Marie starts school

All of Marie’s brothers have gone on to their new homes. But Marie’s family already had a trip planned so they asked if she could stay a while longer. When a puppy stays past the ten week age, we automatically enter them into our Progressive Puppy Program, which Marie’s family readily agreed to!

So right after Wayne left today, Marie was enrolled in puppy preschool. 😉


Her first lesson was “How to wear a collar”. Which will later be followed by “How to walk on a leash”.


She’s wearing the pretty purple one. 🙂


She wasn’t sure about this new thing around her neck though, so she did the typical puppy, *scratch





Then after playing a while she headed to the back door. We went out together and I started my pooper scooper duty. And within a couple minutes she was looking for the perfect spot and promptly made a “deposit”. Good girl!

It looks like school is off to a good start. 🙂

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