Come with me

So my life is not always this crazy, but I thought I’d share what a “normal” day is like for me at the moment.

6:50 am  Get up because, well, because Allie wants out now! So let Allie, Reba, Flower, Oakley and Izzy out to potty.

  • Bring the girls back inside and let Faith out by herself (*does not play well with others)
  • Go let the other dogs out of their crates into the dog yard.
  • Appointment with God
  • Let Faith back in.
  • Throw a load of dog beds/blankets in the wash.
  • Take the puppies outside to play in their fenced off puppy area. Marie gets free run of the whole yard. Let Izzy and Oakley back out with her.
  • Make puppy pudding
  • Put clean dishes away (the ones I washed last night because I am the “Dishwasher”)
  • Go feed the horses, clean out pens.
  • Feed the cats
  • Bring Marie in for breakfast in her crate. Feed Jules’ puppies al fresco breakfast.
  • Feed the moms breakfast
  • Answer email
  • Post picture on Instagram and Facebook  πŸ˜‰
  • Milk the goats, fill feeder, check water, filter and refrigerate milk.
  • Check rabbits food and water. Play with adorable baby rabbits. <3
  • Feed and water chickens. Have confrontation (several) with cocky rooster. :/
  • Let Marie back outside.
  • Pooper scoop back yard.
  • Refrigerate leftover puppy food that Jule’s pups didn’t finish.
  • Clean puppy play pens upstairs (This includes several trips up and down the stairs. That should count as a workout, right?! )
  • Put Marie with Jules’ pups
  • Let Flower and Allie back outside. Clean their crates, put in new beds, wash dishes and fill food and water, weigh puppies, do early neurological stimulation with each puppy and trim toenails on both litters.
  • Bring dogs back inside, let Faith out again.
  • Clean Faith’s puppy pen; change bed, wash Ugodog, wash dishes and fill food and water. Bring Faith back in.
  • Feed me! (protein shake and fruit) πŸ˜€
  • Wash dog dishes
  • Bathe Clancy; clean ears and anal glands too. πŸ˜›
  • Bathe Lucy; clean ears and anal glands πŸ˜›
  • Go back outside to play with puppies! Let puppies loose in yard and walk with them.
  • Post adorable puppy video <3
  • Gather all puppies and take back inside for a nap in their puppy pens. It’s starting to get warm. (Carry Jules’ pups in a crate. Marie follows)
  • Throw a second load of dog towels/beds in the wash.

Okay so now it’s about noon. There went my morning. πŸ˜› (I may have written a few things in the wrong order or forgotten something, but hey it’s already afternoon when I write this and I can’t remember back that far. πŸ˜‰

Afternoon/evening plans include making spanish rice and enchiladas for the fam for lunch (we do our main meal early afternoon), catching up on some dog paperwork, grooming the two dogs I bathed last night (Sundae and Eli). I don’t have a dog dryer and they take a while to air dry. Hopefully getting all the Cavaliers brushed out (toenails trimmed and ears cleaned too). And if the other two Poodles are dry, try and get them groomed later. And more puppy play time!

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  1. jamachiaj says:

    A jam-packed morning. Do you ever take naps? And is Treasure still around? She seemed so enthusiastic and friendly from the blog posts

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