Busy with puppies!

Well, I’m finally getting Sage’s puppy photos posted today. I try really hard to take pictures on each litter’s “birth” day of the week each week and get them posted. But I’m a little late!

Since Amber’s pups were being matched this weekend, I shared some pictures of her puppies on Friday for those on the litter list instead of Sage’s puppies who were born on a Friday. And today would normally be the day I share Amber’s pups since they were born on a Sunday, but instead we’ll be sharing Sage’s six-week-old puppies’ pictures. And tomorrow we’ll share new pictures of Amber’s now five-week-old puppies. Didn’t that all make sense?

All of the puppies from Sage’s and Amber’s litters have found their forever homes! We’re so grateful for the families that have been waiting on our list for their special puppy. And also for those new families that were fortunate enough to reach out and get matched when we had a couple of “leftover”puppies from Sage’s litter!

Currently the only litter we have left to match is the Sky and Niko litter. Nobody from the list has reached out about them yet. If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being added to Sky’s litter list for puppy matching on Sunday, October 16th please shoot me an email. (They will be going home Sunday, November 6th. The only exception might be the little Blenheim female. If she is still tiny by eight weeks, I may keep her a it longer so she can put more weight on before going home. We don’t like to send them home when they are too small).

If you are not on our Cavapoo waiting list (it is still closed), please follow the blog and on October 16th if we have any puppies from Sky’s litter who are not matched with families on our waiting list, we will accept some applications and offer them to the general public.

And now for your weekly dose of Sage’s F1b cuteness, here they are at six-weeks of age!

Oh, and we did switch these pups from their ric-rac ribbons to “real” collars. I don’t always have the same colors in collars as I do ribbons so please note a couple changes in colors.

Tortilla (brown, now black collar)

@ 6 weeks

Matzah (gold, now orange collar)

@ 6 weeks

Muffin (white, now cream collar)

@ 6 weeks

Baguette (pink collar)

@ 6 weeks

Biscuit (yellow collar)

@ 6 weeks

Bagel (green collar)

@ 6 weeks

Potato (blue collar)

@ 6 weeks

Scone (purple collar)

@ 6 weeks

Pita (red collar)

@ 6 weeks

Sourdough (gray collar)

@ 6 weeks




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Saturday Snapshots

Our sometimes weekly posts that are just snapshots from the day around the farm. Enjoy!



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Another batch to match!

It’s almost time! We are matching Amber’s pups this weekend. In fact, the list closed today at noon so here are the names in the order I will be contacting them. Please if you are one of the top ones, I may try to get ahold of you today.

  • Jenna M
  • Nicole F
  • Becca H
  • Jean B
  • Melissa S

I know we have only four puppies and five names, but there is still a chance we will have a leftover puppy if more than one person wants the same one. If we do, once again, I will post about it on Sunday on our blog for anyone that is not on our list and interested in a F1 Cavapoo puppy.

They are all adorable and I would have a hard time choosing one myself! They are still not really adventurous. In fact, this morning when I wanted to take some more pictures, they just hunkered down on the blanket and didn’t do much. But they were still cute 😉 It’s just the age and stage they are at.


Sabrina“Can you play with me?”



Jill(L to R; Kelly, Sabrina, Jill & Charlie)

But they did graduate upstairs with their mom. They have been using their litter box really well and since they woke me up this morning around 4:30 to play I decided to move them upstairs. They can play that early in the morning and not disturb the sleeping humans, they have a bigger area, two litter boxes and the first crate to start sleeping in. And they have lots of neighbors to converse with (in doggy language) since Sage and her babies are right next door!

Jill is practice old fashion grape stomping with puppy food. 😂



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Puppy fun!

Sage’s puppies are sure getting adventurous and having so much fun in their play area. They climb on things, play with toys and have fun playing with each other. I haven’t yet introduced them to the ramp but I will soon.

And since the Cavalier puppy has moved downstairs I moved them into his pen upstairs which is at the far end of the room. This makes it easy to set up a play area with the ramp off of their puppy pen. And eventually when they are weaned off mama Sage, I will split them into two of the puppy pens. As they get bigger and more active, they need more room. The puppy pens are for napping and nighttime but they will still play together and eventually it will be a  big play area in front of both pens.

But when they are young and starting out, I keep the play area smaller and add lots of litter boxes. We want them to have the best chance of being neat and knowing where to relieve themselves. As they get more trustworthy than the play area expands.


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Only one

Yesterday we had a vet appointment for a well-puppy check. It was pretty easy since Glory just had the one boy. I didn’t have to haul a heavy crate full of wiggly puppies into the clinic and struggle to heft it onto the exam table. Instead, I opened the crate door in the back seat, scooped up one plump puppy and walked through the door! Easy peasy! 😉

I took Cajsa along just because she likes to go and I figured she could keep the little guy company.

Such a sweet boy <3

He held still fairly well while he got his check-up. And he was a great traveler in the truck too, just curled up and went to sleep.

He’s been “helping” me in the garden now that he’s a big boy. 😉

Getting ready to head to the garden

Found some yummy produce!

And he’s moved into his own “apartment” near the back door for easy access to potty training. Of course, he didn’t like his pen at first, but settled in fairly quickly. (This is the type of set up I suggest for new puppy owners).

And we’ve settled on a registered name (pending AKC confirmation) but still deciding on a “call” (or everyday) name. I like something that coordinates with the registered name. And since he might possibly be continuing this line for us I’ve decided on “Pinewoods Passing The Torch” as his registered name. And have been throwing around either calling him Pax or Tory. But I’m open to suggestions if someone has something better to go with his registered name.



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Big to little

Our youngest litter (Sky and Niko) are a week old today. Of course, they just eat and sleep at this stage of life. Two them are over one pound already! The third pup is 13.3 ounces and our wee one is just one five ounces. She’s a little fighter, but she’s not out of the woods yet.

Mama Sky is amazing and taking incredible with them as usual.


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Ambercrombie (not the store)

Not that I support that store, but every dog has to have a nickname and that fits Amber! And Miss Ambercrombie’s puppies turned four weeks old yesterday! Since we were busy matching Sage’s puppies, I thought I’d wait until today for the update on Charlie’s Angels.

And four weeks of age is such a darling age for Cavapoos! They are still calm enough to sit still for picture’s and they are getting so, so cute! I mean look at these faces! <3 They are doing well with their “new” litter box. Yesterday I switched them from the UGOdog tray to the box with pellets. They’re not really adventurous yet and stick pretty close together when mom is away.

“Jill” (yellow collar)

2# 11 oz @ 4 weeks

“Kelly” (pink collar)

2# 8 oz @ 4 weeks

“Sabrina” (purple collar)

2# 10 oz @ 4 weeks

“Charlie” (our only boy! gray collar)

3# @ 4 weeks

They are starting to play and explore a bit more and nosing around in mom’s food dish.




**And an update on our two “leftover ” puppies from Sage’s litter, they have both been matched with very excited, new families! <3 **

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It’s your luck day!

Today was puppy matching day for Sage’s litter of F1b Cavapoos and even though we had ten puppies to match and ten people on the list we still have some puppies available!

How does that happen? Well sometimes more that one person has their heart set on the same puppy and when the puppy gets chosen by the first family, then next one might “pass” on what puppies are left because they wanted a certain color/gender/coat etc.

And let me explain a bit about the F1b Cavapoo. A regular Cavapoo (F1) has two purebred parents, one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one Poodle (normally a mini but some breeders do use toys are even larger Poodles. Our are mini). A puppy from that breeding would be considered F1. If that puppy was then bred to a purebred Poodle parent the puppies would be considered F1b.

Now most people who specifically want the F1b, want it because there is a higher percentage of Poodle which would indicate that the puppy is less likely to shed. People with allergies especially aim for this mix.

BUT…there is a but, within a litter of F1b Cavapoos only a percentage of them will have the curlier Poodle coat which those people are aiming for. The rest of the litter will have coats similar to an F1 Cavapoo which likely won’t shed, but could. And F1 Cavapoo is thought of as low-to-non-shedding. The F1 Cavapoo coats can range anywhere from

We have two puppies still looking for their forever homes, one boy and one girl. And since no one else from our list has reached out, they are now available to the general public.

“Sourdough”~ male apricot (gray collar) with a F1 coat with slight wave. He should mature probably around 20ish lbs. His personality is kind of middle-of-the pack, playful, happy, but not the leader.

“Muffin”~apricot female (white collar) has the curlier F1b coat. She will likely mature in the 14-16 lb range. She is playful and sweet, but a less rambunctious personality than some of the others. Muffin is the pup that was born with a cyst-like structure on her head. Our vet has checked but at this point we really don’t know what it is. She is normal in every other visible, physical, mental way except for her “beauty mark”. You wouldn’t know she had the cyst unless you were looking or feeling for it specifically.

If you are interested in either of these puppies and can meet us in Spokane on Sunday, October 2nd to pick them up, please feel free to fill out both Part 1 and Part 2 of our Puppy Applications consecutively. Please give us as much information about yourself, family, activity level, other pets or past pet experience as possible so we can match these pups to the most appropriate family.

Please get your application in as soon as possible!

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2

Thank you for your interest in our puppies!

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Update on the wee one

I know some of you may be wondering how our little one from Sky’s new litter is doing. She’s still hanging in there. She’s a little fighter!

Most of the time when I check on her she’s snuggled up to mom and not eating. So I’m still supplementing her round the clock to make sure she gets enough groceries.

Thursday I had to run to town for some groceries since we were running low on fresh food.  I had my daughter-in-law keeping an eye on the pup while I was gone. I fed the pup and then hit the road as I had four hours until the puppy’s next meal. I’m pretty proud of myself,(although  I was thirty minutes overtime getting back and it’s a 45 minute drive each way) but I still managed to make seven stops (groceries, feed stores, etc) 😜. And while Millie was checking on the puppy she caught her nursing a couple times. Happy day!

Friday morning when I got up for the pup’s early feeding,  I found her nursing also. So I’m glad to see she is latching onto mom and eating some. But she’s still not gaining like the others. So we will continue to supplement her. Hopefully she’ll gain weight and strength so mom can take over the feedings completely.

This evening’s weight after dinner was a whooping 4.8 ounces, up from her birth weight of 3.6 ounces. Not a lot but at least she’s gaining!


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Soon, very soon!

Sage’s pups are five weeks old today. The list is closed now and we will start reaching out this afternoon with the matching process. Sunday is technically the litter’s puppy matching day, but since we close the list at noon on Friday I like to go ahead and reach out to the first people and see if we can’t get a pup or two matched before Sunday. Otherwise, I spend most of the day on the phone matching puppies. This is a nice way of spreading out the process over the weekend.

As I mentioned before, if you are not on our waiting list (which is currently closed) and possibly interested in a puppy IF have any puppies that are not matched with families on our waiting list, I will share that later on Sunday with information how to apply on our blog.

Here are their current five-week-old pictures and weights and simple observations of what I’ve seen so far but this will change some as they mature and we see more of their personalities emerge.

“Tortilla”~apricot male w/brown collar (curly) outgoing, playful

2# 15 oz @ 5 weeks

“Matzah”~merle male (with partial eyes) w/gold collar (wavy)  playful, sort of middle

3# 11oz @ 5 weeks

“Muffin”~apricot female w/white collar (wavy) she is the one with the little cyst-like thing on her head and seems to be one of the more quiet, mellow pups

2# 12 oz @ 5 weeks

“Baguette”~apricot female w/pink collar (wavy) more mellow pup but playful

2# 9 oz @ 5 weeks

“Biscuit”~apricot female (partial blue eye) w/yellow collar (slight wave), playful, more middle of the pack

2# 14 oz @ 5 weeks

“Bagel”~black male w/green collar (wavy) middle of the pack personality

3# 2 oz @ 5 weeks

“Potato”~merle male (mostly all blue eyes) w/blue collar (wavy), probably most mellow, quietest

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks

“Scone”~merle female (mostly blue eyes) w/purple collar (wavy/curly?) pretty playful but probably middle of the pack

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks

“Pita”~apricot male w/red collar (some wave) outgoing, confident )P.S. Pita loves to eat!

2# 15 oz @ 5 weeks

“Sourdough”~apricot male w/gray collar (slight wave), middle of the pack

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks


Just some information on personalities, at this age we will usually see one or two pups that are the first ones out the door, most playful, adventurous, bold, then there will be one or two who are at the other end of the spectrum; more cautious, quieter, more mellow personality and then the rest fall into more middle of the road between those two descriptions. But as they grow, develop and gain more confidence, by seven to eight weeks we will not see as much of a difference between all the puppy personalities. They all become very playful, silly and pretty confident.




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