Daily life (with puppies)

Some of you might be curious what goes on around here when we have a litter of puppies, or litters as is the case at the present. Well, most of my morning is spent doing puppy chores. I don’t mind though, they’re so adorable.

First thing in the morning is when moms get to go outside for their morning potty break. And since Faith is not really “friendly” with my other girls, I have to do that in shifts. I have a fenced in area right outside the dining room doors which makes it handy (unless it’s raining or snowing). In that case, the girls get toweled off and their feet cleaned on the way back in. And since Faith has a teeny, tiny bladder (or something!) she sometimes wants her first potty break anytime during the night or wee hours of the morning. *Yawn

Once the moms have had a bit of time to empty the bladders and stretch their legs, I have a chance to go do my outside chores; letting the adult dogs out to potty and exercise, feed and water the horses, cats and chickens, pooper scooping, and passing out morning cookies. 🙂

Then back to the house for breakfast; the dogs, not mine. The moms have dry puppy food and water in front of them 24/7, but they also get canned food mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, with their vitamin and calcium supplement. This is the tricky part, because as soon as I start fiddling with those stainless steel bowls, Jules usually starts whining and/or barking (she’s my vocal girl).


Breakfast is served!

After the girls finish breakfast it’s time to clean out their “houses”; whether they’re in the whelping crate or puppy pen. They’re about ready for some more play/potty time outside so they’re happy to let me clean house for them while they get some time away from the kids. Everybody gets a clean beds, dishes are washed, dry food and water filled.


And of course, it’s time for me to get up close and personal with the babies!

After the babies are born, I weigh them twice a day for the first couple days to make sure they are gaining. After that they are each weighed once a day until they are two to three weeks old. After that I usually weigh them once a week or when needed to figure out the dose of de-wormer.

So now is the time to handle each pup, weigh them, trim toenails, handle their ears, feet, take their weekly pictures, administer de-wormer (or whatever is on the schedule) and smoother them with kisses.


Moms are usually anxious to get inside by the time I’m done and the pups are usually very exciting (and hungry) when mom shows up again.

So now everyone is fed, watered, loved, cleaned and it’s time for dirty laundry. I’ve only got so many beds, so this is a daily chore.


And then I remember I haven’t had breakfast yet…..

Just another day in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

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