Oh goody

I say that with sarcasm.

It snowed here yesterday and through the night. Lots of snow. And yes, we did get some a week or so ago but it all melted. And this may too. Who knows. But it’s at least six inches of powdery, white stuff. It’s gorgeous, I’ll admit. But also makes chores a whole lot hardier and take longer. And the dogs are a mess every time they come back in from a potty break. Which makes the house a constant mess.

Florida is sounding better and better every minute! ;P

Just kidding! I love the four (or so) seasons we have; Winter, Mud, Spring, Summer, Fire, Fall. 😛

I just have to grumble a bit when the first snow arrives every year until I settle into the “new normal” for that season.

I mean you have to admit, everything is much prettier covered in snow.

And the silly dogs seem to enjoy it too!


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Moving around

It was time to “graduate” all the puppies to bigger homes. So Gracie, Ann and Andy got moved up to the puppy room and a much bigger pen. The pups were also introduced to the crate and the pelleted litter boxes. They seemed overwhelmed with the space at first but it didn’t take long for them to start enjoying their new spacious apartment.

Then Sasha and her “chips” moved into Gracie’s old puppy pen. The pups immediately started moving around their new area. They are starting to taste mom’s soaked puppy kibble and using the water dish too. But mom’s milk is still the favorite food/beverage. 😉

all ready, just add puppies!



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Another vet visit

Last Friday we had more appointments at the vet. I’m working my way through the dogs to get their yearly health exams. And Oakley was scheduled for her spay surgery. She is now officially retired because all the important parts are gone!

This trip we took in Rumor…

His dad, Sundae….

Clancy pants…

And Miss Amber.

They all were good dogs and got a clean bill of health!

The hardest part has now been trying to keep Oakley “quiet” while she heals!

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I must’ve been hungry

Laying in bed late one night as I was drifting off to sleep,  I was contemplating themes for puppy names. I know weird, but it’s how my brain works. I must’ve been hungry because…..

Let me introduce you to Sasha’s newly named puppies.

“Doritos”~ red male (green collar)

“Cheetos”~red male (red collar)

“Fritos”~red male (blue collar)

“Ruffles”~apricot female (purple collar)

“Pringles”~red female (pink collar)

Aren’t they delicious?! ❤️

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That didn’t take long

With just two puppies to match from Gracie’s litter it didn’t take long. Both Ann and Andy have been matched with their happy, new families!

Ann @ 5 weeks (3# 15 oz)

Andy @ 5 weeks (3# 9 oz)

They are five weeks old and finally getting more playful and starting to explore the living room when they have their breaks away from mom. If mom’s around then she is all they want!

Hope looks like she’s signaling for help 🤣






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Not quite ready

When Gracie goes outside for potty breaks, I’ve been getting her pups out and and putting them on the floor with a blanket and a couple toys. But they’re not quite ready yet. They mostly just sit on the blanket and don’t do anything. Sometimes they’ll move around a bit, but they’re not quite yet to the stage of exploring and adventuring out much past the blanket.

But that’s okay. The adventuring will come when they’re ready. And then there will be no stopping them!

starting to “try” the soaked puppy food

Apparently not being adventurous is tiring 😉

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A new look!

Well, my shaggy little Rag-a-muffins went in for their first professional grooming and they look very different. And oh so cute!

The haircuts came at a perfect time since we’ve been getting rain (and our first snow today) and making the yard a muddy mess! At least the pups will be easier to towel off when they come in from potty breaks and they won’t get so filthy.

“mom, please don’t take my picture when my ear is flipped backwards”

ear flipped again…

Summer says “hi”!

I think the ear is “broken”😂

When I sit on the couch “someone” is always sneaking up behind me.

Trying to teach Indy to be “easy” with the kitties. She wants to play way to rough.

Zzzzzzz….nothing like a cozy nap with your buddies.

Cavapoo cuteness!

Pretty Poodle❤️


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We have peepers!

Yep, Sasha’s little puppers’ eyes have opened! It’s a transitional point when the pups go from little squishy baby gophers (that’s what they remind me of….not that I’ve ever seen a baby gopher 😛 ) to having their eyes open! They actually look like puppies now and soon they’ll be wobbling around more.

And of course at this age you can’t hardly get a good picture because when you set them on a soft blanket they either nuzzle around looking for food or they pile on top of each other for warmth and comfort.

So enjoy the puppy pile pictures!

They are just precious!❤️


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Little chunks

Gracie’s pups are four weeks old today. They are little chunks! I caught them playing with mom on Friday night. I tried to get a video, but of course when the camera was on they weren’t as active. But they were “biting” at her mouth and she was gently “biting” them back. It was the sweetest thing to watch. They just starting to play bite with each other too. And I saw one of them nosing around in mom’s food dish a day or so ago, so I’ve started to soak it with hot water in case they want to try “gumming” some food. (Their little “fang teeth are coming through the gums and I felt a tiny little incisor in Andy’s mouth too).

Ann (3# 1 oz)

Andy (2# 12 0z)

Pretty soon they’ll start to get more interactive and playful. I do switch toys around in their pen for them to investigate and hopefully they’ll start playing with them soon. They are using their UGOdog litter box though. That I have noticed! Good puppies, already learning where to potty.

Now to get the kitties out of the underside of the pen so I can shut the door!


And just a reminder for those of you that are on our Cavapoo waiting list, these puppies will be matched next Sunday (November 14th) and are set to go home on Sunday, (December 5th.) If you are officially on our waiting list and interested please email me before noon on Friday to be considered for one of these puppies. (I’m not taking any new applications quite yet).

These are the current names I have on the litter list as interested….

  • Logan R
  • Elizabeth J
  • Maralee H


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New digs

It was time to move Gracie and her “two crew“ into the puppy pen. I thought the kittens would be gone in time for Gracie’s move. But since they’re still here, hubby had to set up the other one.

They’re so cute! But thankfully they have a home they’re going to soon!
Gracie is happy with the extra space.
A nuzzle from mom. ❤️
The kittens meeting Sasha’s pups while mom was outside.
Reba wanted to see them too.
Silly kitties!
“Hi, Amber!”
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