Girls loves puppies

My daughter-in-law is a great puppy socializer. She loves puppies!


242243246249250251253So does my soon to be daughter-in-law.

254257260263265266294Okay, so my boys love puppies too. ❤

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New people

Since our kids were home for the Thanksgiving holiday (two of them surprised us all the way from Colorado!), the puppies got to meet some new people, and an extra dog.

076077078079080082083085086088089090091092093Fun times!

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Puppy antics


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Feeling thankful

Winter has set in early this year. As I was outside doing chores this morning and wrapping up a few things that needed tended to before everything is covered in snow, it got me thinking about things I’m thankful for.


Here are just a  few things I am thankful for…….

  • a cozy, country home in beautiful NE Washington
  • my animals
  • fenced yards and a warm, dry dog house for my dogs
  • healthy, growing puppies
  • a handy husband
  • my kids (three grown sons), one daughter-in-law, and another soon to be daughter-in-law~all hard working, dedicated, wonderful humans 
  • a barn full of hay
  •  fresh well water
  • family (whether they be church, honest to goodness relatives or friends that are family)
  • pantry, freezer and frig full of food
  • J*E*S*U*S
  • hot showers
  • good health
  • all the special people I have met through my dogs

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Puppy matching contacts

Well, it’s that time again; time to start puppy matching. Or at least I’m starting to contact those on the wait list about our current Cavapoo puppies!

For those of you towards the top of the list, if you have told me that you “ONLY” want a red/apricot colored pup, but are now open to other colors (like the partis in Flower’s litter), please contact me and let me know that, ASAP.

Otherwise, if I have a note that you are only interested in apricot/red (and my one is matched up), I will SKIP over your name as I go down the list to match the Flower pups.


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An important relationship

Sunday morning I let all the dogs out for their potty time and exercise. And since it was sunny out, I left them outside most of the day. With all the commotion of the morning rush, I didn’t notice any issues with anyone. But later when I went out to pooper scoop the yard, I noticed poor Glory’s left eye was goobery and slightly swollen shut. Uh-oh!

I scooped her up and headed to the house where I flushed her eye out with some saline. I plopped her on the bathroom counter where the lighting was good and checked her eye out better. Yep, it looked like she had an ulceration on the eye.

Now eye issues are nothing to mess with, but I didn’t consider it bad enough for an emergency trip to the vet on a Sunday either.

Thankfully, I have a good relationship with my vet (and her email address). I let her know what was going on and asked if they could please squeeze us in the next day. (I know how crazy Monday’s can be at a vet’s office having spent years working at one myself). She found a spot for us early the next afternoon.


You can see the green stain that was put in her eye to check for an ulceration. If you’ve never had a dog with an eye injury (or one yourself) the stain will show up green if there is a scratch or ulceration. I’ve had one myself. It’s amazing how painful a little scratch can be.

Thankfully, it wasn’t very big. Dr. Jess prescribed her some antibiotic ointment twice a day for the next ten days. That should do it!

Like I mentioned, eye issues are nothing to mess around with. It’s always better to get them checked asap. And never put any drops or ointment in without checking with your vet first. If you put the wrong medication in, you can further damage the eye.

And while I was there, she gave me this!

199She had been on a trip, saw it and brought it back for me. :O

Then she introduced me to a new tech that was working for her. And introduced me as “the breeder that we actually like” hahaha…”because she brings her dogs and puppies in for exams, micro-chips, health certificates, etc and doesn’t call us in the middle of the night with for an emergency C-section because two dogs accidentally got bred.”

I’m so glad we have a good relationship. She’s a very important person to me and my dogs. ❤

205And now for some extra TLC for Glory. ❤


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First we got some snow. Then it melted. Now we’ve been alternating between cloudy, rainy days with a few sunny ones thrown in between. So during some sunny, nice days, I snapped a few “posers” vying for attention. 😉

“Pet me first! Pet me first!”


007Noah (notice the Cavalier tails are blurry) 😉

008Tansy looks just a wee bit like her mom, Flower. 😉

009Sundae, what are you doing in the backyard with Cajsa? “Well, mom, I just climbed the fence like I always do when I want to go visiting.” 🙂

016Group shot! (L to R) Gracie, Hazel, Mercy, Glory, Rosie and Joy. The three gray and white blurs in the background are; Oakley, Lucy and Eli.


090Joy and Rosie

092This is their favorite hangout. (Rosie, Gracie, Mercy, Treasure and Joy; on the chair)

095You look pretty proud of yourself Treasure 😉 (with Mercy)

098Gracie and Treasure

103Smudgie (in the lower corner) with Hazel and Joy.


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