Sally’s puppy info

Just a reminder we will be matching Sally’s puppies this Friday so we will be taking names of those who are interested (from our waiting list) up until 9:00pm on Thursday.

We were debating between sending them home on May 29th or June 5th. 

BUT….I was reminded that I have a nephew graduating Memorial weekend (1000 miles away) and I really, really want to be there for this special event. So since I will have my in-laws lined up to do chores and look after things I would rather they not have to worry about watching an active bunch of eight-week-old puppies while we are gone.

So I’m hoping upon hope, that the families that are matched with Sally’s pups can do something out of the ordinary and meet me mid-week, on Wednesday to pick up their puppy. We have to head out on Thursday to make it to my nephew’s graduation. I know it’s kind of unconventional, but I’m hoping it will work.

The pups are really starting to engage with each other, although they are still much more comfortable playing in the puppy pen over out on the floor. As they mature, they will get more adventurous. But I can already see that Spoof is the most outgoing and more curious at this age. And Dupe is going to be a big boy! The girls are both smaller, with Ruse being the smallest of the litter.

 And if by chance the same thing happens as it did when we matched Raven’s pups and we have unmatched puppies we’ll post on the blog and they will be available to the general public. If you’re interested and not already, please sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements. Puppies get scooped up pretty quickly.

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Puppy spam!

How about some cute puppy spam? I mean, there are so many cute faces around here. I just have to share some of what I see each day! <3


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Boys only (available puppies!)

**UPDATE** Both boys have found their forever homes <3 

I can’t believe we have two handsome boys are available! I have gone through my list of people that reached out about Raven’s pups and no other families on our waiting list have reached out with interest.

So now is your chance! These puppies are available to the general public. They are both adorable, happy and so sweet. These are F1b Cavapoo puppies from Raven and Rumor. (Parents pictures and info are on these pages.

Reed, our “pirate” puppy has such unique markings. He is a tricolor.  I can’t believe nobody picked him. He is more outgoing than his brother Branch. Reed has more of the F1 Cavapoo coat. I’m estimating his adult size to be in the 16-20 lb range.

(yes, that’s the same pup!)

Branch is our luscious chocolatey boy (brown phantom is the technical term as he has dark brown coloring with lighter brown accent marks on the eyebrows, cheek patches, under the tail, etc). He has the curlier Poodle-type hair and would be better for someone with allergy issues. He has the calmest temperament of the litter. I would estimate his adult weight to be 15-18 lb range.

Both of these boys will be ready to go home on Sunday, May 22nd. We will be meeting all of the families in Spokane that morning to personally meet their new families and hand over puppies.

All puppies will be dewormed, had a stool sample checked, had their first vaccination and be thoroughly examined by our veterinarian. Each puppy goes home with a bag full of puppy information, health records, food sample and other helpful items. They have been using a litter box and will be started on potty training (outside) and crate training before they go home.

If you are just finding us and don’t know much about us there is loads of information on our website pages (listed above in the banner and drop down menus, our Facebook page (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos), our Instagram (Pinewood Cavapoos) and our YouTube channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos). We do a lot of puppy enrichment, socializing and training with our pups to give them a great foundation for their new owners to build on.

If you are seriously interested in one of these boys, please fill out both of our applications forms as soon as you can! Here are the links. It’s super important to fill out and submit both consecutively. If you happen to only do part 2 I will have no way to contact you as the contact info is on part 1 (I’ve had this happen before and felt bad that I couldn’t respond to the application and let them know why!)

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2


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Raven’s litter

Since we closed the list for matching Raven’s litter at noon yesterday, I was able to use the afternoon and actually get these four cuties matched with their very excited families!

 I have messages sent out to the last three people on Raven’s list in hopes of getting the last three pups matched this weekend. There is a chance that there might be a pup or two that won’t be matched with those people if we don’t have the color or gender they were hoping for.

So if there is anyone else on our Cavapoo list that is interested, please reach out asap. Otherwise if there are “leftover” pups, I will make an announcement on the blog on Sunday and may take a few applications to match whoever we have left.


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Sleep and eat

Sally’s pups are four weeks old today. They are still not very active, but would rather just sleep and eat. They are sweet little roly poly things. I’m bumping up their matching day a bit so I can “hopefully” go visit my day. I’ll take names of those on our waiting list that are interested until 9pm Thursday night May 5th and will match these puppies on Friday, May 6th instead of Sunday, Mother’s Day.

Ruse singing the song of her people😂


2# 7 oz @ 4 weeks


3# 2oz @ 4 weeks


2# 3 oz @ 4 weeks


2# 13 oz @ 4 weeks


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Got it!

I appreciate all the people sending me name suggestions for the puppy formerly known as Kit Kat. That were some amazing suggestions.

I found one and it’s a name I’ve always liked.

I was kind of aiming for something that started with a “K” or an “S” to go along with her registered name of Pinewood She’s A Keeper. Not that it needed to, but that’s just the way I was heading. I even thought about just calling her Keeper.

I looked up names that meant something that went along with the idea of her being a keeper, a legacy or heir since this is a line we hope to keep going.

I also looked up names that might mean happy or joyful to go along with her parents; Joy and Asher (which means happy).

And then her name popped up in the search.

So I’d like to officially introduce Shiloh.

Shiloh means “His gift”. And another possibly meaning is “peace”.

And as this verse tells us, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father”…James 1:17.

She was so “helpful” in the garden getting in the middle of everything!

What a goofball!

Leave the dropper hoses alone!

Easy Zuma

She thinks my pants legs are the best thing for tug-o-war!

Playing a seek and find game in the grass. I made a trail of treats for her to find.

“mom, why did you wake me up? I was napping.”

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I’m really having fun with these little nuggets. I love to just sit and watch them play and interactive with each other. They’re quite entertaining.

As I cleaned their puppy pen out yesterday I watched with amazement as several walked over to the UGOdog litter box to potty after I had placed them in the play area. Such good, smart puppies!

I picked each one up as they were playing, rolled them onto their back in my arms and gave tummy rubs and kisses. Not one of them protested. <3


2# 12 oz @ 5 weeks


2# @ 5 weeks


1# 6.8oz @ 5 weeks


2# 13 oz @ 5 weeks


1# 12.5 oz @ 5 weeks


2# 5 oz @ 5 weeks


2# 9 oz @ 5 weeks



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They’re all darling!

Seriously you couldn’t go wrong with any one of Raven’s puppies. They are all darling. They’re tails just go, go, go! Their sweet faces melt my heart. There are different sizes, different coats, different colors and different personalities but they are all priceless.

They are having a lot of fun getting out and playing and exploring the living room. I actually had to put an Iris pen up to corral them or they would’ve been all over the place!

They are still loving meal times and of course nursing from mom. They are using their litter box really well. In fact, I switched them to pellets and a bigger box yesterday because it was time they graduated to that.

Pretty soon we’ll need to move them up to the puppy room so they have more room to play and explore. And by then mom will be wanting more breaks from them too. The timing usual works perfect.

Our curliest ones seem to be Fern, Branch and River. Willow is still the smallest and I think Fern will stay on the more petite side as an adult also. Reed is the biggest (but to compare he was the same weight at four weeks as Sally’s biggest pup was at three weeks!) I don’t think any of these pups will get huge. And at this stage Branch seems to be our most quiet, mellow guy. He likes to sit back and observe while the rest head out in all directions.


Just a reminder that we will be matching these puppies this coming Sunday, May 1st. If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being matched with one of Raven’s F1b Cavapoo puppies, you’ll need to email me before noon on Friday to be added to the call list. If you are one of the top three people listed please be aware that I will start reaching out on Friday afternoon to (hopefully) start matching puppies. So check your voicemail and email on Friday and Saturday night.

Also please check the album for pictures, YouTube for videos this week, and talk with your family ahead of time to help the matching process move along more smoothly. You might pick out a couple of “favorites” in cases someone ahead of you picks your favorite.

Also for those of you reading this who are not on our Cavapoo waiting list, if we are not able to match all of Raven’s puppies with families from our list, we will make an announcement next week and take a few applications to match any “leftover” puppies.

These puppies are scheduled to go home on Sunday, May 22nd.

These are the current names of families from our Cavapoo waiting list that have reached out with interest (in the order they are on the main waiting list and how I will be contacting them.)

  • Anne S
  • Katharine H
  • Nicole E
  • Gwen B
  • Oleg K
  • Elizabeth H
  • Nadia V
  • Shyradynne P
  • Erica F
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Puppy goes to church

Yes, “puppy” formally known as Kit Kat still does not have a name. I don’t know why I obsess over permanently naming the puppies that I keep. The name has to be “perfect” and different. There are so many common and over-used dog names. I try to steer away from those, but have ended up with some none-the-less. (We currently have six from the “Top 100 female dog names” list; Poppy, Sky, Sage, Oakley, Grace (ours is Gracie) and Hope. So much for my “unique” naming ability…lol)

But since this girl is to continue the line we love, and is third generation Cavalier for us, I want something unique.

Her registered name popped in my head at birth. She will be “Pinewoods She’s A Keeper”(pending AKC approval). But of course the registered name is just a fancy name on her registration and health papers. I still have to think of an everyday call name. And I like a name that kind of goes with the registered name. I thought of Shena but not sure my cousin Shena would like a dog named after her…lol!

But enough about names…

We continue to socialize this special girl. Although it’s not as easy when town, people and experiences are so far away. So I decided to take her to church on Saturday. Well, kind of. I went into church for the 11:00 service and she stayed in her crate in the truck with water, a toy and a bully stick to keep her occupied. I came out after church to potty her.

Then I put her back in the crate with lunch with I went in for the potluck lunch.

After my lunch, I went back out, gave her the opportunity to potty again then carried her into the fellowship hall aiming to go sit in my chair and hold her in my lap.

I never made it to my chair. First the kids starting showing up to pet and love her.

And then the adults took their turn petting her. She wasn’t too sure about such a large group of happily chatting humans in this big room at first. But pretty soon she relaxed and was enjoying all the attention.

Our little country church is in such a beautiful setting!

It was a great socializing experience for her. I just have to remember to take treats next time. The humans strangers will be even more inviting then.

Having a relaxing evening later. She can be quite the snuggle-bug. <3

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You all might be wondering about Gracie since she was our next pregnant “lady” and due about mid-April.

**The post continues birthing details so if you don’t want to read about the “yuck” of whelping you might want to scroll on by.**

She got her beauty treatment and we waited and waited, taking her temperature morning and evening each day. Day after day. But I had bred her four times, skipping a day in between so we did have a long stretch of time that would be within the normal delivery time-frame.

Finally on Monday morning her temperature was down in the range we like to see pre-whelping. So I had hoped something would happen that day. She continued to get more restless, nesting a bit, but nothing major was happening.

Nighttime came and still no puppies. But she was getting closer and more restless. I could finally tell she was having contractions but no puppies appeared.

Finally I got personal and checked to see if any puppies were on the way. I could feel one way up high, but all I felt was a tail. That’s not great.

I took her outside to potty and walk around hoping that would help move things along.

About thirty minutes had passed so I checked her again. The puppy did not feel like it had moved at all.

And she was having contractions. I was afraid we had a stuck pup.

So as much as I hated to, I gave the vet a call…at 1:50 am. Man, I hate waking them up. And the vet on call ended up being the one with a baby of her own. Oh dear!

I explained the situation and she agreed to meet me at the clinic. By the time I got the truck and dog loaded and headed out it would be nearly 3:00 before we would arrive.

I went out to warm up the truck, make sure I had a crate, extra blankets etc. Hubby heard or saw the lights on and got up to check what was happening. And in my scurrying around in and out of the living room, I chanced to hear Gracie loudly licking.

I stopped to check and confirmed what I suspected, she had delivered the pup. It wasn’t even big like I thought it might be since it had seemed stuck. And unfortunately it was stillborn. There was no resuscitating the sweet thing. I felt sorry for Gracie. She tried to clean it, but I took it out before anything nasty happened. I won’t go into details to explain that last sentence. Let’s just say sometimes nature does what it needs to do with stillborns.

I did quickly call my vet back and said “go back to bed” explaining the puppy had finally arrived.

I palpated Gracie’s abdomen and could feel that she was not empty of puppies yet. She had never gotten that big so I didn’t think she had a huge litter coming.

I was exhausted at this point and laid down on the couch next to her crate knowing that I would likely wake up if I heard her moving or licking something. I woke up around 4:00 and checked to find that she had delivered a bigger, vigorous puppy. She had already cleaned it up. I checked it out, put it back with mom and went back to sleep.

And that was it.

Gracie only had two pups and the first was stillborn. So she is mothering a singleton, male puppy, red with a big white blaze and white chest. He’s going to be a gorgeous dog. In fact, had he been the other gender, I might have been tempted to keep it here.

Proud papa is likely Bonus. I say “likely” because we tried something different for Gracie’s last litter and aimed for a dual-sired litter with Clancy and also Bonus (yes, it’s possible to have puppies from two different males in one litter). I was hoping to get a variety of colors for this last shebang! And Clancy has never put this much white on Gracie puppies and why I believe it is Bonus’ pup! She is retiring after this little fellow is weaned and she has been spayed and recovered from her spay surgery.

Puppy matching day will be a bit different. Normally it would be the Sunday around five weeks but that would either be Raven’s delivery day, or Sally’s delivery day/Memorial weekend (which I am most likely changing to June 5th because of the holiday and my nephew’s graduation).

So since it will be a quick match with only one pup, I will take name’s of those on our Cavapoo waiting list that are interested in this guy up until noon on Friday, May 20th and then match him later that day. His potential puppy delivery day would be June 19th which is Father’s Day but we could bump it up to the week before and send him home on June 12th if that works better for his family.

Whoever gets him will be one lucky family. Being a singleton he will be very “pre-spoiled”.



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