I took care of the other dogs, got dressed and took her outside again hoping the exercise would stimulate some “action”. She still didn’t act like she was laboring. After checking her a second time, I could feel the pup had actually slid further back now.

A call was made to our vet with an explanation of the situation and her stating “she would let the girls know to get things ready”. We were looking at a caesarian section for a possible stuck pup!

I got there as quickly as I could, feeling bad for my poor uncomfortable girl in the backseat.

X-rays were taken which showed the one pup lined up at the birth canal and another in one horn and three more in the other horn. (Did you know a dog’s uterus is shaped like a “Y” with two “horns” to it? Puppies can develop in each side. )

Rosie was hooked up to an i.v. and prepped for surgery while the doctor finished her current surgery. We also decided to do some blood work and check her thyroid. I know that an overweight dog can sometimes have a more difficult time delivering and had mentioned to the doctor how Rosie is always “fluffy” even when she’s not pregnant. She thought checking to see if her thyroid was functioning properly would be a good place to start.

(In recovery)

Then she was whisked off to surgery! Not long after the babies were delivered; two were deceased (the one in the birth canal and the one following it), but thankfully we were surprised with four live puppies! Instead of the original five, the doctor thought she saw on the x-ray, there were actually a total of six. I’m sad that the two did not make it but very thankful that Rosie is okay and we have four beautiful reddish, apricot puppies to love and cherish (three girls and one boy).

(Keeping warm in their incubator)

(warming Rosie up as she recovers)

(Rosie’s finally awake enough to meet her pups)

(Getting their first meal)

(Still sleepy)

(“Why do I feel so funny, mom?”)

(Even though she wasn’t quite fully feeling herself she started cleaning her puppies)

(“Can we go home yet?”)

Oh, and remember that thyroid test we did? The vet walked by later and said, “Thyroid is normal. Your dog is just a pig.” Bhahahaha!

(Breakfast is served the next morning!)

*I have a sad update.* Yesterday we lost one of the girls. So now we’re down to half the litter that “should’ve been”. And as unfortunate and sad as that is, it is the reality of raising dogs. Sometimes sucky stuff happens.

So I’m back to sleeping on the couch (Yeah, I had one full night’s sleep in my own bed!) and playing hover mother during the day. And we’ll carry on with getting Rosie and her remaining babies through the first couple of critical weeks. ❤

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