Puppy training

My dining area has become “Puppy Training Central” 😉 I have three “kids” here that are in need of training; the new Poodle boy (who is yet unnamed), Roxy, the Cavapoo in our Progressive Puppy Program and little Oakley, the youngest of the pack.

Puppies need a safe place to be when the human is busy and can’t supervise. So I set up safe places for them to hang out when we aren’t doing immediate training.


Little “no name” obviously is too old/big to be in with the little girls so he has his own wire crate. But he’s got a soft blanket, a toy, bully stick and *Nylabone to keep him occupied.


The girls have what I all a “Confinement Area”. They have a litter box if needed (but we’re working on going outside to potty), a crate/bed, water and toys. (This is the kind of set up I recommend for all of you new puppy owners! )The Poodle has a bit different set up since he’s older and hasn’t been raised with a litter box.


Both pens are set up right by my back door. I have two exercise pens outside the back door set up to make a little potty yard. This makes it easy to just open the back door and take the kids out for potty breaks. And then when I see they have done their job, we can come back in and have supervised playtime in the house.

There will be some fussing and complaining as they all get used to this set up; and see me coming and going out of the room or house. But that’s just part of the training process.

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