Three week changes

I should have posted this a few days ago, but just finally getting it done 🙂

From birth to about three weeks, the pups aren’t doing much besides sleeping and eating. Their eyes and ears aren’t open until about two weeks of age and they crawl around slowly when they do move. So they  stay with mom in the big whelping crate in the living room.

But at around three weeks of age, it’s time to move! The puppies are starting to toddle and investigate things, so they are moved to the puppy play pen located in the dining area. (Our house is an open plan between the kitchen, dining area and living room. So the pups are right in the hub of things.)

005 (2)

The play pen has mom’s food and water, a bed, toys and room to roam, explore and move off the bed and potty elsewhere. The little grate helps the urine to go through to the trays below which are covered in absorbent material. At about three and a half to four weeks we will introduce the litter box.


Reba is still enjoying her pudding. 🙂

At three weeks the pups get their first dose of de-worming also.


“yum, yum”

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