A little update

Well, I’ve been working my way through the waiting list matching up Rosie and Jules’ puppies (which has been quite a process). A lot of people are skipping for various reasons (they have summer trips planned, they want a different color or gender than what we have available, it’s not a good time for a puppy, etc.) But we are finally almost at the end of the process.

We’re just waiting to hear back from one family about our last male puppy.

And, I should insert another point here; I have yet to match little Wish (the little blenheim from Rosie’s litter). Not because nobody wants her. No, it’s quite the opposite. I have several people that are very willing to be matched with her. I’m just not at the point of being ready yet.

Wish is the teeniest, tiniest, little Cavapoo puppy that I can ever remember. She is active, playful and gaining weight. She is just so small.  I want to wait until after her vet exam before even considering which home she would fit best in. And even then, I may make her stay here a bit longer before she goes to her new home. I’ll be honest, I’ve even thought about keeping her myself! 😉

So once we get all the pups matched I will be posting a new, updated waiting list so everyone knows where they are.

Thanks for your patience through this process. 😀


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  1. Laurie Miller says:

    Having Wish would be like winning the lottery!!

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