No extensions needed

No extensions needed here. This girl has her own gorgeous, long eyelashes. Check these things out!

104And that face, I love that face ❤ (even though it needs to be washed and trimmed) 😉

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Fresh food

The more I read, watch and learn, the more I wish I could put all my dogs on a raw diet. If you’ve never considered it, please do. Although most vets won’t support it. I know mine wouldn’t. But if you do the research you’ll find that this is a more natural diet for our dogs, and they will most likely have fewer health issues and probably live longer.

If you think about all the carbs/starches (rice, potatoes, grains, legumes, etc) that are put in commercial foods (that are then baked), and turn into sugars; it’s not what our dogs should be eating. (Just like you hear how we humans should be eating more “fresh” foods instead of fast food, prepared food, etc.) We all, humans and dogs would be healthier with a more natural diet in my opinion.

At this point, I can’t afford to feed all my dogs a commercially prepared raw diet (some good ones to consider; Primal, Answers, Northwest Naturals, etc) and I don’t have the storage or time to prepare my own. But I can add fresh things to their diet. And what I occasionally do is give them a raw meal. (I’m hoping to do that at least once a week.)

044Here were our ingredients from the last fresh meal. And boy, did they slurp their dinners down!

047Farm fresh eggs

048Mackerel (I rinsed it to get rid of some of the salt since it was in brine).

053Some veggies, this time it was kale and carrots


056Beef liver 😛

050And Kefir

059Dinner’s almost ready!

064Just, a little Kefir “gravy” to top it off and it’s time to eat! The dogs could hardly wait.

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Garden exploration

The garden is a fun place for puppies to play and explore. Our garden is a nice large fenced in area with fruit trees, vines, berries, raised beds and whatever else we plant in the ground.

The other day I went out to do some work there and took my two “helpers”, Kitty (now Raven) and Hoover. They had a blast crashing through the plants, playing and exploring.

060032034035043040044049I finally had to take the puppies inside though, because it’s hard to pick veggies with them right in the middle of things. 😉

068We made quite a haul that day!

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An artist

When I met the group of puppy adopters a couple weeks ago, Festus’ mom handed me an envelope with her check in it and whispered that she had made a little painting for me too. She wanted to let me know it was in there so I wouldn’t just toss the envelope.

I ended up putting everyone’s checks in the same envelope and honestly didn’t pull it out until a couple days later.

And was I in for a surprise!

162Look at this priceless painting (and it was her first “attempt” at painting! :O ) What a talented lady! I will treasure this.

It’s absolutely precious! She even captured those wild, white hairs that always wanted to go towards his eye. ❤

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Another trip

Well, after our visit to the fire station, I planned another trip for the puppies. This is the perfect age to get them out and about!

Since town… (I should mention there are several smalls town around here. The first is “our” town on the reservation, where my new mobile office is. *wink* It is about nine miles south of us. Then there’s another town about twenty-five miles north-east of us (that we basically drive through) to get to the next town (about ten miles further) where we do our shopping/banking/dog class, etc. Then south of that town about twenty miles is the next town where my vet is). So as I started to say since town is about a forty-five-minute drive one way, it makes for great car riding practice for the puppies. And once we get there-there are a couple of farm/feed stores that are pet-friendly and the perfect place to socialize puppies.

095First stop was for a potty break.

097I take a big bed with me and lay it in the bottom of the cart for the puppies for sanitary reasons.

101Just looking adorable as we cruise through the store.

103Oh goody! Look what I found while we were going through the store. I know. It’s for rabbits and rodents, but I think we’ve got a great new puppy toy!

108110After our shopping was done, the nice lady at the counter passed out dog treats. The employees here are always so happy to see puppies come to visit.

Next, we loaded up and headed to the second farm store for a visit. My friend met me there and we carried the pups through the store and looked around.

118They had treats here too!

120Then one more potty break before they went back in their crate.

It was a fun, educational day for the pups!

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Going again

So after our outing to the river, the next day I decided to head to my “mobile office” in our little town and try to get some computer work done. This would be the perfect opportunity for the pups to have another car ride and also some crate time. So I loaded them up and off we went on a short ride.

I parked at my usual spot and got started on some work since the internet here was a bit faster than home. The pups were very good in the crate in the backseat, happily chewing on their bully sticks and napping for a couple hours.

Then I decided to go say “hi” to my son who was working at the nearby EMS station. He was busy doing some equipment checks when I arrived, so his partner and I had fun loving on the puppies.

073I didn’t stay too long, but the pups got to meet some people in uniform and see the firetruck too!

067 It was a fun visit 🙂

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The river

The pups (Hoover and Kitty..still to be renamed if I can figure out what “fits”) and I went on a fun, local outing this weekend.

As I’ve mentioned to my puppy adopters, the first twelve weeks of a puppy’s life are the prime socialization weeks. So that is the time to get them out and about; seeing new sights, smelling new sounds, hearing new things and meeting people and other friendly, healthy animals. Do the things with your puppy when he’s little that you want to do with him when he’s big. Obviously,  we have to use common sense and good judgement on where we take him until he’s fully vaccinated (Avoid places like the park, a dog park, etc). And we want him to have good experiences as a bad experience (like Great Aunt Mable’s Chihauhua attacking puppy) can also have long-term affects. And also be aware that he’s still a puppy and not overdo the exercise on those immature, developing joints (Like to hike? Take puppy too, but pack him most of the way, with short breaks of exercise with him picking the speed).

Since we live so far from civilization (yes, we’re in the sticks!) it takes a bit more creativity and travel to get all those fun experiences that a dog living in town can get more readily. But we try!

This weekend, the pups and I went down to the river to explore. And boy, did they enjoy themselves!

092094“Wait for me!”


There were so many new sights, sounds and smells. They were all over the place checking things out.

104They both willingly went in the water several times.

109Hoover heard the Canadian Geese “honking” over by the island.

112114119I don’t know why pine cones are so much fun for puppies with their little prickly ends?

120126Yes, Hoover. You’re adorable ❤

130Kitty that is not a bully stick!

135And the littlest one was the first to hop up on the log!

138They just had so much fun! I think I was ready to go home before they were (typical “kids”). 😉

Here’s a few videos from our outing 🙂

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