Yes, more

It’s feast or famine around here. We either have no puppies or they come and keep coming!

Sundae has been a busy boy.  😉    And we’re pretty excited to see what he will produce with Faith. I’m hoping for some darker puppies like some of your are anxiously waiting for.


(Sorry, she’s not being very lady-like)  😉

So we are preparing for another litter. Faith has been eating her puppy food (although her appetite isn’t the best right now), getting her daily NuVet supplement and now she’s been bathed and shaved (a bit) to make things neater.

Now we just wait and see. 😀


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  1. kristycory says:

    It’s like a canine sorority where everyone’s cycles synchronize ;o) Wow…three litters, goats to milk, horses to nurse–when do you sleep?

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