Saturday snapshots

Today was sunny with a little breeze. It did get up into the mid-90’s but most of the day was pleasant. The dogs got to spend some free time outside in the fresh air. The big puppies are spending their last day playing, having crate time and just being their usually silly selves!

The little puppies are just starting to interact with each other and do some playing together. This is the stage when they start mouthing each other’s faces. It just adorable!

We moved each mom and her babies into a small puppy pen in the living room. It gives “mom” more space if she wants to stretch out away from her babies. And we’ve introduced the UGOdog litter box system for the pups to start toddling over and using. And they are!

And we have a visitor for a bit! Sally is staying with us while her paw-rents are busy with some family activities. This works out perfectly because I have check-ups scheduled for her and Cami this next week at the vet. Fingers crossed that they have great check-ups as this will be the first step in seeing if these girls will become future Cavapoo (F1b) moms. (For those who don’t know, Sally is a Cavapoo who lives with my sis-in-law (our nearest neighbor) and is the daughter of Amber and Justice.)

And these two did what they do best today….zzzzz.


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More fun to come!

I have news I know you’ll be excited to hear!

But first a little update on our current babies. Aurora’s babies leave Sunday (and one Monday). Little Indy (formerly Melody) will keep me on my toes as her training continues. Smudgie and Sky babies are now three and a half weeks old. Hubby promised me when he gets home later today from hauling water (yep, in summer time we sometimes have to haul in extra water for the garden and such because we don’t have a well that produces abundantly (but thankful for what we do have) that we will set up the two small puppy pens in the living room and we’ll move Smudgie, Sky and babies into bigger quarters. I’ll keep an extra close eye on little Scrat to make sure he doesn’t get lost in that bigger space.

After settling up the two puppy pens, it will leave just one spot in the living room for one of those big whelping crates. But why would I need a big crate if Smudgie and Sky are moving out of theirs?

Well, because Joy is due with Cavapoo puppies from Clancy in about two weeks! (Red and apricot pups expected).

I normally would do an ultrasound about thirty days after breeding to confirm and then make an announcement, but we just never got it done and then she started getting a round belly so that was definite confirmation of the pregnancy!

But a couple days ago we did do some ultrasounds (yes, I said “some”) and made some exciting discoveries!

Oakley is due with her very last litter of Aussaliers! She will be retired after this. So if you’re on our Aussalier list and interested you can shoot me an email. We probably won’t have another litter of Aussaliers for a year (and that’s dependent on Quinn, “if” her hips clear for breeding and “if” she then gets pregnant). So this may be your last chance for an Aussalier for a while. Oakley is due at the end of July/first of August which would have her puppies going home towards the end of September.

Our next girl to check was Amber who is pregnant with Cavapoos from Dickens. She will be due about a week after Oakley. This litter will be apricot pups.

(If anyone is doing the figuring, Smudgie and Sky pups would be about five weeks when Joy’s arrive, six weeks when Oakley’s arrive and about seven weeks when Amber’s arrive, which makes things very manageable age-wise and for the workload. Yay!)

And last, but certainly not least our Cavapoo, Raven was bred to Rumor which would produce black and tan and tricolor F1b Cavapoos. Now I’m not positive that she is pregnant, but I think she is. She was the last girl bred so not as far along as Oakley and Amber and therefore harder to “see”things. Plus, just like her dad, Noah, she is so dramatic! While she’s on her back, laying on a comfy bed, hubby is holding her front legs and I’m using the probe to ultrasound her abdomen she is whining…nonstop! Which make her abdomen wiggle constantly. It was like trying to ultrasound the ocean! I may try again in a few days or just wait to see it her tummy grows plumper. She has been off her food a bit which is something the girls sometimes do about this stage of their pregnancy. So I’ll take that as a good sign.

So there you have it! More babies for late summer and fall! Who knows, the girls and I may just take a break after that! Whew! :O

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Tagging along

Yesterday I thought it was time that Melody (now known as Indigo or Indy for short) was old enough to start helping with chores! Everybody has to pitch in on the farm and she’s old enough now to help. (I’m kidding for anyone getting worried).

I have a puppy backpack for hauling puppies around when I’m socializing and not wanting to put them down on the ground. But a while back I was at our local Grocery Outlet and found a puppy front-pack. So I grabbed it! It was cheap and not real fancy, but I will probably only use it on small pups for a short amount of time so it was worth picking up.

So I found a small collar that I put on her, got the pack strapped on my self, plopped her in the pouch, buckled her in, zipped up the opening and headed out to do chores last night.

First we went to the dog house to let the adults out for a bit before bedtime. Then we headed over to feed the horses.

The cats were in the barn when I was getting the horses’ hay so she got to meet Thor-Kitty.

Then we went to see the chickens.

Then I took her to the garden to run around a bit before heading back inside and getting her (and the other pups) ready for bed.

“pick me up, please!”

play bow and ready to jump at me😂

she has bark stuck to her lip!

Looking forward to many adventures with Indy!

“please pay attention to me, Cajsa!”


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Back at it!

Happy dance! We are finally able to go back into the vet’s office with our critters! (Although they are still requiring a mask…)

Yesterday it was check-up time for Aurora’s Cuddle Cavapoos, plus I had scheduled exams for Cody and Quinn (their “adult” exams where they can get checked and certified for normal heart and patellas). Anyways, I usually call and schedule these appointment weeks ahead of time because I know how busy my vet clinic is. And when I did, I wasn’t thinking how much bigger these pups would be at eight weeks compared to five “regular” sized Cavapoos! My truck fits two wire crates nicely in the back seat. I should’ve split the litter between those two, but then I wouldn’t have been able to get the Aussies in. I really didn’t want to cancel the Aussie’s appointment either.

Well, I was able to put one of the adult plastic crates in which made things a bit roomier for the pups (although it was still a tight fit). Then Cody and Quinn could just lay on the seat and be hooked into the seatbelt for security. (Actually, hubby made a carpet covered platform for the back so crates sit flat instead of downhill on the seat. The seat in back flips up, then the board is placed level on the seat base. It works great for the crates.

Those eyes!

Precious cargo loaded!

Quinn wasn’t to sure at first. Then one of the techs started giving her belly rugs and she was much happier.

Yep, our doctor is due with her own baby soon!

The Aussie’s just hanging out.

And now time for the adults check-ups.

They all did super 😀

We had a quick potty break in the litter box while the receptionist tallied up our charges. It was pretty hot out, so I just plopped them in the box one or two at time, let them pee, then quickly put them back in the truck. Thankfully, the air conditioner works because it ran for a long time yesterday!

Then we headed back to town (I know, sometimes it’s confusing because the town we live near, the town we shop at and the town the vet is at are three different towns.)

It was my bestie’s birthday so we met at the local coffee shop so I could buy her a cool birthday drink (and they had these ginormous, prettily decorated sugar cookies that I bought too. I wish I’d taken pictures of them). We visited in the truck while the pups had late lunch in their crate.

And since Cody and Quinn were such good dogs, I bought them each a puppachino, which they absolutely loved!

So cute!

Oh so yummy!

It’s on your nose, Cody! Haha!

“I’ll help you, sister.”

After we got home the pups had plenty of time to play and stretch their legs in the garden.

It was a long day, but they all did great!



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The Poodles

And a day after Smudgie’s puppies turned three weeks old so did our Poodle puppies! Of course the little one is still much smaller than the rest of the litter but he’s gaining and growing! And all of their little peeepers are now open!

And we have names. Okay, so I went a little silly on this group and it’s because of itty bitty boy. Remember how scrawny he looked at birth with his no fat on him, bulgy eyes, pointy little muzzle and all. I said he reminded me of a baby squirrel.

Which got me to thinking about “famous” squirrels and that’s how the theme came about.

So here they are at three weeks…

“Manny”~Apricot male

2# 3 oz

“Diego”~Cream male

1# 13 oz

“Scrat~Cream male (our tiny guy)

15.5 oz

“Syd(ney)”~Apricot female

1# 14 oz

The female will most likely be staying here with me as I bred this litter in hope’s of keeping one/some for future parents. I also may keep a male. They only puppy that is definitely available (to a special, approved home) is our littlest guy. But if you are interested in a purebred Poodle puppy please reach out to me via email ( We do not have a Poodle waiting list so anyone can reach out about these puppies!

And another comparison of our biggest and smallest ❤️

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Flag day puppies!

Our youngest litter of Cavapoos from Smudgie and Bonus are three weeks old today. They are petite little Cavapoos and I would guess end up on the smaller size. Smudgie is not  a big Cavalier. She is about 11.5″ tall and maybe 15 lbs. Bonus is probably about 11 3/4-12″ tall and about 11 lbs. The pups all seem to have a build/size similar to their parents.

And since they were born on Flag Day, it gave me an easy theme to run with! Here they are at three weeks of age!

“Wave”~black & tan female

1# 9 oz

“Glory”~tricolor female

1# 11 oz

“Banner”~tricolor male

1# 4 oz

Just a reminder if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being added to this litter’s list for Puppy Matching Day, please shoot me an email so I can add your name to Smudgie’s litter list. Puppy Matching day is Sunday, July 18th and Puppy Delivery Day is Sunday, August 15th. Please make sure these days work for your schedule before being asked to be added to the list. There have been times that people want on a list, get matched with a puppy then decide their schedule doesn’t have time for a puppy and back out. So talk with your significant other (or yourself 😉 )and make sure you have time and energy before getting on a list. Thanks bunches!



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Saturday snapshot and a Happy Fourth of July!

We’re having a quiet weekend at home. Thankful for the freedoms we have the those that sacrificed to give them to us. Happy birthday America!

And thankful for our doggies and the sweet puppies we get to raise for you all. <3


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We made it!

I’ve been kind of quiet on the blog this week because it’s been the hottest week ever! Our worst day was 111 degrees. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before not even in August when we normally have hot days.

But we all survived (minus one old hen:/ ) with water, air conditioners, fans and just laying low and resting. My bestie let us borrow a little window air conditioner for the puppy room and the one downstairs in the house has been running nonstop for days. We had doggies laying all over the house enjoying the coolness. They were happy campers.

This morning there is a noticeably difference in the temperature and a gentle breeze. It feels wonderful. And Aurora’s pups and little Melody finally got to go outside for some playtime after breakfast. They’re happy to romp around out there for a while this morning!

We’re wrapping up time with my dad and next week will be our last week with the Aurora babies. How is that even possible?! Time seems to fly anymore. Why is it the older I get, the faster time seems to go?

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Puppy deliveries

Today was long, hot and a lot of fun! It was a great bunch of people and puppies. I don’t think the smiles could’ve been any bigger. 😀 And when I handed Rosemary to her excited, young owner tears welled up in her eyes, which made some of the rest of us weepy. It was special.

I found the only shade tree in the parking lot when I arrived and quickly claimed the spot (even though it technically wasn’t a parking spot). The first group of four families arrived (I split the litter into two small groups) and we were able to enjoy the shade through most of the presentation where I went over puppy paperwork, instructions etc.

But by the time I finished with the second group and we wanted to give the pups a chance to stretch their legs and potty, the sun had moved and there went most of our shade.

I pulled out the mat and put it on the bed of the truck so the pups wouldn’t have to walk on the hot, black bedliner. And the patio umbrella I had picked up a few weeks prior fit perfectly in the stake pockets (I had to look up what those square holes on the edge of the truck bed were called). 😉 It shaded a good portion of the bed so the pups would be more comfortable while they pottied.

And then it was time to go!

Oregano now Remi

Fennel now Lucy

Lavender now Asha

Rosemary now Pepper

Basil now Dexter

Tarragon now Tokyo

Marjoram now Minnie

Parsley now Brownie

Happy life, puppies!


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Just another day in paradise

I really do love what I do (even though most of the time I’m exhausted) 😛

So today we continue what we do most days, enjoying the puppies, plus cleaning, feeding and the necessary things. There are puppy packets to finish and pack in the truck for Sunday, more popsicles to make (I’m trying to stock up before the really hot weather hits) and other mundane tasks (cooking and cleaning).

Love me some Smudgie babies!🥰

Her frosted curls are to die for❤️

Big brother, little brother snuggles.

Zenith has found her forever finally. It was tough. There were so many great applicants!❤️

Five minutes after I put this little tunnel down look who totally rocked it!


Ball pit fun!

Getting those bags ready!

Collecting pupsicles in a big freezer bag.

And making more!

For anyone interested, I just get little containers, add water or broth, then throw in chopped fruits, veggies, chunks of cheese, chicken, dog treats or whatever you have handy, then freeze! I’m not filling these containers full so they’ll freeze faster and I can make more.

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