Jam packed

Our house is not big. The main living area downstairs is comprised of the kitchen, dining area and living room in an “L”-shape. There’s only so much room. And it is now full!

By the stairway we have Gracie and her babies in the small puppy pen. Then on either side of the wood stove are Lyric (on the right) and Sage (on the left nearest the couch I crash on to keep on “ear” on things during the night).

Gracie’s puppies will start getting more active in the next week or so. Lyric and Sage’s are still in the sleep and eat stage so it’s more a matter of keeping moms happy (feed, watered and let in and out to potty) and making sure mom is messing up her bed and puppies are getting “lost” under or along the edges.  So they’re all still in the “easy” stage.

Every morning when moms go out first thing, I change their beds, fill up food and water, add calcium and NuVet, serve the pudding, weigh puppies (if needed), do ENS (if needed) etc.

So my priority right now is moms and babies.

But I also have the other adults to tend too (I’ve just scheduled three days of grooms next month). I’m doing dog class with Asher on Thursdays and in May another class starts (when Asher’s ends) and I’ll be taking two more dogs, one on Tuesday’s class and one on Thursday’s class day.

(Then there’a the garden…I really want to get out and dig in the dirt!)

Weekly pictures of each litter take a lot of time. Besides taking the pictures (and as they get older and more wiggly it’s even more difficult) I have to review all the shots to pick out the best of each one, watermark it, add it to the album on the website and the photo albums in my pictures.

As these pups start to get more active we’ll have more videos to post and that also takes time as I have to watermark and upload each one.

Plus there’s the blog (I really try to share a little something each day) which takes time to write and find pictures for. Then there’s Facebook and Instagram to keep up with. (I do all the blogging, photos, social media myself. Hubby helps with more manual labor and outside chores and projects).

Aurora is due to have her first litter in May. Although I must say, she is not very big so I don’t expect a lot of puppies from her. Time will tell.

This spring and summer are going to be extremely packed and busy! So I’m asking for a bit of grace and patience. If I don’t return your emails right away, please forgive me. I try to “star” each one until I respond so as not to lose them in the pile. If you need to talk to me by phone you can leave a message on our answering machine (yes, we still have a landline and an actual answering machine). But I do prefer emails as then I can answer them whenever I have time.

Thanks for your help through this crazy, busy (fun) time and for following along with our dogs, puppies and crazy life!




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Sage is amazing

As you all know Sage delivered her babies on Monday. I’ve been waiting to share because I always want to make sure the pups are all doing well, getting enough to eat and gaining weight before I spill the beans.

As some of you know Sage has had one other litter with Clancy (our biggest litter to date with nine puppies!) and she had a litter of eight with Sundae. This girl sure has the body structure and ability to safely carry babies and keep her own weight healthy. And she seems to deliver with ease and settle down to tend to her babies like any good mama should.

Ultrasounds can confirm pregnancy and if you take it at just the right time and have a good eye you can get an estimate on number of puppies. I’m not that good at reading it so it’s still usually a guess on litter size.

She was pretty plump with this litter too so I figured that belly was packed again with precious little bundles. I wasn’t wrong either!

And I’m so thankful she decided to have daytime babies. I can’t tell you how much easier that is on me! 😛

She had her first baby just before ten in the morning and finished up with her eighth baby just after two in the afternoon!

Moms out there, can you imagine having eight babies and delivering one every thirty minutes?! I mean the human body is incredible, but dogs are pretty amazing creatures themselves. And she didn’t even act like it was a big deal. She just got down to business, no fuss, no muss. Although when she was done, she was ready for a nap!

I wondered what colors we’d get. If you remember her other litter with Clancy produced one red, four black and four merle puppies.

So I was surprised when the first four puppies came out all red/apricots! Then a little black one popped out. Then another apricot. Then our only merle for this litter. And lastly another beautiful black puppy! So she switched things up this time and kind of reversed everything! That’s what’s so fun about parent dogs that can produce a variety of colors. You never know what you’ll get until the arrive! It’s such a fun surprise.

One black beauty❤️

This one came out hungry!

A pile of beauties!

And I must add that even though she had eight puppies none of them were teeny tiny. All the pups were great sizes ranging from the smaller at 7.3 ounces up to the heaviest at 9.9 ounces. They are all gaining nicely (even though they sometimes squabble over the milk bar).

These F1b Cavapoo puppies will be matched with families on our waiting list. Puppy Matching Day will be the same as Lyric’s puppies (because the following Sunday I will be delivering Gracie’s puppies to their new families. And the Sunday after that is only two weeks away from Sage’s Puppy Deliver day which doesn’t give the newly matched families a lot of time to prepare). So Puppy Matching day will be Sunday, May 3oth and Puppy Delivery day will be Sunday, June 27th (the week after Lyric’s).

Addendum…I forgot to share genders! (my poor brain!)

We have three apricot males, one red male, one apricot female, two black females, one merle female.

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Weekly pictures

Whenever we have a new litter I make an album for that litter on the website. Then each week I take new pictures to share (and update the album with). I try to take them on the day of the week that the litter was born on. So the next few weeks we’ll be taking puppy pictures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday I posted three-week-old pictures of Gracie’s pups. Today we have one week old pictures of Lyric’s pups and tomorrow (*drum roll*) I’ll be sharing all about our newest litter of (F1b) Cavapoos from Sage!

And we have names! Sometimes it takes me two to three weeks to come up with a theme for a litter, but this one was easy because of Lyric and it being her first litter.



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Puppy breath

Well, we sure have some role poly puppies over here! Gracie’s babies are three weeks old today and they are all little chunks! They are toddling a bit, but still very content to mostly sleep and eat. But, man are they cute!

When I hold them close to my face they lick my nose. It’s the sweetest thing. And they have puppy breath. I love puppy breath!!<3 I’m melting over here just looking at them.

2# 3 oz

2# 5 oz

2# 5 oz

2# 2 oz

2# 2 oz

They got their teeny tiny toenails trimmed (we start this at one week of age and continue weekly until they go home. Those sharp nails can be so uncomfortable for mom’s tummy). Of course, we weighed them. You can see they’re pretty close weight-wise and they got their first dose of puppy de-wormer.

By next week we’ll be seeing more action as they start to move around more. Then the real fun begins!



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Weekend walks

It was drizzly and rainy Saturday afternoon but it was still nice to get out in the fresh air for a walk with the dogs. We have a “neighborhood” loop that we like to walk. It’s not long (about 3/4 of a mile) but it’s got some hills so it’s still a bit of a workout (for this out-of-shape person 😛 )

Queen Reba wanted to go also.

Come on, Asher!

My SIL (Sally’s mom) is our next-door-neighbor so we usually do Saturday walks together.

Interesting fact, those aspen trees behind hubby on the left grow on one side of the pond. My BIL (who lives in the house in the previous picture) saw a mountain lion by this pond last week!

I decided Sunday morning I should walk the loop again. (It’s a small start to getting back in shape. 👍)

Both the big dogs went with me this time.

Ben stopped for a drink at the pond.

Then the doll dogs raced towards home.

Go, Ben, go!

Cajsa joins in the fun!

Almost home and they had to have another play season. These two are pretty entertaining. You just have to stay out of their way or you’ll get knocked over!


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Bambi needs a new home…asap

I got an early morning phone call from “Bambi’s” new owner that things are not working out and she needs to rehome him (there is nothing wrong with this puppy, by-the-way) as soon as possible. She is located in Chelan, WA.

I would like to match him with someone on my waiting list already and someone on the west side of WA so we can make this happen sooner rather than later. I would guess he will come with some supplies and the new family would be paying her for the puppy.

So if you are on my list and are interested in Bambi (the tricolor male from Hazel & Dickens litter) please email me as soon as possible. I’d like to collect names and talk with potential families today.

In your email, please include a bit about yourself and family situation, experience raising a puppy, and a phone number and time I can reach you today. (I will already have your application but this will lessen the time I need to pull up applications and go over your info).

Since this puppy has only been in its new home for one week so it will be another adjustment for him and stressful. If you cannot handle the noise he will make and don’t have the time to commit to an strict schedule (which he’ll need to adjust ) and have the time and patience  for this toddler (yes, it’s like having a noisy, messy toddler) please do not apply.

Thanks everyone!

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Don’t be mad

Well, it’s time to share about Lyric’s new babies!

By the way, we always wonder and worry about with a new mom and her first litter. Will delivery go smoothly, will she need assistance or even a C-section? Will she be a good mom and take care of the babies well and have enough milk. Or will she be nervous and anxious with these new creatures and not want me handling them?

Well, thankfully, there was no need to worry. Her delivery went well. She did have a couple puppies come out breech (back legs first) but I was right there and was able to assist getting those babies out quickly. She speedily took to cleaning and mothering them and had no issue with me checking each baby and handling it before I gave them back to her.

The only complaint I have is I wish she would eat more. She was all baby and and now needs to put some weight on herself. (Once a mom is confirmed pregnant she is switched from adult food to puppy food which is higher in fat and protein for the last half of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, just like humans, mama dogs don’t always feel like eating when they’re pregnant.) So she’s getting some extras. She loves the chicken and eggs I’ve cooked up to add to her food. And tomorrow I’ll be whipping up a batch of puppy pudding for her too.

And now to share! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from her, but I had some ideas of what colors she might produce.

And before anyone gets too excited, I’m just going to let you all know that there’s a good  possibility that one puppy will stay on here. You can probably guess which one.

We have two Blenheim males, one Blenheim female, one apricot female and one merle parti female.

These pups will be matched with families on our waiting list. Puppy matching day will be  Sunday, May 30th. And Puppy Delivery Day will be Sunday, June 20th.

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Small improvements

Last night was Asher’s third week of dog class. To put it lightly he is not thrilled with going. He is such a quiet, timid guy that and class seems overwhelming to him at times. Last night I almost thought “Should I continue to put him through this? Maybe he’d be happier just staying at home.” Because I felt bad seeing how scared he was to be there.

But as the evening progressed I saw tiny flickers of improvement and moments that he looked almost comfortable. Okay, maybe not quite “comfortable” but not completely worried. Poor guy. I’ve never had a Cavalier that had this soft of a temperament. But it’s also my fault for not getting him out more when he was younger. :/

Most weeks we work at the fairgrounds but a couple weeks we alternate; once at the city park and once working downtown. Last night was our downtown night. It’s a small town so there’s not a ton of activity, but we do work the sidewalks up and down the Main Street.

“Mom, will you be my security blanket?”

Learning to heel.

So many cute dogs at class!

Time to cross the street.

Good boy, Asher!

Waiting for instructions from the teacher.

Practicing sit/stay along the road. You can see he’s not thrilled with the cars going by.

Class is over! Posing by the flowers. 🌷

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Oh man…

Remember that adorable, fluffy, white dog I shared about a couple weeks ago?

Yes, that’s Winter, our Blenheim Cavapoo that we kept from the Sky and Dickens litter after her brush out, bathe and slight trim. She looked so stinking’ cute!

This is what she looks like now. *sigh

A dirty little rag-a-muffin. She looks like some little homeless dog I found on the side of the road. That’s what happens when you live in the country. Your dogs look like country dogs most of the time! 😂🤣

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Easter theme

I know that Easter represents something more special and important than the secular theme of bunnies, eggs and candy, but since Gracie’s litter arrived so close to Easter, I went with some silly Easter themed names.  😉

They are two weeks old today. ❤️

(Cadbury is our only male)

And the group picture had to have a little editing done….

….because poop happens!

I normally don’t move them into the puppy pen until they are three+ weeks old, but I decided they needed more room than they had in the big whelping crate. Gracie tended to overheat in the crate with all those fat bodies snuggled up to her. I have just lined the bottom of the pen with potty pads for now instead of introducing the UgoDog litter box system at this point. They are still very much in the crawling along stage and will get lost in this big space. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them as they will sometimes get separated from mom in this big area. By next week they’ll be more acclimated and be able to navigate around better so we’ll introduce them the litter box then.

Gracie seems happy in her new, bigger home.

I also like to cover it to keep the warmth in since it’s by the front door. Plus it gives the little family some privacy.



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