Marie’s first big trip

Since Marie is here in our Progressive Puppy Program we try to incorporate her into our activities. Last Saturday was the day our church group goes to town to sing  with the residents of a local nursing home. Guess who got to go?

Just a reminder, your pup’s first twelve weeks of life are the optimum for learning and socializing. Although until your puppy is completely through his or her series of puppy vaccinations (around 16 -17 weeks of age), they aren’t completely safe from deadly diseases like parvo and distemper. So we want to socialize, visit new places, experience new things, meet new people and other friendly animals, but also use common sense where we do that.

Visiting a rest home environment is a great place. Besides socializing your puppy and getting them around the older generation, wheelchairs, walkers, noisy food carts and ice machines (Marie was wondering about that thing), you can put a smile on an elderly person’s face real quickly with an adorable puppy! <3


I loaded Marie into this soft carrier for the car ride to town. I normally like to use a regular crate, but this was seemed handier at the moment. Later, I remembered  that she would be traveling home later in one like this with her new mom. Good practice session. 🙂


Someone is peeking out of her carrier.


We made it! Marie is taking it all in.


Watching the activities from my lap.



Holding her “wittle” paw. <3


She looks like she’s looking at the song book, but honest, she hasn’t learned her alphabet yet. 😉


After we finished singing we left the building to head home. But not before Marie had a potty break! And like I mentioned, I want to keep her safe so instead of letting her potty on the lawn here, we brought a litter box and put it in the trunk of the car. And bingo, she used it!

Back into the carrier in the car and ready for a drink.


All tucked in and ready for a nap!




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