So important for puppies to get one-on-one time and time away from their littermates and mom. It makes for an easier transition later when they go home (but that time is still stressful).

And who could resists giving cuddles and kisses to these guys anyways?! <3

I even got a kiss from Journey!❤️

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One week difference

It’s amazing how much puppies will change within a weeks time. The first couple of weeks of a puppy’s life they are sleeping and eating. Mom takes care of potty duty.

Around two weeks of age is when their eyes and ears open. Life changes as they can now see and hear things around them. They are crawling to mom, or crawling to pile on top of each other or to spread out if they’re too warm.

By three weeks they are starting to interact more with people and each other. They toddle on unsteady legs, chew on each other’s muzzles or interact with mom more.

Just look at these guys! You can see the difference one week makes between Journey and his one week younger “cousins”. He’s steadier, more interested in his surroundings and more alert.

When they all get a bit older, the week age gap won’t make as much of a difference and they’ll be able to play and interact together.

It’s so fun to watch them all grow and develop!


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The little redheads

Sasha’s little redheaded boys turned two weeks old yesterday. They are doing fabulous! Eating, sleeping and growing. And their eyes are starting to open. They look so sweet. We’re just finishing up their ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and giving them lots of cuddles and kisses.


Just a reminder, if you are on the Cavapoo waiting list and interested in one of these boys please email me to get on the list. If we don’t get enough interest from our waiting list, we will take some new applications for those not on the waiting list. Matching day is February 19th and puppies go home on March 12th.

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Nothing cuter!

How can puppies (well, all baby animals for that matter) be so stinkin’ cute?!

I mean look at this little snuggle monster!

I couldn’t decide which picture was the best so here’s a bunch!

Journey is three weeks old. Thankfully, he is not following in the footsteps of his brother/cousin, Presley who was big from the start! Journey is staying a normal (smaller) Cavalier puppy size and weighs 1# 10 oz.

He still likes to snuggle and cries when he can’t find his mom. He’s toddling a bit but still content to just stay close to mom to eat and sleep.


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Aussalier list update

Well, I have done a blog post and sent emails for both our Aussalier and our Cavapoo waiting lists. This post will be a follow-up regarding the Aussaliers. I’ll have news about the Cavapoo waiting list a bit later.

I heard from about 50% of the people on the list and the answers varied from…

  • “please remove me we found a puppy elsewhere”
  • “I want a smaller Aussalier”
  • “please keep me on the list, but I’m not ready for a puppy until….. summer,….. for 1-3 years,…… not sure when, or…… I still have to convince my husband that we need a second dog” (not sure why that last one is even on the list IMO)

In a nutshell, that means nobody is ready for an Aussalier right now. Quinn will turn three years old this spring. I don’t feel it’s right for her to just sit here waiting until we have enough people ready for her to have a litter. Plus the more heat cycles she goes through without being bred, the more chance she has of developing pyometra (a uterine infection) which means an emergency spay. I would love to keep her as a pet, but I already have too many pets/retired dogs here. She deserves a fun family to be spoiled by.

It’s been a fun few years. We’ve met some great people, produced some amazing Aussaliers but it looks like it’s the end of the road for us producing anymore Aussaliers.


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In between

Yesterday we woke up to a gorgeous sunshiny day! It’s such a treat during our normally overcast, cloudy winter days. It’s amazing what some sunshine can do for your life and mood.

But in between taking care of moms and babies (thankfully it’s not too time-consuming at this stage) and letting adults in and out for breaks, hubby and I tackled the boxes and boxes of apples that have been waiting in the garage. The apples are picked in the fall, but we usually wait to do the canning until later when there is less going on.

It’s an all day, messy, tiring process. But the results are well worth the effort!

The kids and I used to tackle this job when they were growing up. And we would do everything in the kitchen which makes a sticky mess. Now hubby rigs up our applesauce maker on his workbench and we mostly cook on the camp stove out in the garage so the kitchen doesn’t get so heated up.

We only have two apple trees; a Red Delicious and a Fuji but they give plenty of apples for our family. The Reds were big and gorgeous this year. The Fuji’s were smaller and a bit rough looking but still tasted great.

First, I have to wash the canning jars, get the lids ready, and wash and quarter the apples. The apples are cooked in a bit of apple juice until they are soft enough to go through the applesauce maker. This hand-cranked machine sauces the apples and then spills the sauce into a catch container and spits the skins, stems and cores into another container. Then the sauce is scooped into the jars and readied for the canning process.

When it was all said and done we ended up with fifty-seven quarts of yummy homemade applesauce to eat and share with the kids.

I’m trying my hand at making apple scrap vinegar for the first time (similar to apple cider vinegar) with some of the scrapes. The rest will go to the chickens or the composter. And the last of the apples I’m planning on using to make and can apple pie filling.

The horses enjoyed some of the scraps too.

In a couple days I’ll tackle the job of washing all those jars (they get a bit sticky in the canning process), label them and put them away in the pantry. It’s nice to have that been chores done!


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The boy bunch

And a week behind Joy’s little boy is Sasha’s litter who turned one week old the same day! They are all doing well. They eat, sleep, repeat!

They all got weighed and had their teeny tiny toenails trimmed. They are weighing between 12.8 ounces to 16 ounces.

As for pictures….every time I tried to line them up to get a group shot, they were either nuzzling the fuzzy blanket looking for food (“this must be mom!”) or moving around and piling on top of each other.

So here you go! A bunch of puppy pile pictures.


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Joy in the journey

Our little Joy puppy is two weeks old today. He is 1# 2 oz. He quietly let me trim his teeny, tiny toenails today. His sparkly baby eyes are open which makes him look even more adorable.

He is a little snuggler too. Some puppies, wiggle and cry when you pick them up, but he just snuggles quietly. But he’s not very quiet if he can’t find mom in the crate! He noisily crawls around trying to find her.

And he has a name. It popped in my head not long after he was born. And not long after the fancy registered name emerged in my mind, “Pinewoods Joy In The Journey” and we’ll call him Journey. Because being a dog breeder isn’t always easy or fun. Sometimes it’s difficult, sad, upsetting, but there are little bright spots and happy moments in this journey. And it seems kind of fitting that his mom’s name is part of his since he is her last puppy.

I love his beautifully colored coat also ❤️


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Hubby projects

I don’t think I’ve showed you something new here! No, it’s not an animal 😉 But it’s related to the animals and oh so helpful!

Last year hubby started another project, which lead to another project. (I don’t know who comes up with all this work for him…. ;P )

I had been wanting a tack room. (For those unfamiliar with the term “tack”, it basically means horse gear i.e., saddles, bridles, halters, etc). Mine has been in our garage since we moved in. I really wanted to move it to a specified place and have hubby build a hitching post (another project..hehe) nearby so tacking up the horses would be more convenient.

And the space I was thinking of would be big enough that it could also be a storage area for extra dogs things like, stacks of food, stacks of wood pellets, puppy pens and ex-pens that weren’t in use. Most of which was also stacked in the garage.

Which lead to the second project….

From this….

To this….

Hubby took the horses run-in shed that was at the end of the dog house and enclosed it into a room for all these items. But before he did that he built a new run-in shed for the horses. The run-in shed gives them a chance to get out of the weather should they choose too. Sometimes they just hang out under the trees instead. Our horses live pretty naturally, with freedom to move, explore and play in their area. We don’t have a grass pasture as some people do since we live in the woods, but they have room to roam and be horses, instead of being stuck in a stall. Without pasture, we have to feed year-round (except for the month or so that we can use my father-in-laws pasture in late summer). A “dry lot” which is what our horse area is considered, is better for my chubby horses since I can monitor how much they are eating.

The new run-in shed is so handy! He built it off the side of our hay barn. Then he made these handy doors that open into the horses’ area which makes for easy feeding. In years past I filled a wheel barrow (or sled if it was winter time) and moved it over to the area where we would feed.

The new storage/tack area is finished enough that we cleaned out the garage and moved everything in there. I just need to organize it and find a rack to hang blankets, bridles, halters and all my gear on.

I’m even going to do a little decorating eventually. I found some old cowboy pictures at my dad’s house last time I was there. My childhood home first belonged to my grandparents and there are still some old “treasures” from them there.

My dad and grandpa were both from South Dakota where the family had a ranch. My grandpa was a cattle buyer so of course, there were “cowboy” decorations that belonged to my grandpa.  I even have a pair of dress boats and several nice Stetson hats.

And the room is even big enough that my seed starting shelves fit in there too. They were in the dog house taking up a big spot before.

So thankful for all these new spaces and a handy hubby that can tackle pretty much any project!

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Another pupdate!

“Hi Jennifer,

Happy New Year! … I was matched last summer. I picked up Katsu (formerly Bluff) back in June.  We are so in love with her and couldn’t be happier.  She’s a wonderful addition to our home.  Katsu is very well mannered and wiggles her bottom uncontrollably like a salsa dancer:)  She also loves going on walks, playing with toys and is rarely seen without a toy (or a sock) in her mouth.  The best part is she’s very good with our kids and keeps our other pup Peanut entertained.  Take care, J”

She sounds just like her mom, Sally! <3

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