So much change

Puppies sure do grow and change quite fast! Just in the past five days they have gone from…

Trying puppy “mush” (and making quite a mess I might add) and learning to use their UgoDog litter box

To trying the soaked puppy food.

And on to starting to explore and play in the living room and meet Aunt Hope. They’re just precious. <3


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Taco and Puppy Matching reminder

Good news! Taco has been matched with an excited new family! Thank you everyone that reached out with interest!

And a reminder that Sunday will be our Puppy Matching Day for Amber’s sweet apricot puppies.

These are the names that I have as interested in this litter and they are in the correct order from the main waiting list. If you are in the top five names please be ready for a phone call Sunday morning.

  • Natallie D
  • Jacqueline B
  • Tanya T
  • Abby S
  • Nolan A
  • Heidi M
  • Tasha B
  • Christy B
  • Abigail & Conner D
  • Enny K
  • James & Mary S
  • Jim B
  • Karen B
  • Emily A
  • Bonnie C
  • Naomi P
  • Joan S
  • Marissa E
  • Julie K
  • Emily G
  • Holly L
  • Katrina G
  • Gundrun S
  • Danielle P
  • Cristina W

If you are no longer able or interested in this litter let me know. Or if you’d like to be added still I will take names up until 8 pm tomorrow night. (This is only for people already on our waiting list).

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Taco anyone?

Well, Taco is looking for a new family. His family has decided not to get a puppy at this time. We didn’t really go into the “whys”.

He is an adorable, happy-go-lucky guy looking for his new forever home. <3

He is available ONLY to someone on my waiting list. Please do not reach out if you are not already on our waiting list at this time. But if you are on the list, are interested in being matched with Taco and can meet me in Spokane on Sunday, July 12th, please email me. (Do not respond on the blog post or the Facebook post. Please email me on the original email thread I sent you when I accepted your application if at all possible.)

I’m sure we will get several people responding, so he will be matched with the person who is highest on the list (or the best fit for him).

I’d like to get him matched today, because whoever gets him is not going to have a lot of time to prepare and I’d like to give them as much time as possible. I’ll make the announcement about who he has been matched with at 8 pm tonight (Pacific time).

Thank everyone!

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A little extra

Since Sparrow is such a wee mite and it seems her teeth are taking their own sweet time to pop through the gums so she can munch on puppy kibble, I’ve taken to pampering her a bit at mealtimes.

While the other three are eating their soaked puppy kibble in the crate, Miss Sparrow gets some soft food all to herself on the outside of the crate.

“Let us out! Let us out! Let us out!” 😉

And if she doesn’t quite finish the dish, her litter mates are welcome to “wash” the dish when she is done.

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Wiggle worm

When you want to hold the sweet puppy and cuddle her but she’s having to much exploring the whole couch! 😂


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Shifting about

Puppies grow up so fast! Before you know it they’ve outgrown one “home” and need a bigger one.

Last Thursday, Raven and her puppies moved upstairs into the puppy room to a bigger “house”. Now Sparrow, Lark, Robin and Wren are getting used to sleeping in a crate.

They’re right next door to these “clowns”. 😉

About the same time it was time to swap out Charity’s UgoDog litter box to a regular one with pellets so she gets used to that.

She looks pretty proud of that deposit she made in the box! 😉

Once Raven and her family moved to the bigger playpen, it was time for Amber and her babies to move into the smaller playpen that Raven had occupied.  Which was the perfect time to introduce that litter to their first litter box, the UgoDog.

I’m not sure why they thought the “bathroom” was more fun to sleep in then the cozy bed?🤷🏼‍♀️

And then yesterday seemed like the perfect time to move Charity and mom, Smudgie upstairs to a bigger playpen also.

So they are now neighbors with Raven and her pups…

Who are neighbors to these cuties.

For some reason Mexican food sounds really good right about now. 😉🌮

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I bought Cayenne as a puppy from a Poodle breeder in hopes that someday she could help me raise my own red or red with white Poodles for our Cavapoo program.

I was super excited to get her and looked forward to having her as part of the family. She’s just a sweetheart.

As with any new puppy that comes here from another breeder or a puppy that I keep from my parent dogs, it has to grown up and mature before finally getting to the age where it can undergo health testing in hopes of becoming an OFA certified potential parent.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as we hope. Cayenne has one slightly loose patella. It’s almost normal, but it’s just loose enough that it’s not. I had two different vets check it for me in hopes that the first one was “wrong” 😛 I really wanted to keep her!

But with two evaluations, it would not pass to get her OFA certification for normal patellas. And since that is a requirement to be one of our parent dogs, she can’t be. So the very best thing for Cayenne is to officially become a pet/companion for someone and be spayed. No babies for you, Cayenne.

Thankfully, we have a home lined up for her with one of our previous adopters who has one of Reba’s Poodle pups! Perfect <3

But we’ll still miss her.

Covid hair-do

After visiting our awesome groomer, Sarah!


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If you’re new to us

Welcome to our blog/website! I’d like to share some information to those that may have just found us.

So many, many families are looking for a puppy right now. We do not have any puppies available; ever.  All reputable breeders will have a waiting list and all of our puppies are either already matched with their forever families or will be matched with families that have gone through the application process and have been patiently waiting for a puppy!

Our waiting list is currently closed. We are not taking any new applications at this time. Please do not fill out the puppy applications form and submit them. It clearly states on the form that we are not accepting them at this time. 

If you are interested in getting on our waiting list when it reopens and we are again accepting applications, please go ahead and sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss any news or announcements about it. On the right-hand side of the front page under the photo album is a button to sign up. Just hit “FOLLOW”.

In the interim, please peruse our website pages at your leisure, (there is loads of information), enjoy the daily blog posts about our current puppies and everything else that happens here. You can even scroll down the page and read previous posts or go to the search bar and search for a certain subject.

We’re active on Instagram is you’d like to follow us there, and please also “like” and follow our Facebook page. And lastly, head on over to YouTube to like and subscribe to our channel. You’ll find lots and lots of fun videos to watch!

Thanks for checking us out!

And now for some cuteness! This is our current F1b Cavapoo litter (parents are Raven & Rumor) pictured at six weeks of age. These puppies have already been matched with their forever homes <3 )

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Fun in the garden

I love to garden, but the past few years I just haven’t had time to put much of one in. I was determined to get one started this year. It’s a lot of extra work with preparing things, planting, weeding, watering, then harvesting to eat or preserve the produce. But it’s so rewarding and I love “playing” in the dirt.

I set up an exercise pen with toys along the garden fence so the puppies could join me outside while I work.

I think they’ll “digging” their new space. Literally……

Plus they got to hang out with Cajsa.

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Amber’s pups are three weeks old today. Their life still revolves totally around mom and they’re not real happy when she takes a break. If they’re awake (like in the morning when I change their bed and wake them up) they fuss and cry until mom gets back and they eat and snuggle with her.

They morning I had them all out on a blanket and they were crawling around a bit and not super happy with the situation (which is typical for this age/stage). The pictures are not super clear but it was because of the wiggles.

Hope you enjoy them anyway!

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