Mommies in waiting

I’m sure everyone on the waiting list is anxiously awaiting puppy news! So here’s a little update. I wish I had more info, but at least it’s something.

Our first mother-in-waiting of course is Reba. We don’t do sonograms on our dogs as it’s just an added expense that I don’t think is necessary. It’s done about the same time that a dog’s abdomen can be palpated to feel for enlargements (puppies). Usually I get a good idea this way if a mom is pregnant. And usually within two to three weeks after that I will start seeing body changes, mostly weight gain. Reba is showing all the pregnancy signs. 🙂

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Now, the problem with Reba is she’s a….well, I’ll just say it; slut, tramp, hussy. She stood for the male longer than any female I’ve ever seen! Which means she was covered very well. The only bad thing about that is, it makes it tougher to nail down an accurate due date. So let’s just say with the average gestation of a dog, Reba could be due to deliver anytime between May 10th through May 24th! *sigh* My educated guess is that it will be closer to the middle of that time frame. I’m going to say around May 16th (give or take a little).

I never announced anymore honeymoons with our other girls as I was kind of busy! We had three girls come in season within five days of each other! And the male I was hoping to breed any of these girls to is our new guy, Eli. New guy, meaning “young and inexperienced”. Meaning, very willing, but not quite “accurate” all the time. You get the picture without me being too detailed. Needless to say, things got done, but it is always a guessing game with a new, young male. I’m just hoping and praying that we have a good outcome after all the stress and craziness of that week!

So it’s been about a month since those girls came in season, which means this week should be the week to palpate and see if we feel any little “enlargements”. And if nothing feels “for sure”; then by the time Reba’s babies arrive, we might be seeing some other positive changes with the other girls.

So there you have it folks. And as soon as I have confirmed pregnancies, I’ll let you know who the proud parents are. 😀

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