These two

I wasn’t planning on keeping any puppies past their delivery day, but this one worked into my schedule. I’m flying out later this week to visit family for a long weekend and Lucy’s mom was able to fly in and meet me at the airport, so I agreed to keep her a few extra days.

It’s been nice as she is a good playmate for our new Cavalier boy (yep, still unnamed but I’ve got it narrowed down to two names,…. I think) 😉

I have N.E.V.E.R had a puppy that sleeps as soundly as this one! I thought about calling him Rip Van Winkle after the fairy tale character that slept for twenty years. My husband thought we should call him “Z”. As in zzzzzzz representing sleeping.

They are both doing well with their potty and crate training. And they’re so entertaining.

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Another busy Friday

Backing up a few days to last Friday, it was another busy day was we took another step in getting the puppies ready to go home. It was time for their check-ups. And since it had been two weeks since Gracie had come home from her surgery it was time for her sutures to come out, and for the dreaded cone of shame to finally come off!


“Come on mom, let’s go!”


Since Gracie had the other crate, all six puppies squeezed into this one.


All done! Now time for some lunch, a potty break and a chance to stretch those legs!


Happy campers!


And this girl was thrilled to lose the cone and stitches!

And we were blessed with an extra-special sunset on the drive home.



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Right neighborly!

I frantically messaged my friend and neighbor the other day when I realized the pups were heading home and needed to visit with some kids first. She graciously agreed to bring the kids for a visit.

We even brought Lyric and the new pup into the mix too.

A successful visit, all played out!

P.S. Five of the six puppies went home today but I have a couple more posts to share of the last few days. Stay tuned!

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We had fun

Despite the chaos and frustration of trying to keep six wiggly puppies in a box (one at a time of course) for puppy pictures, we had fun in the barn and then we loaded up and headed to the garden for some play and exploration.

First, I carried all six in a small crate to the barn for pictures. My plan was to take one out, do the pictures, put it back in the crate, and get the next one until I had gotten all the pictures done.

But then I had a “light bulb” moment! I’ll make a puppy “corral” out of hay bales for them to hang out in while I do pictures.

So that’s what I did!

Getting set up for pictures. (we use real hay in our pictures) 😉

Hi, Gracie! (yes, we have a horse named Gracie and a dog named Gracie. Don’t ask how that happened). 😉 And that’s why I had to corral the puppies and not let them just run around. The last thing I need was a puppy getting stepped on by the horse! :O

A crate full of energy!


I’ve got the doggies in their corral. Cajsa is wondering what has invaded the barn!


My brain finally kicked in! Why not use the wheelbarrow to transport this heavy bundle instead of carrying it! Off to the garden we go for some fun and exploring.






They sure had fun!

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Training in progress, please stay tuned

Remember your puppy is a baby and training takes time. But we’re trying to get them started for you!

Practicing having meals in their crates.

Mr. NoName (Cavalier)







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New Puppy Owner Info

Since there are a lot of you getting your new puppies in the next few weeks, I thought I’d share a post with a few links in case you missed them on the website or I failed to point you in that direction. 🙂

First, we have two pages that give some ideas on items you might want to pick up before bringing your new baby home. And it talks about the puppy food the puppies are currently eating. (A few of you have asked about that).

Another thing that I may or may not have talked to you about is the NuVet supplement. This is a wonderful product; (all human grade ingredients) vitamins, minerals, immune system support, etc. that I would recommend each puppy take at least for the first year of life; if not for it’s whole life.

Here are a couple of positive reinforcement training books I recommend. You might want to get these ahead of time and start reading (if you haven’t already).

And speaking of training, her is a recent blog post regarding treats for training.

And lastly, I’ve put together a page of helpful things you might want to bring when picking up your puppy; whether driving or flying.

This blog post might also be helpful as it explains the prep before the Puppy Delivery Day and what goes home with each puppy.

Oh, and one more thing! Don’t forget to set up a vet appointment for your puppy within the first 72 hours (as stated on our guarantee). Even though your puppy has been thoroughly examined by our vet before it is handed over to you, we want you to have the reassurance that your vet has checked it too. Your puppy will not need any vaccinations at the time so it’s a good chance to make it a fun visit. Take treats for the puppy and introduce him to the vet and staff, ask questions you may have and schedule the puppy next vaccination visit.

Hopefully, all these pages will be helpful in making that transition with your new puppy! 🙂

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A new book!

I’ve been trying to read more books. And this is my latest that I’m going through. I find I can get more books into my brain if I listen while I work or drive. When I sit down to read I tend to fade…off…to….sleep.

I highly recommend this one! And will be adding it to the training books on the website.

It explains positive reinforcement training vs. some of the other methods. If you want a happy dog that’s excited to learn, positive reinforcement is the way to go! I grew up with traditional dog training methods and am still learning this process myself but am so excited to implement it with my own dogs and have more fun!

Buy the book! (no, I don’t get anything for promoting it). Or, if you are coming this weekend to pick up your puppy, sign up for Audible and get the audio version. You can listen on the way to Spokane and all the way home. You’ll have a head start on what to do with that little bundle when you get home.

The first twelve (or possibly) up to fourteen weeks is “the” socialization period and also when your puppy’s little brain is an active sponge and can easily soak up training and learning new things. But remember to keep training sessions short. For a little puppy  two-five minute sessions several times a day is much better then one or two long sessions. Otherwise you overload that little brain and he’s not getting much out of the training.

This book is for any dog, and any dog owner. Even if you’re dog is ten years old, it can learn this method and you’ll have so much fun together.

And one more thing, get the book!



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