I’m late

I’m really late sharing seven-week-old pictures of Sky’s puppies (so these are 7 1/2 week old ones). But I think these were worth the wait! They are so adorable <3

We’re wrapping the week up with these cuties, but I’m hoping to share more pics and videos of the group in the next couple days before they go home on Sunday. And then you’ll just see updates on Marshmallow (now known as Winter) as she is staying on here with us.



❤️Marshmallow (aka Winter)



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Vet visit

Today we had an appointment at the vet with Sky’s puppies. We left the house about 12:30 to be early to our 2:00 appointment. Because, hey, it’s winter and you never know what the roads will be like. (For instance, Sunday’s puppy delivery day presented us with icy roads. I saw one wreck and pulled over four times for emergency vehicles on my way to Spokane!) Thankfully today’s roads were just wet.

My vet is still not allowing owners in for appointments so I’m not able to go in with puppies. So no cute exam pictures. :/

After their appointment it was time for a potty break in the back of the truck. It wasn’t quite rainy but a bit misty. They didn’t mind the water a bit.

After they were done we loaded up and headed home. I made a couple quick stops to get fuel and grab some late lunch. They quietly napped in their crate the whole time.

When we got home it was time for another potty break and then dinner time. After dinner I let them play until bedtime since they had been in a crate most of the afternoon.

It’s a long day for puppies but they took it well. 🙂

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What’s coming up?

I get lots of questions, but the main two are;

……When will the waiting list be reopening again?

……When is the next litter of Cavapoos coming?

Well, as for the first question, I really don’t know when the list will reopen. As some of you know, our list was closed for a big chunk of 2020. We reopened the list and started taking applications again in October. But we were slammed with so many applications that we stopped taking applications after only four days! It was crazy! So unless a bunch of people get matched with puppies (and that takes time) or people drop off the list (which happens) we probably won’t reopen the list for at least the first half of this year (and that’s just a guess).

By the way, if there is anyone on our Cavapoo waiting list that no longer wants to be on (life changes, got a puppy elsewhere, etc) please let me know so I can remove your name. Also if you applied and got on our list in October and have decided (for whatever reason) you no longer want to be on our list, please let me know. I will even refund your “non-refundable” application fee (offer ends January 31st)!

If you are just learning about the Cavapoo breed and Pinewood Cavapoos, the best way to follow what’s happening here is to hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right hand side of the front page under the revolving photo album. This will sign you up for email notifications from our blog/website so you can keep up on all the news and happenings.

As for question number two “When are more Cavapoo puppies coming?”

Well, I do have one mom that has been bred for Cavapoo puppies, but it is too soon to know if she is pregnant yet. As soon as I have definite news I will share it with you.

What I do know is that we have two litters coming in January but they are a purebred mini Poodle litter and an Aussalier litter.

Yes, that’s right! For those of you on our Aussalier waiting list (which is currently closed also) Oakley is pregnant by Dickens again. This may (or may not) be her last litter of Aussaliers. I usually retire females around five years of age (Oakley’s age) so they can retire early enough to have a long, happy couch potato existence with a nice forever family. But Oakley will be living here forever since I think that is what’s best for her. She is still strong, vigorous and very healthy so she may have more babies. My plan for Oakley was to breed her to Cody (our new blue-eyed tricolor purebred Aussie) before she retired, for a litter of purebred Australian Shepherds so I could keep a daughter from her. But those plans went out the window when Cody grew much too big to breed to little Oakley.

Our other January litter is a purebred mini Poodle litter between Lucy and Clancy. This will be Lucy’s last litter and she will be retired. We already have a retirement home lined up for her with my vet’s grandmother. (It’s pretty cool when your veterinarian reaches out to you asking about adopting one of your retiring dogs for their grandma). <3

I bred this litter of Poodles to hopefully keep a daughter from Lucy (which we tried last year. She only had one girl which ended up in a marvelous pet home because she wasn’t quite right for our breeding program).  I think she only has one or two pups so we’ll see what we get. We may or may not have Poodle pups available. I’ll let everyone know after the litter arrives.

And as soon as I have news on any more impending Cavapoo “honeymoons” I’ll let you know 😉

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Play and learn

I can’t believe we’re starting the last week with Sky’s puppies. I think it seemed to come up fast because we kept Glory’s pups a bit longer because of the holidays and they just went home.

We are having fun playing, of course.

And working on crate time during meals. Since there are only four pups we put two to a crate at first. Then we’ll move them to one per crate so they get used to eating on their own. It’s not always easy at first. And they do like to vocalize their displeasure at this new routine. I just wait until they are quiet and then open the door. We obviously don’t want them to stress themselves out, but a little crying is not going to hurt. And the second they settle and stop, I open the door.

When you get your puppy home I can’t stress enough how they need to have their own “bedroom” (Iris or exercise pen). As much as you want to be with your puppy all the time, there’s no way anybody can watch a puppy every minute of the night and day. They need a safe place to be contained when you can’t watch them. But when you first put them in the pen and walk away they are going to let you know how unhappy they are!

The problem is you cannot give in to the cries and give them the attention they are demanding. If you do the puppy is doing a great job of training you! 😉  (“If I whine and fuss, my owner will give me attention”).

When I have a single puppy that I’m training I set up an Iris pen under the kitchen bar area (it’s the only place downstairs) so it’s in the “thick” of things and where we’re at most of the time. The puppy can see us coming and going as we work and come in and out of the house.

When they’re first introduced to this pen as a single puppy they fuss, whine, cry and just plain complain. Sometimes adding a blanket over the front of the pen helps to settle them as they can’t see you but they can hear you still moving around. Playing a radio softly and giving them something like a *Snuggle puppy to cuddle with is also sometimes helpful.

Just realize it’s always an adjustment (with noise) until they learn the new routine. Some puppies catch on right away and some will carry on for days. As soon as they learn they are okay, you’re not leaving them forever and they won’t get attention by crying, they’ll figure it out and settle down.

It’s important with a new puppy as you are setting boundaries and teaching them your (and their new routine) that you ignore the behavior you don’t want to reinforce and reward the behavior you want see/teach. So if puppy is carrying on in that pen/crate or wherever you have put them, and settle down, that you reward them with some love and attention.

As another example, tonight the puppies ate in separate crates and they weren’t super happy about being “alone” (they were lined up next to each other). Some ate and were fairly quiet and some ate and cried at the door. I just sat on the floor by the crates and watched them and kept them company. As soon as a puppy settled and stopped fussing, I rewarded them by opening the crate door and letting them come out if they choose to. The behavior I wanted to see was a quiet, calm puppy. If I had opened the door when the puppy was crying, it would’ve probably cried louder the next time because it knew the fussing “worked” and it would be rewarded with me opening the door (what the puppy wanted).

Training a new puppy is a time-consuming process. But if you are consistent, set boundaries and a routine, you’re puppy will be trained much faster and easier. And your puppy and the whole household will be much happier and know what to expect.

Today I practiced hanging out in the room doing some laundry while the puppies were separated from me by the exercise pen. They could see me and complained a bit, but I just ignored them and kept working and they settled down.

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My favorite day

My favorite day (along with welcoming a new litter into the world) is handing adorable puppies over to their excited new families!

And that’s just what we did today!

Ferrari now Desna

Bugatti now Cookie

Porsche now Roxy

Bentley is keeping his name.

McLaren now Davis

Mercedes name is still undecided.

Happy life, puppies!❤️


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“Merry Christmas, Jennifer!
I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday; it sure sounds like it was exciting! 🙂
I can’t believe Teddy is 5.5 years old already! He’s such a sweetheart (snuggled up on my lap right now) and such a wonderful part of the family. He makes us laugh (and sometimes roll our eyes) with his antics and we wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s just the best puppy ever.❤
Happy New Year! Prayers for a greatly improved 2021 for all! Attached are a few pics of Teddy.”
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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a health, happy New Year! We’re so grateful for each one of our puppy families that we’ve connected with this past year and really, over all the years! I’m also thankful for each one of you who follows our blog, our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and Instagram! We’ve met so many special people through these precious pups!

We had a fresh snowfall early New Years eve morning and I took some time after morning chores to snap some pictures around the farm. I thought I’d share a bit different perspective than what you normally see on the page.

I love our garden gate and it’s even prettier in winter.

They’re getting impatient for breakfast!

My cat is broken!😂

Thor kitty

Love our drive!

I couldn’t waste all that new snow. 😉

Heading into 2021 (hopefully) with as much enthusiasm as these two! 😉

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Bigger and better

In the puppy room upstairs we have four big playpens. Usually when I move a litter up there to a bigger pen (from the small one they’ve been in downstairs) I just use the first one closest to the stairs. So that’s where Glory’s puppies have been.

But I usually block off the other end of the room for them to play in. So it only made sense to move them to the puppy pens at that end of the room so they were close to their play area. Then Sky and her pups could have their own “private” space without rambunctious puppies playing right outside their “house” in the first pen.

So that’s what I did. And I split Glory’s puppies up into two pens so they have more space and can start being away from each other.

Now all I have to do is open a door, hook up the ramp and turn them loose to play!

And they got to venture outside to see and feel their first snow and meet Cajsa!


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Sky babies

I’m late! But I finally got new pictures (six weeks old already!) of Sky’s sweet babies.

Caramel~3# 3oz

Butterscotch~3# 9oz


Nougat~2# 10oz

Aren’t they adorable?!

As you know my plan is to keep one of these girls for future generations of F1b Cavapoos. We were going to do our Puppy Matching Day last Sunday (which wasn’t a great plan so close to Christmas anyways). So my plan to match this litter will just be a bit different. I will know by today which puppy I plan on keeping.

If you are the first person on this litter list posted below you are welcome to reach out now with your first and second choice now. (These are the people that have reached out and asked to be added to Sky’s list.)

I have a vet appointment with Glory’s puppies today, but if I don’t get home to late I will start calling people on this list and match Sky’s puppies. Since this wasn’t a “planned” Puppy Matching Day it may take me a couple days to get this done.

  • Liz B
  • Joan S
  • Holly L
  • Monica N
  • Elisa S
  • Rebecca E
  • Manu C
  • Kim W
  • Carolyn R
  • Lori M
  • Sarah R
  • Thaia N
  • Samantha C
  • Lois M
  • Natasha B
  • Berna & Ian M
  • Sheree M
  • Joni C
  • Andrea J
  • Nataliya S
  •  Chloe L
  • Christine Y

And now for some added cuteness! <3


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A crazy Christmas

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and were able to make some special memories to finish the year with! Our holiday has been a bit mixed up since everybody has different schedules this year. We’re seeing our kids on different days mostly because of their work schedules. In fact, that last two (son and DIL) we’ll be celebrating Christmas with on New Year’s Day. But hey, I’ll take them whenever I can get them. <3

All the puppies here are doing well, growing and having fun. I’ll have an update on Sky’s puppies and upcoming matching process soon.

But I know you’re all dying to know about Amber. So hunker down and let me tell you a Christmas story…

Christmas Eve “eve” and Christmas Eve morning (did that make sense?) showed a lower temperature on Amber. It wasn’t as low as some I’ve seen, but was definitely in the range of “I’m going to have puppies soon”. I was really hoping it would be Christmas day.

But I had also hoped to do some cooking and other things Christmas day. Our only plans for the day were breakfast with our youngest.

And just as breakfast was ready and we were going to sit down and eat, Amber staring having major contractions. So instead of eating when it was ready (the guys went ahead) I got to deliver the first puppy before having my breakfast.

Amber takes after her mom Allie, quiet, not a lot of fuss or noise, just gets down to business and delivers those pups. So if I want to keep an eye on things, I have to be right there.

I know dogs have been having puppies for thousands of years on their own with no human help. But with as much time, money and prep that we put into these parents and puppies, I like to be there just in case the mom needs assistance or a puppy needs help getting out of the sack quickly and getting a clear airway. So that means I basically parked myself next to Amber’s crate for most of Friday. So much for getting my cooking or anything else done. 😛

As soon as I posted on our Facebook page that puppies were coming, I had bunches of good theme ideas for these babies!

But I had actually written down some ideas previous to last Christmas in hopes of using them if we had Christmas (or close to it) puppies.

My first three in this Christmas theme were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. So for picture purposes, I thought it would be pretty cool if we had a girl, a boy and another girl to match those names. (“Gold” could be called Goldie and “Frankincense” could be Frank or Frankie). And do you know what? That’s exactly how it happened!!

After the first three arrived, I was able to palpate (feel) her abdomen and guessed we probably had one or two more pups. I had two additional names listed for this theme; Angel and Star. (You see where I’m going with this theme 😉 )

Number four arrived a bit after two in the afternoon.

I had been messaging my bestie with news of the puppies arrival and what happened with the first three and their names. So she asked me “is this Angel or Star?”

I said, “Well, it doesn’t have a star on it’s head so I was waiting to see if there’s still another one”.

Her response was “LOL *laughing emoji”

Sixty minutes later, Amber quietly delivered number five.

I sent this to her and said “Who’s laughing now! 😛 )

Pretty cool how everything played out with this litter and how the names came together. A pretty special Christmas “gift”.

“Ever good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is not variableness, neither shadow of turning. ” James 1:17 <3

Introducing “Gold” (apricot female~yellow ribbon), “Frankincense” (cream/blond male~green ribbon), “Myrrh” (apricot female~pink ribbon), “Angel” (apricot female~purple ribbon) and “Star”(apricot female~blue ribbon).

For those officially on our Cavapoo waiting list, I am starting a “litter list” for these puppies now. Their Puppy Matching Day will be Sunday, January 31st and Puppy Delivery Day is Spokane will be Sunday, February 21st. If you are interested in being added to the call list for Puppy Matching Day please shoot me an email.



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